By Biggshot



After working 15 years in the school that she was transferred to as a result of the affirmative action laws, Mrs. Jones had acquired a reputation for being a strict disciplinarian. It was common knowledge that Mrs. Jones wasn’t good at math and her language and grammar skills were less than perfect. The 38-year-old black teacher never learned the basics in the old segregated schools of the 50’s and before affirmative action the school she taught at was used to deficiencies in their
teachers so it didn’t matter that the teacher often was weak in one or two areas. Being a middle age black woman with over 15 years teaching experience, she was able to get by on using the teaching manuals.

     Occasionally, the answer to a student’s questions were not found in the manual Theses were the times when she would use her authority and suggest that further research be done by the student to find the answer and order the student to bring a report on the question by the next week However when it was mandated that all teachers would have to pass a proficiency exam in reading, writing and arithmetic, her authority couldn’t help her and Chantelle was concerned. She knew her strengths and weaknesses and felt that her strong points and years of experience would cover her weaknesses. What she didn’t bargain on was that the old principal would take the golden handshake and retire early, leaving her exposed to a new principal, a young man named Jack Whitehead, who had been her student about 10 years before. He was always a hotshot at everything he tried, sports, schoolwork, girls, you name it Jack could do it. But, he also had been on the receiving end of her swats. That she was failing the math section and barely passing English was one thing but new problem was Jack Whitehead, the new principal who would run the school by the book and enforce his own policies. Jack Whitehead was really looking forward to going back to his old school as the new principal. He had been and All- State football hero here and was very well known for his athletic skills as well as his way with women. Jack was a blond surfer type guy, 6 2”, 230lbs with a very demanding work ethic, and because he worked hard, he felt it was his right to play hard. He was known for basically turning women into sluts with his sexual dominance. When was he was reviewing the scores of the proficiency test he saw that over the last year Mrs. Jones had badly failed the test. He had his secretary summon her to the office after school. When Mrs. Jones got the message to report the office after school she stamped her foot with agitation. Today was sorority meeting and as the president she needed to get there early. So she was not in the best mood when she got to the principals office.

    “How are you doing Mrs. Jones,” was Jack’s cordial greeting.

    “Fine, Mr. Whitehead is there some thing I can do for you?”

    Jack was thinking how little Mrs. Jones had changed in the last 10 years, she still looked rather plain in the face, and even so her black face seemed not to have aged like the other teachers. There was the one thing Mrs. Jones had that always set her apart from other women, her big ass, which was even bigger and wider than most black women, her tits were big but not huge with large nipples that seemed to poke through her blouse. Being a man that had a thing for big asses, Jack was wondering what it would feel like to squeeze it, and at that moment he decided to break her down.

    Jack said, “I been checking all the records and, Mrs. Jones, I'm sorry but you have not passed the statewide proficiency test, and I’m afraid I’m going to have to terminate you.”

    That statement hit her like a ton of bricks. She was speechless as Jack continued, “Here are your papers just sign them and bring them back tomorrow, you can continue to work until the end of the semester.”


    The next morning Mrs. Jones returned to the principal in order to plead for her job but the office advised her he would not see her until after school at 4pm. At 4pm everyone was gone except the janitor, Ray and he was busy trying to fix something in the gym. Mrs. Jones entered the principal’s office and pleaded for her job.

     “I only need 2 more years for retirement, please give me a chance. I’ll work extra, do tutoring, anything.”

    Jack was enjoying seeing her beg and plead, he had a feeling that he could soon have her completely under his thumb.

    He said in a demeaning tone, “Mrs. Jones your skills are too poor to tutor, let alone teach, what I think you need is re-training, but it would take too long for you to return to college and get the training you need in your weak areas.”

    “Mr. Whitehead, can I get someone to home school me and re-train me after school?”

    “No, I don’t think so.”

    “Please, after all these years I deserve a chance.”    

    “If I give you a chance, will you agree to my terms and consent to be re-trained under my supervision? If so, I will extend a probationary period for the deficiencies during the re-training with the understanding that your re-training produces results.”

    “Oh yes, Jack, I mean Mr. Whitehead, I can be re-trained. When? "

    “Are you sure you’re not too old? This is a very simple concept to understand, I’m your trainer and you will do as I say, This can be very stressful, you must learn to follow my orders, as it can more stressful if you don’t.”

    “No, I’m not too old. I can learn. I can take the stress."

    “Ok then this will be the terms. You will be tested every Friday. Once it is corrected, I will get the number of incorrect answers. You will be given verbal and physical prompts for correct and incorrect answers. We will drill at the board and you will receive physical prompts during board work.”

    “I don’t understand, what do you mean?” said Mrs. Jones.

    “There you go again Mrs. Jones. What do you do to students that miss excessive answers, Mrs.


    “I sometimes give them extra work, detention and…"

    “No, Mrs. Jones, you swat them” he interrupted.“Remember, I went to school here, I should know. So, since you have been a successful teacher with that method it should also work on you, right Mrs. Jones?”

    “Well, I don’t think that….”

    “RIGHT, MRS. JONES,” the principal emphasized in a stern manner as he leaned over he desk and got right in her face.    

    “If you say so.” Mrs. Jones was mortified about having to submit to swats from the principal and it showed, so Jack decided to play it to the hilt.
        “Now, you need to sign this re-training and probationary consent form, it gives me complete authority over you during your re- training, and the right to assess probation violations and then we can get started.”

    As Mrs. Jones leaned over the desk to read the form, Jack said “Why are you so slow hurry up!"

    The flustered teacher quickly stood and gave him her complete attention. Jack explained the re-training procedures.

    “Your re- training will consist of math drills at the board, essays, spelling and word tests, from now on you must refer to me as sir, and under no circumstances can you miss a session,


    Mrs. Jones nodded her head as he said “Go to the board and write out the multiplication table up to 15, you have 10 minutes.”

    After 10 minutes, Mrs. Jones was done, Jack quickly marked the 5 incorrect and wrote a series of fraction problems on the board.

    “Mrs. Jones you will work each problem and as stated before, I will give you prompt you when you are on the wrong track.”

    “Yes, sir,” said Mrs. Jones and started to work on the first problem, she was no good at fractions so it wasn’t long before Jack stopped her, with a stinging slap on her ass, which made her big ass jiggle and shake.

    “You are on the wrong track.”

    Mrs. Jones was too stunned by the slap for words, it seemed to burn right through her clothing, and as she instinctively tried to turn around Jack grabbed her roughly by the back of the neck.

    “You have agreed to the terms of being re-trained, don’t blow it.”

    With that he pushed her face one inch from the black board sternly saying, “finish the problem.”        

    Humiliated by the slap on her big butt and now intimidated by his aggressive manner and threatening tone, Mrs. Jones couldn’t think, and as she tried to compose herself, to do the problem again, SMACK, another slap hit her ass.

    “Ow, please give me a chance to think,” she whined.

    “Come on Mrs. Jones you’re taking too long, you should know how to do these easy fractions, and you call yourself a teacher? "

    Jack continued his tirade and demeaning talk about her intelligence.

    “I should get some of your students in here to help me re- train you, maybe the guys from the football team, or some of your colleagues.”

    “No, don’t, I can do it, please don’t…. I…”

    “Well if you don’t get motivated, I’m going to get someone to help motivate you. Let’s try this again.”    

    Once again she tried the problem, with the same results, the principal slapped her big ass. After 5 solid slaps on her ass, Jack said, “I think I’m going to rescind the offer, it seems you’re too stupid that you can’t do these simple problems.”

    With her ass burning from the spanks, and her face burning from shame, the humiliated black teacher was forced to beg for her job again, but it came with a price.

    Jack said, “In order to continue you must be paddled and I will give you the same number of swats as points missed on your last test, 50. Oh yeah, with your disciplinary paddle.”

    Mrs. Jones could believe her ears, did he think he was going to swat her butt, he had already spanked her five times and it burned like hell! She was just getting ready to give him a mouthful when he said,    “Or you can retire, or you can be re-trained, which will it be?”

    Mrs. Jones pleaded and pleaded but eventually meekly gave in when Jack spoke harshly to her and told her to, “Get your big black ass out of my office and don’t come back without that paddle.”

    When Mrs. Jones was walking back to her office she her burning ass brought back old memories of college, and the first time she was spanked. She had come to college in the late 70s as a shy girl who was self conscious, one because she was slightly overweight with a huge ass, and two of being one of the first black girls at an exclusive white prep college. She had found a room in an off campus house with an older white girl, Beth, who had a boyfriend Brock, who came over so often that he seemed to live there. The boyfriend was a problem, always grabbing and feeling her ass and when she complained to her room mate, she just laughed at her saying, “Better your ass than mine.” One day after she had ruined one of his football jerseys in the wash by turning it pink, he put her over his knee, pulled up her skirt and spanked her bare butt so hard a d long that her ass turned a deep shade of maroon. The humiliation of the spanking was one thing but Brock taunting her about her wet puss was another. What she couldn’t understand was why her pussy was boiling over with pussy cream that made the room smell like sex. The way Brock had her legs forced open, he could easily see her arousal and wet cunt. After that Brock continued to slap her ass and make derogatory remarks about her fat ass and even made her suck his huge white dick. (That’s another story)

    As she was trying to figure a way out of the sting and humiliation of the paddle, she looked up and seen her BMW parked in the teachers lot. The sight of her car reminded her that she forgot to drop off baby supplies and pampers at the unwed mother’s shelter. Which gave her a bright idea.

    She went and got the pampers and put one in her panties, she usually wore full matronly skirts and her butt was so big that you could not see she had pampers in her panties. She got the ping pong paddle labeled Mrs. Jones’s and smugly returned to the principal’s office.

    Jack was planning to only give her a few swats as this would set the stage for later sessions in which he could really humiliate her and force her into submission. He knew she was too dumb to ever pass the test and he figured her could take his time a break her and make her his married black slut. It seems that Jack while in college had learned quite a bit about how to get control of the girls there and he was anxious to get control of Mrs. Jones and her big ass.

    When she returned, Jack took the paddle saying, “You sure took your time, now put your hands on your knees and don’t move, leaving this position will cause me to give you more swats.”

    Mrs. Jones put her hands on her knees as her ordered, this presented Jack with a huge target to swat, and he took a swat and heard a funny sounding pop instead of a splat.

    “What’s that sound? That’s not your butt,” and reached and felt her ass. Mrs. Jones tried jumped up but it was too late Jack had already felt the diaper and demanded, “Bitch Get your hands back on your knees!”

    Shocked by his calling her a bitch, Mrs. Jones submissively assumed the position again as Jack squeezed her butt feeling the diaper, with a quick move he flipped her knee length skirt up over her back.

    Jack instead of waiting decided to accelerate his plan to break her down now. “I was only going to give you 3 or 4 swats before, but now I’m going to make you take all 50 of them. And because you wanted to cheat, when I thought I could trust you, I’m going to take your panties off and you will take the swats on your naked black ass bitch!”

    Mrs. Jones was stunned at his language as she sputtered and protested against this statement, “No don’t do… You can’t… He snugly clipped her skirt on the back of her blouse all the while admonishing her not to move and while giving her ass an occasional hard smack for struggling as he worked her tight panties down around leg ass and legs. Mrs. Jones was so humiliated be having her panties lowered by her young white boss and the abuse he gave her ass, it was all too much for her as the old memories of the college spankings came rushing back.

    Jack said, “To warm you up I going to spank you with my hand and when it gets tired or sore, then I’ll use your paddle.” Jack was taking his time working on Mrs. Jones ass, each spank seemed to cause her to groan longer and longer. Jack decided to try something he slapped her ass hard and left his hand on her ass. This elicited a strained “Please don’t, I can’t take it….” from Mrs. Jones. Jack replied with several rapid spanks in a row and then again resting his hand on her ass, he began rubbing and squeezing it. Jack knew he had her just were he wanted her.

    Mrs. Jones ass was burning and the heat was spreading to her pussy was beginning to tingle and moisten, she was becoming aroused by Jack spanking and rubbing her ass.  She was hoping he would soon finish before it all became to much for her, “Please Mr., Whitehead how many more, I can’t take many more…puhlees..don’t spank me anymore.”  She was begging and pleading with him, “Give me a break, this time, please…”

    Now that he had established his power and dominance over the older black teacher Jack decided to give her 10 more good spanks.  

    “I’ll give you 10 more spanks and you will count them, agreed,” he emphasized the last word with a cracking slap, and as he watched her as jiggle from the spank he thought he smelled something.  It was a musky smell, it smelled like wet pussy.  

    In her position with her hands on her knees he couldn’t see her pussy, so as he sat in the chair he pulled her over his knees and forced her head down bringing her ass up high. When he seen the moistness gathering around her pussy lips her chuckled, “Mrs. Jones it seems that I’m not spanking you hard enough.”

    “Yes you are Mr. Whitehead you’re killing me,” came her reply.
    “Mrs. Jones your pussy says otherwise,” said Jack as he pushed his long middle finger deep into her cunt and twirled it, causing the black teacher to gasp and squirm. “See,” as he pulled her upright so she could see his finger covered with thick white cream from her pussy, “What’s that Mrs. Jones?”

    “I don’t…..It’s….,” she couldn’t bring herself to say it, so Jack pushed her head down and began to spank her but in earnest.  Soon her pussy was involuntarily twitching and leaking cum all over her legs.

    Jack said, “Tell me why your pussy is wet and I will stop the punishment.”

    Totally humiliated Mrs. Jones stuttered, “I have a sensitive ass, and your spanking made me…….” she couldn’t believe her ears but she had to stop the spanking before she came all over his pants.  

    “You're spanking made my pussy wet.”

    Jack, relishing this moment. said, “Only sluts get turned on by spanking, Mrs. Jones are you a slut?”
“No, I’m just very sensitive back there, that’s all, now please let me up.”
    “Mrs. Jones I’m afraid that you’re not telling the truth so I’ll have to finish the job.” Then Jack started spanking and rubbing her ass again. SMACK, SPLAT, CRACK
    “Please, Mr. Whitehead, I am telling the truth…”
    “Then say it, I am a slut,” Jack ordered.
    Mrs. Jones groaned, “I am a slut, ok now stop.”
    “I am a slut that like to be spanked hard on my big ass, say it!”
    “I am a slut that like to be spanked hard on my big ass,” Mrs. Jones whimpered.  Jack stopped spanking and let her get up.

    After she had composed herself Jack gave her instructions, “Mrs. Jones from now on no more long dresses, you will wear skirts that are no longer than 4 inches below you ass and no panties, do you understand? Furthermore, when you sit, your bare ass must be in contact with the surface you're sitting on, is that understood?”
    “But Mr. Whitehead that’s indecent, I can’t dress like that.”
    “You can and you will. Be at my office every Friday for training, and don’t forget your dress code.



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