As Lonell Carr drove home, he had a worried look on his face. He kept trying to answer the question that kept running through his mind. How the hell was he going to come up with $15,000? That was the amount of his gambling debt. He didn't know what he was going to do, but he had to do something, because the people he owed the money to didn't play games. The car brought him closer and closer to home, and a sense of security he sorely needed at that moment. Little did he know that his worries were about to multiply a thousand fold.

    On the drive home, he had decided to tell his wife Theresa exactly what was going on. After all, he was going to need her help in getting out of the mess he was in. His mess was hers too. As he walked through the front door of their modest, but well kept home, he mustered up the courage to confess to his wife about his gambling problem, and the problem it had caused for them. But, as he entered the house, and called out her name, there was no answer. He found that curious, since she was usually there when he got home. Repeatedly he called for her, and each time it was answered with silence.

    Lonell walked into the kitchen, and it was there that he saw it. It was a white envelope sitting on the kitchen table. At first, he thought it was a Dear John letter from Theresa. Maybe she had already found out about the gambling debt, and flew the coop before the shit hit the fan. Because she knew as well as he that they didn't have that kind of money to fork over. These were the thoughts that made him hesitant to pick the envelope up. But, finally, nervously, he did. When he opened it, took out the sheet of paper it held, and read it, what he saw was far worse than he had imagined. It simply read, "We Got Your Wife Loser". The note fell from his hand, as his whole body went numb.

    His next impulse was to call the police. But, before he could touch the phone, it rang. Nervously, he put it to his ear, and heard a gruff voice on the other end say, "Don't even think about callin' the cops, if you ever want to see your wife again." The lump in Lonell's throat kept him from responding.

    "We know you can't come up with our money, so we're going to take it out of your wife's ass!" the voice continued. Lonell was really in a panic now.

    "Please don't hurt her", he said, almost in tears.

    "We're not going to hurt the bitch. We're going to take real good care of her. Real good care". Then, Lonell heard a wicked laugh in his ear, and the line went silent.

    He flopped down on the living room couch, and held his head in his hands, trying to figure out what to do. He realized at that moment that, there was nothing he could really do but pray.


    Meanwhile, in a remote part of town, in an old factory building, Theresa Carr feared for her life. She was tied to a chair, and surrounded by five dangerous looking white men. They were indeed dangerous. Inwardly, she cursed Lonell for getting her into this situation. The evil looking men eyed her hungrily, and she knew her true ordeal hadn't even begun yet.

    There was a moment of hope, when one of the men started to untie her. She thought they were about to let her go. Instead, he stood her up, and twisted her arms around her back, and pushed her ahead of him into a smaller room. The first thing she saw when she was forced through the door was a bed. Her captor directed her over to it, and pushed her face-first onto it. As she fell forward, and bounced up off the bed, her short skirt flew up over her big ass, revealing her black ass cheeks. All she had on underneath the skirt was the skimpiest white thong one could buy. Her defenseless ass was totally exposed to five pairs of eyes. She kept her face buried in the bed sheets, too scared to look up at them, and sobbed until her whole body heaved. She knew it had begun.

    Because her face was pressed to the bed, she didn't see it coming. She didn't see the big, hard white hand raise up and then slice through the air. But, she damn sure felt it when it slapped into her big, round, quivering left ass cheek. She let out a yelp that brought a smile to all five of the Caucasian criminals' faces. The stinging pain of the slap made her roll over on her back, to avoid another one. That's when she saw her attacker's face twisted into a sadistic grin.

    With tears welled up in her eyes, she sobbed, "Don't hurt me. I'll do anything you say. He hissed back at her, "You're damn right you're going to do anything we say - and everything we say." Without taking his eyes off her, he reached out to the guy standing to the left of him, and was handed a pair of handcuffs, and then another.

    He dangled the handcuffs over her face. "You see, we're not such bad guys. We've even brought you some bracelets. I bet that loser husband of yours never brought you any bracelets as nice as these." The other four men found that hilarious, and broke into gales of laughter. But the guy holding the cuffs was not laughing at all. He was very serious.

    "Put your arms above your head," he commanded.

    "No, please don't..."

    "Put your fuckin' arms above your head bitch!", he barked at her, with the ugliest scowl she had ever seen on a person's face. Reluctantly, she did as he said.

    He stepped closer to the bed, took one arm, snapped the cuffs around her wrist, and the other end of it to the slatted headboard. Then, he did the same with her other arm.

    Theresa lay there, deathly afraid, with her arms secured to the headboard above her head. Her short black skirt was all the way up her thighs, leaving only three inches to go before her crotch was exposed. The short sleeved white summer blouse she wore strained to contain her big brown tits. She held her thighs tightly together, as if that was going to stop these nasty white fuckers from getting in between them.

    Seeing the helpless Black woman lying there, another on of the group said, "Damn, look at all that black meat." He said this, as he was starting to remove his jacket. That was the cue for the other men to start removing their clothes too.

    Back at her home, her husband Lonell was pacing the floor, almost in a frenzy. Then, the phone rang again. It scared the hell out of him. He quickly picked it up. It was the same voice as before.

    "I didn't call the police", Lonell blurted out.

    "I know you didn't asshole", the voice said, "We've been watching every move that you make."Lonell eye's quickly scanned the room, wondering how that could be.

     "Yeah, we're watchin' you. I'm not gonna tell you how, just know that we are. You fucked over the wrong people, and now you're gonna get fucked. Or, should I say, your big assed, big tittied wife's gonna get fucked! And there's not a damn thing you can do to stop it."

    Lonell's palms were sweaty, but his mouth was dry - so dry, he couldn't utter a word. No need to, because the taunting voice on the other end had hung-up. Like a man in a trance, he returned the phone to where he had picked it up, sat down on the couch again, and stared into space. Then, suddenly, he burst into tears.

    Even though they were in different places at the time, he and his wife were crying a duet. He, in the living room of their home, and she in some abandoned warehouse.

    Theresa looked up in sheer terror at the five naked white men surrounding the bed. She still held her thighs tightly together out of instinct. The guy who seemed to be the leader of the group leaned over and ripped her blouse open. Her big black tits spilled out, shaking like two big bowls of Jello.

    "Goddamn! Those are some big fuckin' tits", another of the group said. The leader growled, while looking straight into Theresa's eyes, "Yeah, and they're our fuckin' tits!"

    Theresa knew at that point, it would do no good to plead with them to stop. So, she just remained silent, and resigned to her fate.

    Once her breasts were exposed, the leader yanked her short skirt up to her waist, bringing her broad, black pelvis into full view. One of the men whistled as he saw it. The tiny white thong was the only thing blocking their view of her pussy. But, the leader took care of that. He grabbed a hold of it, and pulled with such force that it tore completely away from her body. She felt the thong cut into her asshole, as it was being ripped off of her. The poor woman was so petrified, she didn't even make a sound, when she felt the stinging pain of it. Now, she lay there, with all of her beautiful black womanhood in full view of the white fuck-gang.

    "Let's see that cunt bitch", the big, hairy one with the monstrous cock said. Theresa's thighs were still glued together in fear. The nasty white fuckers could only see her pussy mound, and the short, wiry black hairs that covered it.

    The same man yelled at her, "I said show us your cunt dammit!!"

    Theresa knew that if she didn't comply, the violent manner in which he spoke to her would be followed by some physical violence. So, slowly, she started to part her big thighs. Her eyes darted from one to the other of their faces, and she could see their eyes wide with the anticipation of seeing her black, married cunt. But, the speed at which she was opening her thighs wasn't fast enough for the leader. He slapped her on the thigh, so hard and so fast, the sound of it made the other men jump.

    "Stop fuckin' around with us, and open those damn thighs bitch!" he said. "Show us that black fuckin' cunt!" With her thigh stinging from the blow, Theresa threw her thighs apart as wide as she could get them to go. They all eye-fucked the exposed pussy flesh. There wasn't a limp dick among them. They all stood up rock-hard.

    The leader leaned down with his face so close to hers, she could feel his hot breath. "Okay bitch, this is the deal", he said. "We're not killers, we're business men. Your sorry excuse for a husband owes us a debt he can't pay, so you're gonna pay it with your ass. Now, the more you cooperate, the better it's gonna be for you. Like I said, we're not killers, but we are bone breakers. Understand?"

    Theresa shook her head yes. Then, with a evil grin, he said, "That's a good girl." A split second later, he reached down and roughly grab her by the pussy. He gripped it as hard as he could, and yanked it up and down.

    "Whose cunt is this fellas?" he asked the group. Almost in unison, they answered, "Our cunt!"

    "Whose cunt is this", he asked again, this time looking at Theresa. "It's your cunt", she said meekly.

    "What?! I can't hear you!"

    "It's your cunt!" she yelled. He smiled, and said, "That's right bitch, get with the program."

    He let go of her pussy, and turned to the group, asking them, "Okay, which one of you fuckers is first?" The big hairy guy with the King Kong cock pushed the others out of the way, and stepped to the foot of the bed.

    The big goon towered over Theresa, as she lay helplessly spread before him. She felt as if she were looking up at a tall building from street level, and that building was about to fall on her. Without warning, the giant scrambled up onto the bed, and between her thighs. He grabbed her by her ankles, and pulled them up and back, almost to her shoulders, until her big black ass was pointing to the ceiling. With his big meat hooks still wrapped around her ankles, he managed to maneuver his big log of a dick onto her pussy, and started to slide it back and forth over the lips. Theresa could feel the underside of his cock gliding over her moist cunt. She could see the big purplish dickhead pointing at her, as the big white cock continued to slide. It was impossible for her not to feel the contact of his dick with her clit, and the delicious sensation it brought, as he repeatedly toyed with her.


    Lonell still sat on his couch, with a million worst case scenarios running through his head about what was being done to his wife. He thought, if they would just callback, maybe he could reason with them. But, that thought was quickly dismissed as the bad idea that it was. It was really all up to fate now. Hopefully, the end result would see his wife safely back home with him. The black husband didn't know that, at that very moment, one of the scenarios he dreaded was being played out.


    Back at the warehouse, which was now a fuck house, the captive black wife's pussy was starting to cream, as the big white cock slid back and forth over her clit. Her pink cunt hole started to clench, wanting the dick to slide into it, instead of over it.

    Theresa thought to herself, "Why is he doing this? Why doesn't he just go ahead and fuck me, and get it over with?" That's what ran through her head, as she was looking up into his mischievously grinning face.

    "Go ahead and fuck her!", one of the other men said impatiently.

    The big man said, "NO! This big assed bitch is going to have to beg for my dick." Then he began sliding his dick across her cunt faster. He was heating her up to the boiling point. Theresa was already terrorized, and humiliated, and she wasn't about to further her humiliation by begging this beast to fuck her. But, as the dick relentlessly slid across her clit, her heavily creaming pussy hole was screaming out to penetrated.

    Against her will, Theresa started to moan, and every swipe of the white cock over her upturned cunt brought another louder one. Despite her situation, the shit was really feeling good to her. That feeling became so overpowering that, she couldn't do anything else but surrender to it. As that pulsing dick pushed its way over her cunt, it pushed away the last shreds of decency she had.

    She shrieked, "Okay dammit! You win! Fuck me!!"

    The big nasty bastard's grin spread from ear to ear, as he saw the bound Black woman finally give up all resistance. Still holding her legs up in the same position, the next time he slid his dick back, he deftly moved it so that the big head came right to her cream-slicked cunt hole. Then, he savagely rammed the full length of it into her. She was fucked.

    Theresa felt the wind knocked out of her, with the force of the dick-stoke. The white horse dick was deep in her cunt. The no so jolly, mean giant let his dick rest there in her pussy, feeling the muscles of her twat contract around it.

    "Squeeze that dick!", he told her. She clenched the enormous prick with her cunt sleeve, until she could feel every big ugly vein along its length.

    "Squeeze harder bitch!", he yelled at her. She tried to do as he said, but her pussy was stretched so wide it couldn't contract anymore. The big fucker drew his prong back out, until only the massive head of it was left in her cunt. Then he rammed it back in, up to his big hairy white balls. Theresa felt them slap against her black ass, as the dick barreled into her. That was the stroke that began it all. He started fucking her like a man possessed. He slugged his dick into her, without an ounce of mercy. He didn't give a fuck how she felt. His only concern was the way her pussy was making his dick feel, as he plunged it into her over and over. In no time, the big white gorilla was moving like a runaway train.

    "That's it Big John, give it to the bitch!", Theresa heard the leader say. It was the first time she had heard any names used. Big John was indeed giving it to her. He was ramming the shit out of her. He was a maniac, bludgeoning her cunt with his big white dick-bat. Theresa's ears were filled with the sound of her own grunting, and yelping, as the mountain of a man tore her pussy up.

    The worried sick black husband was at home wringing his hands in desperation, while in another location he knew nothing about, his helpless black wife was being hard fucked by a big mean white man. If he could have seen how his wife's cunt was wrapped around, and being pulled in and out by the outsized white cock, he would have keeled over in a dead faint. He sat on the couch rocking back in forth, while the big hard white gristle was rocking back and forth in his wife's pussy.


    Big John continued to punish Theresa's black cunt with his fuck-stick. She had surrendered herself to the fucking, and now that big dick ramming into her started to feel good. She couldn't deny it. The pussy had a mind of its own, and now it was loving the feel of this forced fuck. The dick had churned up her pussy cream into thick fuck cream that coated his dick, as it slid furiously in and out of her. His grapefruit sized balls were slapping her black ass, every time he lunged into her. The big sweaty nuts made a splocking sound, each time they slapped into her ass meat. Theresa could feel the double action of the dick ramming into her, and the balls beating her ass, as she suffered the cruel fucking. She looked up into his sweaty, red face and saw it twisted into a form that was almost inhuman. Drops of sweat fell off of his chest and onto her big tits, as he pushed forward into her helpless body.

    "Hey, we want some of that pussy too!" one of the other men shouted.

    "Fuck you! I'm not finished with this bitch yet!", Big John growled, never missing a beat.

    The leader just laughed at them both. "Don't worry fellas. There's enough pussy there to go around. This cunt ain't goin' nowhere until she's had all our dicks in her", he assured them.

    After a few more minutes of fucking like a wildman, Big John slowed his pace, and finally stopped, without coming. He said, "Okay, one of you assholes can take over for now. I gotta take a break." He looked into Theresa's eyes and said, "Don't you worry sweetie, Big John's comin' back for some more of your good black cunt. Then he snatched his dick from her snatch.

    When he took his dick out of her, Theresa felt the strange, mixed emotions of relief, and disappointment. Her pussy had been turned on, and it hadn't gotten enough dick yet. So, there was a certain degree of loss. But, that was short lived, because as quickly as Big John got up off of the bed, another man took his place.

    The second man was much smaller than John, but then everyone in the room was. This guy was slim, dark, and extremely hairy. He had that old world Italian look. No time was lost in his getting between Theresa's outstretched, sweaty black thighs. Her gaping, fuck cream covered cunt was his target, and he hit the mark when he pushed his long, veiny dick into her. Theresa's cunt muscles instinctively contracted around the hard white meat, seemingly glad that it was filled again. The new fucker began savagely fucking her, the same way the bigger man had done. Just like the previous fucker, his hairy balls slapped into her sweaty black ass with a vengeance, as his long dick flew in and out of her ravaged cunt hole. He didn't have her legs up as high as Big John had them. This allowed him to reach under her, and grab two handfuls of big black ass meat. He gripped her ass cheeks as hard as he could, while continuing to pound her cunt. Their pelvises were slapping together, every time his dick was buried to the hilt in her. His mean looking white cock became coated with thick, slimy fuck cream, as it continued to slide into her ravaged cunt hole.

    Theresa could feel his hard hands gripping her pliant ass flesh. He was really digging his white fingers into her black ass meat, at the same time he was digging his white cock into her wet black twat. She felt the hard slap of his hairy white balls against her dark puckered asshole, every time he plunged his stiff cock into her. She yelped, each time she felt that dick punch her pussy. The nasty bastard was fucking her as hard as could, trying to outdo the man that had fucked her first.

    His partners in crime were egging him on. "Yeah Bobby. Fuck that bitch! Give it to her good. Teach her black ass a lesson!

    Their words made Theresa feel even further humiliated - if that were possible, at this point. It wasn't fair that her husband had fucked up, and she had to pay for it. He was somewhere safe from these evil motherfuckers, and here she was, being hard fucked by a white man. Her body was not her own anymore, it belonged to this gang of white dicks. They were in total possession of her, and she knew there was no way her husband was going to come and rescue her from these pussy-hungry, vengeful fuckers.

    She looked down, and saw the white dick roughly penetrating her cunt, and became fascinated with the sight. Her eyes locked on the thick white shaft speeding into her, framed by her wiry haired black pussy meat. She could see the fuck cream on his dick, and on her pussy hair. She could also see it on her inner lips, as they were being pulled out on the dick's retreat from her cunt. Then Bobby the fucker noticed her looking down at the sight of herself being fucked, and he doubled his efforts.

    "You like seeing yourself get white dick fucked?" he asked her tauntingly, as he slammed his sledge hammer of a cock deep into her. "Do you like it bitch?!!" he demanded, punctuating his question with another hard jab of his dick.

    "Yes" she said, to appease him, and also because it was true. She did like it. Theresa felt ashamed at that realization. How could she like the sight of herself being violated by this brute? That moment was no time to analyze it. While he, and the rest of the men laughed at her answer, she was still transfixed on the spectacle of him hiding the salami in her fuck hole. His swinging nuts beat a mean tattoo against her black ass, as he mindlessly fucked the shit out of her.

    "Hey man, we want some of that pussy too!" one of the waiting group of men said.

    "Fuck you!" Bobby replied, without missing a stoke. "I'm nowhere finished fuckin' this good black pussy!".

    "Shit! We're tired of waitin'. She's got more than one whole to fuck. Flip her ass over, so we can get at that asshole."

    Bobby ignored the other guy, and just kept fucking. But, when the leader stepped over to the bed, and started to undo Theresa's cuffs, Bobby knew the decision had been made. So, when her hands were free, he grabbed her around the back, and rolled over on the bed, so that she was now on top of him. It all happened so fast, Theresa had no time to react, let alone protest. They were going to fuck her in the ass too.

    "Okay Jimmy", Theresa heard the leader say. "There's your asshole."

    Jimmy scrambled up onto the bed behind Theresa's big ass, grabbed a cheek in each one of his hands, and split them as wide as he could. When he looked down at her puckered black bunghole, he could see Bobby's dick still sawing in and out of her. He told hold of his own dick, and pressed the big bulbous head of it to Theresa's asshole. The booty hole was already lubricated by the copious fuck cream that had been smeared on it from the previous dick, and the one that was stuck in her at that moment. Jimmy leaned forward, and his dick started to stretch her asshole open.

    Theresa knew it would do no good to beg him to stop, but she did anyway. "Please, not in my ass!" she said. Her words fell on deaf ears, as Jimmy's dick brutally popped through her anal ring, and the dick was imbedded in her ass. They had her double-fucked.

    Lonell would have cried like a baby, if he could have seen his beautiful black wife with a white dick stuck in her cunt, and another one stuck in her ass. He would have beat his head against the wall, if he could have seen the way those white cocks were beating his wife's pussy and asshole. But, he couldn't see it, and he couldn't stop it. All he could do was wait for the next telephone call.

    Theresa was moaning, groaning, crying, whimpering, and any other sound a woman makes when she's being double-fucked. The black booty banging brutes paid no heed to her pleas for them to stop. She knew they wouldn't when she begged, it was just instinctual for her to do so. She was trapped in a white dick fuck machine. She was the black meat in a fuck-sandwich.

    The two mean gangsters were in a fuck contest with each other. They were competing to see who could ram her the hardest. When one dick was on the out stroke from her cunt, the other one was on the in stroke in her asshole. She was completely, thoroughly, undeniably fucked.

    Buckets of sweat were pouring from all three of their bodies. The room was hot, steamy, and funky. It was filled with man funk, woman funk, pussy funk, and the funk of five white cocks. Two of those cocks were generating even more nasty odors as they flew in and out of Theresa's two fuck holes.

    It was a sexual circus, and the three fuck-locked people on the bed were the main attraction. The leader of the group was the ringmaster, and the remaining white fuckers were the appreciative audience. However, they didn't want to remain just an audience for long. They wanted their turn to perform with the black beauty with the horse ass. Their gaze was fixed on the sight of that equine booty being bounced back and forth, as their buddy's long white dick flew in and out of it. The smack of his pelvis sent the abundant meat rolling forward every time he hit - and he was really hitting it. He and his fellow fucker below were both trying to win that imagined trophy for hardest fucker. If Theresa had to be the judge, she would have to say that it was a draw, because they were both hammering the hell out of her.

    Then Theresa heard the leader say, "Damn, I almost forgot! Frankie go get my camcorder!"

    "Okay boss", Frankie said, as he dashed out of the room, dick and balls flopping, to go retrieve the video camera.

    Theresa thought, "These dirty motherfuckers are going to make a video of this shit."

    Frankie was back with the camcorder in record time. Grinning stupidly, he handed it to his boss. The boss turned the camera on, and aimed it at the trio on the sweat soaked bed. Now, a video record of Theresa's ordeal was being made. These filthy fucks would get to enjoy it over and over again, and Heaven knows who else.

    When the two men with their dicks embedded in Theresa's body realized the camera was rolling, they tried to put on the performance of their lives. However fast they were fucking before, they were going even faster now.

    After about ten minutes more of the nasty action, the boss said, "Okay, let's get some new meat in the picture. Frankie, get in there!"

    When the man plugging Theresa's ass heard this, he said, "Boss, this black ass is too good. I can't stop. Please don't make me stop." A look of disappointment played across Frankie's face. But, he brightened up, when the boss said, "Then Frankie you stick your dick in her mouth."

    Grinning Frankie raced over to the bed, and stuck his hard dick in Theresa's face, waiting for her to open her mouth.

    "Open your mouth whore! he barked at her. Theresa parted her lips slightly. Taking her time opening her mouth was the only protest she could mount. But, then it was wide enough for Frankie to stick his dickhead in.

    "You better not bit me bitch!, he snarled at her, as he grabbed the back of her head, and pushed half the length of his cock into her mouth. He didn't wait for her to start sucking, this was going to be a mouth-fuck. His dick started sawing in and out of her oral cavity, the way the other two dicks were doing in her cunt and ass. Now the poor woman had three white dicks in her. All of her holes were filled, and the entire scene was being captured on video.


    Lonell didn't know just what a price he was paying for fucking with these people. He didn't know his wife had been turned into a white cock slut - porn star. He hated the uncertainty of what was happening. He hated that they had his wife, and he was powerless to help her. He hated those nasty motherfuckers for what they were probably doing to her. But, finally, he hated himself for getting her into that situation in the first place.

    Sitting on the couch, staring across the room at nothing in particular, he was snapped out of his tormented stupor by the sound of the telephone ringing. Maybe this was the call saying they were releasing her. He was wrong.

    "Hey shithead. I just wanted to let you know that your big assed wife has just become a movie star", Lonell heard the now familiar voice say.

    "We're fuckin' her big black ass every which way - and I do mean her ass! We're gettin' the whole thing on video. I think maybe we can get some of our money back by sellin' this tape of your wife gettin' her black cunt and asshole fucked. What do ya say? Do you think that would sell asshole?

    Before Lonell could utter a word, the bastard hung up. Lonell threw the phone on the floor in anger, but then caught himself. He quickly picked it up, to make sure that it still worked. At the moment, the phone was his only connection to the people who had his wife. He sat back down on the couch, and resumed staring into space, and waiting. Then, the thought occurred to him that, if he did call the police, maybe they could trace where the calls came from. But, then it hit him that they said they were watching his every move. He didn't want to chance it. So, he sat and waited.

    Back at the fuck house -cum-movie set, they were still putting Theresa through the meat grinder. By now, all the men, except the boss had stuck their dick in her - in one hole or another. They were making sure that each of them had fucked all three of her holes. The boss caught every nasty image on tape.

    Finally, after each of them had cum several times, and were thoroughly fucked-out, Theresa got a reprieve. She lay there on the bed, covered in the sweat of four men and her own, and gobs of cum oozing out of her cunt, and fucked wide bunghole. Cum was all over her face, hair, and big black tits. It was also smeared across her wide horse ass cheeks. She was a total mess.

    Too exhausted to move, all she did was lay there like a heap of fuck-stained meat, as the boss made sure he got close-ups of her cum drenched body.


    Two hours after the last phone call he received, Lonell heard the phone ring again. He thought it was going to be another call to torture and humiliate him some more. But, this turned out to be the call he had been waiting for.

    "Okay asshole. We're finished with this bitch. You can have her back."

    The boss told Lonell where to come to get his wife. Meanwhile, Big John and Frankie grabbed her limp body up from the bed, and hustled her outside to their van.

    The place Lonell had been told to come was down by the docks, in an area with nothing but warehouses around. Since it was night, it seemed especially desolate. Lonell sat in his car, hoping that they had been telling the truth about letting Theresa go, when a van pulled up in front of his parked car. The back door opened up, and as if being pushed, Theresa came flying out, totally naked.  Then, the van sped away.

    Lonell jumped out of his car, and ran to his wife. Grabbing her up into his arms, he broke into tears.

    How would they ever get past this, he thought.


 The End


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