Thy Neighbor's Wife


    Most of the commandments, I have no problem following. Up until the time my good friend Dave introduced me to his wife, I had no problem following the one about "thy shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife. But, I took one look at that big ass of hers, and I was determined to get me a piece of it.

    Dave's wife's name is Valerie, and she's sex personified. She's got big black titties, big black thighs, and an awesome black ass. That ass of hers must be at least 54 inches. That's a conservative estimate, mind you. I've always had a thing for big asses - especially black ones. There's nothing else like them in the world. Valerie's ass was one that I really wanted to get my hands on, and my dick in. But, Dave was my co-worker, we were the best of friends, so I kept my wanton lust for his wife in my imagination.

    The first time I met Valerie was on  a Friday night after work. Dave invited me over for dinner. Being a bachelor, I didn't refuse the chance for a home cooked meal. Dave and I were sitting on the couch, when Valerie made her entrance. She came out of the kitchen all smiles; and a beautiful smile it was too. She had on the shortest, tightest skirt I'd ever seen on a woman. It was white, and contrasted beautifully with her big dark legs. I could see her fleshy thighs jiggle and quiver as she stepped into the room. She also wore a white halter top that struggled to contain her mammoth tits. She was all cleavage. My erection was swift.

    Valerie had her hair in a close cropped natural style. That, and her high cheekbones made her look like an African queen. Dave was a lucky many indeed. I was hoping that I could become a lucky man too. Part of me felt guilty for wanting to fuck the shit out my friend's wife; but the other part said, fuck that shit, get that black pussy.

    She was warm and friendly, and sexy as hell. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. Throughout our conversation, I kept wondering what her cunt looked like. I found out later that, Valerie was doing some wondering of her own. She was as curious about my white cock as I was about her black pussy.

    After our introductions, she said "Make yourself at home Joe. Dinner will be ready soon."

I thanked her, and Dave and I sat down on their couch. As Valerie left the room, my eyes were glued to her big sashaying ass.

They had a beautiful home, which I complimented Dave on.

    "Thanks man. Valerie keeps it together" he responded, beaming with pride.

    "You're a real lucky guy" I said to him. "Beautiful home, and a beautiful wife."

    When I said that, his smile became broader. "Yeah, she's hot", he said.

    "So I noticed" I came back, and we both laughed.

    We sat there making small talk about the job, sports, and other things guys talk about, while we waited for dinner to be ready.

    "I hope you're hungry man. Valerie is a great cook. She can really burn" Dave said to me.

    "Yeah, I'm real hungry" I replied. But, what I didn't say was, I was hungry for his wife's ass meat. There was another person in that house hungry for some meat too. She was in the kitchen.

    I had noticed the look she gave me when we met. I'd seen that look on other faces. It was the look that said her clit was twitching for me. Thank goodness her husband hadn't seen it. She and I both had to play it cool, so as not to give away what was on our minds.

    I was trying to sit in a position so that Dave couldn't see that I had a raging hard on. That would have been a dead giveaway that I was lusting after his wife. But, hell, she had all that black flesh showing, so what was a man to do but be turned on. I damn sure was.

    After about twenty minutes, Valerie came back into the living room with an exasperated look on her face. Our attention turned immediately to her. Maybe mine more than Dave's.

    She said to her husband, "Honey, I was so busy running around today, trying to get everything I needed for this dinner that, I plum forgot to get that bread you love so much."

    Her face wore a very disappointed look that prompted Dave to say "Don't worry about it babe. I can go pick it up."

    Her look went from sad to glad instantly. Dave stood up, and I stood up with him.

    "No no" he said to me. "It's all right. I can go get it. You stay here. I'll be back in a flash."

    "It's okay, I can come with you" I said.

    "No, you're a guest. We can have our guests running errands. I'll do it. You stay here, and make yourself comfortable. Val will keep you company."

    "Okay, if you insist" I said, and sat back down.

    Valerie walked Dave to the door, and every step of the way my eyes were on her ass. Dave left, and she locked the door. She walked over to the window, peeked out, and watched him drive away. Then she turned to me.

    "He'll be gone for a few. He has to go to that gourmet shop in the mall."

    I knew where the mall was, and I also knew that he wouldn't be back for at least 25 minutes, or more.

    Her expression had changed from that of a loving wife, to that of a hot woman on the prowl. There was no mistake about it. She was the huntress, and I was her prey.

    There was thick sexual tension in the air, as she slowly strode over and stood directly in front of me. Our eyes met, and hers said "Let's fuck."

    She grabbed the hem of her short skirt, and eased it up her thighs, until her thick wiry haired cunt came into view. Damn, not panties! She pulled the skirt up so that it was bunched up around her waist. Then, she pulled her halter top down, and let those fabulous black tits fall free.

    "We have to hurry" she said, her breathing now heavy.

    Time was of the essence, so I reached out, and grabbed her by her cunt. She started rolling that fat hairy pussy in my hand, and my fingers dipped into her sopping wet slit. It seems she had been creaming ever since I walked in.

    "Take that dick out!" she ordered. I obeyed. I quickly stood up, undid my pants, and let them fall down my trembling legs.

    "Damn! That's a big white dick! Stick that motherfucker in this black pussy! Now!

    Valerie turned around, bent over, grabbed her black ass cheeks and pulled them wide. The sight before me was fantastic.


    I stepped in behind that horse ass, and aimed my rigid white cock at her cunt hole. I didn't even have to thrust forward, because she pushed that ass back to me. My dick slid right up her cunt, and we started fucking.

    I could hardly believe what was happening. There I was, fucking the shit out Dave's wife. I had her big ass bouncing off of my pelvis, as I drove my thick white cock into her and stretched her cheating black cunt long and wide. She was moaning and groaning, as I put the dick to her. She was giving as good as she was getting. She pounded me with that ass, as I pounded her cunt with my dick.

     "Ooh yeah baby! Gimme that good white dick!" she yelled. "Get this pussy!"

    I stroked her cunt as hard as I could go. I knocked the breath out of her each time I drove my cock into that hot, wet black pussy.

    "Gimme this black pussy, you nasty assed whore!" I said, through clenched teeth.

    "Yes, I'm a whore! Fuck me like the nasty black whore I am."

    I did just that. I fucked that woman mercilessly. I stabbed into her black cunt so hard, I surprised myself. The whole experience was overwhelming.

    The way we were banging, we couldn't keep it up too much longer without falling out.

    "Cum motherfucker! Fill my cunt up with whiteboy juice!"

    "You want it?" I said, still driving my dick into her.

    "Yes! Give it to me! Flood my nasty black pussy!"

    "Here it comes whore!" I yelled, as I let loose a deluge of hot sticky spunk in her cunt.

    I kept pounding her, until my balls were completely empty.

    When I finally stopped fucking, she quickly pulled away, put her hand over her pussy, and ran out of the room. As she left, she said to me over her shoulder, "He'll be back soon. Get yourself together." I did what she'd said.

    She ran into the bathroom to get herself cleaned up, as I pulled my pants up, and stuffed my slimy dick back inside of them. About five minutes later, I heard Dave's key turning in the front door. It was a good thing the smell of the dinner had permeated the whole house, or he would have smelled pussy and dick. Fortunately, he never caught on to what had happened in his home while he was gone. He didn't know his wife had fucked a white man, and took a heavy load of his cum up her black cunt.

    We ate dinner, and it was delicious - but, not nearly as delicious as the pussy appetizer I'd had beforehand. Halfway through the meal, my dick was hard again. It was thrilling to know that Valerie and I had just put the shit on Dave, and he knew nothing about it. I was already making plans to get some more of that nasty whore-wife black cunt. No doubt, Valerie was making plans too.

    White cock strikes again.


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