The Train Ride


 By Biggshot



My wife and I had been married for about 3 years. She was originally born in Alabama. She is approx. 5’ 8”, large breasts - nice nipples, big shapely body. She is a dark skin black woman with a very sweet face. Her friends always tell her that she should be a full figure model because she is very attractive. She is also a very shy person (sheltered life). She had only one boyfriend, and he was a white boy when she was in school back home (integrated school). She has talked about her sexual encounters with this white boyfriend due to my encouraging while we are having sex. I found that I got more and more turned on with her stories of her ex-boyfriend. He really fucked her over many times (I don’t blame him, though). He used to do her in public areas where there was always the danger of being seen. She, not at first, admitted that this used to turn her on as well. I would enjoy these stories and the thought of someone else enjoying her physically really started to turn me on . I would make suggestions to her about doing it with another white guy but she would never admit to thinking in that way.

We both like baseball, so we had gone to a game on one really hot mid-August day. Since we lived downtown, we would take the subway to see the game. As I said it was a very hot day. I was wearing shorts and T-shirt, my wife was wearing a very thin short yellow dress with sandals. She looked really good. There were many guys eyeing her at the game. She wore her hair shoulder length and with the blackness of her hair against the yellow looked really good. When the game was finished we headed for the subway. It was packed. When we finally had a chance to get on, I turned around only to find that she had entered in through the far door. She had thought that I was behind her. We were packed in. I could see her from a distance of about 40 feet. I could see that she was looking around to see if she could see me. We never made eye contact. She had managed to work her way to the other side doors. Her back was now facing me. At that time I noticed that some guy (tall dark good looking white guy) was face to face (body to body) with her. I could see her but she couldn’t see me. This white guy had a buddy standing directly behind her (body to body) ... so she was sandwiched with these two guys.

There was no room to move in this car ... packed. With the one guy’s crotch up against her big butt and the chest to chest with her large tits, I thought, these guys are really going to enjoy this trip. I saw my wife trying to find a pole to hang onto...but she was just too packed in. I could see the guys face that was face-to-face with my wife (could only see the back of my wife’s head) this guy was talking to his buddy across my wife’s shoulder. He was obviously enjoying this. They seemed to be pressing themselves even closer to her. Our subway stop is about 12 stops away (25 min). The guy started talking with my wife. I could see her nodding every now and then. Then the guy behind her was talking to her too. She couldn’t turn to see him even if she wanted to. They both kept talking to her and no longer to each other. This went on for about 8 minutes. All the while the subway is rocking all around and at one point she put her hands on his chest to brace herself. I was starting to get a little turned on at this point. At one point she turned her head upward and to the side as if really embarrassed and looking at the roof of the car... some place to put her eyes. When she was doing this she nodded really nervously to the guy in front of her. She kept her eyes fixed on that spot on the roof. Every now and then she would nod her head and almost refusing to look in his eyes. The guy behind her leaned forward and was whispering in her ear .... All the time she just looked up at the roof. At first I thought he was kissing her . But I could tell he was just talking. Then a few minutes later he stopped talking to her and she then turned her head down to in front of her. The train was starting to ease up and she made a move to go to the other door. It was at this point that I realized that our exit was coming up. I turned to the door and exited at our stop. She had done the same. I eventually caught up with her. I didn’t admit to having seen her during our trip. I was waiting too see if she would say anything. She looked a bit slightly embarrassed. I asked if she was OK. She just said that she was just so hot and with too many people. When we were coming out of the subway she said that she wanted to use the public washrooms so she could splash some water on her face. This did not sound like my wife ... she would never use public washrooms in the past. I had always imagined that these two guys were feeling her up - big time, but I didn’t want to say any thing about it to her. It wasn’t till 2 months later, during one of our erotic love making nights.... She told me what had happened and that she was too embarrassed by it back then to tell me.

What had happened was that soon after she was sandwiched between these two guys the one in front of here took his cock out. She knew it, because she could feel it erect and pushing up against her. At first she thought it was his belt that was extended. He started telling her how beautiful she was. And he figured that she would be great in bed. He asked her if she enjoys getting fucked. She would not respond. She was worried that other people could hear him, so she would just nod to him. Since she had no place to put her hands he took her left hand and moved it to his hard cock. It wasn’t till she had a hold of his cock that she started to get wet herself. She said that I was very large and throbbing. She was too nervous to look down. The white guy behind her, at some point got his hand up her dress without drawing attention and was rubbing and squeezing her ass. He whispered in her ear but she could really make out what he was saying her ears were throbbing. He worked his hand between her panties and stroked her slit for a while. Then he worked his fingers inside her. He asked her if she was enjoying this and she admitted that she was by nodding in silence. The guy in front of her kept prodding her with his cock still in her hands. She admitted that she was squeezing it and pulling back as he moved it back. The thought occurred to her that if there was a sudden movement on the train she might pull it off. At some point he grabbed her other hand and told her to make a cup over the end of his cock. She did and not a minute too soon. He blew his full load into her hands.
The train started to clear at this time. She just turned and moved to the door and wiped her hand on the side of the door. She couldn’t get rid of it all so she just kept her hand closed.
    When we met up, no wonder she wanted to use the washroom. She was more embarrassed about this event because, although it was a bit scary she started to enjoy it and had been quite aroused by it all. I kept telling her that it was all right. This event has been milked many nights during our lovemaking.





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