"It's ten o'clock. Do you know where your wife is?"



        My wife Joy's company had a party to celebrate something or other. It had no interest for me, so I didn't go with her. Instead, I waited at home for her - and waited, and waited.

    I kept looking at the clock, thinking that she should be walking through the door at any moment. But, my wait turned out to be a long one. I was starting to get anxious, thinking something may have happened to her. That's when I started to chastise myself for not going to pick her up. She had told me that she would take a cab home. I prayed she was okay.

    Finally, sometime after midnight, she came home. My emotions were a mixture of relief, and anger. I started to say "Where the fuck have you been?", but I held my tongue. I played the part of the loving, concerned husband, and waited for her to explain to me why it took her so long to get home.

    After the welcoming kiss, and as if to read my mind she said "I got a ride home."

    "Oh yeah. With who?" I asked.

    "Mr. Amato" she answered.

    I knew who that was. It was one of her bosses. She was constantly talking about him. I knew his name well. A pang of jealousy shot through me when she said it. Damn! It wasn't enough that she was up in that office all day long with him, but now she had been with him in the night too. Alone. In his car.

    A vision flashed in my head. It was of an interracial couple. I could picture them clearly. There was a white man, and a black woman in a car, riding in the night; and the black woman was my wife. The feeling of jealousy rose a little more in me.

    "That must have been some kind of party. What time did it end?" I asked her.

    "Around nine o'clock" she replied, avoiding my eyes.

    "Nine o'clock?! It's after midnight. What took you so long to get home?! I said, with my anger apparent in my voice.

    She said nothing. Still, she avoided looking at me.

    "Did you make a stop somewhere?" I went on.

    Finally, she looked at me and said "Sit down. I'll tell you everything that happened."

    I sat down on the couch, and she came and sat next to me. When she came close, that's when I noticed the smell. She smelled like she had been fucking. The odor was unmistakable. I didn't say anything. I wanted her to tell it.

    This is what she told me:

    "We were at the party, having a real nice time. When it was coming to an end, Mr. Amato asked me if you were coming to pick me up. I told him no, and that I was going to have a cab take me home. That's when he offered me a ride. I didn't think anything of it, so I accepted. 

    When I got into his car, my dress rode all the way up my thighs."

    I could see that happening, since the damn thing was short as hell to begin with. On top of that, she hadn't worn any stockings; and she never wore any panties.

    "As we were riding, I could see Mr. Amato stealing glimpses of my thighs. Then, when we stopped at a light, he openly looked at them. Not caring that I saw him doing it. It made me a little nervous, but I didn't say anything."

    "You didn't say anything, because you liked that shit!" I said. She didn't say anything then either.

    Then she went on with her story.

    "Well, he kept driving, then all of a sudden, he reached over, and put his hand on my thigh. I don't know what came over me, but I didn't tell him to stop. The he started rubbing and squeezing."

    I just looked at her for a few moments, and she at me. She was trying to read my face for anger. But, I tried hard to keep it as blank as I could. She swallowed hard, and went on.

    "So, there we were riding. He had one hand on the wheel, and the other on my thigh, squeezing harder and harder as we rode."

    This is when she reached over and grabbed me by the dick, and started squeezing, the way she said Mr. Amato had done her thigh. My dick was a damn traitor. I wanted to be angry, but he wanted to be hard - and he won. So, I just let her keep squeezing it, as she proceeded with her tale of betrayal.

    "Rubbing my thigh wasn't enough for him. The next thing I knew, he stuck his hand up under my dress, and grabbed me by my pussy."

    When she said this, she squeezed my dick extra hard.

    "He grabbed my pussy, and gripped it as hard as I'm doing your dick right now. Then, he started to yank it up and down.

    Baby, you know I'm a nympho."

    She was right. I knew she was a nympho. That's one of the main reasons I had married her ass. But, I thought all of her nympho-ing was going to done with just me. Boy was I wrong.

    "When I feel a man's hands on my pussy, I can't resist. And his hand felt so good, the way he was roughin' up my coochie. I just put my head back, then my thighs opened my thighs wide, and let him do what the wanted. The next thing I felt was two of his fingers slide into me, while his thumb rubbed my clit."

    That dirty motherfucker!

    At this point, she stopped talking, and let go of my dick. I think a wave of shame had washed over her.

    "Don't stop now" I said. "Finish the story slut!"

    Her eyes widened in shock, when she heard the word "slut". I had never called her anything like that before. She couldn't say a word about it, because she knew that's what she was.

    When she realized I truly wanted to hear the rest of her confession, she took my dick out of my pants, and started jerking it, as she resumed her nasty narrative.

    "Okay, you want to hear the rest of it motherfucker?"

    When I called her a slut, it pushed a button in her. Now, instead of telling the story apologetically, she had become more aggressive in her attitude. She started to exercise that pleasure/pain principle. I was in pain emotionally, because she had cheated on me; but, she also recognized the weird pleasure the recounting of her dirty deed was giving me.

    When she called me a motherfucker, it was partly payback for calling her a slut, but it was also to stoke the fire that had started to rage inside of me.

    "He sawed those white fingers in and out of my pussy, and that shit felt good. I didn't want him to stop. Then, he pulled his fingers out, and stuck them in his mouth. I thought he was going to stick them back in me, but, instead, he undid his pants, and pulled his dick out. That dick was big! Baby, you got a big dick, but his dick was way bigger than yours! When I saw that big white dick, it put me under some kind of spell or something. I had to feel it. So, I reached out and grabbed it, just like I have yours now. I could hardly get my hand around it, it was so thick. And the head on it was twice as big as yours."

    I looked at her, and said "No, don't tell me you sucked it."

    She stopped jerking my bone, and looked down at the floor for a second, then looked back up at me.

    "Baby, I had to. I couldn't help myself. He was diggin' all in my pussy, then he took out that big ol' dick. I saw all that hard white meat. I mean, what else could I do? You know I never had no white dick before."

    I interrupted, "I don't know that shit!"

    "Well, I haven't, and I wanted to see what it was like. So, while he's still driving, I bent down and took that big ass dick head in my mouth."

    "You fuckin' nasty assed slut!" I hissed at her.

    "Yeah, that's right. You're married to a nasty assed slut who sucked her bosses big white dick."

    When she said that , she was pulling on my wood so hard, it felt like she was trying to pull the damn thing off my body.

    "He kept drivin', and I kept suckin'. Then, the car came to a stop. At first, I thought we had stopped for the light to change. But, when we didn't keep going, I stopped slobbin' on his dick, and sat up. We were in the parking lot of a motel. He looked at me, and I looked at him, and we both knew we were going in. Long story short, we wound up in a room.

    As soon as the door was closed, he started rippin' off his clothes. All I had to do was pull this dress up over my head. In not time, we were both buck-ass-naked. He was real hairy. He had hair all over, everywhere. He even had a hairy back, and ass. In the light of the room, I saw that his dick was even bigger than I thought. Baby, when it comes to the dick, he's got you beat by a mile. I'm sorry, but I wanted that big white dick in me. I jumped up on the bed, with my ass in the air, and he jumped up right behind me. He put that fat dick head to my pussy, and pushed that thick white motherfucker in my pussy. When it first went in, it hurt so bad I saw stars. But, the pain went right away, when he started fuckin' the shit out of me. While you were here, wonderin' where the hell I was, I was in a motel room with a white man's big ass dick fuckin' in and out of this black pussy."

    I wanted to choke that bitch. Instead, I let her keep choking my dick, and telling her story.

    "That white man really put it to my ass. He had me screamin' in that room. He had me sayin' shit I never thought I could say."

    "Like what?" I asked, with my face all tight - more so from the jerking of my dick than from anything else.

    "I was sayin' 'Give it to me Mr. A., fuck my black pussy! Ram that big white dick in me! Fuck this pussy like you own it!' And that's exactly what he did too. He tore my ass up. If I didn't have to come home to you, I woulda' still been right there gettin' that white dick."

    "Don't tell me that bastard came in you!" I said.

    She didn't answer. At least not with words. She stood up from where she had been sitting beside me on the couch, with my dick still gripped n her hand, and led me by it to our bedroom.

    Once there, she let go of my aching bone, pulled her dress off, jumped onto the bed, and threw her legs wide open . What I saw almost made me fallout.

    Her cunt hairs were matted with dried cum, and the remnants of Mr. Amato's load came pouring out of her pussy. She pulled her slimy cunt lips apart so that I could get a good look at the raunchy mess that Mr. Amato had made of her black cunt.

    "You let that motherfucker spunk my pussy! I got to punish your nasty fuckin' ass for this" I said.

    "That's right baby. Punish my nasty ass for fuckin' a white man."

    This time, it was me tearing off his clothes.

    I said "I'm gonna punish you all right slut. Punish you with this fuckin' dick!"

    I jumped on the bed, and went to work on her ass. I fucked her harder and longer than I ever had before. The whole time I was wondering if I was fucking her as hard as Mr. Amato had. Finally, screamin' like a demon, I blasted her cunt with my spunk, and gave that hot hole its second load of the night.


    A week later, I got a call from Joy, saying she had to work late, and that Mr. Amato was going to give her a ride home. I told her I'd be waiting for her.




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