The New Boss
by Biggshot

     "How do you do", said Mr. Bane as I introduced him to my wife at the front door of our house. "My but Waymon didn't tell me he has such an attractive wife". Inez shyly lowered her face and looked at the floor, her light brown face slightly blushing. She is a very modest lady. Let me tell you about her. She is 41 years old and the mother of two teenage boys. She looks very good. She is 5'5" tall, and 142 pounds. She has shoulder length dark hair and light brown eyes. She has a very attractive face and warm inviting smile with full lips and even white teeth. She is the type of black woman you would turn to look at again if you saw her in a mall. Her breasts are healthy, not huge but round and firm. I am not sure if her best feature is her nice big ass or her curvy legs. It's a toss up. Anyway back to the story.

 I work in the sales group of a large Midwest electronics company. I have been there for 15 years. I earn a moderate income but Inez recently decided to return to work part time. She works mornings as a receptionist in a mid sized law firm. She was interviewed on a Monday and was told she had the job right on the sport. I guess her wholesome personality and warmth impressed the white lawyer who interviewed her. Inez is the type of black woman who thinks the best of white people and white people are attracted to her immediately. Maybe it charisma I don't know. My old boss was transferred earlier this month and the new guy arrived on Monday. At work we always got along well with everybody. so I boldly invited him for the dinner celebrating my wife's new job and well.... here we are the front door. After an awkward pause, Inez turned and led us into the living room. She wore a straight-line gray blue dress, which ended, just above her knees. Her curvy figure looked like it was poured into the outfit, which was revealing but socially conservative. She wore two-inch high heels and black pantyhose. My new boss followed Inez right into the room and sat down. After a few minutes of small talk Inez announced that she had made a pitcher of cocktails and went to the kitchen to pour some drinks. Mr. Bane's appreciative gaze followed her out of the room, he licked his lips and I coughed uncomfortably. Inez returned in a moment with a tray full of drinks and served Mr. Bane first.

    "My, my" he said, "This is wonderful. Thank you, very kind of you Inez".

    Inez smiled revealing her perfect teeth, "Well Mr. Bane we are very happy to have you here tonight. One of the things Waymon likes most about the company is the friendliness. We are all good friends .. The people he works with I mean". She looked at me for reassurance and I nodded quickly. "Yes," I said. "That's true". Inez came over to me and bent over to give me my drink. I clearly saw Mr. Bane staring at her ass and the back of my wife's legs as her dress rose slightly. A few drinks were consumed and everyone was feeling the effects of alcohol. Inez left us to take care of last minute dinner preparations. Now I don't want you to think I am a chauvinist. I do help out in the kitchen occasionally but Inez and I have a more traditional relationship than many black people have these days. I do a lot of the usual guy stuff and she does tend to look after cooking. Besides, it would not have been appropriate for me to abandon our guest. As soon as Inez left the room, Mr. Bane again commented on her physical looks. "My, my, my, Waymon. Inez is a VERY attractive black woman……. You are a very lucky man. I have been a way from my wife and family for a week and I miss them already". He slurred his words ever so slightly and I could tell he was feeling the effects of the martinis Inez had made. "I usually help my wife with the dishes so if you don't mind I'll go and help Inez with the dishes," he said as he left, I turned on the TV to see if I there was anything interesting to watch. However my curiosity about what Mr. Bane might try on my shy wife in the kitchen I got the best of me. I went to the bathroom and loudly closed the door and then quietly went to the louvered doors by the garage. Inez was at the kitchen sink and I could see Mr. Bane talking quietly to my wife asking how he could help her with he dishes. Mr. Bane's 6'2" frame dwarfed Inez's as he moved in closer to her and whispered something, to which she emphatically shook her head. Surprisingly he did nothing else improper and began to dry the dishes. I quietly returned to the living room. When he returned about 5 minutes later he was smiling ear to ear, "I'm going home for the weekend. Oh he said let me show you something I bought for my wife". He went to the front door and picked up his brief case and took it back to his chair. He opened it and removed a bag, which clearly showed the logo of an upscale lingerie store. He slipped his hand in the bag and removed a pair of black nylon stockings and matching garter belt.

    He laughed, "Do you think she'll like it" he asked.
    "Like what"? Inez had just re-entered the living room and stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Mr. Bane holding up the stockings and garter belt. "Oh goodness," laughed Mr. Bane. "I am sorry Inez. I was just showing your husband a gift I have bought for my wife". Inez's light brown complexioned face was already slightly flushed from the drinks but now she turned a deep turkey red. This prim and proper black lady who attends church regularly is not the type to shop at "Lynn's Lingerie Boutique". She looked at me and I could feel my face heating up with embarrassment also. Inez recovered quickly. "Oh that is very thoughtful Mr. Bane. I um er, I am sure she will like the gift". "Do you think so Inez? Would you like it if Waymon gave you a gift like that"? Asked Mr. Bane. Well Inez began. "I don't know".... She looked at me her face flushed from liquor, embarrassment and perhaps sexual excitement I don't know. No one had ever spoken to Inez like that before and she was not sure how to react. I was experiencing similar emotions. She quickly left the room. Mr. Bane turned to me. "I am so sorry Waymon," he said. I said, Oh no problem Mr. Bane". She quickly returned and put the tray down on the table and had to move the lingerie Mr. Bane had purchased for his wife. She turned and handed it to Mr. Bane. "Where would you like me to put these she asked naively"? Mr. Bane looked at her and then at me. "Would you do me a very big favor Inez? My wife is the same size as you. I know it is a lot to ask but would you try them on and let me know if they fit. I can exchange them tomorrow if they are the wrong size. I would really appreciate it". Inez looked at me and blushed. Turning back she stammered. "Well... Mr. Bane I don't know about that"...She looked at me. ...again. "Honey", I said, "It won't hurt to try them on and let him know". "I suppose not," she answered doubtfully and headed up stairs to the bedroom to change. Mr. Bane got up chivalrously as she left the room. "Thank you Inez". He said. He followed her to the bottom of the stairs and watched her climb up. As I said earlier, Inez's large black woman's ass and shapely legs are in a dead heat for top marks and now from the foot of the stairs Mr. Bane was enjoying the comparison. I felt very uncomfortable but I said nothing. I was in a real quandary. The jubilation at the job offer was mixed with the trepidation of the interaction of my wife and my new boss. The whole situation was confused further by the effects of alcohol. We don't normally drink so much and I guess the stress of inviting my new boss into my home along with the job celebration was encouraging us to consume more than we usually would. Inez's voice stirred me from my thoughts. "I think they are fine Mr. Bane. She will like the outfit I'm sure," Inez called from the bedroom. " Oh Inez, come down stairs and let us judge," Mr. Bane called back. I sat quietly. Inez came down the stairs slowly. The black nylons hugged her lovely legs. In truth the effect was no different from the black pantyhose she wore previously. But somehow the thought that under her Sunday, Church dress she wore sexy lingerie was a real turn on. She walked into the room hesitantly. "Ah yes Inez they look good," said Mr. Bane. "How do they feel?" "," replied Inez uncertainly. "Do the garters pull at your thighs," he asked? "A……. a.. a little," Inez replied. "Try sitting down". Mr. Bane told her. Inez obediently crossed the room under Mr. Bane's watchful eye and sat down elegantly. Or at least as elegantly as she could under the circumstances. The PTA volunteer, soccer mom nature of her personality was still evident but it was being suppressed. "Cross your legs", Mr. Bane voice more firmly ordered. As instructed, Inez lifted her gorgeous left leg and slid it across her right knee. The black nylon made a swishing noise as her legs rubbed together. I noticed she had also changed her shoes. The sensible low heels had been traded in for her three inch black pumps. "How about the garter belt"? "What do you mean Mr. Bane"? "Is it too tight"? "Noooo. Not really Mr. Bane." my wife answered nervously. "No, well maybe the suspenders are a little tight." "They can be adjusted," he said. "Come over here". Inez stood and approached my boss obediently. She walked right over to where he sat. "Now raise your dress Inez". My wife reached down and lifted the front hem of her dress up slowly revealing her gorgeous legs to my boss. Up, up went her dress above her thighs showing the smooth brown flesh of her legs above the nylon stockings. From where I sat she could have been casually serving him another drink. Her dress looked completely normal from the back. But I could imagine the delightful sight that met my boss's eyes. My beautiful, sophisticated wife dressed in nylon stockings and garter belt lifting her dress for his examination and showing him her panties. I was astonished at what he said next."Oh my God Inez. You are not wearing any panties"! There was complete silence for two minutes. No one moved. Mr. Bane stared intently as my wife displayed herself to him. Then Mr. Bane looked away from my wife's pussy and looked me right in the eye. "Why Waymon! Your wife is showing me her cunt. Waymon! Your wife is a fucking black slut!" I gulped. "Well Mr. Bane I am sorry I don't know what to say. Inez, Inez.Put you dress down Inez!" But Inez stood transfixed in front of my boss. Her delicate light brown hands trembled as she continued to hold the hem of her dress up for his close inspection of her private parts. "I think your wife wants some attention Waymon," Mr. Bane said. "Don't you Inez". Inez nodded.

    Again I was shocked. My wife had never so much as said a bad word in her life. Even when we made love in the missionary style she would not use the medical terms for sexual organs. She was always too embarrassed. Now here she was exposing herself to my white boss, a complete stranger. "Inez, you have a very attractive cunt. And I like the way you have shaved it". Mr. Bane said admiringly. "Shaved it"? I asked. "She doesn't shave down there," I shouted. "Well that explains what took so long upstairs doesn't it Inez. You were making your black cunt attractive for me weren't you?" "Yes. Mr. Bane," she replied meekly. "Well Inez this deserves a few pictures. Waymon! Get my digital camera out of my brief case". I retrieved the camera as instructed and took a few pictures of my wife standing beside my boss. He sat fully clothed on the chair, drink in his left hand while Inez stood at his right side lifting her dress up revealing her freshly shaved cunt framed in black nylons and garter belt. While I took pictures, Mr. Bane shouted instructions to Inez and she obeyed every order. "Stand straight Inez, Reach between your legs and open you pussy lips Inez. Put your left foot up on the arm of the chair Inez. Waymon kneel down between your wife's legs and get a close up of her cunt for me. Turn around and show your big beautiful ass Inez Reach back and spread you ass cheeks Inez Get your big ass wide open so we can get a good shot of your ass hole Inez." SNAP, He put his empty glass between her legs. "Piss in my glass Inez and tell your husband you are a filthy black whore." I was really in shock now. Inez had spread her legs and opened her cunt lips and a warm yellow stream poured from my wife's trim pink cunt into her glass and overflowed onto the carpet. Humiliated and degraded she said quietly, "I am a filthy black whore." Take her picture! Quick! Before she finishes, SNAP, SNAP, SNAP. "Now drink it you black cunt!" Inez raised the glass to her lips and tilted it back and consumed the bitter nectar. SNAP. SNAP, SNAP "Okay Inez I think you want to get your big lips around my fat cock don't you? Inez would not even look at me now. She nodded. "Yes Sir Mr. Bane," she said with her head bowed. "Okay honey. I'll let you suck my dick but you have to be a good slut. Can you be a good slut, Inez?" "I think so Mr. Bane," she answered very quietly. "I think so too Inez". Mr. Bane looked at me. "What do you think Waymon? Can your wife be a good slut? Would you like to see your wholesome, lovely black wife bending over the arm of this chair with her delightful, naked, big black ass up in the air while she sucks my 10-inch white cock?" "Yyesss Mr. Bane I would like to see her suck your white cock." I was shocked but I really did want to see my beautiful wife with her mouth full of the big white dick that strained in my boss's pants. "Will you take pictures of your black slut wife sucking my big white cock Waymon?" "Yes. I will." I answered. I couldn't look my wife in the eye and I am sure she was avoiding eye contact with me. She wanted to suck my white boss's cock as badly as I wanted to see her suck it. But if we looked at each other there would be a betrayal. It was better to pretend to be forced to act this way "Well Inez. There is just one more thing you need to do before you get a mouthful of my big white prick". "What Mr. Bane?" "Confess you black bitch!" She knew exactly what he wanted. Inez stood up and looked at me with her beautiful, innocent light brown eyes and confessed: "I am a filthy black fuck pig who wants to get down on her hands and knees in a room full of white men and crawl around the floor with my skirt up and panties down begging to suck every white man's dick. I am a black slut. I want to suck your boss's white cock and make loud slurping noises and beg him to shoot his load down my throat while you take pictures of me. I want you both to tell me I am a worthless black ho and a dirty fuck pig Do you want to see me suck your boss's cock Waymon? Do you want to see my big black ass up in the air while you take pictures for the entire world to jerk off over? Do you want lecherous men to send you emails about how they would like to fuck your worthless slut wife's tight ass hole? Do you Waymon? Because I want to read their comments. I am tired of being a proper black lady who attends PTA meetings and plays shops with the girls. I want to feel some white meat up my ass hole and then I want to lick it clean. I want cum all over my face"...

    Then Mr. Bane suddenly grabbed my wife by the back of her neck and forced her face into his crotch. "Happy to oblige slut, he yelled. Get busy you fuck pig". Her mouth opened and she squealed like a pig as his big dick scraped the back of her throat. Mr. Bane pulled her dress up over her ass and began to administer stinging slaps, jiggling her large ass cheeks. Inez moaned and groaned as he repeatedly spanked her ass and while she sucked his cock she began her confession again. "MMMMM," she moaned. "I ahhhhmmm a pfigggg. I ahhhmmm a filthy black cow". She mumbled with her mouth full of cock. Her light brown ass was now showing big red had prints and as the room reverberated with the sounds of Mr. Bane spanking my wife big ass, I grabbed the camera and got in close for some good pictures. "Are you going to post the pictures on the Internet Mr. Bane?" Inez asked between sucks. "I don't know said Mr. Bane. It depends on how people like the story of Waymon's slutty black wife.... Suck faster you black pig" he ordered. Then he continued: "There are some Internet sites that show pictures of black women sucking big white cocks, would you pose like that for us Inez? Would you like to slide your tongue up my ass hole Inez while your husband took pictures? Would you enjoy that?" MMM yes Sir Mr. Bane.... OINK OINK, OINK



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