by Biggshot


    This is about an incident that happened a few years ago. I have never  spoken  to my wife about it because she doesn't know that I know and I'm not sure how to approach her about what happened.

    Let me explain, I didn't know it at the time but she gets her excitement from being used, abused and humiliated. I learned about this just after we had moved from the South, which is where I met my wife Naomi, to a city close to New York. All the movers had left except the foreman, Harry, who was extremely rude and rough talking and treated us exactly like we worked for him in his crew. When I questioned him about it privately he said, "I'm the boss of the operation, that way everything will run smooth." "After the job's done and I leave you're the boss again, " and with a wink" got it?" Since he was helping unpack boxes and organize our new home on his own time, I decided not to look a gift horse in the mouth, I was getting his extra work and know how for nothing.

    I opened up the box from our bar, and we all consumed a few drinks. My wife was dressed in a T‑shirt and her red workout spandex shorts, which was about the only thing that she could find since everything was in mislabeled boxes and totally unorganized. The shorts fit her like a glove and displayed Naomi's prominent butt. Her butt was her best feature followed by her tits, which ran a close second. Her hips were wide and her butt viewed from the side was round and stuck way out like huge balloons. With every step her ass bounced and jiggled. She was attractive in a way that only black women can be, wide mouth, big lips and big bright eyes. Naomi was shy and reserved, and so sexually inexperienced that she wouldn't even let me play with her tits or feel on her ass for too long. She also had this strange misconception that white people, especially white men were always right.

    After a couple drinks, I relaxed in my recliner with my third drink, and had some nice jazz on our portable radio. I must have dosed off because I was awakened by Harry talking kind of rough to Naomi in the kitchen, "What do you think you're doing? (Pop), get that stuff up from there" Harry said gruffly to Naomi, like it was an order, and headed out to his truck. He had never spoken to her that way before but I didn't think anything of it, since I knew he was just being the boss. I could not figure out what that funny pop was till later. Harry was a no joke, he was a big guy and though his hair on his head was very thin and cropped short like most older guys, he had hair all over his body. He wasn't just as big as a bear; he was as hairy as one too. And powerful, he carried the large cooler full of ice and loaded with beer and wine coolers like a textbook.. I quietly moved into the dining room and peeked through the slatted door. When Naomi came into the kitchen she went over to the sink and star putting away dishes and cleaning up, Harry came in carrying a small box and smirked, "Where do you want it?" After he put it down Naomi turned around and backed away, she seemed to be trying to avoid him, I thought, this is strange. "Get me a beer," Harry ordered after tossing the bottle in a barrel identified as trash, she grabbed another beer and watched Harry's broad, strong chest move as he downed a cold beer like water, crush the can with one hand and reach for another. He looked at her different than he had before as he drank down a second beer. It was kind of a leer that moved into a devilish smile. Harry suddenly reached out and grabbed her and tried to kiss her, Naomi twisted and turned away which exposed her butt and Harry promptly slapped it HARD. I couldn't believe my eyes, why didn't she cry out or call me? Naomi turned back around with her hands trying to hide her ass. Harry grabbed both her arms and held them over her head and he kissed her. She twisted and squirmed but Harry was a big man and way too powerful for her to escape from, he explored every inch of her body and gave her another punishing slap on the ass before he let her go. Naomi didn't say a peep and as she stood there her light brown complexion blushed, and she stood there as if she we cemented to the floor. When she began to walk away her hands were vigorously trying to rub the sting out of her ass. I was so confused by what I saw that my mind was reeling. I knew I should put a stop to this but my dick was harder than steel from what I'd seen and I couldn't figure out why Naomi hadn't called out to me and put a stop to it. Why was she letting him abuse and humiliate her like that? I decided to see how far Naomi would let this go before she would say something. I went back to the recliner and got a stiff drink and tried to play drunk, in the next half hour I must have heard ten more "pops" in various places around the house, once there was even six rapid ones in a row. Man, was her ass taking a lot of abuse.

    Well being half drunk I decided to pretend to be asleep while Harry and my wife worked on the living room. Harry and Naomi were playing sort of a game, she was trying to elude him and he was always following her or trying to run into her. Naomi seemed to be desperately trying to avoid contact with Harry to no avail, if she was carrying something he would say "That looks heavy let me help you," and grab her ass cheeks or tits and pull them up as she walked carrying the object or box. When they were in the kitchen for a long time I quietly went to the dining room area where I could see in the kitchen through the slatted door. Harry had both arms in the air again, but this time he had her T‑ shirt pulled up around her neck and was roughly pinching and pulling her nipples through her bra. I couldn't believe how rough he was on her tits, he pull and stretch them out and twist them hard as Naomi was squirming and struggling. When she tried to put her knees up to stop him, Harry would give her two hard slaps on the ass. Harry unsnapped her bra and proceeded to unhook the straps, he was pretty quick with one hand and soon had the bra in his back pocket with the straps hanging out. Harry sneered "Your tits are mine," and began to twist and pull on her nipples while she whimpered. Harry was even more vigorously twisting and stretching her nipples than before, I don't know how she could stand it. Soon I noticed that she shuddered and squeezed her legs together. Harry laughed and said, "Why you little black ass slut, you came, didn't you?" When she didn't answer her ran his hand between her legs and said' "You're wet as hell, boy am I going to have fun with you tonight!" Naomi just shook her head over and over. I went back to the recliner even more confused that  she had cum from his abuse when she hardly ever could cum with me. It just didn't fit with her image. She hardly let me touch her tits let alone the nipples. I began to make another drink and started making some noise, and called Naomi's name, she came running in trying to cover her jugs and keep them from bouncing around. She looked kind of timid and embarrassed. I pretended not to notice as I asked "Are you through in there yet", Harry answered for her, "No, we're not through yet, and you're drunk you better go to bed and sleep it off, I'll help her finish up." He proceeded to pick me up and carry me upstairs to the bedroom. I knew why she had given up, as he was unbelievably strong. Harry left the room and Naomi unpacked my pajamas and stalled around the room as long as she could. I pretended to snore as Harry came back in the bedroom and boldly grabbed her nipples and pulled her out of the room using her nipples as reins. Once I was sure they were downstairs I crept out and found a place by the top of the stairs where I could watch. By this time all she had on was her T‑shirt and panties and from the looks of the room she had put up a serious struggle. But the crotch area of her panties gave away her arousal, as it was totally soaked.

    Harry began stalking her around the living room and sadistically slapping her ass whenever he caught up with her while she ran this way and that. Soon Harry caught Naomi and put her over his knees as she moaned and pleaded for him to stop, "Please my ass is on fire, please, stop." Harry just laughed and continued spanking her into submission. "If you didn't like this your cunt wouldn't be soaking wet then something weird happened Naomi's ass began to rise and fall in time with his spanks and she was moaning and groaning. Harry stopped spanking her but her ass kept yo‑yoing up and down. I couldn't believe it but Naomi was getting off on the spanking too! Harry played her like a violin, spanking faster and slower, stopping and starting till she ground her hips into his knees and orgasmed hard. Harry left the room and returned with two clothespins and waved them in her face saying "Know what these are for?" Naomi looked shocked and said, "No, I what are they for?" He said, "You'll see." Harry quickly pulled off her T‑shirt and placed the clothespins on her nipples. When she tried to reach them Harry would slap her hands away. Naomi hung her head and repeatedly whimpered and hummed, she didn't try to fight anymore.

    Harry laughed and pulled out his dick. It was at least nine inches with a huge doorknob head. Naomi would never suck my dick but without any request from Harry she began licking and sucking his huge cock. I couldn't believe my eyes, here was my usually shy wife on her knees with clothespins on her nipples sucking this old white guy's huge cock! After about 30 minutes he came in her mouth telling her "Don't waste as drop!" Some cum dripped on the floor and he slapped her ass saying, "Lick it up." The sight of this just set me off, and I just came all over myself! Harry was not done, he pulled on the clothespins while Naomi squirmed, saying, "You're my little fuck toy aren't you?" She slowly nodded her head, "Then get back to sucking my dick, bitch." Naomi began sucking his cock again, every now and then he would viscously slap her ass and soon her was as hard as a rock. "Now I want some of that ass," he said, Naomi shook her head, but Harry just laughed and pulled into the doggy style position, saying don't move. He wet his fingers in her cunt juice and stuck one finger in her ass and worked it around, then another and another. Now he had 3 fingers up her ass while spanking her ass with the other. As she was about to cum again he suddenly stopped and pushed his log all the way up her ass and held her on it. Naomi squirmed and clawed at the ground like a dog in heat, when Harry reached around and grabbed hold of the clothespins, she came with a loud groan. Harry took off the clothespins and began fucking her ass hard while keeping a death grip on her nipples. He must have fucked her for 30‑40 minutes, sometimes stopping and spanking her or twisting and pulling her nipples while he was buried in her ass. I decided to go to bed, I jacked off and went to sleep. The next morning I awoke to find her sleeping nude next to me. Her nipples were still distended and her ass was whelped up. When she woke up she said she was tired from all the work and wanted to sleep in today. Just before I left for work and the phone rang, Naomi answered the phone, she stuttered, "OK, OK, bye". "Who was that," I asked she said, "Harry forgot his furniture dolly and said he'll stop by and get it after lunch."



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