John Ellsworth didn't keep Veronica Jones on as a maid because of her cleaning abilities - because she had none. She was a terrible maid. He kept her in his employ because of her submissive nature, and the fact that she didn't mind being punished for her slipshod work.  Mr. Ellsworth loved paddling her black ass, more than he loved a tidy house.

    Veronica liked the arrangement, especially the fact that Ellsworth paid her twice as much as a real maid. She liked wearing the uniform that Mr. Ellsworth had designed just for her. The skirt was so short as not to be called a skirt at all. Even when she stood straight up, the bottoms of her meaty, black asscheeks were exposed. She had absolutely no problem with Mr. Ellsworth's orders that she never wear panties. She never wore them anyway; she didn't own a single pair. Her nappy-haired black cunt was always bare.

    Mr. Ellsworth always made sure to leave something lying on the floor, so that she could bend over to pick it up, and expose more of her ass and pussy to his lurid gaze. She, in turn, always made sure she left something on the floor, thereby guaranteeing the ensuing punishment. The tiniest of articles left behind was Ellworth's cue to fly into a mock rage. He would berate her to no end, verbally excoriating her. Veronica would just stand there, with her head hung low. She knew what was coming next, and her black cunt tingled at the thought of it.

    After the severe tongue lashing, Ellsworth would storm out of the room. She knew he was going to get his paddle. Without waiting for him to tell her to assume the position, she would just bend over, exposing her defenseless, nasty black ass to the inevitable. When Mr. Ellsworth raced back into the room, gripping the instrument of pain, he would see the full moons of the black maid's ass waiting for him to unleash hell on them. His eight inch, hard white dick throbbed in his pants, as he thought about the power he wielded over this slutty black woman. At the same time, Veronica's heavy lipped pussy would cream at the thought of submitting her black ass to a white man. Most people would think she was crazy, but they didn't feel the delicious thrill she felt in doing it.

    When he saw that ass at the ready, he would step up to the side of her, and pause a few moments to drink in the beautiful sight of the surrendered black ass flesh. Then, when he felt she was off-guard, he would swing the wooden paddle into her ass full force. The sound of the impact was heard a millisecond before the sound of her yelp. He swung the paddle into her ass meat again, and again with a wicked rhythm that he didn't break. Veronica felt the collision of  Mr. Ellsworth's toy against her boonked over black booty, as her cries belied the fact that she was in heaven. Each shock of the punishing instrument was a delectable kick that traveled from her stinging ass straight to her creamy colored cunt.

    Ellsworth loved the way the her ass jumped when the paddle made contact with it. It was a hypnotizing sight that he didn't want to stop. Veronica sounded like she was close to tears, as the nasty white man kept up the beating of her black buns. If tears did flow, they wouldn't be tears of misery, quite the contrary, they would be tears of ecstasy. This white man knew exactly how to push her button, and he pushed it hard.

    Suddenly, the blows would stop. At that point, she wouldn't be sure if  it was all over, or he was just pausing to catch his breath. Beating her big black ass was hard work. But, then she would hear the zipper of his pants go down, and she knew what was coming next. It was time to get fucked. He had set her ass on fire, now it was time to set her cunt on fire.