Concept by T.C. Blue





  Robert Edward Johnson V, is 39 years old, and a combat vet, recently retired from the military. He works as a manager at the local Home Depot in Columbia, South Carolina. Columbia area, and lives alone in the house he used to share with his ex-wife Terri. .  His great great grandfather, Robert Edward Johnson had served in the Confederate Army. At the start of the Civil War, he had been a planter, and slave owner. This piece of history was about to make a profound change in several people’s lives.

        Robert's black neighbors are Darrell and Samantha Jones.  Robert is Darrell’s boss at Home Depot. Darrell’s wife Samantha, who everyone calls Sam, is stunning. At 38 years of age. Sam doesn’t look  her age, and she does not look like she has a daughter who is 18, but she does. She and Darrell named her Jenelle.

        Sam is a  smart, resourceful woman who put herself through school during Darrell’s deployments. She works as a paralegal at a top firm in Columbia, and wants to attend USC for a law degree.  Her feeling is, the degree would take her much further in life. Having smooth caramel skin and a 40DD chest doesn’t hurt either.

        Jenelle is an only child, but she wishes she had a brother or sister. But, Darrell and Sam never got around to having another child.  She is a high school senior, and is looking at going to either USC, South Carolina State, or Morehouse next year for school. She is an honor student and co-captain of the cheerleading team. At 18, Sam thinks her daughter has already surpassed her in the chest department and swears that she is a DDD if not a 42.

         One day Jenelle came home from school, and asked Sam if she can help her with a project she was working on.

        “What’s the project honey? Sam asked her.

        “It’s about genealogy, you know, tracing your family tree” Jenelle answered.  “Since I don’t know a whole lot outside of what you said grandma told you, I thought it would be interesting”.

        Sam tells her, that she knows people in the county and city office that could help them with the records in their search. So they make a date for Saturday to go and do the research. During their search they strike what appears to Jenelle to be gold. The younger woman is excited, but her mother has serious apprehensions.

        The records went back to the 1850’s, and to a plantation outside of Columbia, belonging to a Mr. Robert Edward Johnson. 

        Sam thought to herself, “That can’t be Bob’s relative. We would have known. I know that his great grandfather was a planter and fought for the south, but it can’t be him.”

        Without telling her daughter what she had been thinking, they take the information and head home.

        When Darrell got home from work, the first thing he did was ask Sam about the research. His interest had been piqued, and he was anxious to find out more what they had learned. But Sam became evasive, and tried to change the subject.

        “Hun, what’s wrong, what did you find out?” Darrell asked her.

        With an exasperated look on her face, she tells him, “I believe that our neighbor owned my relatives.”

         Darrell started laughing. “That’s ridiculous Sam. I’ve known Bob for over 10 years. This would’ve come up by now.”

        “Darrell, how does this come up? Do you say hey Bob, did your great great granddaddy own my grandma? And why would he admit it?

         “Samantha Lee Johnson, will you forget it and come back to earth. Tomorrow is when I take Jenelle to visit South Carolina State. I need to start getting ready now.  And if it still bothers you, ask him” Darrell said, laughing. “I bet he’s got a big ‘ole rebel flag too.” The thought of that made him laugh even harder.

        The thought of this whole thing being true bothered the hell out of Sam. She was determined to confront Bob,  once Darrell and Jenelle were gone.

        The next day, Sam saw Bob working in the yard. Nervously, she waved him over.

        “Hey Sam. Where are Darrell and Jenelle? Bob asked her.

        “They’re gone for the day. Darrell took her to look at another school” Sam answered.

         “Would you like to come in for a cold glass of ice tea?”

        “Sure. I could use one of those. I’ve been out there in that yard for a couple of hours. A cold glass of ice tea sounds real good” Bob said.

        Bob had always had a thing for Sam, so he relished this opportunity to be alone with her. Any chance he got to be near that big ass of hers was something he couldn’t pass up.

        At the same time he accepted her offer, he sensed there was something else on her mind. He hoped it wouldn’t take her too long to reveal it. But, then again, the longer she took, the longer he could be near that voluptuous body of hers.

        “We’ve been good friends for a long time, right Bob?” Sam began.

        “Sure, Sam, you guys are great, and Darrell is like a brother to me” Bob responded, noticing the tension in Sam’s voice.

         “I have to ask you something, and please don’t be offended.”

        “Sure, Sam, fire away.” It was the moment of truth.

         “You know Jenelle has a school project.”

        “Yes Darrell told me.”

        “I found something that really disturbed me. I believe your great grandfather owned my family”, she said. She was glad that she finally got it out. Now, she waited for Bob’s response. She felt a mixture of fear, and excitement. Part of her wanted Bob to say yes and, and part of her desperately wanted him to say no. Curiously, she found herself getting wet, at the thought of it being true.

        Sam watched Bob ponder the question, for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, he looked her in the eyes, and said “Yes, it’s true.”

        Bob continued, “I had heard stories of the descendents of the slaves my great great grand daddy had still living around here.

        Sam’s heart skipped a beat when she heard that. But, for the life of her, she couldn’t understand why it was suddenly turning her on. She also couldn’t understand why Bob’s demeanor seemed to change.

        “Let me see that paper girl!” Bob said brusquely. Sam, was stunned, Bob had never called her girl before.

        More nervous than she had been, she retrieved the document, and handed it to Bob. Bob looked at the paper for a few moments, and said “Yep that’s him. Robert Edward Johnson. Owned a large rice plantation, had plenty of slaves, some who looked like you.”

        Sam was paralyzed by the admission and the change in tone of Bob’s voice. He started to move towards her, and before she knew it Bob was on top of her.

        Bob grabbed Sam by her arms, in a grip that she couldn’t break. He spun her around, and pushed her onto the large dining room table. She could feel the weight of his body, as he pressed himself down onto her back and ass.

        “So you’re one of granddaddy’s whores” he said evilly. “I heard stories about fine supple sluts like you.”

        Sam was horrified. Despite her struggling to free herself from her brutish white neighbor, she found herself being aroused like never before. She couldn’t believe how soaking wet her black cunt was. She also knew she wasn’t struggling as hard as she should have been in this situation. Bob sensed it, and became even more aggressive. In those few seconds, the submissive streak that Sam secretly harbored became a mile wide. She was black putty in Bob’s white hands.

        Still holding Sam’s arms tightly behind her back, Bob put his mouth to her ear and whispered “You’re just like them! All hot and bothered, knowing what your black ass is gonna get. You’re gonna get a fucking that you’ve never had in your life! And don’t think that prime filly that lives here won’t get some of this white dick as well.”

         Sam knew he was talking about Jenelle, but she couldn’t focus. Bob leaned back,  and slapped her ass so hard, it sounded like a pistol shot.

        “I’m, Robert Edward Johnson IV!” Bob proclaimed loudly. “And your nasty black cunt, ass, mouth, and tits belong to me whore!”

         Sam nearly came just hearing those words. She wanted to scream “Fuck me!” Bob turned her over so that she was lying with her back on the table. He grabbed her by her hair, and forced his tongue down her throat. Then his big hard hands ripped open her blouse, freeing her big jiggling tits.

        “Good  God!”, Bob shouted. “Your fuckin’ tits are bigger than I dreamed!”

        Bob’s hand shot up Sam’s skirt, and he roughly grabbed her by the pussy. He squeezed it as hard as he could, and said, “Do you know what you are slut?”

        Sam’s eyes were wide with fear, and her mouth was open, but no words came out.

        “Did you hear what I asked you cunt? What are you!!?”

         "I – I – I’m yours” she finally said meekly.

        She couldn’t believe what she had just said. She couldn’t believe in that one moment what she had become. Bob’s face was twisted in a sardonic grin as he violently ripped her skirt and panties off. Sam wanted to scream, as the garments were torn from her body, leaving her pussy and ass completely exposed and vulnerable. But she didn’t make a sound.

        Bob yanked her body up from the table, and again pushed her face-first down onto it. He was standing behind her naked, quivering, black ass cheeks, when he asked her again, “What are you?!”

        As if to punctuate the question, he brought his right hand down onto the naked black ass flesh with a resounding slap.

        “I’m yours!!” Sam shouted, as she felt the sting of the ass slap. The pain of the blow to her big ass radiated to her pussy. But, by the time it reached her cunt, it wasn't painful at all. It felt good.

        Bob bellowed, “What are you!?”

        “I’m yours!!” she shouted, in total surrender.

        He slapped her awesome ass again. That sent her over the top. Sam was gone.

        “I’m yours what!? And what do you want? Bob demanded.

        Bob was in total brute-mode now. He kicked her big legs wide, as he held her bent over on the table.

        “Don’t move from that position” he ordered, as he released her, and took a step back.”

        When Sam was free of Bob’s grip, it was her chance to bolt for the front door. But, instead, she did as he said, and stayed bent over on the table, with her naked ass pointing towards him.

        Bob reveled in the sight of all that black ass flesh, just waiting for him to have his with it. He took an ass cheek in both hands, and split the hot, dark meat as wide as it could go. He found himself staring down at the asshole he had so often wondered about. That asshole no longer belonged to her husband. It belonged to him now – like the rest of her body.

        Bob undid his belt buckle, and let his pants fall to his knees. He pulled his shorts down, and freed his huge, hard white dick. It was a monstrous dick that he was real proud of. It jutted out from his body at a wicked angle. Though she remained in position on the table, Sam knew that Bob had his dick out. She just had to get a look at it. Many times, over the years, she had wondered what kind of dick he had. Now, there it was right behind her, pointing at her naked ass. She raised her head up, and looked over her shoulder. She was utterly shocked at what she saw. He had never imagined his dick could be as big as it was. She saw the enormous purple dickhead looking back at her, waiting to go on the attack. Bob saw her eyes locked on his dick, and he smiled triumphantly, because the way she was looking at it, he knew she wanted it buried to hilt in her creaming black cunt hole.

        The nasty neighbor grabbed his thick, stiff shaft, and raised it up, so that Sam could get a good look at the entire length of the meaty weapon that was about to beat the shit out of her black pussy. Sam saw the long , wide dick meat, and the heavy veins that laced it, and wondered if she would be able to take it all. Darrell’s dick was nowhere near that big. Her pussy wasn’t used to anything that big.

        Then, suddenly, Bob let go of his dick, and slapped Sam on the ass again, and said, “Turn the fuck back around”. Sam quickly obeyed. She tore her eyes from the big white cock, but its image stayed in her head. She felt that fat dickhead nuzzled up to her cunt hole, and then she felt it slowly lodging itself between her greasy pussy lips. Bob let it rest there, feeling Sam’s cunt muscles trying to squeeze it, and suck the rest of the dick into her hot, murky depths. But, Bob toyed with her. After all, in his mind, and by her submission, she was his toy. Sam endured the delicious torture of having just the head of the dick stuck in her, and waited to feel the rest of the white horse cock slide its way home. She didn’t have to wait long. Without an ounce of mercy, Bob slammed the rest of the dick into, giving her a jolt she had never felt before. He knocked the wind from her body, as he drove the massive white cock into her defeated black cunt.  

        She remembered saying, “I’m your slut, master”, in answer to his question, but everything after that was a blur. He slammed her so hard, she thought his cock was going to come out of her mouth. Bob began roughly pounding her, assaulting Samantha’s body with wild abandon.

        As he crazily drove his big dick into her obscenely stretched pussy, he said, “This big black ass belongs to me! Just like back on the plantation! I own this ass! I own this ass!!”

         He only stopped the pounding he was giving her, long enough to lean forward onto her back, reach underneath her, and squeeze her big tits so hard, she thought they were going to burst. He bit her ears and neck, and said, “Cum slut! Cum hard, and cum NOW!”

         As he fucked his dick into her, Sam pushed her sopping wet cunt back to meet it, trying to engulf every inch of the monster in her meaty sleeve. They kept rocking together, fuck-locked, until she felt her orgasm starting to build.

        “Cum!  I said cum now! He yelled at her. As with his other orders, she obeyed completely, and felt the body wracking orgasm let loose. Her body was shaking like she had the Holy Ghost, as she came hard, with Bob’s white cock still ramming into her.

        Through clenched teeth, Bob growled, “Hold on bitch, I’m cummin’ too!” It was only at that moment that Sam realized he didn’t have on a condom, and that scared her. But, at this point, there was not a damn thing she could do to stop him from filling her cunt with his hot spunk. She felt his dick swell, and the gobs of jizz shoot out from his dickhead and deep into her pussy. It felt like she was being sprayed by a fire hose. Her cunt took every last drop of cum his big hairy white balls contained.

        Bob collapsed onto her back, and it sounded like they were in a contest to see who could breathe the hardest. After a few minutes of lying there like that, he hoisted himself off of her, and pulled his dick from her pussy with a loud plop. He looked down and saw his cum spill out from her well fucked cunt hole, and onto the dining room floor.

        Bob didn’t bother to wipe the cum and fuck cream from his dick, before pulling up his shorts, and pants. While buckling his belt, he leaned his face down to Sam’s and said, “Not a word to anyone whore.” He grabbed her by her hair, lifted up her head, and said “Did you hear what the fuck I said?!”

        “Yes sir” Sam replied meekly, wanting to let loose with the tears she felt welling up in her eyes.

        Bob jammed his tongue into her mouth, and then pushed her away. She was still lying on the dining room table with her ass out, when he left through the front door.

         Sam found it hard to move. Her body was paralyzed by a combination of physical exhaustion, and gross humiliation. She was also being weighed down by a mountain of guilt – guilt at not fighting back, but more than that, guilt at liking what had just happened to her.

        In her most secret thoughts, Sam had often wondered what black women during slavery had to endure at the hands of lust crazed white men. Now she knew. With his dick, Bob had taken her through a time portal back to the days when white men owned black pussy.

        Sam knew she had to get up, and take a shower, before Darrell and Jenelle made it back home. She couldn’t let them find her like that. That thought jolted her into action; and within minutes, her ravaged black body was standing under the streams of water jetting from her shower head.


        In the next few weeks, Darrell noticed a change in Sam's behavior. It finally prompted him to question her about what was bothering her.

        "Is something wrong Sam? he asked. "You're not your usual self. Was it something I did?

        Sam hesitated a long time, before she looked Darrell in the eyes, and let it out.

        "No. It's not something you did. It's something Bob did" she answered.

        "Something Bob did!? Darrell said, with anger rising in him. "What, did he insult you, or try to hit on  you or something!"

        "It was worse than that Darrell" Sam said, now unable to look at Darrell. "He fucked me."

        "What!!? Fucked you!? You mean he raped you?" Darrell said, now furious.

        "It wasn't exactly rape. At first, he forced himself on me, but...but then I didn't resist, and..."

        "You mean you gave in!? Darrell asked, incredulously.

        Sam said nothing.

        "Then you must have liked it? Did you, well, did you?"

        Sam didn't answer. But, that was answer enough for Darrell. He collapsed onto the sofa, and stared into space for a few moments.

        The intense anger he had felt only a few moments before was now replaced by numbness. The vision of his hands around Bob's throat, choking the life out of him was replaced by the image of Bob's dick thrusting in and out of his wife's pussy. He felt totally humiliated. He couldn't get it out of his mind. Despite himself, the image produced a stirring in his own dick. Another part of his mind asked, "What the fuck is going on. Why is this shit turning me on?" No other voice in his head came forth to answer that question.

        Sam, head hung low, came and sat beside him on the couch. Neither one of them said anything. After a few minutes, Sam finally broke the deafening silence.

        "It happened that day you took Jenelle to see the college" she said. Darrell heard her, but continued to stare at nothing in particular n front of him.

        Sam went on, "It started because of something I found out while helping Jenelle with her genealogy project."

        Darrell's full attention was snapped  to his wife. He didn't speak, but the way he looked at Sam told her to tell him the full story.

        "I found out that Bob's family owned my family, back in slavery time."

        "Yeah, okay. That's ancient history. What the hell does that have to do with him fuckin' you?" Darrell demanded.

        "When I confronted him with it, he went through some kind of change. He turned into this monster. He acted like we were back in the slave days, and he was my master. He just lost control" Sam said.

        "He lost control, then took control of you, right?" Darrell countered. Sam's silence answered the question.

        That vision in Darrell's mind of Bob fucking Sam took on a whole different tone. He knew that his wife wasn't merely boned by his wife neighbor, and so-called friend, but she was roughly dominated by him. The anger started to rise in him again, but he also felt his dick getting harder. Darrell was angry at Bob for screwing his wife; he was angry at Sam for her complicity in it, and keeping it from him for weeks; but, he was also angry at himself, for being turned on by the whole damn thing. "What the fuck is wrong with me" he thought.

        Darrell stood up, with his hard-on clearly visible through his pants. It didn't escape Sam's eye. Darrell left the living room, headed towards their bedroom. He went in and sat on the bed, not knowing what else to do. This time, instead of staring into space, his gaze was aimed at the floor. The humiliated husband must have been staring at the carpet for five minutes or so, before his wife appeared in the doorway - buck naked.

        When Darrell looked up and saw his wife completely nude, his already hard dick took over. Sam slowly walked over to the bed and laid down, with her big thighs spread wide. Darrell stood up from the side of the bed, and ripped his own clothes off. He jumped between Sam's thighs, dick first, and proceeded to fuck the shit out of her. He had to reclaim his pussy.

        The whole time Darrell stroked his dick in and out of Sam's hot cunt, the vision of Bob ravaging her still played in his head. It spurred him on to fuck Sam harder than he ever had before. He was fucking like a madman. He was trying to fuck his wife better than he imagined Bob had.

    Sam's pussy seemed to be a lot hotter than usual. He thought to himself, "had Bob's cock made it that way." Whatever the reason, he wasn't able to last as long as he wanted to. Before he knew it, he was blasting a big load of cum into his wife's cunt.

    Darrell woke up several hours later, in bed alone. He needed that sleep, to give his mind a rest from the confusion that it was in. But, it was only a temporary. The nagging thought of his wife being turned into a fuck slave by his white neighbor returned as soon as he became conscious. Laying there, his mind again began to show him images of  Bob with his white dick stuck in Sam. The man that he thought was his friend had betrayed him in the worst way. The woman, who was his wife, hadn't put up enough resistance, so he felt doubly betrayed. What was he going to do?

    The next thing Darrell heard was a voice inside his head saying, "Be careful what you wish for, because you might get it." Darrell had a confession of his own to make. He couldn't make it to Sam, especially not now. But he had to confess to himself that, for years, he had been having fantasies about Sam fucking another man. What made it all so crazy was, sometimes the man   fucking Sam in the fantasy would be Bob. Yes, Bob, his white next door neighbor. More times than not, when the three of them were together, he would picture them both naked. Now, his weird fantasy had become reality. He didn't know how to deal with it. He was filled with a combination of anger, and extreme lust.

    Then, he thought, a fantasy was one thing. At least with a fantasy he was the one in control of what happened. But, in this situation he was totally powerless. That realization made the anger in him rise to the point of blocking out the lust.

    The first thing he had to do was confront Bob. This was the thought that made him spring from the bed, and start getting dressed. He was so angry, he was prepared to go to blows with him.

    Darrell found Sam in the kitchen, rattling pots and pans. Whatever she was about to cook, he had no appetite for. He was hungry for revenge. Sam had the white, sheer dressing gown that he loved so much, because it revealed what was underneath it. There was nothing underneath it now, except Sam's ample flesh. Darrell's mind jumped to a vision of Bob running his white hands all over that flesh. He felt a tingle in the head of his dick.

    The black couple just looked at each other for a moment, when Darrell stepped into the kitchen.

    "I'm going next door" Darrell said.

    Sam said nothing. She knew there was no way she could stop him. It was something he had to do. A few moments later, she heard him go out the front door.

    Darrell knocked as hard as he could on Bob's door. It was the knock of a very angry man. When Bob answered the door, and saw the look on Darrell's face, he knew what this visit would be about. Enough time had gone by since his attack on Sam that, he thought she hadn't told Darrell, and never would. He knew then that he had been wrong.

    Neither of the men spoke, as Darrell barged right into the house, while Bob held the door open. Once in the living room, the two men stood and stared at each other. Then Darrell spoke.

    "You know why I'm so angry, right?" Darrell said, with his heart pounding, and his hands wanting to wrap themselves around Bob's throat.

    "Yeah, I know. It's because I fucked your wife" Bob answered.

    Darrell was a little put off, because he had expected Bob to deny it. He couldn't believe that he came right out and admitted it.  

    Bob saw the look of incredulity on Darrell's face, and it amused him.

    "That's right. While you were away, I went over to your house, and fucked the shit out of your wife. And she liked it."

    Darrell was floored. He couldn't find any words that would make sense after what Bob had just said. He flopped down on the couch, because at that moment he felt a little light-headed.

    "I thought we were friends. How the hell could you do that? Darrell said, finally.

    Bob knew that Darrell was a defeated man, and he began to gloat.

    "Quite easily. I just took my dick and stuck it in her cunt, and fucked her" Bob said, with a smirk on his face.

    It quickly became obvious to Bob that Darrell wasn't going to try to fight him physically. The cuckolded black husband just sat there looking at the floor. He didn't see the smile on the white man's face.

"Your wife has got some good black pussy" Bob said. Darrell said nothing, so Bob continued.

"You should'a seen how I had that big black ass of hers shakin'."

Darrell looked up at him, with a pained look on his face.

"I fucked her like she was my nigger slave back on the plantation. Just like my great great granddaddy used to do his his slave bitches."

Darrell started shaking his head from side to side, as if he were trying to shake the white man's words from his head. The black husband's body was paralyzed. He couldn't get up and leave. Something held him there. It was if he wanted to hear Bob talk about what he did to Sam.

    That was the thought that Bob had, so he continued to taunt Darrell.

    "Your nasty, big assed wife loved every minute of it. She loved my white dick fuckin' into her black cunt. You should've heard the shit she was sayin'."

    Darrell looked at Bob with a desperate questioning look on his face. He wanted to ask Bob what did Sam say. But, he let his face ask the question.

    "Oh I'm not going to tell you. You'll have to hear it for yourself, the next time I fuck her."

    Darrell eyes got wide as saucers when he heard that.

    "That's right. I'm gonna fuck your wife again. And you ain't gonna do shit about it. I own that ass and cunt now. Just like back in slavery time!"

    Darrell couldn't take anymore. He got up from the couch, and left that house as fast as he could.


    The black husband entered his own house, with his hard dick leading the way. He walked through the front door, angry at himself this time. He was angry that he had this reaction to Bob's words. Another man had just told him, in no uncertain terms that he had fucked his wife, and planned on fucking her again. Darrell's body was numb, except for his dick, which was so hard it ached.

    He felt punch-drunk, and he staggered to his bedroom and fell across the bed. His subconscious mind knew that the only thing that would relieve the overwhelming stress he was under was sleep. It soon came. But, his subconscious mind had played a cruel trick on him. Because instead of making the reality of his life go away for a while, it was about to stir up those grotesque images in vivid color, and play them out right before his mind's eye.

    In the dream, his long hidden desire to see Sam fucked by another man was no longer hidden. Darrell saw himself walking through his front door, and into his living room. When he entered the room, he saw Sam buck naked, and bent over, with Bob behind her big black ass giving her the dick. Stranger than this sight was the fact that Bob was in full confederate soldier regalia. He was giving the "Rebel Yell" at the top of his lungs, as he plowed into Sam's meaty body. Sam was yelling too. She was saying, "Give it to me Massa! Fuck yo' pussy slave!"

    One part of  Darrell wanted to wake up, but the other part wanted the dream to go on and on. The image in the dream was hotter far beyond anything his conscious imagination had ever conjured up. The imaginary Bob continued to ride Sam's big horse ass, as if he were riding into battle. In Darrell's dream, Bob was fucking her hard just like he had done in real life. The fast fucking couple were totally oblivious to him. He moved closer and closer to them, to get a better look at the action. When he was standing right beside them, Bob drew his cream covered big dick out of Sam, and plunged it into her asshole up to the hilt.

    "Oh Massa Bob, fuck dat black shithole!" she screamed.

    Darrell saw his wife's big ass cheeks jiggle forward in an undulating wave, every time Bob slammed into her. Then he picked up speed, until he was fucking at a pace that wasn't humanly possible. His body was a blur behind Sam.

    Then Bob started hootin' and hollerin', as he continued to fuck the shit out of Sam. He had turned into a wildman. To match him, Sam had also turned into some kind of fuck-beast. She was growling, and screaming, as Bob rammed it to her.

    The next sound Darrell heard was Bob saying, "Holy shit! I'm comin'!"

    Bob pulled his dick from Sam's asshole, and aimed it at her wide black ass cheeks. The cum shot out like water from a fire hose. It just wouldn't stop. Gallons after gallons of spunk deluged Sam's body, until she was completely covered in cum. The Darrell woke up.

    His body was drenched in sweat. His clothes were soaked through, but there was a strange wetness in his crotch. Opening his pants, he discovered he had come on himself. He hadn't had a wet dream since his early teenage years. That dream had really gotten to him.

    Darrell was more in a state of confusion than when he had laid down. He got up, took a shower, and changed his clothes. All the while, Sam kept her distance. Even though she was anxious to know what had happened at Bob's house. For a brief moment, she pictured Bob lying dead on the floor of his living room, having been murdered by Darrell. That's when she mustered up the courage to confront him.

    She came in the bedroom, while he was finishing dressing. He turned to her, without saying a word. It was she that spoke.

    "Darrell, what happened over there?" she asked.

    "What happened was, he gloated about what he did, and said he was going to do it again", the humiliated husband replied.

    A wave of nausea swept over Sam, when she heard those words. She knew she was living with a shame that could never be washed away. But, she also knew that her husband's shame was even worse.

    But, what Sam didn't know was that, that same shame had morphed into a powerful aphrodisiac for her husband.

        Sensing the deep turmoil her husband was in, Sam mentally groped for words that would ease his pain. But, the magic words wouldn't come. She had to settle for something more commonplace.

    "Darrell, I'm so sorry this happened", she said. Her eyes gauged his face for any indication that what she had just said had lessened his pain to any degree. But, the expression on Darrell's face remained frozen.

    There was a long, tension filled silence. Then, almost as if in slow motion, Sam saw Darrell's lips part to speak. She dreaded the words that were about to come out.  

     With a wavering voice. Darrel said, "Sam, I have a confession of my own to make."

    Sam's dread quickly turned to apprehensive curiosity.

    Darrell continued, "For a long time, I've had these fantasies about you having sex with another man."

    This caught Same totally off-guard. But, she said nothing, because she wanted to hear the rest. Now, it was Darrell's turn to scan his wife's face for any sign of the effect his revelation had on her. Her surprise registered clearly.

    "It was just a fantasy. From what I've read, there's lots of men who have the same fantasy about their wives. But, with what's happened, I'm totally confused. My anger has me feeling a little guilty about ever having thought of you with another man."  

    Sam let those words settle for a few moments, then she responded.

    "Is part of your confusion due to the fact that it still turns you on, despite what happened?" she asked softly.

    Darrell slowly shook his head yes, and in that very moment, their lives changed again.'

    Sam reached her hand out to her husband. When he took it, she pulled him up to his feet, and led him from their bedroom out into the living room.

    "Sit down on the couch" she told him. Still not sure of what was about to happen, Darrell did as she said.

    She walked over to the dining room table, which was clearly visible from where Darrell was sitting, and kept her back turned to him. She undid her robe, and let it fall to the floor. Darrell saw his wife standing there buck naked. His eyes zeroed in on her big, meaty black ass.

    Without turning around to face him, she said, "This is where it happened. He bent me over this same table that we eat on."

    As she said it, she bent over the table. She grabbed an ass cheek in each hand, and spread them as wide as they would go.

    "He had his dick stuck right up in this pussy. Your pussy" she said.

    Darrell sat there trembling in lust. His dick was like a column of stone. But, instead of being cold, it was hot-as-hell, and throbbing like it had been hit with a mallet. He could hardly believe what he was seeing and hearing.

    Then, Sam started to bounce herself against the table, as if she were being fucked from behind.

    "That nasty white fucker was pounding the shit out my cunt! He fucked it like he owned it! He made me his fuck slave!

    This was too much for Darrell to take. He flew from the couch, and in an instant he was behind Sam's still spread wide, still bouncing big black ass. His pants fell to the floor, the way his wife's robe had fallen. He grabbed his dick, and aimed it at her gaping cunt hole. In one stoke, he was in up to his balls. Now, same was being bounced against the table for real, by her hard fucking husband.

    "Ooh yeah. Fuck that pussy!'' she cried.

    Darrell growled, "Is this how he fucked you?"

    "He fucked me harder than that."

    "Hard like this?!" Darrell demanded.

   He started jamming his dick into her even harder. He punctuated his vicious strokes with slaps on Sam's ass meat.

    "Yes! Like that" Sam responded.

    "Did he say anything while he was fucking you?!" The furiously fucking husband wanted to know every nasty detail of his cuckolding.

    "Yes. He said all kinds of shit to me. He told me I was his slave - just like back on the plantation."

    The word "slave" shocked Darrell a bit. It shocked him to the point of fucking his wife's cream-slicked cunt that much harder.

    "What did you say, when he said that?" Darrell asked, in between pants.

    Sam hesitated a moment, and then said, "I told him, yes, yes I was his slave! His dick felt so good fucking in and out of my pussy. I couldn't help myself" Sam admitted.

    Darrell was still stroking hard, at top speed, when he asked, "Did you like being his black fuck slave?"

    "Yes! Yes, I loved it!" Sam shrieked.

    Even though her cunt was continually being loaded with her husband's hard black dick, Sam felt a load lifted off of her, with her admission.

    In the very next instant, she couldn't believe that she had actually told her husband that she liked being a white man's fuck slave. But, the genie was out of the bottle.

    A few more cunt-stabbing strokes, and Darrell felt himself start to come. The hot spunk shot into Sam's pussy like a jet spray. He pumped her pussy full, then collapsed onto her back. They were both bent over the table, trying to catch their breath.

    After a few minutes of staying in that position, Darrell raised himself up off of Sam, and pulled his deflated dick from her spunky cunt. The flood of cum spilled out of her, and onto the dining room floor.

    Darrell looked down at his wife's big sweaty ass cheeks, and gave each of them a hard, angry slap. Sam yelped, when she felt the contact of his hand with her ass meat.

    She just laid there on the table, unable at that point to turn and face her husband. She didn't know whether he would kiss her, or kill her. She heard him walk away towards the bedroom.

    Strangely, nothing else was said about the incident, for the next few days. Their life seemingly went on as usual. But, that Friday night there was an electricity in the air that they both felt. Something was about to happen.

    Their daughter, Jenelle was away visiting her mother's parents. So, the black couple had the house to themselves.

    Out of the blue, while they were eating dinner, Darrell said "Would you fuck him again?"

Sam almost choked on her food, when she heard that. She looked directly at her husband, but finished chewing her food, and swallowed, before she attempted to speak.

    There was another one of those long silences, then she said "Do you want me to fuck him?"

    "Yeah, I want you to fuck him."

    That was the last word about it at the dinner table. They finished eating their food, with neither of them uttering a syllable.

    An hour later, in the house next door, the phone rang. Bob picked it up, and put the receiver to his ear. He recognized the voice immediately to be Darrell's. But he couldn't believe the words that voice was saying.

    "Your slave is waiting to be fucked. If you want it, come get it." Then the line went dead.

    Bob's dick was instantly hard. He had broken them both. His bold move had paid off. He wasted no time in changing his clothes. They were about to get a surprise.

    Within a half hour, Bob was standing at Darrell and Sam's front door ringing their bell. When Darrell finally opened the door, he saw his white neighbor standing there in a confederate soldier's uniform. The sight was right out of that dream he had had.

    Bob barged his way in, practically knocking Darrell aside. When the door was closed behind him, he gruffly said "Where's my pussy?"

    "She'll be out in a minute" Darrell said weakly.

    Bob helped himself to a seat on their couch. Darrell stood there by the couch, until Bob said "What the hell are you standing there for Sit your ass down." Darrell did as he said, and took a seat beside him.

    Turning to Darrell, Bob said "You've made a wise decision. That big black ass is too much for you. She needs a real man to handle all that meat."

    Darrell said nothing. But, Bob's cruel words made his already hard dick just a bit harder.

    "Get your big ass out her gal!" Bob yelled to Sam, knowing she was in the bedroom.

    A few moments later, Sam stepped into the entrance that led from the living room to the bedroom. Like Bob, she looked like she had taken a trip back in time. She looked like a slave woman. Her head was covered by a white rag that was tied slave style, and her voluptuous black body had only a short white slip over it. It barely fell below her awesome ass; which meant it barely covered her fat, hairy black cunt too.    

    When Bob saw her, he let out a loud "Rebel Yell" that startled both Sam, and Darrell.

    Sam slowly walked into the room, with her clit twitching, and her cunt creaming at the sight of the white man who had so thoroughly fucked her before. She was breathlessly anticipating the fucking she knew she was about to get. What added to her excitement was, the fact that her husband would be right there to see it.

    When Sam was finally standing before the two men seated on the couch, her husband again had terrifying thoughts of what was about to happen. He could have stopped it all right then, but, he didn't say a word. Silently, he sat there and took in the scene that was playing out before his very eyes.

    Both Bob and Darrell both had a better view of the hairy pussy lips that were peeking out from under the short slip. The attention they were calling for was unmistakable. It was Bob who made the next move. He reached out and cupped the black cunt with his white hand. The hold that he had on Sam's pussy turned into a hard grip. Sam let out a low moan, when she felt the almost painful squeeze on her defenseless pussy meat.

    Darrell's eyes were locked on the sight of his wife's hirsute cunt flesh in the hands of another man - a white man at that.

    Without letting of of Sam's pussy, Bob stood up. He turned his head down towards Darrell, and gave him a grin that was really more of a scowl.

    "Go get your camera!" he barked at the defeated Black husband.

    Darrell jumped up, and disappeared into the bedroom to retrieve his camera. When he left the room, Bob led Sam, by her pussy, slowly over to the dining room table where he had fucked her before. Then he  released the vice-like grip he had on her cunt.

    "Bend over that table, the way I had your black ass the last time" he ordered her. She quickly obeyed.

    When Darrell came back, camera in hand, he found his wife bent over the edge of the table, and the white cuckolding neighbor standing behind her.

    "Make sure you get some good shots. This is going to be the fuck of a lifetime" Bob said, as he eased the slip the rest of the way up over Sam's big black ass. Darrell just stood there mindlessly fixated on the interracial couple.

    "Get the camera workin'! You just missed a good shot! Now I'm gonna hafta do it again."

    While Darrell readied the camera, Bob pulled the slip back down over Sam's ass.

    "Okay, now make sure you get this."

    Darrell pointed the camera at them, ready to capture any movement.

    "Now look at the camera and smile" Bob told Sam. The black wife turned her head towards her husband, and forced a smile.

    As Bob pulled the slip us over Sam's ass again, Darrell started clicking away. He caught the exact moment when Bob slapped Sam's ass meat. The shot also caught the reaction on Sam's face, when she felt the white man's hand make contact with her abundant ass flesh.

    Bob unzipped his pants, and unleashed his monstrous, hard white cock. He laid it against Sims's ass cheek, so that Darrell could get a good picture of its whiteness contrasting with the dark meat. Then Bob undid his belt, and let his pants fall to his ankles. Darrell stopped clicking the camera long enough for his neighbor to step out them. When he was free of the pants, Bob again gave Sam's big ass a hard slap. It was so hard it made Darrell wince.

    "Turn 'round and slob on this dick gal!" Bob growled.

    Sam got up from the table, but before she could go down on the her knees,  Bob said "Take that goddamn slip off."

    She pulled the flimsy garment up, and over her head, then finally off. She stood there in all her naked glory. But, the head rag still made her look like a slave; and that's what Bob wanted. All the while, Darrel kept taking pictures.


    Sam fell to her knees before the brutish white man, grabbed his distended dick, and engulfed it with her hungry mouth. Bob startled the Black husband and wife, when once again he let out a loud "Rebel Yell."

    "Ooooweee! The south shall rise again!" he said, as he felt Sam's hot tongue swirling around his engorged purple dick head. He threw his head back, and his hands began undoing the buttons of his gray confederate tunic. When he was at last fully naked, he grabbed Sam by her head, and started fucking the Black wife's mouth furiously. She sucked it in - he fucked it in. Every so often, Sam would pull the massive cock from her mouth, so that she could lick up and down the thick shaft. She ran her tongue over the bulging blue veins that laced its length, and down to his big hairy nuts. 

    The whole thing was dreamlike to Darrell. He could hardly believe that he was actually standing there making a photographic document of his own cuckolding. The throbbing of his won hard dick was a signal to him that this was all, very much indeed, really happening.

    Sam sucked, slurped, and licked Bob's big hard white cock with a vengeance. Despite being resigned to what was happening, Darrell still felt a pang of jealousy at the way his wife was sucking their nasty neighbor's white fuck stick. Never had she sucked his dick so vigorously. Still, he made sure he caught it all with his camera.

    "Enough of this suckin'!" Bob bellowed. "It's time for your black cunt to get white dick fucked!"

    Sam stood up, and resumed her position over the edge of the table. She grabbed her awesome ass cheeks, and spread them as wide as they could possibly go. Bob stepped in behind her, with his dick in hand. He guided the wide purple head of it to the pink creamy opening of Sam's pussy. He let it rest there for a few moments, savoring the heat of the wet pulpy flesh, then he rammed the thick cock into her. The force of his lunge knocked the breath out of Sam.

    "Get a good picture of this boy! Your big black assed wife is white dick fucked! This is my pussy now!"

    Darrell almost dropped the camera, he was so flustered at the site of his wife being fucked.

    Bob showed her not an ounce of mercy, as he bored into her cunt. The white man was fucking her like he truly owned her. He slapped her black ass hard repeatedly, as he jammed his white horse cock deep into her conquered colored cunt.

    The hard stoking white man turned his head to Darrell and said "Are you gettin' this? 'Cause I'm damn sure gettin' it!"

    Each time Bob forced his thick, veiny cock into Sam's cunt, it sent a shock wave through her entire body. Darrell was trying to get it all with his camera, but their bodies were moving so fast, everything was a blur.

    "Oh, oh, oh" Sam screamed, each time she felt the meaty white cudgel batter her wide-fucked black cunt. Bob was banging her pussy as hard as he could he go. Partly, because that's the way he loved to fuck; and, partly because he wanted to show the disgraced black husband that he could out fuck him - with his own pussy.

    Bob was indeed out fucking Darrell. On his best day, Darrell couldn't fuck Sam the way this white man was doing. He couldn't elicit from Sam the kinds of animalistic noises she was making, while her cunt was being stuffed with a big white cock.

    Darrell moved closer to the hard-fucking interracial couple, so that he could get a better view of his neighbor's dick stuck in his wife's pussy hole. Bob realized what Darrell was doing, and stopped his maniacal ramming, long enough to pose for the picture of his bulky white wood embedded in the nasty Negro nookie. Once several pictures were snapped, he went back to work on Sam in earnest. He was trying to make this the fuck of a lifetime. For the black couple, it truly was. They had never experienced anything remotely near this. Even though this was the second time Sam felt Bob's dick in her cunt, it was the first time she had her husband as an audience; not only that, but he was also their photographer.

    Huffing and puffing, and growling like some woodland beast, Bob kept up his relentless attack on Sam's dominated black bushy beaver. Profuse amounts of fuck-cream coated his dick, making it whiter than it already was. That same cream covered the dense hair around the opening of Sam's cunt. The black pussy was a mushy mess.

    Although he was only inches away from the awesome sight of his wife's sloppy cunt being fucked, Darrell pushed the zoom button on his camera, so that he could get an extreme close-up shot of the fuck.

    "That's right boy, get it all on film" Bob said, when he noticed what Darrell was doing. He pulled his glistening dick out to its purple head, and held it there so that the cucked photographer could get a perfect shot of it. Then, the white man slowly slid the big dick back in, almost up to his bushy nuts, and let Darrell get a shot of that too. When he was satisfied that the black husband had gotten some good pictures, he resumed his ravaging of the man's wife.

    Slam, smack, slam, smack! That was the rhythm, and the sound of Bob's dick crashing into Sam's pussy, and his big hard white hands slapping the hell out of her black horse ass. When Bob's hairy pelvis collided with her big ass, there was a loud clopping sound. Slam, clop, smack, over and over.

    Darrell was so engrossed in taking still pictures, that he had completely forgotten that his camera also too video. He quickly made the adjustment, and then he was capturing his wife's fucking in live action. He had inadvertently become a pornographer, and his wife was the star. He frantically tried to get every angle of the fucking. Beads of sweat had started to form on his brow, and he had to intermittently stop to wipe them away as they rolled down his face. His shirt was becoming damp too. The sweat threatened to soak his body, the way that his wife and her fucker already were.

    Darrell laid his camera on the table momentarily, and quickly stripped off his shirt, and then his undershirt. He grabbed up the camera again, and continued capturing his own degradation on video.

    Bob was still unremittingly banging away in Sam's cunt.  He had complete control of the black wife, and her husband too. He felt like he was his great-great-grandfather back on the plantation.  Sam too felt like she was on the plantation, with the nasty master plowing her nasty black cunt mercilessly.

    Darrell was too caught up in taking pictures, to think of anything but that. He kept clicking the camera, making sure he didn't miss a thing.

    Deeper and deeper, harder and harder Bob drove his cock into Sam. Darrell didn't recognize his wife at all. She had become someone else. She was a white man's fuck-hole. She moaned, and growled, and grimaced as the thick white log plunged into her continually. Her face was twisted in a configuration that Darrell had never seen before. When she turned that lust contorted face towards him, he made sure he snapped several pictures of it.

    "Get that camera ready boy! I'm about to loose my nuts!" Bob yelled to Darrell.

    Darrell trained the camera on the hard humping white man, as he started to come.

    "Holy fuckin' shit!" Bob shouted at the top of his lungs, as his dick exploded inside Sam's cunt. She felt the nasty hot spunk spew out of Bob's cock and into her hot wet cum-catcher. Bob kept pumping away, making sure that every last drop of his hot scum shot into the well fucked black wife.

    Darrell had a close up of the greasy white fuck stick, as it continued to slide furiously into his wife's black cunt. The dick was pushing the gooey white man cum out when it jabbed into it. After what seemed like a hundred more hard strokes, Bob slowed his pace, and finally stopped fucking Sam.

    "Are you ready for this?" Bob asked Darrell. The black husband shook his head yes.

    "Okay, here it is" the nasty white bastard said, as he pulled his deflated white meat from the black woman's sopping wet cunt hole.

    Darrell saw the cum start to roll its way out of his wife's pussy. It ran out of the stretched wide pink hole, down to her clit, and then it splashed onto the floor. The black husband caught it all with his. It seemed that the spunk would never stop flowing. Darrell thought that Bob must have shot a gallon of it into Sam.

    While her husband was videotaping Bob's cum running out of her pussy, Sam just stayed bent over the table, still breathing hard. She squeezed her cunt muscles, to force more of the muck out of her. Darrell didn't miss a thing.

    While the camera continued to capture the obscene sight, Bob raised his hand high in the air, and brought it down on Sam's ass with such a force, that the impact resounded throughout the entire house.

    Bob brought his head down to Sam's cunt, making sure it was in the frame that Darrell was shooting.

    "This is my pussy now boy! And don't you ever forget that. I'm gonna fuck the shit out of her whenever I want to. Now cut that damn camera off."

    Bob strode over to he couch where his clothes were, his dick dripping onto the floor with every step he took. He put his uniform back on, mockingly saluted Darrell, and headed for the front door.

    Sam was still laying over the table, when she heard the door slam shut. Part of the reason she stayed in that position was because she was fucked out. The other part was that she was ashamed to get up and face her husband. She didn't hear when Darrell left to go into their bathroom. But she felt the warm washrag on her pussy meat that he had gone to get. She let him finish cleaning her up before she moved.

    Once her fucked wide cunt was somewhat cleansed, she stood upright and faced her husband. She reached out and grabbed him by his dick through his pants. Darrell almost swooned with the pressure that his wife's hand put on his dick. Then, Sam unzipped his fly, and pulled his hard black bone out. She jerked it up and down a few times, then gripped it with all her might. Darrell moaned deeply. The next thing the conquered black husband knew, Sam was leading him by his dick towards their bedroom.


The End


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