Butch, and Delena Smith had been planning their camping trip for months. Butch had not been camping since he was a teenager, and was glad that he had found a woman who shared the same enthusiasm for the outdoors as he did. Delena too had memories of having gone camping with her family as a child, and they were fond memories. Neither of them knew then that, the memories from this trip would be far from fond ones.

    The young, married Black couple packed the last of their camping gear into their Range Rover, and set off for the country. They wanted to go to the remotest part of the forest, so that they wouldn't be bothered by other campers, and could commune with nature in the nude. It took them well past two hours of driving, to reach their destination. They were both good drivers, but for the trip there, Butch was at the helm. The couple were still in honeymoon mode, having only been married for seven months. This accounted for the loving looks Delena gave her handsome husband, as he kept his eyes on the road.

    Finally, they reached the turnoff point on the highway. This led them to a narrow road which carried them deep into the woods. They wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and be the only two humans for miles around. This remote patch of green was the perfect spot for that. So they thought.

    Eventually, the dirt road they were on came to an end, and there they were, in the forest primeval. They had found their own little Garden of Eden, and with no one else around, they were about to play Adam and Eve.

    The young couple got out of their vehicle, and started looking for a place to pitch their tent. About fifty yards from where they had parked, they found one. In about an hour's time, they had their camp site setup. Now it was time to have some fun.

    When Butch went back to their SUV, to get the rest of their supplies, Delena slipped into the tent. Butch was gone just long enough for her to strip naked. He almost dropped the stuff he was carrying, when she emerged from the tent butt-ass-naked.  He didn't drop them, but he sure did lay them down in a hurry, and practically ran over to his nude wife, and grabbed her in a full embrace. His hands instantly went for her ass meat. His hands gripped them as hard as they could, as he ground his hardening dick into her hairy pussy mound. It was only a few quick movements for Butch to remove his clothes also. There they stood, like Adam and Eve. This is what they had been waiting for. Since there was no one else around, there was no need for them to go into the tent, so they just laid on the ground, and started going at it.

    They were kissing, groping, and probing each other's bodies with a fury. But, as Butch was about to stick his hard dick in Delena's pussy, they both were startled by a sound. It was some sort of rumbling noise in the distance, and it was getting closer. As is it did get closer, they made it out to be the sound of motorcyles. Without saying a word to each other, they both stood up, and waited to see who is was - totally forgetting that they were both naked as the day they were born.

    In no time, the sound that had a few moments been distant was now right in their ears, and so was the sight of the riders. It was four mean looking white bikers! When Delena realized she was standing there nude, she ducked into the tent. But, Butch stood there facing them.

    "Well, look at what we got here", one of the men said, eyeing Butch evilly.

    "What do you guys want" Butch said, cautiously.

    "We want to know what the fuck you're doing on our property! the man shot back.

    "I didn't know this land belonged to anybody. We just came out here to camp for the weekend" Butch said, watching all four of them like a hawk. It was at this moment that he wished he had a gun, or any weapon at all.

    "This is our land, and y'all just came out here and made yourselves at home. You really got comfortable too, seeing as how you're standing there naked as a jay bird" the grimey biker said.

    "We're sorry. We didn't mean to trespass on anybody's property" Butch apologized.

    "It's too late for that I'm sorry shit! You're going to have to pay us restitution."

    By this time, the four men had dismounted from their bikes, and were standing only a few feet away from Butch. Delena was listening in the tent, and trembling with fear.

        "Look, we'll just packup our stuff and get out of here. We don't want any trouble" Butch said.

    "It's too late for that shit. You have to pay!"

    "Okay, how much money do you want?" Butch asked him.

    "Oh, we don't want no money."

    "Then what do you want?"

    "We saw that fine piece of black ass run into the tent. That's what we want!!"

    "What the fuck are you crazy?! That's my wife!" Butch answered angrily.

    Before Butch could utter another word, the three big, grimy white bikers were on his ass. Fists came flying from every direction, and in in a matter of seconds he was a naked heap on the ground. Delena watched in terror, as her husband was beaten unconscious. Then, she saw the three men turn their attention towards the tent.

    One of them rushed over, and grabbed her out of the tent by her arm, and quickly put her in a yoke hold. She tried to scream, but the big, beefy white arm around her neck wouldn't let any sound come out. As the one held her from behind, she could see the other two getting an eyeful of her naked, vulnerable black body. She felt so ashamed, and completely terrified at the prospect of what was going to happen next. Her eyes darted down to the inanimate body of her husband, then they started to fill with tears. Those tears were met with laughter from the two bikers who could see them starting to stream down her pretty black face. But, at that moment, that face wasn't that pretty, because it was twisted in anguish.

    Delena could feel the crotch of the man who held her pressed up flush against her big black naked ass. She could also feel his hard dick. She almost gagged on the stench of his beer breath, as he said, "Brown sugar, we're about to take you back into time. Back to the days of slavery."

    Her eyes widened in horror at his words.

    "T.J., go get the chains! he said to one of the other two men.

    The one called T.J. ran over to where they had left their bikes, and took the chains from two of them. He ran back over to the little group, with the chains jangling.

    "Okay T.J., chain that black buck up." T.J. obeyed, and proceeded to tie up Butch's limp body with the chains. In doing so, he rousted him back to consciousness. But, by the time he fully came to, he was trussed up in the motorcycle chain. It was so tight that, the cold metal cut into his flush, cutting off circulation at certain points. His hands were secured behind his back, and the only things left free were his legs which T.J. made him standup on.

    Butch watched stupefied, as they started chaining his wife up the same way. Neither of them said a word. They knew it wouldn't do any good, at this point. But, they did speak to each other with their eyes. Butch gave Delena a look of apology for getting her into this mess, while she gave him one that said it wasn't his fault.

    The man who had been holding Delena, before they chained her up, said to the other two, "Okay, which way is that cabin y'all told me about?"

    "It's over that way", T.J. said, pointing into the distance.

    "Okay, let's go" he said, as he grabbed hold of Delena once again. The other two men grabbed Butch, and they all started walking in the direction that had been pointed out.

    The captive Black couple's level of fear rose ten-fold, when they realized they were being taken to a place even more secluded - somewhere where no passersby could come to their rescue. The were at the complete mercy of these brutes.

    They walked for about five minutes, then the old hunters cabin came into view.

    "See, I told you it was here" T.J. said, proud of himself.

    The ringleader, who went by the name of Ace, said "Yeah, this'll do just fine". An evil grin played across his scruffy face, as he said it.

    Butch and Delena were dragged and shoved up and into the old cabin. Now, they were totally trapped. Their captors were about to turn this place into a fuck house.

    All of their eyes scanned the interior of the cabin. The first thing they noticed was the bed. Ace grabbed the chain that was wrapped around Delena's naked black body, led her over to it, and pushed her face down onto it. Her big, naked black ass shook as she landed. Butch's eyes widened, as he saw his wife lying there, with her ass meat totally on display for these fuckers.

    Delena began to cry. Butch wanted to cry too, but he was just too terror-struck to let the tears flow. His heart was pounding in his chest, as he anticipated what was about to happen to them.

    "What's this door lead to, outback?" Ace asked T.J.

    "Naw man, that's a closet."

    "Yeah, well stick his black ass in there, so he'll be out the way."

    T.J., and the third man, Robby, hustled Butch over to the closet, and practically threw him into it.

    Ace walked over the closet, and said to Butch, "Now, you keep your black ass in here, and we promise not to stomp the livin' shit outta you." Then he slowly closed the door in Butch's face. The door didn't shut tight, and through the crack Butch could still see what was going on in the room. What he saw was the three menacing men start to undress. He could also see a full view of his wife lying ass-up on the bed. He knew they were about to take full advantage of her vulnerable black womanhood. He further knew there was nothing he could do to stop them.

    Sliding his grimey jeans down his hairy white hard muscled legs, Ace turn towards the closet and said "We know you can see everything boy. That's just the way we want it. We want you to see your big assed wife get rode just like a Harley." T.J. and Robby laughed when they heard that. But it wasn't funny worth a damn to Butch.

    In a few minutes, the three white men were standing around the bed, naked as the day they were born. Their hardening white cocks were all pointing at his wife.

    "Get those damn chains off her" Ace ordered the other two men.

    They lifted Delena off the bed, and proceeded to undo the chain. She felt a momentary sense of relief, when the chain was loosened, and she no longer felt it digging into her flesh. But, she also knew that soon something else would digging into her flesh. The flesh of her black cunt.

    When the chain was free from her body, she was pushed roughly back onto the bed. This time she was face up. Instead of her ass being on display, it was her big tits, and hairy pussy mound that the three men saw. From where he was in the closet, her husband could see it too. He could also see the look of abject terror on her face. He wanted to rush out of the closet, and beat the shit out of these three white men. But, that little fantasy quickly faded, when he realized he was tied up in chains so securely, he couldn't even move his hands. So, he just looked on, in total defeat.

    Delena's teary eyes darted from one face to another of the white men that stood over her. She knew what was about to happen, but if there was some chance of lessening the severity of the ordeal she had to take it.

    "Please don't hurt us. I'll do anything you say" she said.

    "Is that right?" Ace said, tauntingly. "You'll do anything we say?"

    "Yes. Just don't hurt us" she responded quickly.

    "Well now, does that mean you're gonna take all three of these dicks without puttin' up a fight?"

    "Yes" Delena replied meekly.

    Ace turned to his biker buddies and said, "Looks like we're gonna have us a real party here brothers".

    T.J. and Robby both grinned like Cheshire Cats.

    Ace yelled over to Butch in the closet, "You here that punk ass, your wife is gonna save your ass, by using her own ass!"

    Butch said nothing. There was nothing he could say that would have made any difference in this situation. He knew Delena was using her head, to keep matters from getting worse than they could. She was also using her pussy - his pussy - now, their pussy.

    Looking down at Delena, Ace said, "It's a good thing you chose to cooperate, because we were about to chain your sweet ass to this bed. Now, we don't need to."

    In an instant, his demeanor changed. He looked and sounded meaner than he was a few seconds before, as he said, "Now spread those fuckin' legs, so we can get a good look at that nappy black cunt of yours!!"

    The forcefulness of the way he said it made Delena jump a bit. But, then she complied. She quickly threw her legs wide apart, and her hairy black pussy flesh was in full view of the three men. It was in full view of the fourth man in the cabin too - her husband. He was peeking at it from the confines of the closet that had become his cell.

    "Look at that big fuckin' cunt!" T.J. said, with his stare fixed on Delena's completely exposed pussy.

    ""Yeah, that is a big damn pussy" Ace agreed. "There's enough pussy there to go 'round for days and days."

    Butch could see everything, and he could hear everything. It was bad enough that they were talking about his wife's naked pussy, but the words "days and days" echoed in his head.

    Ace stood at the foot of the bed, peering down at Delena's hairy black twat like a hungry dog.

    "You ever had a white dick in that nasty black cunt of yours bitch?!"

    Delena shook her head no.

    "Well you're in luck today. Because you're gonna get three" Ace said. The other two men broke into laughter. Delena broke into tears.

    Ace, being the leader of the tormenting trio, would be the first to sample Delena's chocolate goodies. There was no question about that.

    Delean watched him as he jerked his big ugly cock up and down in preparation. She shuddered at the thought of that thick chunk of meat stretching her pussy wide. She saw the fat, crimson-colored head pointing directly at her. The length of the white cock was laced with bulging, grotesque looking veins, that had no symmetry to them at all. Ace's dick was as ugly as his soul. His cock stuck in Delena's cunt would be the classic Beauty and the Beast matchup.

    Instead of diving right in, Ace stepped away from the bed, and walked over to the closet. He branished his meaty weapon for Butch to see.

    "You see this dick motherfucker? It's about to tear your wife's pussy up!"

    Through the crack, Butch could see the blood engorged bat that Ace was wielding. Then, Ace turned and walked back over to the bed.

    "Aw right bitch, here it comes" he said, as he jumped up on the bed, and covered her body with his. He reached under her thighs and yanked them up, until he had her ass fully cocked. Then he grabbed his swollen cock, and brought it up to her cunt hole. In the next instant, he stabbed it into her.

    Butch heard his wife cry out "Oh!", as the thick white cock penetrated her pussy.

    True to his word, Ace started riding Delena hard. He was fucking into her conquered cunt, like the maniac that he was. In no time, his dick had turned Delena's pussy juice into thick, frothy fuck-cream that covered his cock on the out-stroke.

    Butch wasn't close enough to see the dick sliding in and out of his poor wife's cunt, but he could see the way her body was jolting whenever Ace fucked his dick deep into her. He could also hear their bodies slapping together. The slaps were so loud, he couldn't distinguish  between the sound of their pelvises connecting, and the sound of Ace's big red balls slapping against Delena's bunghole.The other thing that masked the sound was Delean's moaning, and whimpering. It was incessant.

    Ace cock-stabbed the captive black wife with a vengeance. He fucked as if he were truly trying to hurt her. She was hurt, but not physically. The hurt was emotional. It was the pain of violation, and humiliation. Her husband was feeling the same pain, but his was also mixed with extreme anger.

    Butch was angry, but he couldn't tear his eyes away from the spectacle of his wife being fucked by this white brute. He watched as Ace's hairy white ass rose and fell, as he relentlessly sent his dick flying into Delena.

    The whole time Ace was fucking, his two accomplices, T.J. and Robby, stood and watched, jerking their dicks, and waiting their turns. They were close enough to see what Butch couldn't - Ace's thick, hideous dick pulling on Delena's cunt meat when he drew back, and that same wet flesh being pushed back into her, when he fucked forward until he smacked into her hairy pubic mound.

    "That's it Ace! Give it to the bitch!" T.J. said, cheering his buddy on.

    Robby chimed in, "Yeah man. Show that whore who's boss!"

    Butch knew his wife wasn't a whore. But, she was sure as hell being fucked like one. Her big tits bounced and jiggled each and every time Ace shocked her body with a cock-stab. Sweat was starting to pour off of him down onto the huge globes of brown flesh.

    Ace's reddened face was twisted into a sardonic grin, as he continued to pound the black cunt. He didn't show the impaled black wife an ounce of mercy. He fucked her like she was his property. For all intent and purposes, she was. She may have had Butch's ring on her finger, but she had Ace's dick in her cunt.

    Though she tried to numb herself to her ordeal, her pussy seemed to have a mind of its own, and started responding to the cock that was vigorously being thrust into it. The pussy walls, though obscenely stretched wide by the tumescent cock, still tried to squeeze it tight. That was its natural instinct, just as the copious amounts of cunt cream is was pouring out around Ace's invading white cock.

    Under different circumstances, the fucking would have felt good to Delena. But, being forced to fuck made her hold back any pleasure she might have felt.

    Delena kept her teary eyes closed during most of the fuck. However, she couldn't help but open them for an instant, and look up into the face of her fucker. What she saw was a demon. His flushed red face had taken on an inhuman configuration, and his devilish blue eyes were looking right into hers. Like the proverbial "deer caught in the headlights", she couldn't look away from him. She was mesmerized. If if were possible for Ace to ram his dick into her harder than he was already doing, that's what he did when he saw Delena staring up into his face.

    The sweat poured from Ace's face down onto Delena's. Some drops fell and hit her in the eyes, but she still didn't close them. Something had come over her, the likes of which she couldn't explain to herself at the moment. She also couldn't explain why she started pushing her black pussy up to meet the marauding white dick that was insistently pounding into it.

    From his closet prison, Butch could also see something change in his wife. No longer was she passively taking the dirty white man's dick, but now she was fucking him back. She was giving as much as she was getting.

    "Aw shit. You got her ass now Ace!" T.J. said, wide eyed, like a kid on Christmas morning. "The bitch is startin' to like it."

    "Hey man. When are we gonna get some of that black snatch?" Robby asked.

    "Shut the fuck up!" Ace snapped. "You'll get some when I'm finished. And I ain't about to stop now. This is the best pussy I've had in a long damn time."

    Robby didn't say another word. Nor did T.J. They just continued to stand there and watch - and jerk their dicks.

    Ace was fucking strong, and he planned to go long. For a constant beer guzzler, his stamina was incredible. The more he fucked, the better it felt to Delena. She couldn't help it. He had stroked her until her own fire was lit. Her hands had been at Ace's chest, trying to present some kind of barrier between them, even though his cock was stuck deep in her body. But, now she wrapped those same hands around his back, and then down to his sweaty, hairy white ass, and began pulling him into her deeper and deeper. Her will had been broken. She was all his now. She knew it, Ace knew it, and from what her husband could see, he knew it too. His wife had been taken from him, in more ways than one.

    Butch felt a tear stream down his cheek. But he couldn't wipe it away, because he was still bound by the chains. He was a nice loveable man by nature, but at that moment, he felt that he could commit murder, with no compunctions at all.

    At first, it was Ace who was fucking Delena. Now, they were fucking each other. Her passion had been forced out of her by the cruel son-of-a-bitch who was stuffing his thick cock into her cunt hole. As wide and long as his dick was, was how wide and long Delena's pussy was stretched to accommodate it. Butch had a good dick, but he could never stretch her cunt the was Ace was doing. 

    Delena felt that cudgel retreat from her pussy, only to slam back into it with a force that took a little of her breath away each time it happened. She felt the double action of his white cock hitting home, and his big hairy nuts slap her upturned black ass. Pow, pow, pow was the sound they made, when the nuts hit the ass.

    "Can you feel it bitch?" Ace asked her, as he rammed her. "I said, can you feel it?!"

    "Yes! I can feel it!" Delena managed to answer. It was hard to get the words out, with him slamming into her body the way he was.

    "Do you like it?" Ace growled at her.

    Even though she had to admit to herself that yes indeed she did like it, she didn't want to admit it to him. More than that, she didn't want her husband to hear her say it. The captive husband and wife both knew that she had to comply with everything this creep and his henchmen wanted, she held back the words.

    Ace yelled in her face, "I asked you a question bitch!! Do you like it!!"

    The look in his eyes when he said it told Delena that she had better answer, and quick.

    "Yes. Yes I like it" she said, immediately hating the fact that she had said it, and even more because she actually felt it.

    Her body was moving on its own volition. She no longer had control over it. The mental control she had over her predicament was dissipating also. She was totally Ace's fuck hole.

    Ace looked down at the sight of his wide, heavy-veined cock sliding furiously in and out of the black hairy cunt meat. The fuck-butter had been churned up so thick that it was hard to delineate the point where the dick and the pussy came together. It was a nasty, sloppy mess. Ace loved the way it looked. He had forced another man's wife to coat his cock with her pussy juice, the he had beaten that cream into a nasty froth. His big hairy nuts were soaked with this same fuck-slime, and sweat.

    There seemed to be no end to the fucking his was giving her. On his bike, Ace as a hard rider, and on a pussy, he rode even harder.

    They were a mass of sweaty, black and white flesh. Ace's marathon pounding of her cunt caused Delena to emit animalistic noises. She grunted, she mewled, and she whimpered. Every one of the noises she made could be clearly heard by her humiliated husband. He had never heard her sound like that before. Countless times he had fucked her, but never had she reacted like this. Not only was he furious that another man was forcefully ramming his dick into his wife, but the fact that he had her reacting in a way that he never could made him even angrier.

    The chains cut deeper into Butch's flesh, as he instinctively tried to get free, while the sights, and sounds in the room cut deeper into his heart.

    The bed was rocking and creaking, with the motion of the wildly fucking couple. The faster and harder Ace fucked, the faster and harder his two partners jerked their dicks to the show.

    T.J. and Robby wanted to get between those big black thighs, and fuck the way their leader was doing. But, they knew that wasn't going to happen until he had his fill of the black pussy - which they guessed wasn't going to happen any time soon.

    However, even though Ace was fucking like a machine, he wasn't a machine. He was a man, and sooner or later nature dictated that he had to stop. Everyone in the cabin, besides him, was waiting for that moment to come.

    The, Ace felt a rumbling in his nuts. It was the heavy load of cum that was about to make its exit, and its entrance into Delena's fuck hole. Ace wanted to hold back, and just keep on fucking, but that was impossible. In the next moment, he felt the jizz race up through his dick, and spurt its way out of his expanding dick head.

    "Aaaah!" he yelled, as he felt himself coming.

    All through the tremendous orgasm, he kept slamming his body into Delena's. She felt her pussy fill up with the thick, nasty spunk. The continued motion of Ace's cock pushed the cum out of her cunt until it mixed with the fuck cream that already covered her cunt, and his dick.

    With one final jab, Ace collapsed onto her body, with his cock still embedded in her ravaged black kpussy. Whe he finally caught his breath, he raised himself up off of her, and pulled his deflating cock from her sopping wet cunt. The white man's cum spilled out of her pussy, and ran down to her black asshole. Delena's pussy was a total mess.

    The other two men looked at the cum soaked cunt in amazement. They had never seen a twat look that messy, in their entire lives. But, they didn't care that they were getting super-sloppy seconds, as long as they got to fuck.

    When Ace finally stood up, the other two men knew that the pecking order called for T.J. to go next.

    T.J. grinned broadly, and started to climb up onto the bed. But, before he could position himself between Delena's outstretched thighs, the door to the cabin burst open, and in rushed a group of uniformed, gun-wielding men. The police that had been tracking the trio had finally caught up with them.

    When Delena saw the cops, and realized it was over, she burst into tears once again. But, this time, they were tears of joy.

    Butch was glad that the hell they had been in had come to an end too.

    Ace, T.J., and Robby, with guns pointed at them, stood with their hands up, and their asses out.

    The three men were wanted for bank robbery, plus a host of other crimes, and they were cold busted in the act of commiting an even more serious crime.

    This was the last piece of pussy Ace would ever have.




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