Vita Williams had waited for this day all her life. It was her wedding day. She was ecstatic that after all the planning and preparation, everything was going perfectly. Soon she would be married to her long time boyfriend Charles Emmons, and thus become Mrs. Vita Emmons.

    Not only had Vita been looking forward to her wedding day, but she was also eagerly looking forward to her wedding night. To her, it was as sacred an event as the marriage ceremony itself. She was a happy, and horny woman. She was so horny, she didn't even wear panties underneath her wedding gown.

    All their friends and family were there, to see the young couple take their vows. Vita's best friend LaShonda was her maid of honor, and Charles had no problem at all choosing his best man. It was his closest friend, Jeff Somers.

    Jeff was a good friend to Charles, even though he had the "hots" for Vita. He never made any advances towards her, but he sure as hell fantasized about getting his hands on her sweet black ass. Now, she was going to be Charles' wife. A part of him wished that he was the one about to say "I do" with Vita. It was hard for him to banish that thought, with the way she looked. She was gorgeous in her wedding gown, and he would have bet the farm that the body underneath it was gorgeous too. His friend Charles was indeed a lucky man to have a woman like her.

    Vita was having her own thoughts at the same time. She loved Charles, of course, that's why she was marrying him. But, she had to admit to herself that, his friend Jeff looked especially handsome in his rented tuxedo. It fit him like it was custom made. She had been harboring sexual fantasies about Jeff for some time now. In more than one magazine article she had read that fantasizing was okay, even if it was about your boyfriend's best friend - as long as you kept it a fantasy, and didn't act on it. Those thoughts quickly passed from her head, because the sex she was really craving was the sex that would consummate her marriage, and that was coming later that night. She could hardly wait.

    Charles was a very happy man that day. He was about to make the woman he loved his wife. He was beaming with pride at what a beautiful woman he was getting. No more girlfriend and boyfriend  stuff, she was going to be his lawfully wedded wife - and let no man put asunder.

    Like Vita, he was anxiously awaiting their wedding night. He planned to really put it to her ass. He wanted to get through the ceremony, so that they could get to the good part. He was ready to party. The reception, and what was going to happen later that evening, were his favorite parts of this whole deal.

    Finally, there they were, standing before the preacher exchanging vows. Then, the magical words were spoken, "I now pronounce you man and wife." The bride and groom kissed, and it was over.

    The wedding party all piled into their cars, with the happy couple riding in a limo, and made their way to the Fairmont Hotel dining room, where the reception was being held. This was convenient, because not only had they rented the dining hall, but they had also reserved the bridal suite upstairs.

    The reception was a blast. Everyone had a great time - especially Charles. He was toasting everything, and everybody. By the end of the party, he was drunk as a skunk. People were starting to leave, and that was the signal for the just married couple to make their way up to their room. Charles' drunken state embarrassed  Vita a bit, but she kept on her smiling face, as she thanked the departing guests. Meanwhile, Charles, with another glass of champagne in his hand did his best through slurred speech to thank everyone too. When just about everyone was gone, Vita turned to see him in a chair slumped over the banquet table. What a pathetic sight.

    She went over to him, and told him it was time to go upstairs. He managed to raise his head enough to look up at her, and say "Go upstairs for what? I like it fine right here."

    "You can't stay here baby. C'mon, let's go upstairs now. It's our wedding day, remember?"

    "Oh yeah, that's right, wedding day" Charles said slowly. "I guess this means it's time for us to go fuck."

    "Yeah, yeah, c'mon now" Vita said to him, as if talking to a small child. She grabbed him under his arm, and tried to pull him up from the table, but his weight was just too much for her.

    "Here, let me give you a hand", Vita heard someone say. When she turned around, she looked right into the face of Charles' friend Jeff. He quickly took Charles' other arm, and together they lifted him to his feet.

    "I'm so sorry about this Jeff" Vita said to him, as they carried Charles from the dining room towards the elevators.

    "No need to be sorry Vita" Jeff said. "Hey, the guy just got married, he deserves to celebrate." Vita returned the smile Jeff gave her, as he said that.

    The three of them got into the elevator, but only two of them knew what was going on. Charles was totally out of it. He was just conscious enough, so that they didn't have to drag him. When the elevator reached their floor they lugged Charles to the room door, and Jeff held him up, while Vita opened the door. With the door ajar, she retook his arm, and she and Jeff brought him inside. They took him straight to the bed, where he flopped down on it, immobile.

    Vita was visibly perturbed, as she looked down at her drunken groom.

    "This is supposed to be my wedding night, and look at my husband" she said. Jeff made no reply. But Charles did. He wasn't unconscious yet.

    "I'm sorry baby. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to get so drunk. I know you were looking forward to this, and I messed it all up. I'm sorry" Charles apologized.

    Vita said nothing. She didn't want to tell him that it was all right, because it wasn't all right. Her pussy was expecting a royal fucking, and now she was extremely disappointed. This was a damn disgrace. Hot greasy pussy waiting to get fucked, and here he was limp-dicked drunk.

    Charles continued, "I know you want to fuck."

    "Charles please, we have company."

    "Jeff ain't company. That's my best friend, and my best man. He knows about fuckin'. Right Jeff?"

    Jeff, a little embarrassed in front of Vita said, "Yeah, I know a little bit about it."

    "Well then, since I can't do no fuckin' tonight, why don't you fuck her?"

    Vita looked at Charles in shock, but said nothing. Jeff said, "Hey man, you're drunk, you don't know what you're saying.

    "Yeah, I'm drunk, but I know perfectly well what I'm saying. I want you to fuck my wife for me. Give her what she needs. I can't do it. There's no reason for her to do without some dick on her wedding night."

    Vita was disappointed, angry, and horny as hell, and her husband's suggestion didn't sound so bad at this point. But she still said nothing. Jeff didn't say a word either. He and Vita just looked at each other, then turned their attention back towards the inebriated man on the bed.

    "Go head baby, it's all right. I'm not jealous of Jeff. Go head and fuck him", Charles said, barely raising his head from the pillow.

    Vita said angrily, "That's what you want, you drunk ass? You want me to fuck your best friend? You want me to give him all this good pussy that you should be gettin' right now?

    "Yeah, go head and fuck him. You know you want to, hot ass pussy."

    Jeff started making his way towards the door. Things had gotten a bit too crazy in there for him.

    "Wait, don't go nowhere!" he heard Vita say. "If that's the way he wants it, then that's the way it's going to be. I'm not goin' without some dick on my wedding night."

    "Okay Charles, remember this was your idea. Don't wakeup tomorrow talkin' shit."

    "Nevermind all that, just go ahead and fuck. You know you want some of Jeff's white dick anyway, Charles said. "Jeff, do me a favor buddy, and give my wife her first shot of white cock."

    Jeff was still standing there, not sure how this was all going to play out. But, then, Vita reached down, and grabbed the front hem of her wedding gown, and pulled it up to her waist. Jeff saw her nappy, wiry-haired, black pussy. He couldn't believe this shit! Vita looked at him, as he looked at her pussy.

    "Okay Charles, I'm about to do it. No turnin' back" Vita said.

    "Stop talkin', and start fuckin'" Charles answered, with his face almost buried in the pillow.

    "C'mon Jeff, help me get this thing off" Vita said, as she turned around, so that Jeff could get at the zipper. Jeff hesitated a moment, still not believing what was happening.

    "Oh no, don't tell me you can't fuck either" she said.

    "No, no, I can fuck" Jeff answered quickly.

    "Well then unzip this dress, and let's get to it."

    When Jeff had seen Vita's naked pussy, his white dick had gotten hard as a brick. His cock was telling him this was the right thing to do. So, he proceeded to help Vita out of her dress. In a matter of seconds, it lay in a crumpled heap on the floor. Then she stood before  him practically nude. She had on a white bra, that wasn't much of a bra at all. Her areolas, and nipples were totally exposed. This was when Jeff saw just how big Vita's titties were. They were massive. The rest of her outfit consisted of a white garter belt, white stockings, and her white heels. She took off the dress, but left her tiara and veil on. She was a beautiful sight.

    Charles had stopped talking, but he could see what was going on, through blurry eyes.

    "I've never seen a real white dick before. Let's see what you got" Vita said to Jeff.

    Jeff, while looking dead at Vita, slowly pulled his zipper down, and because his dick was so hard, and long, he had a little difficulty getting it out of his pants. When it was in full view, Vita gasped at the size of it.

    "Damn, that's a big dick! Charles, his dick is way bigger than yours. She reached out and took the throbbing white monster cock in her hand, and led Jeff over to the side of the bed, so that Charles could get a real good look at the dick that was about to cuckold him on his wedding night.

    "Look at this dick baby. You sure you want him to stick this big thing in me?"

    "Do you want him to? Charles asked her.

    "Hell yeah. Shit, my ass is out, my pussy is out, and this big white dick is out, and now I want it in."

    "Go for it, nasty ass."

    Right beside the bed, so that Charles could still see, Vita went down on her knees before the mammoth meat, and took Jeff's big purple dickhead into her mouth, and started sucking it greedily. She alternated sucking the head, with licking up and down the long length of it, passing her tongue over the bulging veins. Jeff threw his head back in pleasure, as he felt Vita's hot mouth engulf his cock. As she sucked, he pulled off his suit jacket, and threw it on the floor. Then, the rest of his clothes followed. Vita only stopped sucking his dick long enough for him to get his pants, underwear, socks, and shoes off. Then she went right back to work on him.

    Charles watched as his black wife took his friend's big white cock into her mouth, and make a meal of it. He heard her slurping, and licking that white dick, and he heard his buddy moaning as she did it.

    Vita was going crazy on Jeff's dick. She had never see a real live Caucasian cock before, and here she was tasting one. She loved it! Not only did she suck the dick, she licked down the big vein on the underside of his cock, until she got to his big hairy white balls, and she took one into her mouth. It was an incredible sight for Charles to see his wife with a white man's nuts in her mouth, and hear all the nasty noises that came from her doing it. It was the most fantastic sight he had ever seen. Even as drunk as he was, he knew then that this marriage was not going to be your average marital union. He had a slut for a wife.

    "Can you see me Charles? Vita said, pausing a moment from washing Jeff's big dick and balls with her hot mouth, to turn to her husband. "You see me eatin' all this white meat over here?" It was a rhetorical question, because she could see his blurry eyes locked right on her. Charles said nothing, and kept on watching.

    After more voracious cock sucking, Vita let go of the dick, and stood up. She looked down at Charles' seemingly lifeless body on the bed, with such a lustfully evil grin on her face, that it kind of scared Jeff. She looked like she had transformed into someone else. She had transformed into someone else. In a short time, she had gone from a newly wedded bride, to a nasty-assed cuckoldress, and it appeared that she was really loving every minute of it.

    "Okay motherfucker, here it comes! Your sweet wife is about to get fucked by your best friend's big white dick!"

    She turned her ass around towards Jeff's protruding monster cock, bent over and said, "Stick that dick in me whiteboy!"

    Jeff quickly stepped in behind the bent over black ass meat before him, and grabbed a hold of his cock. Vita grabbed her own big ass cheeks and spread them obscenely wide, so that Jeff could see the pink wet flesh of her pussy hole. He planted the enormous purple head of his dick to the cunt entrance, and pushed his way to heaven. Vita yelped, when she felt that wide wedge of meat stretch her cunt hole open to accommodate its girth. Inch by inch, Jeff slowly introduced the full length of his thick white dick to Vita's hot black cunt.

    "Look Charles! Look at how your friend has got your wife! Tell him what you're doing to me Jeff! Go ahead!

    " Hey buddy, I've got my dick in your wife's cunt. I've got her fucked man" Jeff said, still looking down at the sight of his big, long white dick disappearing into Vita's hairy black cunt hole.

    Vita screamed, "Tell him louder!! I don't think the drunk motherfucker could hear you!"

    "I've got your wife fucked man!! Jeff said, much louder and forceful than the first time. As he said it, he slammed his dick into Vita. Then, it was on.

    Jeff went from zero to sixty in Vita's hairy maw. He was mule-dickin' the shit out of her black ass. He grabbed her by her ample hips, and gripped the black meat hard in his white hands, as he proceeded to pummel her pussy. Vita was having the breath knocked out of her, with every long, deep, cunt penetrating stoke that Jeff gave her.

    "Oooh yes! Get that pussy! Fuck that black cunt!" Vita managed to say in between gasps.

    Charles could see his wife's body being wracked by the maniacal fucking his white friend was putting on it. He saw Vita's big black ass meat bounce forward, every time Jeff's white pelvis collided with it. His ears were filled with the sound of the two bodies slapping together repeatedly, and in fast succession.

    Despite being totally drunk, he felt his dick start to stir. This shit was too hot for it not too. It was as if his cock had detached itself from the rest of his limp body, and decided to do it's own thing. The harder Jeff fucked Vita, the harder Charles' dick got. The stiffness of his dick threatened to push Charles' body up from the bed, but he just laid there, still as ever. He was really enjoying this show.

    Both Vita and Jeff were sweating profusely, as they continued their nasty work. Jeff was deep into the zone, as he plowed her wide stretched black pussy without mercy. He was fascinated by the sight of her pink inner cunt meat being pulled out along with his white dick on every outstroke. Then, seeing it jerked back in when he pushed the dick back into its newfound home. Thick fuck cream covered his white shaft, and the nappy haired lips of Vita's black cunt. They were churning it up thicker and thicker by the minute. His large hairy white nuts swung to and fro at the speed of light, which was the same rate that his dick was sawing in and out of Vita's fuck hole.

    Then, suddenly Vita shouted "Let's get on the bed and fuck!"

    Reluctantly, Jeff pulled his wet dick clean out of Vita, and stood back.

    Vita stood up, and turned around to Jeff, and said "Help me move this drunk ass over, so that we'll have enough room to fuck." Then they both went around to the opposite side of the bed, and grabbed Charles, Jeff at his torso, and Vita at his feet, and dragged his body closer to the edge. Charles was still as limp as a ragdoll, but the dragging caused friction between his hard dick and the bed, it felt good to him. He wished he had enough strength to reach down and take it out of his pants. But, all he could do was lay still in the spot that they now had him.

    The cuckolding interracial couple walked back around to the other side of the bed, and Vita threw herself onto it, with her legs cocked and spread wide. Jeff climbed between her outstretched black thighs, with his dick in his hand. He leaned his body over hers, and planted the dick back in her creamy splayed cunt. He punched into her pussy with a loud slap, and began fucking the shit out of her once again.

    Charles felt the bed shaking underneath him, as his best friend barreled his way into his wife's receptive body. As Vita felt every stroke of Jeff's dick hit her, Charles felt it too as a vibration in the bed. The shaking was also causing the bed to rub against his dick. Inadvertently, he was being masturbated by the humping couple.  

         On and on they fucked. They were totally oblivious to the man laying right beside them. But, in the larger scheme of things, his presence was what was making the fuck so hot. Inside, they both knew that, but they had no time to ponder it, because they were too busy jammin'.

    Jeff fucked his big dick into Vita masterfully, completely dominating her. In that moment, her black pussy belonged to him. Fuck her husband! That was his pussy. The wet slap of his white balls against Vita's upturned black ass seemed to punctuate that thought. Over and over, they swung out and then back in until they met with her asshole with a nasty "splacking" sound. Charles could hear it cleary, along with the Jeff's grunting, and Vita's moans and whimpers.

    The shaking of the bed, and the subsequent rubbing of his dick almost made poor Charles cum. But, his drunken state served to dull the sensation a bit, and thus prolong any orgasm. He had to admit to himself though, it felt damn good.

    Huffing, and puffing, and moving like a runaway locomotive, Jeff continued to hard fuck his friends wife right in his face.

    "Give it to me baby!" Vita yelled up into Jeff's face. "Give me all that good white cock!"

    Drops of sweat were falling of Jeff down onto Vita's face, and big black titties - titties that were bouncing back and forth as the white man's dick hit her ravaged cunt full force.

    They fucked on endlessly, neither one of them wanting to stop. But, nature had other plans. Jeff felt a stirring in his swinging balls, and knew that the heavy load of cum contained in them was about to come out. The feeling grew, and then he felt his big dickhead expand even more, as the hot spunk raced up from his balls, up the length of his dick, and finally, with a blast, into Vita's cunt. Vita felt the hot gush of white man cum spray into her black cunt, and she tightened her pussy muscles in an attempt to milk it all out. Jeff kept pumping the nasty muck into her through his pistoning dick, until his balls were totally drained. Then, he collapsed on her body, red faced, and trying hard to catch his breath. Vita kept squeezing his now softening dick with her cunt walls. Jeff loved the way that felt.

    After laying there in the fuck afterglow for a while, Jeff pulled his slimey dick from Vita's pussy. The load of cum spilled it's way out, and down her ass crack. It was a fantastically nasty sight. Charles wished that he could see it, but he couldn't raise his head high enough to.

    Jeff suddenly felt pangs of guilt for the way he had just humiliated his best friend. It was as if he had been in a lust-induced fog, and now that the fog had lifted, he didn't like what he saw. He loved the fact that he had gotten some of Vita's good pussy, but still the guilt was there. He dressed in a hurry, and left the two newlyweds laying on the bed.

    Vita laid there beside her husband, too fucked out to move. Now, they were both immobile. She could feel Jeff's load still pouring out of her well fucked cunt.

    She turned her head to her husband and said, "Do you still want to be married to me, now that I've fucked your friend in front of your face?"

    Charles spoke the first words he had in a while. "Yes baby, I still love you."

    "Did you like seeing me get fucked?"

    "Yeah, it was hot."

    "And you call me nasty assed" Vita laughed. With that, she took her husband's hand, and placed it on her soaking wet cunt meat. Charles' fingers slipped down her spermy slit, and he felt his friends spunk all over his fingers.

    "Here's the wedding present Jeff left for you" Vita said.

    They let his hand stay there, as they drifted off to sleep.




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