By Birch

    Damn. The Walker's were late again with their second mortgage
payment. After two years of fairly regular payments, they started missing their due date for each of the past four months and now had completely missed this month. It was understandable as Eunice was the only one working since Ed got laid off. When I called their home number, I found that it was disconnected.

    Damn, I would have to ride over there this evening after work to talk with them. Since I was working until 7PM, this would be a long day.

    When I got to their house, it was dark and Ed answered the door. He was a little drunk and surprised to see me, but invited me in with a friendly wave. We walked into the living room of the small ranch home and sat down.

    He started right off by telling me they had no money to make this month's payment. They had paid the 1st mortgage, the gas & electric, bought some groceries, and that was about it for the money. As we talked I found that they might be able to afford $200 per month going forward, but no way could they swing the regular $310 payment. He also realized that I could foreclose on him.

    While he was talking me to me I noticed over his shoulder that their bedroom door was half-way open. Since the light was off in there, I couldn't be sure, but it looked like Mrs. Walker was spread out on the bed, sleeping on her stomach. Damn, she had a nightgown on that had ridden up and only covered the top half of her butt, leaving much of her pink panties exposed. Did I mention the Walker's were black? Even in the dark, those panties accented her golden brown buns nicely. I missed the next few moments of what Mr. Walker was saying as he rambled on.

    Abruptly, Mr. Walker turned around to see what I was staring at. He turned back at me. "You like that?" he asked. I stammered. A knowing look ran over his face. A solution to their mortgage problem was formulating in his head.

    He then made his pitch. He pays me that $200 per month and I fuck his wife every month for the other $110. At first, I couldn't believe him or this whole situation. Could this be a set up? No, nobody knew I would be here.

    He walked into the bedroom and invited me to follow. When he saw me hesitate at the doorway, he leaned over his sleeping wife, grabbed the back of her panties and pulled them up into a wedgie. He then slowly pulled them up higher so that her big hips were lifted in the air. Damn, her butt looked fine, but how could he do that without waking her?

    He saw my face and then explained. Seems that Eunice works an occasional double shift to make extra money and she's just not used to it. In the meanwhile, due to a bad back, Ed was given prescription pills to help him sleep. On nights when he wanted some pussy, he's slip some into her nightcap. Being exhausted and then drugged, and she was basically out of it until the next morning.

    While she would never agree to this if given a choice, Ed guaranteed that he could set this up on a regular monthly basis without her ever suspecting. He told me they were having marital problems and she told him he wasn't get any pussy until he got a job.  She didnít know he was still getting pussy as he had already fucked her on a few nights when she was passed out like that.  She didn't suspect a thing.

    Hmmm. I thought that had some possibilities.

    I recalled Eunice was a big girl, about 5'10" and 145 lbs. She was about 40 years old. And now here she was and one thing was for sure, as I stared at it now - she had a fine bubble butt.

    While I stared at her wide hips as he held her up in the air, we negotiated the terms. A couple hours per visit, once a month. Must wear a condom each time I fuck her. (He would give me a couple of his for tonight). The "payment" due date would be about the same as their regular due date, but Ed would call to confirm each time, as it had to be on an O/T night and he had to prime her with those sleeping pills when she got home. He volunteered that all of her holes were available to me. He emphasized "All". This would continue until Ed found a job. 

    Ed released her panties and her hips fell to the side. With her knees bent while she lay there I had a perfect view of the panties pulled all up in her crotch and the kinky, black pubic hair that now framed both sides of the pink crotch band. Walking around to the other side of the bed, I got my first glimpse of a tit exposed from the unbuttoned top of her nightgown. I reached out to touch Eunice's chocolate tipped nipple while looking at Ed and waiting for his approval. He smiled, pointed at the condoms on the dresser, and walked out the door, letting me have her to myself.

    At first, I barely touched her nipple. Then a little more. Then, I rolled it around between my thumb and forefinger. She didn't stir at all. This was going to be fun.

    I walked back over to the other side of the bed so that I could get in close to her butt and check out her pussy from that angle.. I leaned in to take a deep breath of her private scent and then reached out and ran a finger along the material. From her pussy all the way up her butt crack to the top of her panties where I slipped my hand in.

    I almost couldn't believe that I was fondling the sweet ass of a sleeping black woman and that I had just "contracted" with her husband and to do it again on a regular basis as part of a second mortgage payment agreement. I eased her on to her back so I could make a more thorough inspection of my collateral.

    I have to say that she had a pretty face but that I immediately
focused on her full lips. I leaned down and licked my tongue over her mouth. While doing that I gently placed my hand on the front of her nightgown and started playing with her ample (double D?) tits through the material. A soft sigh escaped her lips but other than that she was completely still as I felt her up.

    Time for a closer inspection. There were five buttons in the front of her nightgown and I unbuttoned enough to pull her tits out and have the material hold them together and prop them up. I gave each breast a lick and then each nipple a suck. She tasted goooood.

    I continued my appraisal (that's mortgage talk) by moving down to her pussy. Her husband had pulled her panties deeply up into her crotch when he had lifted her hips up earlier. They looked uncomfortable, so being the nice guy I was, I pulled them down and off of her.

    She was naked from the waist down. She had a thick bush that was nicely trimmed to frame her mound. Her plump, juicy cunt lips looked like they could take a nice pounding. I pushed her thighs apart so I could have a completely unobstructed view of her most private area - her pussy, my collateral.

    I inspected her pussy very, very thoroughly, feeling its' sponginess, finding and stroking her clit, testing the depth and width of her hole with my fingers. A musky aroma rose from her cunt as I manipulated it until my fingers were all wet from her juices. She moaned softly, licking her lips. It was time to fuck her.

    Walking over to the dresser to get a condom, it occurred to me that I should lock the door. Wouldn't want Ed to come in and have second thoughts, or worse yet, come in with a camera. That reminded me. I'd need to bring one with me the next time.

    I pulled my pants and shorts off, but left my shirt on. In an almost push-up position with my hands on the bed on either side of her shoulders and my knees on the bed between her wide-spread legs, I lowered myself over Eunice, and targeted my cock against the entrance to her now wet hole. Slowly easing in, I felt her warmth and tightness but little resistance. When I was balls-deep, I looked into her sleeping face and waited, enjoying the feeling. Damn, that
was good.

    I pulled out slowly, then back in, then out, working up to a steady rhythm. Ed was right. She was TOTALLY out of it. Here was a white guy pounding her black pussy and she had no clue. I wish I could say that I fucked her for an hour, but actually I came in about ten minutes, the thought of her as my fuck toy was just too much.

    I lay beside her for a little while, looking at her well-used pussy, trapped double-D tits facing skywards, and full pouty lips, thinking of all the things I would to her. Ed did say that all three holes were available and I was going to test each one. I hoped he wouldn't find a job too soon and hoped that even after he did find a job, we could still work out an arrangement, perhaps a reduced interest rate, for continued access to his wife and my collateral.

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