Rudy and Fonda



Tapping his cigarette into a glass ashtray, Rudy watched his wife's brown fingers fondle the young white man's cock and balls. It made him smile slightly even though neither Fonda nor Paul were looking at him. They had pressed their lips together once again as the passion fires began to re-ignite. Rudy took another drag, pulling the mentholated smoke into his lungs. His gaze was fixed on the dark thumb and index finger rubbing the head of the ivory dick. The ivory shaft was beginning to grow and stiffen again. As Rudy exhaled, he felt his own cock begin to harden as well. Rudy finished his vodka and orange juice in two gulps, took a final drag from his cigarette, ground it into the ashtray, and lifted his video recorder.

When viewed later, the next portion of the video would show a couple making out on a couch. The mature black woman was nude except for a black garter belt and stockings. Her lover was a nude white man, in his mid-twenties, with blonde hair and muscular physique. The black woman had a beautiful face, large, firm breasts, a flat stomach, and a shapely ass. The white man was running the fingers of one hand through her wavy black hair while they kissed. The fingertips of his other hand were brushing back and forth over an ebony nipple. The black woman's fingers were fondling a long, stiff, ivory cock and balls.

Paul loved the feel of Fonda's full, moist lips sliding against his. Their lips moved in a slow circle against each other, while their tongues lovingly caressed. The scented soap which Fonda had used to clean the cum from her face drifted into Paul's nostrils, and he could taste the mouthwash she'd used. As Fonda felt Paul's dick grow and stiffen, she curled her fingers around it and felt it throb in her hand. Rudy became more aroused as he watched the white cock continue to grow.

"Hey, how 'bout if we go up to the bedroom for the next session?" Rudy suggested.

Fonda and Paul reluctantly broke their lip-lock.

Fonda said, "That's a good idea. Okay, Paul?"

"Sure. Fine with me."

Fonda stood and took Paul by the hand. Paul followed Fonda's exquisite ebony ass up the stairs. Rudy followed, recorder and camera in hand. Fonda led Paul into the master bedroom. A king-size bed dominated the huge room. Paul had never been in a bedroom so large.

Once in the room, Fonda wrapped her arms around Paul's waist and pulled against him. Paul put one arm around Fonda's shoulders, the other hand behind Fonda's head, and pressed his lips to hers.

Rudy watched his wife's succulent brown tits press against Paul's muscular white chest. Looking downward, he could see the long ivory hard-on rubbing against her firm ebony stomach. Rudy's head swam with pot, alcohol, and lust. His knees trembled slightly. He was having difficulty holding his camera steady, because he was attempting to fondle his semi-erect penis as he recorded the action.

The effects of the pot, booze, and lust weren't lost on Fonda or Paul either. Paul's inhibitions had melted away. Sharing pleasure with Fonda was the only thing on his mind.

Fonda was grinning and moaning softly while they kissed and fondled each other. When the back of Fonda's legs contacted the side of the bed, she sat down abruptly, still grinning. Her face was now even with Paul's stiff cock. Fonda reached up, curled her dark fingers around the ivory shaft, and swirled her tongue around the swollen pinkish head, licking off some pre-cum. Then she slid her lips over the head and took it into her mouth.

"You're an angel," Paul moaned. "That feels so good."

Fonda took her mouth off the white hard-on, gave Paul a stoned grin, and said, "You damn right it does." Then she slid Paul's dick back into her mouth. Paul laughed quietly.

Rudy moved to the couple's side and said, "Fonda, hold the head of Paul's cock between your lips for a couple of photos."

Fonda was glad to comply with Rudy's directions. Her full, sensuous lips covered the head of the ivory hard-on to where the ridge was just visible. Rudy took three photos.

"So hot, you two," Rudy complimented his stars.

Fonda sucked and licked the long white cock until it had exceeded ten inches.

When Paul felt himself losing control, he said to Fonda, "Lay back on the bed."

Fonda laid back and moved over to make room for Paul. He climbed on the bed next to her, and ran his tongue over her erect, ebony nipples. Fonda ran her fingers through Paul's blonde hair and moaned softly. It seemed to Fonda that her nipples were even more sensitive when she was stoned, and she was enjoying Paul's attentions tremendously.

Fonda said, "Lay on your back, baby."

Paul just smiled and did as instructed. Fonda positioned herself across Paul's thighs and grasped his hard-on. She leaned closer and used the head of the ivory dick to rub one of her dark chocolate nipples and then the other. Rudy moved in for a close-up. At the same time, Paul's fingers slid up Fonda's dark thigh and into her curly, black pubes. Her lips were wet, and Paul slipped his middle and index finger into her pussy. To Fonda, Paul's touch was always gentle, yet stimulating; never rough and clumsy.

"I love how you play with my pussy," Fonda moaned, "Rub my clit."

Paul's fingertips massaged Fonda's clit, and a shiver of pleasure ran through her body. Normally as her sex sessions continued, Fonda's orgasms would come closer together and with less stimulation. With the tip of Paul's big white dick rubbing her ebony nipples, and his fingertips rubbing her clit, Fonda quickly began panting. Her body shuddered as another orgasm flowed through her.

Still playing director, Rudy said, "Lemme see you two sixty-nine."

Fonda and Paul were up for anything, so Fonda positioned herself above Paul and lowered her pussy to Paul's eager mouth. She then curled her fingers around his vanilla hard-on and slid her full lips over the swollen head. Rudy began recording with a shot of Paul's young white face pressed against Fonda's dark muff. Then Rudy slowly panned down the couple's sides, showing Fonda's dark tits rubbing against the Paul's light stomach. Finally, he focused on Fonda sucking and licking the big white dick. Rudy laid on the bed to get a better close-up of the interracial blow-job. Satisfied with the close-up, he laid the camera on the bed, and moved even closer to his wife's face. His own cock was rock hard and lust filled his mind.

Fonda took her mouth from Paul's dick and said to Rudy, "I know you wanna suck it too. It's okay, baby."

She aimed the long white hard-on toward her husband. Rudy looked at Fonda for a moment. She always seemed to know. Fonda was sure that her husband's long time fascination with watching black pussy and white cock had mostly been about the big, young white dicks. It was something she could relate to.

Rudy hesitated. Fonda had assured him that Paul would be discreet. Rudy didn't want it getting out that he was bisexual. Neither did he want people to know that he liked to watch his wife fuck other men. At this point, what did it matter? He had already shared Fonda with Paul. Rudy gazed trance-like at the delicious vanilla cock. He wanted so badly to feel that young, ivory hard-on throb in his mouth.

Rudy stuck out his tongue and swirled it around the head of Paul's cock four times, before taking it into his mouth. Fonda held the erection and watched Rudy's full lips slide slowly up and down the ivory shaft.

Fonda smiled and whispered, "Do what turns you on, baby. I don't mind."

Since Fonda knew that Rudy had been wanting to suck a big white dick for a long time, she allowed him to enjoy the moment, and instead she licked Paul's balls.

Most of Paul's concentration remained on the black pussy pressed against his face. His hard-on was being pleasured. That was all that mattered. Paul used his fingertips to spread Fonda's dark pussy lips even wider, and then moved his flattened tongue in circles against her clit. It still somewhat surprised Fonda how eager her young white man was to please her, and the way he instinctively knew exactly how to make her wild with desire. Waves of pleasure flowed from her clit to her brain. She watched Paul's long white hard-on slide back and forth over her husband's dark lips.

Fonda knew that it would excite Rudy later to see himself blowing Paul. She lifted the video recorder, climbed off the bed, and began recording the action from a variety of angles.

Paul looked down and watched the mature black man suck and lick his throbbing ivory hard-on. He was so intoxicated with lust, that it didn't matter who was pleasuring him. If Paul hadn't cum a short time earlier, he wouldn't have been able to maintain control. Rudy looked up and his eyes met Paul's. He managed a slight smile, even with the young white dick in his mouth. Paul closed his eyes and moaned quietly.

Fonda laid down the video recorder and climbed back onto the bed. She decided that she had to feel that stiff ivory shaft inside of her once again.

"Rudy, honey, please let me have a turn with that big dick for a couple minutes."

Rudy pulled his mouth from Paul's cock and said, "Sure, baby."

Fonda held Paul's hard-on straight up, lowered her pussy onto it, and began to pump in the reverse cowgirl position.

"Lick my pussy, baby," Fonda said to Rudy.

Rudy smiled and bent to press his tongue to Fonda's wet muff. In this position, he could lick both his wife's pussy and the long white dick sliding in and out. Fonda moaned loudly. Rudy stroked his own cock as he serviced his black wife and her white lover.

Nearing orgasm, Rudy stood upright on the bed and moved his erection close to his wife's face. Fonda grasped the black boner and took it into her mouth. She sucked Rudy's dick while she fucked Paul.

It took only a minute before Rudy announced, "Cumming, baby!"

Fonda took Rudy's rod from her mouth and stroked it vigorously. Rudy groaned and shuddered. Because he'd cum only a short time earlier, Rudy's ejaculation just oozed out onto Fonda's hand. Without even pausing in fucking Paul, Fonda wiped her hand on the sheet which was headed for the laundry anyway. Rudy sat on the edge of the bed, panting.

Fonda pumped Paul furiously, raising her hips until his rod was barely inside of her, and then slamming down hard. She moaned loudly and her head bobbed with every thrust. Rudy recorded Fonda's ecstasy.

"Fuck... Slut... Fuck... Slut..." Fonda panted in time with her thrusts.

After a minute, Paul moaned, "I'm gonna cum!"

Fonda lifted her pussy from Paul's hard-on, grasped it, and rubbed the head against her clit.

"Shoot it, baby!" Fonda said.

Warm, white cum spurted onto her bush and abdomen. As she used the head of the huge ivory dick to smear the cum against her clit, Fonda shuddered and had another orgasm. Rudy zoomed in for the cum-shot. Fonda repositioned herself, curled her dark fingers around the vanilla rod, and slid her lips over the head. With his hard-on in Fonda's talented mouth, Paul shivered with ecstasy. He ran his fingers over Fonda's hair. Fonda gently sucked the ivory dick like it was a pacifier, even after it began to go flaccid.

Rudy ceased recording and went into the bathroom to clean up. After Rudy returned, Paul insisted that Fonda clean up next, and laid on the bed staring at the ceiling.

Rudy sat on the edge of the bed, smiled at Paul, and said, "I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as Fonda and I did?"

Paul turned his head to look at Rudy. He no longer felt uncomfortable being nude with Fonda's husband. Having watched Rudy suck his cock had bridged even more barriers.

"Yeah, it was amazing," Paul said honestly.

"Good," Rudy grinned and placed his hand on Paul's thigh. "I know that Fonda would agree that you're the most... uh... gifted young man we've ever entertained."

"Your wife's incredible in every way," Paul said.

Rudy stood and laughed softly, "She's an insatiable old slut. She has the face of an angel and a body made for sin. If I want to keep her around at all, I have to allow her a lot of freedom." Rudy opened a drawer and began to put on boxer shorts and a t-shirt.

Paul sat upright on the edge of the bed, and watched Fonda re-enter the bedroom. She had cleaned up, had removed the garter belt and stockings, and was now totally naked. She moved toward Paul, and kissed him briefly.

"The bathroom's all yours. I put a washcloth and towel on the vanity for you."

"Thanks," Paul said as he walked toward the bathroom.

"Rudy, be a sweetie and bring Paul's clothes up from the living room for him?" Fonda suggested. Fonda opened her dresser and put on a pair of panties, sweatpants, and matching sweatshirt. To be a good host, Rudy retrieved Paul's clothes and laid them on the bed.

After Paul cleaned up and dressed, he found Fonda and Rudy downstairs in the living room. Both were sipping fresh drinks, and Rudy was smoking a cigarette. They offered Paul a nightcap.

"Thanks, but I can't risk a DUI, and I better get going," Paul said.

Rudy shook Paul's hand and told him to have a safe trip. Fonda gave Paul a passionate kiss and said to keep in touch.

As Paul began the drive home, he decided that sex with Fonda and her husband had been the kinkiest thing he'd ever done. He was glad that he'd agreed to do it. He'd have to see if Fonda would make a copy of the video for him.



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