Put In Her Place 



By Biggshot




    In our office at work there is an attractive 35-year-old married black woman named Gwenetta Brooks. She's the sociable type, and likes to enjoy herself, but never goes too far. She's always telling us stories of when she's "out with the girls", or how when she was a cheerleader and her routines where so outrageous. Sometimes she can be real uppity and even though she's about 20 pounds overweight she thinks she's still got it.  Gwenetta likes to attract our attention with her big ass and her  short mini skirts.

    One particular incident happened about 6months ago, and Gwenetta remains forever changed from it.

    Gwenetta was at an office party. One of the guys, Big Al, was retiring, and she was the only woman there. This wasn't unusual, there were often only 2 or 3 women at these "smokers", but on this occasion she was alone. After a while, the guys started to get a bit rowdy, and started questioning whether a "Stripagram" had been ordered. Attention moved towards Gwenetta, who was as usual being a little uppity tease, and was looking very sexy with her big black ass undulating in her tight skirt. She had caught one or two looking at her rear end as she walked past, and this made her flaunt it even more. As the party wound down to about 4or 5 or us and we were getting bored so Big Al yelled, "Come on, Gwenetta, give us a show!" "Make an old man happy", he laughed. The others latched onto this. "Get on the table so we can all see", someone bellowed from the back. No sooner said than done, and Gwenetta was lifted onto a table.
         At first she stood there wondering what to do. A couple of the guys were calling for her to strip, but that was out of the question. Even though her boss wasn't there, she had her uppity standards to maintain. However eventually she started to raise her skirt. Very slowly, she exposed her slip to cheers from the guys. Then this was lifted to show her stocking tops, and a glimpse of thigh. What a tease. The guys shouted for more but she flatly refused. She wasn't that drunk, she told them. Letting go the hem of her dress, she tried to get off the table. One of the guys appeared to be about to help her, but instead he swung her across his shoulder and began parading  her around the room to hoots of laughter from the guys. Each man in turn slapped her bottom as she passed, her short skirt rising up as she squirmed and twisted. They weren't particularly hard slaps, but I knew she had to feel somewhat humiliated by the experience non-the less. She knew from the air on the tops of her legs that her skirt and slip were somewhere near her ass by now. She was horrified at the thought of these guys, who she had to face at work the following Monday, seeing her panties exposed like this, and worse still spanking her! When she heard "Pull-em-off!" and a hand shot up her skirt, grasped the top of her panties, and yanked them down to her knees, she began to furiously struggle. A huge cheer went up at the  sight of her big black ass cheeks. Looking backwards she could see the guys clambering for a better view, as she clamped her legs tightly together to prevent them from seeing even more. Now they were slapping her bare ass! She couldn't believe it. And from the flashlights, taking photographs too! She was paraded round the room over and over again until every man had smacked and groped her lovely black ass. Eventually, the spanking came to an end, and she was put down on the table again. Shamefaced Gwenetta sat on the table with her head down as everyone was laughing and cheering, but worse was yet to come. With all the smacking on her big ass she hadn't noticed that her panties had been removed completely, and she looked on in dismay as the white satin garment was tossed around the room. Some of the guys at the front of the table tried to lift her dress up, but she resisted. So they forced her down on her hands and knees and while two in front held in the place the others flipped her skirt up over her ass and were taking turns spanking her ass. These spanks were much harder as each one tried to get a bigger reaction and groan out of Gwenetta. This lasted for about 15-20 minutes and Gwenetta was feeling totally humiliated by the guys domination of her. Boy were we surprised when her ass began to involuntarily hump to the rhythm of the hands spanking her ass. Big Al sneered, "Not so uppity now are you, looks like you like getting you ass spanked!" Big Al quickly unbuckled his belt and pulled out his dick and rubbed sticky precum all over Gwenetta face as he held her by her chin, "Maybe you'll like this too!" bringing loud cheers from the guys. Gwenetta was whimpering and trying to move her face to avoid the dick when Big Al pinched of her nostrils so she couldn't breathe and forced his dick in her mouth, "Don't you dare bite me or I take a belt to your big ass." With that he began a furious face fuck as the guys seeing this spanked her vigorously and reddish tinge began to appear on her ass.
    Big Al held out for about 10 minutes before he unleashed a huge load on Gwenetta's face, a thoughtful coworker used a spoon to scoop it up off her face and into her mouth. I took Big Al's place and Gwenetta now resigned to her fate began to suck my cock in earnest, wanting it to last I grabbed her hair and controlled the tempo of her sucking as she let out a big groan of frustration. When I came I kept my dick and her mouth and said, "Swallow it." Needless to say Gwenetta sucked us all off and was very submissive for the rest of the night as we took her out on the town and hand more fun with her. We ended up at a hotel where we made her suck and fuck us till midnight when we sent her home. Now when she's occasionally uppity at work but all we do is pull out the pictures and take her in the back room for a spanking and a blowjob. That puts her in her proper place, on her knees, a cock in her mouth and a hand spanking her big black ass.




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