Private Tolliver


By Mad Gerald.





            We were on desert training. At the National Training Center ( NTC) adjoining Fort Irwin California. All combat units in the active army rotate through there every 3 or so years . The last one was boring as fuck, so this year I did a deal  with some of the other Section leaders it took quite a few  favors but I got my way.

            Everything went as planned, and I  ended up in a deserted location with my prize.  I had been interested in this bitch since she arrived at the post She is a sexy, flirtatious, black female Private E3. 5' 10, A young Pam Grier but with short cropped hair. Stocky with real  big tits. A 36‑38 DD, at least. a big girl, strong, always working  out. So today she was going to really work out.

            Another Sergeant Dave Stone, a friend of mine was real interested in her too. Only trouble was he'd tried. He'd  tried to get her on her own several times. She was  switched on though and newwhat he was after.  He was so pissed at her. He'd grabbed a hold of her tit's  and gave them good hard squeeze when he thought he  was close. She'd ripped into him, threatened to bust his  ass with our superiors. Trouble was he already had one  report in which he was suspected of abusing female  subordinates on file. So he was forced to back off.  Career? Big tit's? it's a tough decision! 

            So anyway we'd all had a pop at being nice to her, trying  to get in her pants. All of us had been blown out. At work she tended to stay around female officers, as much as she could. That alone made approaches difficult. On this exercise we only had one female officer,  Lt.. Harris and Dave had swapped names around so she was due to be ordered out to a forward position. That cleared the way for our plan to liberate that pussy. 

            We were in the Mojave desert. Surrounded by high desert  hills high enough to be called mountains, we were in a flat valley.  In support in the BDE slice since we had long idle times between combat arms battalion rotations on live fire and force on force.  It was ideal for our little plan.  We were a signal unit acting as an isolated radio relay detachment  setting up the antenna on the hill above us. I was a Sergeant, an E‑5, lowest section leader we had. All we had to do there is change the batteries or run the vehicle engine, change the frequencies at 0001 hours every day, and perform local security from the OP. As arranged she was with Dave stone's combat section,  Lt Harris and came over with them to me, I grinned, she left them,  stood away and approached.

            "You had a message and wanted to speak Sergeant?" She asked

            "Yes Sir, I need some manpower to build the OP?"

            "Manpower, what are your four men doing?"

            "Setting up the base unit and codes, they won't be finished for hours and I need . . ."

            "We all need Sergeant, where's the message?"

            "Yes Sir, a message." I handed the signal and let her read it.

            She pulled her face "Sergeant Stone!" He came over.

            "I have to go to a forward position. You assume command until I return"

            "Yes Sir!" he saluted.

             "My manpower?"

             "Oh yeah right, sort out a man for the OP Sergeant Stone" and grumbling she

walked off.

            He grinned at me, "So you need a man?"

            "A big black bitch would be better."

            "You got the camera set up in that box o' yours?"

            "Sure have, best the military can buy"

            "In that case all you need is one unwilling indervidual" he smiled.

 "Oh yes" we both laughed. He shook my hand then called her over.

            "Tolliver get your butt here!"

            She pounded over.

            "Yes Sergeant!"

            "Private I want an OP diggin in that dry stream bed set to it!"

            "Yes Sergeant!"

             I looked on as she dragged off her LBE and BDU jacket  down to her blouse. Her big frame filled her uniform deliciously. Her big breasts pushing against the material as she struggled out  of her equipment. She quickly set to digging into the bank.

Stone got the rest of his Section and mine together on the other side of the bank. Ten minutes later he took the other soldiers on a mission  that would take all day.  That left me with my second in command Spec4. Eriq. Valdez and Jonno and of course our Amazonian E3 Pvt. Tolliver.

            I left the bitch digging the OP. Fuck it was hot, she was now down to her boot's, BDU trousers and T shirt shoveling sand. Her black skin was  covered in sweat. Her tit's were wonderfully outlined with her T shirt darkening and  clinging to them. She was panting and huffin' and puffin'.

            Our office in the field is a 5 ton truck with a big air conditioned shelter on the back . Eriq and I were chillin in the office, watching Tolliver working away outside. She stopped, looked around, then mopped her brow.

            "Hey Valdez, where did Lt Harris go?"

            "Why, you miss her?" he shouted back.

            "No just wonderin' where's everyone at?"

            "They've gone on some mission, why?"

            "Oh right" She pulled her face.

            Fuck she was pissed, her face looked like thunder. Her big muscles were working like pistons as she threw the sand out of that hole

            "Hey Tolliver, you wanna drink?" she stopped and looked up at us. She dropped the shovel and climbed out of the hole.

            "I didn't say you could have one Private!  I asked if you would like one, dumbass!!"

The others sniggered.

            "Well that would be nice Sarge!"

            "Ok I'll give you a shout when you can have one then!"

            She looked crestfallen and climbed back in the hole, she started to dig.


She put even more effort in. We watched her dig furiously for another five minutes. getting really sweaty.

            "Right Tolliver, Come and get one then!"

            She climbed out of the hole giving us a good view of her deep dark cleavage. She

laboriously  climbed into the truck. I pointed out the ice chest. We watched her big strong ass as she bent over it to retrieve a cold drink. Her dusty BDU trousers were real tight across her butt.

            She delved into the ice looking for a drink, My mind went to what good use the ice could be put to later, as her tits bobbed hanging forward, she had no bra on. She stood drinking it. The

A.C. had her nipples pushing right out through her brown issue T shirt. Her tits were big round

globes pushing heavily against the damp material, her areola were thick and surrounded with

discernable bumps. I licked my lips and glanced at Eriq, who grinned. She finished the drink

gasping. Her chest heaving.

            "You gentlemen fine in here?" She said sarcastically, sweat covered her face, dripping from her chin.

            "Sure are you got a problem with that Private?"

            She pulled her face and shook her head.

            "Back to it Tolliver, OP's don't dig themselves!"

            She climbed down and went back to it, her back to us. Her BDU's clung like paint to her big strong ass a she worked. I could feel my cock straining in my pants. After another

twenty minutes she had finished it. She stood gasping next to the hole.

            "You finished Private!"

            "Yes Sarge it's finished!, you mind if I take a break"

            "Well it's like this, you take a break how’s all that gear gonna get in that  hole?"

             "Aww Sarge, I need a shower!"        

            "After Private after!!"

            "Like you're busy." She grumbled and moaned under her breath, but she started moving the gear. I looked at Eriq,

             "You ready yet"

            He grinned "Sure am, can't wait."

            She finished stowing the gear and got out of the hole.

            "Private Tolliver, get your ass over here!"

            She came over and climbed in the truck looking at me in that way troops do when they detect that edge in your voice which tells them they're in

the shit.


            "Is that how you address me private, IS IT!!"

            She slammed upright "NO SERGEANT IT IS NOT SERGEANT!"

            "That's more like it, seemed to me you had things to say when ordered to move that equipment Private"

            "No Sir" she was stood rigid, the A C making her black sweat sheened skin come up in goose bumps. Her nipples were dark pressing points against her T shirt. Eriq moved behind her.      "Good, I'm glad to hear it" I smiled weighing her up.

            "I wouldn't want you thinking I gave you jobs because your black" her eyes flashed in anger.

            "What do you mean by that Sargeant!" I grinned "I mean nothing by it soldier, You see I give you jobs like that because I like to see your big black tits sweat!"

            She looked totally stunned.

             "What did you say?"

            "You heard bitch".

            "I don't have to take that shit off of you man!"

            "Oh but you do Private, now you play real nice and we don't have to get rough!"

            Eriq held out the combat knife to her side so she could see it. She was weighing me up, her mind racing trying to work out if she could better me.

            "And what have I gotta do to play nice Sarge?"

            "Kneel an' suck bitch for starters."

            Her face took on a look of revulsion..

            Eriq put his arms around her andgrabbed her wrists and yanked them above her head, quickly lashing her wrists together with

tape.  He finished her wrists and then wrapped the tape between them. Then he grabbed at the rope

hanging from the roof he tied it off between her hands. Then I helped him haul the rope up so

her arms were above her head. We lashed the rope to a handle behind her. I stood back.

Fuck she looked good a big Amazon princess in BDU's.

            She stared at the at us tears filling her big brown eyes."

            Let's see them big black hooters eh Eriq what d'yer think?"

            "Fuck you! you bastards" She spat.

            "Aww now that ain't nice, now is it!"

            I knelt down and dragged up her sweaty T shirt and put the front over her head to the back covering her face. Her breasts bounced into

view, two stiffly wobbling big black globes, her areola and teats much darker than the rest. Her dog tags jiggled and chinked between them.

            "Now they are two of the biggest sweatiest black tits I ever did see" I started to fondle them, weighing an squeezing each fat orb, watching

her flinch as I did, thumbing her nipples, so they came up nice and stiff.

            "I bet every bastard you meet wants to fuck these babies huh?"

            "Fuck you" she spat inside the T shirt.

            I grinned. I started to pull on them dragging her breasts down hard. stretching them cruelly, then rolling and palming them, jiggling them back and forth. Then I gripped them around the base and squeezed them up into two fat balloons.

            "Shit man look at them jugs!" Valdez voiced as they climbed into the office.

            "Leave me alone! You're going to be in so much shit you mother fuckers! Lt Harris . ."

            "Ain't gonna be back for two days, yeah that's right bitch. Two days and she don't know your here with us, yeah! So as insurance Sgt. stone and I have arranged that if you won't promise to keep your big mouth shut about our fun, he's gonna report you missing out in the desert, AWOL. And we're gonna take your sorry ass to a Mexican I know who buys bitches like you, you got that clear Private!"

            She stared at me with big hate filled eyes, and swallowed slowly. as I toyed with her big black melons.

            I slapped and pulled them, kneading her black turgid flesh. I could feel her teats begin to press to my palms as I pulled and pushed her big heavy dark melons, wobbling and bouncing, They were real heavy and felt like two great squishy balls. The bottoms were almost flat with the weight.

            "Please let me go please, you bastards!"

            I forced my fingers into them squeezing hard, then pulling both drawing my finger tips through her flesh to her rising nipples. Her swelling areola were all wrinkled. I gripped and pulled her teats stretching them out and down, then gripping them between finger and thumb to slowly milk them. Fuck they were magnificent.

            Valdez and Jonno grabbed her feet and wrestled them still while they dragged out her boot laces. They quickly made them into nooses. They got close and while Eriq held her still.

            "What are you doing please NO NOO Noooooo!!"

            We slipped each noose over each tit and dragged them back to her chest before drawing them closed. Her breasts bulged and fattened as we did. Then I snatched and pulled them real tight. I yanked the twine deep into her skin so her big dark orbs became overfull pressurized balloons.

            "Oh god your hurting don't please Ahhh ahhh!!"

            "Shut the fuck up you dumb bitch!" Valdez shouted at her.

            She struggled making her trapped tits jiggle and bounce. Her chest heaving as she squirmed. Valdez leaned close to her covered face.

            "The others won't be back 'til tomorrow bitch, we're gonna have us a real good time, relax baby ain't nobody gonna rescue your fat ass!"

            "Oooooh please . . let me go I'll have sex with you I will!"

            "HA HA Your gonna have it anyway bitch!" we all laughed.

            "It's no good I'm just gonna have to" I said. I unbuckled my pants and she really started to struggle against Eriq's grip. I pulled out my dick and she started to yell at us "Stop it! Stop goddammit." Eriq and I just laughed at her.

            She had nice firm D‑cup titties with dark eraser size nipples. I swiped them with my fingers slowly then patted them seeing her shudder. I gripped her teats and pulled them hard making her jerk and gasp. My cock had come up nice now and I pumped it and then slapped her bulging breasts with it. I got hold of both and rammed them together harder, resting my fat white cock against her deep dark cleavage. My cock left a trail

of pre‑cum across her dark skin, wetting it.

            "Oh I'm gonna fuck your hooters bitch, fuck em good!"

            "Please don't" she pleaded as I sank it into her soft warm channel. I sank in and out a few times wetting them then I started to fuck them. pounding and ramming up into them viciously.

            "Goddamn . NNNUUGHH UHH UHH!!"

            Eriq was reaching round undoing her BDU's he dragged them down back off her big round ass. Much to their delight, they found that she didn't have any panties  on. He patted her ass as she squirmed and bucked as I forced her big jugs to my cock. God I was going to lose it.

            "Oh sweet mother of shit.", she groaned to herself, "Oh shit!"

             I let them go and pulled away. I tore the T shirt back down off her head and gripped her hair. pushing my cock to her face. Her plump, red lips trembled apart forming a perfect circle. Whimpering, she waited in a sickening daze as the musky aroma over‑came her and the throbbing bulbous head pressed at her mouth.

            "SUCK IT!" "Open your mouth bitch! lick it!!"

            She stuck her tongue out and lapped at it, I forced it in her mouth over her velvety hot tongue.

            "Suck it! That's it you good black bitch!"

            She began to suck and tongue it wetly, her thick tongue slurping round the head as I pushed it deeper into her mouth. I forced it to her throat, pushing. She choked and gagged as it scraped the back of her throat. She tried to pull away but I held her still gripping her hair tight. I started to fuck her face hard making her whimper and struggle.

            "That's it. Swallow that cock bitch!!"

            She groaned and gagged and then her throat snapped around my girth and it was in. She slurped and struggled but I had her head in both hands now and was humping her face, forcing her face on to it down to my pubes, as I began to fuck her face, gently at first but then harder and harder. Each stroke of my cock was accompanied by a grunt from her throat. I pressed into her throat and she struggled to accept it. She swallowed

and sucked hard. I could feel my cock buried in her throat and I knew that it wouldn't be long before I came.

            "Aggggg! Ugghhn! Uhg! Ack! Ack!" Suck... Suck... SUK... SUk... Suk...suk..."

            Eriq had her BDU trousers around her knees. He began squeezing and testing her big strong, naked butt cheeks.

            "What an ass man!"

            She tried to pull away as he squeezed and tested each cheek. They all gripped her big butt cheeks and dragged them open, she strained to close them, but they won, splaying her ass, her dark cleft was deep and narrow. The inner walls of her buttocks stained darker. She snatched and wriggled as they admired her tight little ebony rimmed star, pulling and cruelly dragging her ass open as one held her hips. Her lips clamped around my shaft as I forcefully began to rape her throat. I held her to it. Making her gag as I rammed it home, groaning with pleasure as her poor throat constricted about the swollen head. Her tear streaked face reddening with humiliation and exertion, her eyes bulging as I made her jerk and struggle for breath as I rammed in and out of her tight throat. I had her head fast and she had to keep swallowing to stop from choking.

Suddenly I could feel it coming I went on tip toe. I could feel it expand in her throat, and then I was cumming. God it felt good.

            "Eat my cum, bitch." "Swallow! Swallow it."

            She was so out of breath she instinctively obeyed swallowing from my ejaculating cock. Hot thick jets of semen filling her throat. She swallowed over and over feeling it's heat sliding down into her belly. I pulled back and out shooting the rest over her gasping face. I relaxed, and patted her head.

            "Good bitch" I muttered.

            "Ughhh you . . you bastard! sphlut!" she spat some of my cum out. Her face was covered with three or four lines of semen, what she had spat out dribbled from her swollen lips. She bucked her hips as I stood back,     The others were fingering her cunt and peering at her asshole.

            "Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!", she wailed.

            Valdez grinned as he invaded her Asshole with a thick finger, ramming through her brown/pink and puckered little anal ring. Slowly, painfully; he inserted the finger into her virgin asshole. He stabbed it deeper making her jolt and squirm.

            "Owwwwww! Owwwwwwwwwwwww!" Pain seared through her backside.

            "She sure has one one fuckin' tight hole here boys!"

            "Nooooooooooo! Pleezzzeeeeeeee! Noooooooo! I can't take it there!"

            Eriq laughed "Well this ain't your day whore!!"

            "Leave me alone . .NOOOOOO ARGHHHH!!" She swerved and danced trying to pull her ass off his finger.

            He pulled it out and Eriq stuck his finger in.

            "Owwwwww NOOOOO!", she wailed.

Her tits bouncing like tethered balloons as she struggled to pull away. her wide hips jerking and her strong legs straining.

            "What d'yer think Sarge shall we save her ass for later or bust it now?"


             I looked at her tear and cum streaked face, her big brown eyes pleading as she squirmed to be off his twisting finger.

            "Let me loose, I'll lay on my back you can all fuck my pussy, you can really" she begged.

            I smiled at her, enjoying the moment.          

            "Is it real tight?"

            "Oh yeah, you've got a cherry ass ain't you Tolliver"


            I moved closer to her, looking into her pained face.

             "I want you to ask us to fuck your big fat black ass whore" I insisted.

            "Please no, no"

            I took hold of her nipples and pulled and twisted them.

            "Ask us bitch!" I pinched them hard making her begin to cry.


            I grinned at her.

            Jonno was still slurping away as she squirmed.

            "Get her on her feet, drag her up by the rope!"

            "No. Please don't make me do this! I won't I tell you! I WON'T DO IT!"

            She fought and kicked as they yanked the rope tight and heaved her up off her knees, until her wrists hit the ceiling and her booted feet were just touching the floor. Her big strong arm muscles bulging as she fought to break the rope or tape. She swung there her BDU's around her calves and her pants rolled down just above her knees. Her coarse haired twat nestled between her strong thighs. Her bound breasts forced up and out by the laces.

            "You ask nicely to be fucked in the ass Bitch!"

            "Go fuck yourseeeeeeeeelllllffffAAAARGGHHHHH!!"

            I brought my hand down viciously across her bound tits. Tolliver frantically pulled at her bonds, her muscles flexing in futility as she sought to free her hands to protect her vulnerable jutting breasts. I put all my strength into each blow, striking her erect swollen nipples. I struck her tits above and then below her nipples. She arched her back screaming and gasping, every muscle in her athletic frame standing out as she

threw her head back howling in awful pain. God she was making my cock so fucking hard again.  I switched hands, and brought it straight down on the top of both fat teats. She went crazy slamming her feet to the floor, screaming through gritted teeth. Tolliver's screams took on a new, full bodied quality as my hard hand landed across her sensitive nipples.

            Again and again she screamed out for me to stop, begging, pleading, promising anything if I would stop. But she just didn't say the right thing. Tolliver's breasts slammed up and down with the blows.

The pain was incredible. She couldn't think for the agony; all she could hear was her own screams and their laughter as she squealed and danced, pleading for it to stop. There was no way she could endure this.

            "STOP!! NEEEEEE....I'LL DO IT I'LL DO WHAT YOU WANT!...AGHAAAAAAAAAA!!." She blubbered.

             I continued as if she had never spoken. She screamed louder and longer as I shifted my aim to concentrate on the vulnerable underside of her slab like tits. Time and time again I slapped her jugs. Her pain was horrible. She flailed and jolted she screamed again and again as her fat tits burned and shocked her. Without even thinking or knowing what she was saying, the proud Amazonian began to beg.



            "You know bitch, say it, ask nicely!"

            "PLEASE, PLEASE FUCK MY ASS . . FUCK MY . . my black ass"

             "What?" I struck her again making both jugs slam about.  


            The boys laughed, success. Jonno went down on his knees behind her. His rough hands grabbing her ass and spreading it. He started to rim her. The others gathered close to see as he roughly spread her ass, baring her virgin shitter.

            We all laughed as she grimaced and hid her face. He kissed it, smacking his lips, then licked it until she began to shriek. Jonno pulled her ass cheeks wider, stretching her shit‑hole far enough for the tip of his tongue to penetrate.

            "Aahhhhh!" he enthused, poking with his tongue. He held onto her asscheeks for dear life, leaving finger marks that, I was certain, would not come out of her dark flesh till sometime next week. Tolliver whined and strained, fighting back a little but not really fighting. Each time she lurched forward, dragging her ass away from Jonno's tongue, she ended the motion by thrusting it right back the other way, straight into his hungry face. Private Tolliver felt very dirty, having her shitter licked by this perverted bastard, but she also felt very, very good.

            "That's it you fucking piece of shit, fuck his tongue with your dirty ass!"

            The coarse voice tone, the ugly, nasty words‑they thrilled her unbelievably. They were going to use her like a piece of meat, and she couldn't help getting excited

            "Fuck me!" she moaned. "Fuck me in the ass!"

            Her legs dancing and squirming as his tongue wormed into her hot anus. The wet smacking of his lips sent vibrations through her ass and she began to writhe and squirm. She sobbed and forced her weeping face into her arm. He spread her asscheeks wide and licked playfully at her shitter. she swerved her ass away sobbing. He followed with his head and kept on tonguing her asshole. His tongue moved back and forth from her shitter to the lower edge of her pussy‑crack. His tongue poked inside her cunt, stirring her pouting lips. She groaned as she

felt her juices seep a little more. Then he was back at her asshole. Jonno was eating out her asshole, and you could see it was an incredible feeling. She'd obviously never had a man's tongue back there before.

            "NO stop please it's dirty, don't fuck around with my asshole please!!"

            He had her asscheeks spread and her shitter was dilated, and he was dipping his tongue in and out. She rocked her hips, pushing her ass at his face.

            "OH NO!" she gasped.

            "Oh don't, he's eating me where I shit! please stop him PLEASE!!"

            He pulled her shitter open again, and this time he attacked it with his finger, not his tongue. Her eyes got big as he replaced his tongue with his finger. Tolliver whimpered and bit her lip as he corkscrewed the tip of his finger into her shitter, twisting it around and around as if he meant to drill his way straight into her guts. Her shitter tightened automatically, but he kept on prodding it, and suddenly his digit entered her. The finger slammed into her shitter, thick and long and deep. She screamed. The sudden penetration of the finger made her skin crawl. As Jonno began to work it in and out, her skin kept on crawling, but it was rapidly becoming a nice kind of creepiness. Her asshole was tight but willing. It fit snugly around Jonno's finger, milking at the length of the digit while it pushed in and out. She gasped and shivered, her ass lifting and falling. She moaned when the finger began to rotate inside her shithole. "Loosen up, bitch," he said.

            "NO please don't!" She panted.

            His fingertip pushed deeper, and she made a gagging sound, but the panic increased as he dug it in and pushed it in and out quickly, she wailed snatching and sobbing she couldn't get used to the feel of his finger inside her ass. She was tight, and he had to fight her. She strained, anxious to take him to stop her stinging breasts being whipped again. Despite her apprehensions and second thoughts. Then her resistance broke down, and his finger plunged all the way up her asshole. He ground his knuckle against her ass‑ring, rotating his finger inside her, and she whined and whimpered.

            "Oh fuck man this fat ass is tight!!"

            He reamed her mercilessly. But with each rotation, her asshole got a little less tight, a little more excited. Jonno lifted his face away, he pulled out of her ass, wiping his finger on her flinching asscheek.

            "Okay, baby, lets lube it up and then we're gonna fuck your tight sweet ass!"

            Valdez handed him some lube in a tube. He piled it on to his finger and forced it into her crease. His finger was now really slick, covered with thick globs of lubricant. He probed and smeared, re‑treating with more goo and sliding back in. Private Toliver hung there sobbing as he fingered and greased her tight sphincter. He let Valdez take over, he stood behind her pumping his cock in his fist. "I'm gonna enjoy this bitch, stuff my big meat up your tight black ass." With a practiced hand, he brought the knob of his cock to bear against her asshole. She closed her eyes, feeling its blunt snout nosing her there. He guided the bulbous head of his cock into the crack of her Ass, probing and finding the slick, lubricated puckered hole.

             "Oh please don't please, we can fuck please! why do you want to do this to me? please don't

put it in my ass please! I don't like it no NO NOOOOOOOO!!"

            He pushed gently but with a steady upward thrust, feeling her sphincter muscle first constrict then expand slightly as he pressed the cockhead deeper into it.

            "UUUUGGGGGHHHHHH . . . please no"

            Tolliver's body trembled and vibrated in protest; a violent spasm wracked her as the blood‑ engorged white cock plopped through her tight little anal muscle, sliding easily into the greased chute once past the tense and restricting portal. Then he shoved, a bit harder, and the shaft of his cock pushed itself through her snug ass‑ring.


            He shoved his thick club deeper into her shithole, her hole was dilated from the finger‑reaming he'd given her, and he was able to get the head of his cock deeper inside her rectum with no trouble.

            "Oooooh, it hurts! IT HURTS!!" she whimpered and then wailed.

            "It ain't hurtin' me a bit," Valdez laughed, and drove his cock into her.

            She screamed at the force and fury of his sudden lunging penetration. The meaty shaft of his prick rammed hard and deep into her ass, and she screamed again. Impaled on the length of his cock, there was not a hell of a lot she could do about it now.

            "Uggggggg! Ughhhhhh!"

            Valdez pushed his Cock slowly and steadily up her Ass until his pubes rested on her big black buns. She stood impaled; breathless, quaking and sobbing. She worked her ass in tight frantic circles. His cock stuffed her rectum, which slowly expanded to accommodate it. She moaned softly, terrified to move for fear of it ripping her open. His strong, calloused hands clamped her wide hips tightly, rigidly in place as he slowly eased his cock in and out of her flinching asshole. She chewed her lips, enduring and reluctantly enjoying.

            "Oh, you fucker!" she whined. "Oh, you rotten fucker!"

            I pushed myself against her front my cock pressing to her belly. I took hold of her sore striped tit's she groaned in pain biting her arm. I grabbed her hair twisting her face to me. 

            "That good huh nice big white cock up your tight black ass bitch?" 

            "Please it hurts, I can't STAND anymore of this!", she whined,  "You're toying with me liked a trapped animal!"  "Ain't that what ya' are? our black bitch whore to playwith?" 

            "Oh god you sick bastards UHHHH UGHHH!" 

            Valdez started to stroke up into her ass, she could feel every pulsation in Valdez's cock as he continued to slowly fuck his cock in, viciously slamming his cock into her wide stretched anal sheath. I started to play with her black bushy cunt, forcing her lips wide as I stroked her inner lips. They were wet,  and surprisingly slick. I started to finger fuck her cunt open. 

            "NO! DON'T" 

            "You've got a wet cunt whore! you hear that boys she's wet!" 

            "Oh yeah baby! Feel my dick! Feel it you tight little bitch, you like it up the ass don't you slut? You like gettin' butt fucked for a crowd?" 

            "No please don't say that NO UGHHH!!" 

            "She'd better," his Jonno said, "cause she sure gonna get plenty more of it!"

            They laughed. All she could do was grit her teeth.  Valdez was riding her good and hard now, his hands on her hips, pulling her ass back each time his cock thrust forward, giving her no way to squirm off or ease the blow of his fat dick. She just had to take the ass fucking and like it! 

"          Oh fuck yes! He moaned, get it on video! Get it! I'm gonna spit shine her ass! Fuckin A yes! Here it comes baby! Feel it bitch! Feel it! 

            "UUUGHHHH WHAT? WHAT VIDEO? UHH UHHH UHHH!!"  All she could manage was a mean horrified look over her

shoulder at him.  We all laughed.


            I grabbed her face twisting her features around to face the veiw cam on top of the radio console. 

            "Smile bitch your on BUTT FUCKED NIGGER VISION!!" 

            "NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" she wailed. 


            "Like that's gonna help you baby. Private you got a dick right up your fat ass and help is not on the way honey, you ain't gonna shit right for weeks!!"

            We all laughed as she wailed and struggled.  I was sure she was as tight as hell back there, but she wasn't constipated against Valdez's assault, and the more times he prodded her with his prick, the looser

her asshole became. It never grew less than snug around his prick, She jolted in bursts of agony now that he was fully imbedded, and his fucking became more vicious, deeper, harder, as he became more excited.  I continued to masturbate her pussy, his hand joining mine in the effort. While he finger‑fucked her, I concentrated on her clit. You could tell the pleasurable sensations grew stronger, more difficult to resist. His prick fucked into her ass again and again, I gripped her swollen teat and yanked and twisted it, pulling it into a throbbing distended nub.

            "You like that huh white cock splitting your big nasty black ass!" 

            She went rigid, she shook and squealed as he pounded her big ass. She was cumming the bitch was cumming. 

            "Oh, fuck!" she gasped. "Oh fucking shit!"  "DADDY UHH PLEASE DADDY UHHHHHHH ARGHHHH!!" she screamed. 

            Tolliver wasn't sure if she was coming in her asshole, her pussy, or both. She only knew that it was the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced.

            "Daddy? you are one fucked up bitch huh? All of us are your daddy, we're gonna really fuck your ass bitch!" 

            It seemed to last forever, building into new heights each time she thought it was ebbing. He'd poke her again, deeper, with his driving, ass‑pounding cock, and she'd suck in her breath and find herself squealing out a fresh come. My fingers were dripping as they kept up the pussy attack, and her clit was so raw under my fingers that she started begging us to stop.

            "Oooooo, Sarge stop him please!" She squirmed wildly.  "It burnssss! OWWWW!!, it burns." 

            Tears were streaming down her cheeks from the pain. Her head was whirling in agonizing pain and joy. It was a toxic mixture. We didn't stop. He fucked her ass like a maniac. Wrenching at her hips, as he forced hard up her jolting butt. 

            "Uhhhh!" Valdez grunted, thrusting the full length of his cock into Tolliver's shitter.

            She rocked and rolled her ass against him, absorbing the feel of his cock, the incredibly stuffed sensation of being totally full of him. Her asshole was so tight she didn't know how he expected to fuck her. Just getting the thing in her was miracle enough.  He pulled back, and it felt like he was yanking her guts out along with his retreating cock. He pulled maybe half his cock out of her, and then he shoved it straight into her. It

felt like a concrete turd had changed its mind halfway out her ass and was crawling back up her shit‑chute.  "Oh, fucking shit, it hurts!" she growled.  Suddenly he gasped too, and I knew that he was going to come, that he was going to splatter her guts with a huge discharge of his jism. She thrust her ass back against him, engulfing his prick in her tight shitter, and she wiggled

her ass from side to side, the muscles milking hotly at his throbbing prick. 

            "Oh my ass my ass!" she moaned from deep in her guts. 

            She was fucking tight and full. He was still having a hard time moving in and out, but he fucked her in short strokes that jolted and jarred her entire body and made her ass spasm in response.  She was sobbing now. It really hurt. Each stroke was a new kind of agony. This was the first time she had ever known a real pain. The cock reamed her tight ass, fucking mercilessly as Valdez got into the thrill of fucking her ass, and there

was not a goddamn thing she could do about it except take it.  Valdez kept his cock busy, but Tolliver's asshole was enlarging now, accommodating itself to the fatness that filled her. He could get almost a full stroke, and he was taking advantage of it. His cock emerged from her shitter, only the knob still wedged within her tight ass‑ring, and he plunged home with a driving upstroke that made her scream. 

            "Oh, fuck!" she gasped. "Oh fucking shit!" 

            The words forced out of her by the belly‑busting force of Valdez's long cock. Her anal tightness yielded dramatically as his prick fucked in and out of her. She was still a clenching fit around the swollen barrel of his cock, but he penetrated her again and again with virtually no problem, except when he went too deep and his slab like cock‑head banged into her guts as if he wanted to spill his load up into her stomach.  He worked her wide hips as he fucked her, pulling her slick anus down the length of his tool savagely. It made her ass clench even more tightly on his cock, and the enhanced sensations made her whimper and shriek. 


            "Please, PLEASSSSSSEEE IT HUUUURTS!!" 

            And even as she sobbed it out, his cock vibrated within her asshole and began to spit out its load of jizz.  Valdez began firing violently into her asshole, squirting hot blast after blast of burning jism into her. It flooded the humid pulsing interior of her rectum and colon as he gasped groans of pleasure.  His hotly gripped cock continued spitting jet after jet of flaming seminal fluid into the helplessly standing black Private,

and her face betrayed the delicious feelings every single squirt of it gave her, he pulled out.

            "NOO don't take it out! she whimpered. 

            He grinned and he again pushed back into her sperm‑slick asshole, he fucked it slowly and rhythmically. 

            "Who's next?!" 

            Eric grabbed her hips as Velez pulled out of her ass with a wet squelch and she farted wetly, struggling to clench her big strong cheeks together. Eric got his tool to her ass and forced in. She screeched as her interfolded nether ring suddenly gave way and the bulbous head of Eric's cock surged inside with a plunging rush. 

            "YEAH TAKE IT CUNT!!" he shouted as he viciously rammed her. 

            A spasm of pain shot through her that was so unbearable she twisted and screamed again and again, trying with all her strength to evade the bestial impalement. Her big ebony buttocks writhed like trapped animals trying to escape, thrashing frenziedly to disengage themselves from the rock hard weapon cruelly penetrating her virginal anus. But her movements served only to wedge the thick staff more securely in her tortured back passage.

             "NOOOOO UGHH UGHHH UGHH!!" 

            Everything she did brought pain and still more pain! It was as though a relentless battering ram was being pitilessly hammered into the distended opening of her virginal rectum.  Eric rammed his almost bending penis deeper and deeper up into her bowels, the throbbing head feeling as though it was about to burst apart in the tight rubbery grip of the helpless privates vice like rectal passage.  He grabbed her shoulders and pulled himself deeper, fuck she didn't like that she kicked and stamped, arching her back as he began to pound up into her cheeks.  "You like that huh? up your ass bitch up your ass!" 

            "OH GOD, NO, NO ARGHHHHH!!" she shreiked. 

            Her booted feet slammed the floor as she danced and fought impaled on his cock, her dog tags jiggling about over her trapped tits as they bounced and slammed about. He let go of her shoulders and grabbed her

around the lower chest heaving her backwards hugging her tight to him. While he rammed forward his ass cheeks hollowing with the pressure.  Her legs were wide her cunt rammed forward, her ass filled ball deep with Eric's cock. Jonno leapt to the floor before her and grabbed her knees heaving her legs forward and slamming them down on his own shoulders. She wailed as her ass slid deeper onto Eric's cock and her arms felt as if they would wrench from the sockets.  Jonno's arms circled her struggling thighs holding them open as he forced his face into her fuzzy haired cunt.  Tolliver flinched at each touch of his tongue, her stomach churning with disgust. He pressed his face into her cunt and thrust out his tongue, running it over the swollen, red lips of her vagina and then thrusting it up between them to bury it in the entrance of her wet cunt. 


            Tolliver felt as if she had a burning log shoved up her ass. while her cunt spasmed and contracted with each swipe of his tongue over her hard button, she was thrusting her cunt to his face in helpless need while

inadvertently sodomising herself.  His tongue was lapping at her snatch making her belly heat and tighten with stronger and stronger pulses. She could feel the thick head of the others cock slam against the back of her cervix making her press back hard wanting more.  She felt his hot mouth cover her Pussy. His tongue, hot, wet and demanding, probed deeply; licking, sucking, tasting her intimate juices. He probed deeply into her cunt meat with his tongue, rubbing her crotch harder onto his face as his thick tongue hot and demanding, invaded her pussy. Her clit swelled under the constant attention; a shudder of pleasure rippling through her body

each time the hot tongue swirled over her firm little nub. Thick lips nipped obscenely at her clit.  The continually relentless rearward invasion of Eric's pulsing penis, thrilling her as it rushed in and out of her tight, narrow rectal channel, exploring the hot, tautly resisting constriction of her anus. Delighted cries and whimpers of pure, unadulterated bliss trembled from her lips as she heaved her broad hips. Continually grinding back unabashedly for a further expansion of her narrow clenching rectum. 

            "Ummmm! Shit"!

            He slurped over her stiff little clit, sending shivers of pleasure deeper through her, sparking through her taunt nipples, making her pump her ass on the cock stuffed up her tight shitbox  Her next climax started as her stomach tightened and her legs stiffening. She whipped her head back and forth like a woman possessed while her body spasmed and jerked about uncontrollably. Her vagina clenched helplessly around nothing as the cock in her ass flexed and pumped, slamming her cervix back and too. Her ass began to suck and chew his cock and seemed to draw more of it inside her. She relished the feeling of his cock hitting her cervix from behind and filling every nook and cranny inside her tightly spasming rectum.  She almost passed out as she came hard and for a long time. Eric slam fucked her asshole viciously, force feeding her hot tight hole every inch, he grunted loudly as he hosed hot seed straight up into her clenching butt hole. She jolted in shock as she felt it pulse heat into her bowels and helplessly climaxed again. Her strong black athletic legs kicking and fighting

as she rode Jonnos face and Eric's log She was bucking and grunting like fuck  She writhed and swayed, as Jonno ate her flowing twat, she moaned and whimpered, and she came like a bitch in heat.  Jonno kept hold of her thighs and stood up quickly he forced his cock up into her dripping wet cunt. she wailed as he filled her and began to shaft her. Eric pulled out of her ass and she howled in horror as all their seed spilled out. I couldn't wait any longer so I got behind her. I grabbed her big brown cheeks and gripped them hard feeling the hard strength rippling beneath. I dragged them open, her crease was deep and dark the bottom lined  with a pink crease ending in her rouged still gaping anus, 'Fucking shit it  looked tight as hell'. I let the head of my prick bob against her open semen lubed hole. She flinched and gasped as Jonno thrust up into her cunt.  Her ass drove back and I shoved the head of my cock into her slimy hole, fuck it was hot and tight, I gripped her hips hard and forced it all the way in, it was like a humid tight velvet glove her rectal muscles gripping and squeezing as I pushed and pushed, skewering her big black ass. 

            "UHH SHIT OH GOOOOD!!" she wailed as we skewered her. 

            She had an extremely tight rear passage, so tight in fact, that her rectum was formfitting, like a sucking clenching sleeve designed perfectly and especially for my throbbing cock. Her anus was a dream it was so tight around the base of my cock I felt as if the whole of my manhood was trapped in a squirming squelching hot vice. Every stroke filled me with increasing throbs of total sensation and made me jerk and shudder in delighted pleasure.

             "I got you now Private my cock in your sweet black ass!" 

            "Oh fuck it's too much please,  please! just don't push it so deep!" 

            "What like this!" I grunted in pleasure and sadistic glee as I shoved. 

            She gave out a loud whimper feeling my big tool penetrate deeper into her black asshole. 

            "Like it honey? sure you do!"

            Then I slowly pushed forward.

            "Ohhhh......ohhhhh.........ohhhhhhh......ohhhhhhhhh,"  She managed a guttural whimper.

            My ten inch cock traveled all the way up her asshole in one motion, becoming fully buried in her narrowing rectum. She grunted loudly as it hit bottom. I let out a deep moan once I was all the way in.       "AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" 

            "Fuckin' tight baby." Jonno moaned.

            I forced my face to her ear speaking lowly to her

             "You black bitches sure got real nice tight assholes." 

            "Don't don't!" 

            "Big tight hard buns and one fucking tight shitbox bitch" 

            She grimaced and tried to pull her face away, Jonno started to fuck her cunt hard. His hands gripped her tits viciously pulling himself deep into her twat. 

            "Oh god you sons of bitches UH UH UH!"

             I thrust my arms up under hers and entwined my fingers behind her head. snatching her back onto my cock hard. Then I started to fuck into her ass, feeling her bowels pulse and spasm around my meat as I forced my balls up into her splayed deep dark cleft. Feeling Jonno's cock sliding over mine through the thin flesh between.  We both beasted her making her legs kick and dance as we sandwich fucked her big sweating negro

body her hard muscles twitching and flexing as we began to slam into her in unison. Her hips jolted and flexed with each abdomen stretching thrust. 

            "Please . . please your killing meNOOOO!!" 

            Jonno thrust viciously up into her and stayed there while she squealed and kicked impaled on his cock as he grinned into her pained face while he yanked and pulled her thick teats. I got on with butt fucking the shit out of her.

             "C'mon bitch, cum with me, cum with me." I urged. 

            I fucked harder jamming her asshole full to the brim, her hips were beginning to fuck now little hard pushes at first then more so as I sawed in and out of her hot shitter.  Jonno was grinding her cunt and pulling both jugs, making her breasts pull away from her chest and her nipples become deformed long nubs as he yanked on them. She screamed and screamed as he fucked and yanked. 

            "Cum with me, bitch." I insisted "C'mon."

            She was heaving her ass against me now.

             "You're a great assfuck,.... c'mon

cum!"  I pounded my cock completely up Tolliver's asshole at least forty or fifty times as she howled and fought. While Jonno inflicted more and more stretching pain on her tits trying to get her to orgasm.  She threw her head back and let out a choking cry forcing her ass back to meet each thrust. But it was a scream of pleasure, and the tears that still bubbled down her cheeks were becoming tears of lustful joy.

             "Oh, fuck me!" she moaned, with her head shaking frantically.

             "Fuck my ass you bastards, FUCK MY ASS!!" 

            I could feel the tension up her ass building and the strength of her anal contractions was increasing with each thrust. That was when I realized she was capable of attaining an anal climax. I found myself making solid, virile thrusts into her, tunneling into the innermost depths of her narrow asshole.  Now I began pushing my cock head deeply into her, it reached and snapped into her colon. It pulsed and spasmed around the crown of my cock and that, was what she needed. She responded by slamming her buttocks back so solidly, she made me grunt with effort. The pressure was becoming overpowering in her anus, and she was unable to restrain herself any longer. She pushed back again and again 

            Then I couldn't hold out any longer as I heard myself yell,  "!" 

            She stiffened and jolted as she felt the throbbing in her ass begin as my cock began pumping her rectum with my jizz. My cock spewed a deluge of cum into her waiting, grasping asshole. Harder and faster, I pounded the big black woman, my cock sinking deep into her ass. M cum squirted even deeper, my cock releasing a torrential downpour of the hot, liquid spume. 

            "My belly! He's shooting it up into my fuckin' belly!" 

            Explosive convulsions racked her body  She screamed like a lost soul as an unexpected orgasm shot through her tortured, captive body. She jerked her head back she howled at the moon like a maddened dog. She bucked her ass back toward me. She twisted her ass in wide, wild circles, meeting Jonno's punishing fuck‑strokes with a demented excitement.  She squeezed her fractured asshole around my plowing cock, ignoring the pain that burned up her back and down her incredibly strong, shapely legs.  Her cunt belched a wave of pussy‑cream over Jonno's already slimy rod. My cock was jerking out of control in her reamed out shitter. 

            "Oh yes!" she shrieked as my first jet of cum shot deep into her asshole. 

            "Oh yes, you bastard, God you bastards! Fill me up with cum, you dirty fucking bastard!" 

            I hammered my cock up her madly flexing asshole. With every inward stroke, I shot another thick stream of jism up her shitter, and soon I could feel it squishing back around my pistoning cock as she squirmed in the last throes of orgasm.  She wailed as we both pulled out of her. I spread her cheeks cruelly as I pulled it out of her shitter.

            "Valdez you got that toy?" 

            "Sure have!" 




            "Don't don't do this to me please!" she begged. "Oh God stop, please stop! STOP!!" 

            Grinning, Valdez produced his prize, a butt plug. He dragged his cock out and forced the thick rubber plug into her swerving ass. 


            We all laughed as she struggled to shit the awful thing out.  We shoved a rag in her mouth and tied another aroundher face securing it in her mouth. She stared wildly around terrified. Jonno undid the rope and

lowered her arms. Eric cut the tape between them and we struggled her arms behind her back. Eric held them there while Valdez taped  them again, then her elbows. That made her tits really jut out. Jonno grabbed her legs around her knees and lifted her. Eric and Valdez grabbed her torso and they carried her out kicking and struggling. We took her to the latrine tent that had been set up earlier that day. We carried her inside and forced her down on the floor at the back of the tent, on her  knees. Valdez and Jonno banged two stakes into the ground in front of her about two foot apart. We forced her to them and as I held her shoulders against them Eric tied the rope around her shoulders and around the poles. She cringed and whimpered fearful of what we were doing. Her big brown eyes glaring around tearfully. Her big bound tits jiggled and heaved as she sobbed. Valdez got the urinal pouch. Basically a big plastic bag, he slit it down the middle of the upper portion. He forced her big bound black tits through the hole. They jutted out like two fat footballs.  The urinal drain at the bottom he hooked up to a pipe and plastic bag which he left dangling between her legs. Then he and Jonno attached the urinal pouch up to the shroud as if it were an ordinary pisser. She looked pleadingly around at us as she watched.  Then we put the rest of the urinal screen in front of her, over the top of her head so she was forced to look down at her tit's. The hole in the front of it allowed you just to see her bound black jugs. Stepping back it looked real good. Three urinals and one tit wank point. All we had to do now was wait for the men to come back and then let them all come on her tits.  We put up a sign 'CUM ON MY TITS' and left.



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