Let me tell you about my wife Janet, and her love for white cock.

    She's always been a real nasty woman, and she was a nasty girl too. See, we've been together since we were fifteen years old. She was my high school sweetheart, and there was no question that we would get married. I wasn't about to let that hot ass get away, no sir.

    Our entire life was centered around sex. Janet was always ready to fuck, or suck, or whatever, as long as it was sexual. I couldn't have asked for anything more. She loved pornography as much as I did. I was truly lucky, in that respect. A lot of women, no matter how hot they are, are threatened by the women in porn. Not my wife. She identified with them, an wanted to do the same things they did.

    Now, let me take a minute to tell you a little about myself, because I think it's essential to this narrative. For most of my life, I've been fascinated with interracial sex, but especially involving Black women and White men. To this day, I'm still trying to figure out where exactly that comes from. Anyway, I do remember the first image I ever saw depicting that combination.

    I was a eighteen- and going with Janet, at the time - and I'd always had access to porn, by one means or another. I had this porn book that was filled with hundreds of thumbnail sized photos of couples doing their thing. But, as I remember, there weren't any hardcore pictures in this book, but it was still explicit enough to get a rise out of me. After all, I was a teenager with raging hormones.

    This was a real thick book, so when I say there were hundreds of pictures in it, that's exactly what I mean. When I first got it, I was slowly poring over every page, and every image on it, with my young black dick as hard as steel. All of the images were of White couples, because that's about all there was available in those days. However, about two thirds into the book, I saw something that shocked, and amazed me. There was a page with pictures of a beautiful Black woman, and a White man together. I couldn't take my eyes off of them. Before that, that combination had never really occurred to me. Something clicked, and after that it became my obsession. From then on, I only wanted to see porn where the woman was black, and the man was white. Nothing else turned me on the way that did. That's still true today.

    At the time, I never shared this fascination with Janet. She knew I loved porn, but she didn't know what kind turned me on the most.

    Okay, fast forward a few years to when we were married. By that time, we had started having soft swing sessions with our friends Ron and Aveeda, another black couple. Essentially, we would just have sex in the same room. That was cool, but Janet and I both knew that we wanted more than that, and we knew that Ron and Aveeda weren't exactly the people we wanted it with.

    Oh, I forgot to mention one important thing. Janet knew about my predilection for interracial sex. However, we never dwelt on it too much. So, it was left in my fantasies. What I didn't know at the time was, it was now in her fantasies too.

    Janet had kept in touch with a friend of ours from high school named Cynthia. Cynthia was always a hot ass. But, we didn't know just how hot she was, until she told Janet that she had been having threesomes with another high school friend of ours Vernon, and a friend of his. This sparked a fire in Janet that set her ablaze. Janet really perked up, when Cynthia told her she had a white guy that she was planning on fucking. She gave me the eye, while they were talking, because she knew I liked that shit.

    Before I knew it, one Friday night we were on our way over to Cynthia's house, to have a threesome between Janet, Cynthia, and myself. The setup was, I was going to fuck them both. Neither one of them was bi, they loved dick too much for that.

    We made it to Cynthia's house, but before we could get anything started, the phone rang. It was Vernon. He told Cynthia that he and his friend Reggie were on their way over. I hadn't expected that. Now, two extra dicks were added to the mix.

    These guys didn't know that we had come there to get in on the nasty fun too. They soon found out though.

    It was thrilling to see my wife pull her panties down, while these two fuckers watched. Anyway, that night wound up being a memorable one. But, for me and Janet it turned out to be another soft swing party. We just had sex with each other. She wasn't really into the other two guys.

    The memory of that night must been percolating in her, because several months later, one evening, out the blue, Janet said "When are we going to have our orgy?" This blew my mind. That was cue to hurry and put something together. We both agreed that we wanted some new people this time. We also agreed that we would start out with a threesome. This was going to be my opportunity to see her get fucked by another man.

    I started looking through swingers ads, to find a suitable candidate for our descent into debauchery.  I saw and ad that seemed perfect. It simply read: White man, 9 inches, Fucks Your Wife. I made contact with him, and soon we were talking on the phone, and making arrangements for the get together.

    Finally, after much anticipation, the night came for his visit. Janet and I were both a little nervous, but more than anything, we were both extremely turned on.

    At the prescribed time, 8:00 PM, we heard our apartment's bell ring. We looked at each other, knowing we were about to take the plunge into uncharted waters. Neither of us knew then, just how deep those waters would be.

    I walked to the door, and looked through the peephole. Looking back at me was a white man. His name was Pete Van Horne, and he had come to fuck my wife. I opened the door, and let him in.

    Pete was a big guy. He was much bigger than I had pictured him, and he was much bigger than me. I must admit, I felt more than a little intimidated. But, Pete had a real friendly manner, which served to alleviate my fears.

    I took Pete's coat, and invited him to have a seat on our couch. We had a pillow couch back then, and when he sat down, his big, hard white man ass sunk right into it. He commented on how comfortable it was. We made small talk, in an attempt to get to know each other better, and to decide if we really wanted to go through with this. In a short while, we decided that yes indeed we wanted to do this. I was actually going to let this big white man fuck my wife.

    All the while we had been talking, Janet was waiting in our bedroom. I excused myself, and went into where she was. She seemed very excited, and happy. She trusted my judgment, so whoever it was sitting out there on our couch was going to get the fuck of his life.

    My heart was pounding, and my head spinning, as I looked at Janet in her slut outfit. She wore black stockings, a black garter belt, and a black lacy bra. She also had on her black patent leather, five inch stiletto heels. Her big, hairy pussy was naked. There was no need to cover it up. At my request, she wore the Betty Page wig I loved seeing her in. She looked like a total, beautiful black slut. I loved it.

    I told her I would give her the signal, when it was time for her to make her grand entrance. Then, I returned to the living room. I assured him that everything was all right, and that my wife would be out in a minute.

    After a few more minutes of small talk, I called out Janet's name. I heard our bedroom door open, and her foot steps on the hardwood floor, as she approached the living room. You should have seen the lecherous look on Pete's face, as she entered the room. My dick was rock-hard, and knew his had to be too.

    Janet walked up to where we were sitting, with a big smile on her face. That told me she liked the looks of Pete. That was a good thing. I relaxed a little more. I introduced them, as Pete, also smiling, extended his hand to Janet. She took Pete's hand, as if to shake it, but when she had hold of it, she put it right to her pussy.

    Pete's smile broadened a mile wide, as his big white hand gripped my wife's black cunt. I could hardly believe what I was seeing. Janet looked him right in the eyes, as his white fingers rummaged through her long pussy hairs, and in the the moist flesh of her pussy. She stepped wide, to give him better access to her black meat. I watched in amazement, as his fingers slid the entire length of her slit, from her clit, back to her hairy black asshole. This was almost too much for me. I took my aching, hard dick out. When Pete saw that, he stopped feeling Janet's cunt, long enough to unleash his monstrous white cock from the confines of his pants. He hadn't lied. He did have a nine inch cock. Mine was only seven.

    Janet gasped as she saw the thick column of white dick meat come into view. Pete's dick was longer than mine, and twice as thick. I had been bested already. A wave of apprehension swept over me, as looked at Pete's huge cock. But, it was too late for that now. Things were already in motion. Janet's black cunt was going to be stretched wider and longer than it had ever been in her life. On top of that, it was going to be done by a white man's dick.

    Pete sat back on the couch, with a prideful grin on his face, as Janet and I stared, transfixed at his mammoth meat. He wanted us to get a good look at his tool. He wanted Janet to see the dick that was about to slam into her big hairy pussy; and he wanted to see the white dick that was going to fuck my wife, and cuckold the shit out me.

    Without taking her eyes from the pale Anaconda before her, Janet fell to her knees in front of it. She quickly grabbed it around its meaty girth, with her fingertips barely meeting each other. First the one, then the other hand found its way to Pete's cock.

    "Ooh shit, look at all this dick" she said. Then, she turned her eyes to me, and said, "Baby, look how big his dick is."

    I was too mesmerized at the sight of her holding that big white cock to reply.

    She returned her attention to the dick, and started running her hands up and down the long length of it. Then, she picked up speed, until she was jerking that bone for all it was worth.

    Pete was looking at my wife's black hands flying up and down his cock. I didn't miss one second of it either.

    "Damn, this is a big ass white dick!" Janet said, to no one in particular.

    Her squeezing hands ran from the base of it, up along the bulging veins on its shaft, to the big, fat purple head that sat on top of it. The dickhead looked like a plum.

    Janet must have thought it looked like a plum too, because in the next moment, she popped it into her mouth. Pete let out a low moan, as he felt the warmth of my wife's mouth engulf his big head. His hips started to buck up, trying to feed more of the dick into her mouth. My own dick was calling out for me to stroke it, but I was too awe struck to hear it.

    I asked myself was this really happening. Was I actually sitting there watching my black wife sucking a white man's dick? Yes. It was really happening. Right before my very eyes.

    Janet was slurping that dick like it was a big piece of Candy. She made loud, wet smacking noises as she did it. I could testify that she was a top-notch dick sucker. She had this technique where she would start at the base of the dick, and lick, with her flattened tongue, up the entire underside of it until she got to the head. I loved it when she did that to me. Now, only inches away, she was doing that to Pete. I could tell by his reactions that he loved it too.

    At about the same moment I finally to hold of my dick, Janet released her oral grip on Pete's cock. She held onto his pinkish pole, and pulled him from the couch to his feet. She looked into his eyes, and as if she had sent him a telepathic message, he stripped off his clothes faster than Superman. All the while, she kept holding onto his big bone. She only let go of it long enough for him to remove his shoes and socks. There was a buck naked white man standing in my living room, with my wife holding onto his hefty white dick meat.

    Then, Janet turned and headed for the bedroom, with Pete in tow. At this point, they were both totally oblivious to me. I sat there dumbfounded, as I watched them disappear into the hallway leading to the room where our marriage bed was. In a few moments, there would be another man in my bed - a white man at that. It was way beyond having any second thoughts about the whole thing. I felt I no longer had any control over the situation. His dick had already been sucked, and now her cunt was about to be fucked.

    As numb as I felt, I mustered up enough strength to pull myself up from the couch and follow them into the bedroom. As I walked up to the door, I saw Pete push Janet down onto our bed, and before she could bounce back up good, he  jumped on top of her. My wife was pinned to the bed underneath the overpowering weight of this big hairy white man. He quickly grabbed her legs, and pulled them up, until his big forearms were under her knees. My eyes grew wide in amazement, as I watched him cock my wife's black ass. I moved around to the foot of the bed, to get a better view of what was about to happen. I saw him take his massive white fuck pole in his hands, and put that fat purple head to Janet's big hairy cunt hole. Then, he drove that white log of a dick into her black pussy. I heard her grunt, when the dick hit home. Instead of drawing it back for another hit, he just kept pressing it slowly into her. From where I was, I could see it disappear into my wife's cunt, inch by inch. Her long inner pussy lips were being pulled in along with the dick. When he was in just about up to his furry balls, he held himself there. Janet laid there, pinioned to the bed by the long, wide fuck stick, moaning loudly. It was a fantastic sight, to see my beautiful wife's black cunt stretched wider than my black dick could ever get it. Speaking of my black dick, at that very moment my hands were jerking it furiously.

    I could see Janet trying to work her hips, trying to fuck herself up onto the dick, but Pete's big bulk held her in place. He was torturing her.

    Finally, she couldn't take the pause anymore, and she blurted out "Fuck me!"

    This was what Pete was waiting to hear. He drew that long dick back to its head, and paused again, long enough for me to see its length covered with Janet's thick white pussy cream. Then, he brutally slammed it back into her, and the fuck was on. I could see that nasty white cock sliding in and out of the hairy black pussy. The wet cunt meat clung to the dick on the outstroke, and folded back in when he jammed it back into her.

    The whole bed was rocking, as big bodied Pete plowed into my helpless wife. She was whimpering, and yelping every time the Caucasian cock drove into her. He was fucking the shit out of my wife, and I saw each and every stroke he gave her. His big balls swung and slapped into her black ass when he pushed the cock forward. I could hear the nasty wet slaps. He was beating her black ass with his white nuts, at the same time he was pummeling her pussy with his cock.

    Pete was huffing and puffing, and making guttural animal sounds, as he continued his attack on Janet's wide splayed cunt. I stared in rapt fascination at my own cuckolding.  At times, it was almost too much for me to bear, and I had to look away, but my eyes immediately returned to the nasty scene before me. I marveled at the amount of fuck cream they were churning up. Janet always had a heavily creaming cunt, but I'd never seen this much before. The shaft of Pete's colossal cock was covered with it. Janet's long black pussy hairs were soaked with it, causing them to stick to the dick as it moved in and out of her. I couldn't help getting closer to get an even better look at it.

    I was now leaning over the edge of the bed, with the hard fucking interracial couple only a mere inches away from me. Their bouncing also made me bounce too. Pete continued to grunt each time he hit the pussy, which made Janet grunt in turn. Between those grunts, which were coming faster than it seemed humanly possible, she was moaning and whimpering.

    She caught her breath long enough to scream out, "Fuck me!"

    This really threw me for a loop, because I had never heard her say anything like that before. But, here she was egging this white man on to fuck her even more than he already was. When Pete heard her say that, he picked up speed, and rammed his white cock into her at twice the speed.  The sound of his balls slapping her now wet ass got louder too.

    "Fuck me white man! Gimme that big white dick!" Janet yelled into his sweaty, lust contorted face.

    "You want it? You want this big white cock?" he said, with beads of sweat dropping off of his red flushed face down onto hers.

    "Yes! Give it to me! Gimme all that good white dick! Fuck me hard!" she said. I no longer recognized this woman. She had changed into some kind of fuck demon.

    Pete gave her what she wanted. He fucked her harder than I ever could, owning to her weight, and the size of his dick. He slowed down for a minute, long enough to pull his wet cock out to its purple head. Then he brutally slammed it back into her. He dropped a bomb on her black ass.  He did it like that, again and again. Even though the sounds that my wife made sounded like he was killing her, I knew she was loving it.

    Slowly, out to the head, then BAM!  Slowly, out to the head, then BAM! Each time he drove it home, Janet grunted, and I grimaced at the sight of that white cock driving into her pussy.  Then, he fucked the dick into her, and held it there. He reached underneath her, and in one swift motion rolled over, so that now she was atop his big hairy body. The dick was still in the pussy. Now, my wife was in the position to ride that white dick like she wanted to. In no time flat, she was sliding her slimey cunt up and down Pete's dick, with a ferocity I'd never seen from her before. She was completely out of her mind with lust. She rode that dick with a vengeance.

     "Ow, this dick is good. Gimme this fuckin' white dick" she growled, as she repeatedly impaled herself on the thick, rigid column of white man flesh. I saw Pete's big white hands grab hold to Janet's black ass cheeks. He gripped the booty meat, and pulled her body up, and then down onto his dick harder than she could ever had done on her own.

    AAAs I watched them fucking like wild animals, a curious thought crossed my mind. What if my friends could see me now, watching my wife getting fucked by a white man? The thought was quickly dismissed, when I realized that they could never understand it, unless they too could feel the undeniably euphoric lust that I was feeling at that moment. It was a feeling I didn't want to try to explain to myself at that moment - I just wanted to enjoy it, and never let it end. It was the highest high I could ever experience. The fuck I was witnessing seemed to take me higher every second.

    After letting Janet do her thing on his dick for a while, Pete roughly flipped her back over, so that he was on top again, and back in control. He started riding that black pussy as hard as he could again. He had my wife whimpering so loud and long, it sounded like she was crying. I felt a little like crying myself, as the feeling of abject humiliation step right in front of the lust I was feeling. The were both fighting for control. One second I was loving what I was seeing, and in the next, I wanted to jump up and pull this motherfucker off of my woman. Then, the feelings seem to meld into each other, until the humiliation felt good too. What the fuck was happening to me? Again, I couldn't take time to figure this shit out. All I knew was, I wanted them to keep fucking, so that I could keep watching.

    Then, I felt a pain in my dick. I came to my senses long enough to realize that it was my own hand gripping it too hard. Subconsciously, I had been jerking to the same rhythm of Pete's dick fucking in and out of Janet's cunt.

    It looked like they would never stop fucking, and that was okay with me. But, everything comes to an end. So, this incredible, interracial, cuckolding fuck had to come to an end too. I could tell it was about to happen, when I saw Pete's body change from its usual rhythm to one that was erratic. His whole big frame seemed to spasm. Then it happened.

    "Oh shit, here it comes!" he cried out, as he let loose a flood of cum into my wife's wide fucked black cunt. As the spunk shot into her, his still pistoning dick pushed it out of her cunt, out onto her already wet cunt lips, and onto his fast sliding cock. After countless more slams into her, he finally collapsed on top of my wife, with his white dick still embedded in her black cunt hole. I felt like collapsing too.

    Ater a few minutes, he got up off of her, and I heard a loud wet plop, as he pulled his deflated dick from her pussy. Thick gobs of spunk ran from her pussy, when the dick was clear. Those big balls of his carried a heavy load, and now that load was filling my wife's defeated cunt, and spilling out onto my marriage bed.

    Within a half hour, Pete was cleaned up, dressed, and heading out the door. Janet had stayed on the bed, and when I walked back into our bedroom, she was laying in the same position I had left her in. Her legs were wide, and her spunky cunt was wide too. I looked down at it, and could see that the drying cum had her pussy hair matted. Her cunthole was still a nasty gooey mess. She looked up at me through heavy lidded eyes, and spread her legs even wider. I couldn't resist the invitation. I slowly climbed between her legs, and aimed my hard black dick at her just fucked cunt. I had always heard about sloppy seconds. Now, I was about to add that to my list of new nasty experiences.

    I put the head of my dick to Janet's cunt, then like Pete had done, I slammed it into her as hard as I could go. I flew into the stretched, super-lubricated pussy up to my still full nuts, and started Janet's second fucking for that night.



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