Mrs. Brown's



By Horny Hal



The ad caught Brian James’ eye and wouldn’t let go. The title simply said “Fuck School”. At first, he thought it was a statement about educational institutions, then he remembered he was reading a porn newspaper called the Nasty New Yorker. Could someone really be advertising for lessons on how to fuck? He had to find out. He perused the ad copy repeatedly, looking for any signs that this may just be a joke, or a come on for something other than what was stated. When he had read it over enough times, he came to the conclusion that it was legitimate, and decided that it maybe just what his thick, white, 24 year old dick needed – lessons on how to use it.

For the curious, here’s what the ad said:


Fuck School

We Show You How To Do It

Call Mrs. Brown, GBP


Then, the ad gave a telephone number that, Brian nervously punched in on his cell phone. He could hear his heart beating as the phone rang.

He kept staring at the ad, wondering what the “GBP” stood for. He was soon to find out. After about six rings, he heard a melodious, sexy voice say “Hello, Mrs. Brown’s Fuck School, Mrs. Brown speaking.” He had an instant hardon.

He almost stumbled on his words, as he said, “Uh, um, Mrs. Brown, I saw your ad, and would like to enroll in your school.”

“Well, we’re always happy to enroll new students”, she replied. “Would you like day or evening classes?”

“I think I’d like day classes”, he said, as he beat down the butterflies in his stomach.

“Good. It just so happens we have an opening”, she laughed. He laughed too, when he realized the double entendre.

She went on, “We accept students who are clean, drug and disease free, and have a willingness to learn how to really fuck a pussy”.

The butterflies came back up, at her words. “Mrs. Brown, you’ll find that I’m a very good student. I’ll do whatever you tell me.”

She answered, “That’s good to know. With that attitude, you’ll do just fine in my class. You can start immediately.”

Mrs. Brown gave him the address, and after he wrote it down, something dawned on him. He asked her, “Oh, I forgot to ask you how much the class costs.” She replied, “Oh sweetie, there’s no fee. Teaching men how to be good lovers is my gift to the world.” With that, he heard that sensuous laugh  again.

“One more question Mrs. Brown.”

“Yes?” she said.

“What does the “GBP” stand for?”

“Good Black Pussy baby”.

He was completely sold. He didn’t need to hear another word.


The address she had given him turned out to be a brownstone in Harlem, on west 147th Street. He had no problem getting there. Every step he took up to the front door brought him closer and closer to an experience that would stay with him for the rest of his life.

He collected himself, and made last minute mental preparations, before pushing the buzzer. Then he did it. About twenty seconds later, the door opened, and there stood a middle-aged Black man of medium build, with a shaved head, and a goatee. He started to run, until he saw the man smile. This was quite puzzling to him. He hadn’t expected a man to answer the door.

“Hi. I’m Allan. Mrs. Brown’s husband”, the man said.

“Oh shit!” he thought to himself. “What the fuck is going on here?”

Mr. Brown extended his hand in friendship, and he took it out of force of habit, but he was still leery about this situation. Then, he felt himself being gently pulled through the doorway. Once in the foyer, and the door closed behind them, Mr. Brown said,

“I notice you’re a little nervous. You can relax. You’re in good hands.” He thought, “Yeah, but whose hands?”

          As if reading his mind, Mr. Brown said, “My wife will be with you in a moment.”

          With those words, he felt the tension lessen. Then Mr. Brown led him through a door that him standing in a fabulously furnished living room. The room was a temple of eroticism. Everywhere he looked, there was a picture, painting, or statue depicting sex. Anyone entering this room would have no doubt about the occupant’s interest in sex.

          Mr. Brown ushered him over to the chocolate colored, leather couch, where he took a seat. He reached into his jacket pocket, took out the results of his STD test, and handed it to Mr. Brown. The black husband scanned the paper for a few moments, then looked at him and smiled.

          “Excuse me.” Mr. Brown said, as he left the room. About five minutes later, she entered.

          Mrs. Brown was a Black woman, in her middle thirties, with a light complexion that had a reddish tinge to it. Her hair was done up in long African braids of a brownish color that complimented her skin color. The red framed glasses she wore really did make her look like a school teacher. Her body was voluptuous. Big titties, more than ample legs and thighs, and a big ass was what she had to offer.

          She wore a black bustier, which pushed her big boobs up and formed a deep valley of cleavage. A black lace garter belt, black lace-topped stockings, and a black G-string are what he saw, as his eyes traveled up and down the length of her body. On her feet, she wore a pair of black Marabou mules.

          Mrs. Brown was all smiles, as she slowly entered the room. Out of reflex, he stood up, but she said, “Sit down baby. Relax, and make yourself at home.”

          “I’m Michelle Brown, and I’ll be your instructor” she said, as he, nervously, sat back down, and returned the smile she was giving him. She held out her beautifully manicured hand to him, and as he took it in his, he felt what he swore was an electrical charge. The hand was soft, and more than just warm, it was hot. He didn’t want to let go, but he did.

          “You have a beautiful home”, he said, still smiling.

          “Thank you baby”, she replied, as she sat down next to him on the couch.

          The next breath he took was filled with her aroma. It was the combination of  the White Diamonds perfume she wore, and pussy. He was intoxicated. It seemed that the more he breathed it in, the more relaxed he became.

          “I’m glad you came to take my course. And at the end, you’ll be glad you did too”, she said, as she placed her hand on his thigh. He felt that jolt of electricity again. It shot straight from his thing to his dick.

          It was at that same moment that he heard the living room door open. He almost panicked when he saw Mr. Brown enter the room. But, the smile on the husband’s face alleviated that feeling immediately. Mr. Brown was carrying a sheet of paper that he handed to his wife, and as quickly as he came, he was gone. The door was securely closed behind him.

          Mrs. Brown handed him the paper, and said “This is a copy of your curriculum. Take a few minutes to read it over, while I attend to something.”

          She got up to leave the room, and instead of his eyes being on the paper, they were locked on her big, undulating ass meat. As she slowly exited, the overly generous ass cheeks rose and fell with each step she took. He was totally mesmerized. The spell was broken when she walked out the door, and closed it behind her.

          His attention returned to the paper in his hand. It read:






          By the time he was finished reading the class schedule, Mrs. Brown re-entered the room. This time she was carrying a silver tray, with two red glasses on it.

          “Here’s a little something I think you’ll like”, she said, as she offered the tray to him. He took one of the glasses, hoping that she would tell him what it was he was about to drink. As if reading his mind, she said “This is a concoction I’ve put together that’ll make you feel very, very good.”

          A bit concerned, he asked, “Is there alcohol in this?”.

          “Oh no”, she said. “We don’t drink alcohol. Alcohol destroys the libido. This does exactly the opposite.”

          “You mean it’s an aphrodisiac?”

          “Yes” she answered. “My own recipe. You see, I’m also an herbalist, and aphrodisiacs are my specialty, amongst other things. Go ahead, taste it.”

          With that assurance, he raised the glass to his lips, and took a sip. It was delicious, and unlike anything he had ever tasted. He took another sip, then another, until the glass was half empty. Meanwhile, Mrs. Brown was sipping hers too. When he had drained the glass, she took it from him, and sat it back on the tray along with hers, which now rested on the small end table beside the couch.

          “So, does the course outline meet with your approval?” she asked him, with a devilish smile n her face.

          “Yes, yes it’s ah, very nice” he said, not finding any other words to answer with.

          “So sweetie, when are you available to come for class, and when would you like to begin?”

          “Well, I’m free during the day, and I can start anytime.” He could feel Mrs. Brown’s elixir start to go to work on him. There was a tingling sensation in his loins, and his dick started to harden.

          Her smile seemed to brighten even more, as she said, “Oh that’s fantastic! Class will begin tomorrow at one o’clock.

          Staring into her abundant cleavage, all he could manage to say is “Good. I’ll be here.”

          “I’m looking forward to it.”

          “So am I’, he grinned.

          She stood up, and so did he. Mrs. Brown extended her hand, and he reached out to take it, for what he thought would be a handshake. But, instead, once she had taken hold of it, she pulled him to her, and locked her succulent lips to his. He felt her tongue dart out into his mouth. The shock of that completed the erection that had been forming in his pants ever since he had downed the nasty nectar. Once she released him, he noticed the predatory look in her eyes. It scared, and excited him at the same time.

          “My husband will show you out.”

          As if on cue, Mr. Brown opened the living room door, which led him to believe that he had been standing there listening all the time.

          The warm smile had returned to her lips, as she said “See you tomorrow.”

          “Bye bye”,  he said, as he made his way to the door. Mr. Brown led him to the front door, smiled, and extended his hand. He took it in his hand, hoping that he wasn’t going to do what his wife had done. He was relieved, when it turned out to be an ordinary handshake.

          As he descended the stairs, he wondered if anyone could see how hard his dick was. He walked down the block replaying the mental tape of what he had just experienced, and anxiously anticipating the experience that was about to come.



          One o’clock found him ringing the Brown’s bell. Mr. Brown answered the door sooner than he had the previous day. But, just like the previous day, he was all smiles.

          After another warm greeting, and handshake, he found himself sitting in the living room again. As Mr. Brown exited, he said, “The teacher will be with you in a moment.” In a short while, Mrs. Brown entered the room, wearing an outfit similar to the one she wore the day before, except this one was in white.

          He stood up to greet her, and instead of extending her hand, she pulled him into a full embrace. Her big brown titties were pressed against his chest, and her arms encircled him, mashing both of their bodies together. The nervousness he felt on their first meeting was gone. So, in turn, he put his arms around her. Her body was so hot against his, she felt like she had a fever. Instantly his dick was rock-hard. When they let go of each other, and he began to sit back down, his hardon was plainly visible through his pants. To him it seemed a lot harder than it usually got when he had an erection.

           Once seated again, with Mrs. Brown standing over him, with her pussy at eye level, she asked, “How did you like the drink I gave you yesterday? I bet your wood got harder than it’s ever been.”

          “I liked it very much” he answered.

          “Well, the effects last a couple of days. We want to make sure you have enough lead in your pencil when you come to class.”

          This broadened the smile that he wore, ever since she came into the room.

          “Today’s lesson is Exploration of the Pussy” she said. Before she could utter another word, her husband entered the room, carrying a the tray with the two same glasses filled with the sex sauce they had drank the day before.

          “Oh thank you sweetheart”, she said to her husband, taking one of the glasses. Brian took the other one, when it was offered to him. Mrs. Brown held out her glass for a toast, and when he had touched his to hers, she drank the entire contents straight down.

Feeling as if that’s what she wanted him to do also, he drained his glass, relishing the delicious aftertaste. They sat their glasses back on the tray, and in a heartbeat Mr. Brown was gone.

          “As I said, before we were appropriately interrupted”, she continued, “Today’s lesson is about the exploration of the pussy.” Then she stood directly in front of Brian. With her pussy right in his face, he stared into her chocolate crotch. He could see the curly black hairs of her cunt sticking out from the sides of her tiny G-string. They were also pushing their way through the front of the lacy triangle.

          She hooked her well manicured fingers into the waistband of the thong, and slowly pulled it down. His dick throbbed in anticipation of seeing this black woman’s cunt. She pulled it down until it rested on her upper thighs, and her nappy-haired cunt was revealed to him in all its splendor. His heart raced at the sight of it.

          “This my dear is a pussy. A black pussy. A good black pussy at that. It also goes by the name of cunt, twat, coochie, and a host of other names too numerous to mention right now. Look at it. Isn’t if beautiful?

          “Yes, it is” he managed to breathe.

          He was totally fascinated with the tight curly hairs that covered it. Hairs that spread up to her navel, and out to her inner thighs. Each one was coal black, and glistening. He studied them intently. Before he could go into deeper concentration, Mrs. Brown pulled the thong back up, and the pussy was gone from view. He looked up at her, with disappointment on his face. She assured him, “Don’t worry. It’s not going anywhere.” The disappointed look was immediately replaced with a smile.

          She said, “Now, placed your thumbs in the bands at my sided, and peel it down baby.”

          He did exactly as he was told, and exactly has she had done it the first time.

          As he eased the thong down, she said, “That’s right baby. Ooh, you’re a good student. Unwrap that candy slowly.”

          He pulled the lacy material down onto her thighs to where they were before. That fabulous pussy was in his face once again. His face was only inches away from the pussy.

          “Do you smell that delicious aroma?”, she asked him. When he answered, “Yes”, she abruptly grabbed the back of his head, and pulled his face into her muff. She ground her hairy pussy into his face, almost as if she were trying to suffocate the poor fellow.

          “Can you smell it now? With his nose pressed against her wiry cunt hairy, he managed a “Yes, I can smell it.” Indeed he could smell it. How could he not? The strong scent of her hot black pussy meat invaded his nostrils, and went straight to his brain. Her pheromones were overpowering, and he felt his thick white cock stiffen even more. If that were possible at this stage.

          She released the hold on his head, and he pulled his face away, but not too far.

          “That’s what a clean, healthy black pussy smells like”, she smiled down at him. “Did you like that?” she asked him.

          “Yes I did”, he replied, “Very much.”

          Her hands moved at lightening speed to once again grab the back of his head, and pull him face-first back into her furry pussy mound. Brian didn’t resist for a second. This time she held his face there longer, and ground her pelvis into it even harder than before. When she finally let him go, he had to catch his breath.

          She began, “Now that you know what a black pussy smells like, it’s time to see what it looks like close-up. She slowly pulled the thigh-high thong the rest of the way down, and finally off.

          Standing wide legged before him, she reached in and took hold of her fat outer cunt lips, one in each hand. Gently, she pulled them apart, to reveal her abundant inner lips. They were heavy, and their weight made them hang down, once they were no longer compressed by her outer labia. They looked like steak to him. He wondered if they tasted anything like it. He would find out soon enough.

          She stepped closer to him, with her cunt obscenely pulled wide, so that he could get a better look.

          “The lips I’m holding onto are called the outer lips, or labia majora in Latin, which basically translates to “big lips”. The lips between them are the labia minora, of course meaning “little lips.” Brian knew all of that already. He read more than his share of sex manuals. But, reading about it, and having a real live woman standing before him with a naked cunt explaining it to him were worlds apart.

          “Can you see, sweetheart?”

          “Yes, I can see them very well.”

          “Well then, let’s have another view. Slide over baby.”

          Brian scooted over on the couch, which gave her enough room to sit down next to him. She laid back, resting her shoulders on one of the pillows that were at either ends of the couch. Then, she threw her big, beautiful left leg onto the back of the couch, and looked for the reaction on his face. His eyes were locked onto her fat, black pussy. Never before in his young life had a woman displayed herself for him like this. The pussy had him mesmerized.

        "Now, I want you to take hold of the labia majora, and peel them back." She didn't have to tell him twice. With all trepidation long gone, he reached out and gingerly took the puffy, hairy lips between his fingers, and pulled them apart. Again, he saw the steak-colored inner lips.

        "Very good. Ooh, you're such a good student. Now, I want you to do the same thing to my inner lips."

        Obeying her command, he took the delicate meat between his fingers, and pulled them wide.   

        "You see how long they are?" she asked.

        "Yeah. They're the longest I've ever seen."

        "Grab hold good, and pulled them towards you." He did as she said, and the lips stretched to a length of about four inches. It was a fantastic sight to behold.

        "Pull them to the sides", she further instructed him. When he had them separated, he could see glistening pink meat of her cunt. She contracted her muscles, and made her pussy hole wink at him. This caused him to grin broadly, with a mouth that was salivating. He wanted to taste that pink flesh. In due time.

        "Okay baby, now I want you to take your hands and feel all over this hairy black pussy. Don't leave an inch untouched. I want you to grope this cunt like it's the last one you'll ever touch."

        His hands went to work on her hot pussy flesh, rubbing, kneading, and pulling , much to both their delight.

        "Yeah baby, feel that pussy. Squeeze it hard. It won't break", she told him.

        Brian splayed her cunt, so that everything was revealed to him. It was the most incredible sight he had ever seen. His white hands all over her black cunt.

        "Stick your fingers inside, and probe this pussy", she urged him. He slid in his index finger, and felt the hot, pink flesh engulf it. Back and forth, he moved it, bringing moans of pleasure from Mrs. Brown's lips.

        "Two fingers baby", she said. "Stretch that cunt hole." Brian pulled his wet finger from her hot twat, and stuck two back in. This time, his movements were more vigorous. Back and forth, faster and faster, he pushed the two digits. Deeper and deeper still, he plunged his fingers into her pulpy depths. She was moaning louder than ever now, and bringing her hips up to meet the thrust of the simulated dick his fingers had become. His other hand was busy rubbing the coarse hair on the mound of her cunt, and then using his thumb to twirl around her hard pulsating clit.

        "Ooh, damn, you're a good student", she moaned, as she felt his fingers slide into her hairy hole, and his thumb diddle her clit non-stop. All the time, his dick was so hard, it was aching. It was still in his pants, but trying hard to burst its way free. She never told him to take it out, so he left it where it was. It was a very difficult thing to do.

        As he twirled his thumb around her love button, he started to corkscrew his fingers into her greedy cunt.

        "That's right baby, twist that pussy hole around", she said, loving the feeling of what he was doing to her.


        Through his spy-hole in the door, Stan Brown could see Brian's white fingers twisting and turning in his wife's cunt. He had watched this scene played out many times before, and each time gave him the same charge as the first one. Mrs. Brown and Brian weren't the only ones who had drank the potion. Mr. Brown practically lived on the stuff. So, his dick was in a constant state of erection. He was a black Priapus.

        As hard as his wood was, the view through the spy-hole made it even harder. Brian didn't take his dick out of his pants, but Mr. Brown did. He grabbed his turgid tool, and slowly stroked it up and down. The intention was not to come, but just to make his meat feel good as he watched his wife get finger-fucked by this white guy.

        Back on the couch, Brian was really working that hairy maw over. Mrs. Brown was bucking up to meet his hand at a furious pace. He was a man possessed. The horny white man roughed that black cunt up. At no time did she complain about what he was doing, so he carried on as if he were angry at the pussy. His fingers were covered with pussy cream that had become thick from all of the churning. Snatching his fingers from her hot, pink hole, he stuck them in his mouth, licking and sucking them clean. Then, he plunged them back into the gripping, gooey black coochie. He wanted so badly to stick his tongue where his fingers were, but he remembered that that was for another lesson.

        With bated breath, Mrs. Brown said, "Okay baby. I think that's enough for this lesson." Reluctantly, he drew his wet fingers from her pussy, and leaned back on the couch to catch his own breath. She sat up,  reached over and grabbed his dick through his pants.

        She asked, "Well, now do you know what a pussy looks, and feels like?"

        "Yes, I do", he answered.

        "That was good finger work you displayed today Brian."

        "Thank you Mrs. Brown."

        "No baby, thank you", she cooed at him.

        They both stood up, and Mrs. Brown placed a wet kiss square on his lips. Brian wished that kiss were on the head of his steely white cock. But, not only was he learning all about black pussy, he was also learning how to be patient.

        Just as the kiss was broken, Mr. Brown entered the room, wearing the same smile he always wore. He stood by the door, waiting for Brian to follow him out.

        "Bye bye love. See you tomorrow", she said to him, as he left the room.

        When Brian got to the bottom of the front steps, and Mr. Brown had closed and locked the door, he scanned the block up and down, to see if anyone was coming. When he saw no one, he held his fingers up to his nose, and smiled. The smell of Mrs. Brown's cunt was still there. He deeply inhaled the heady aroma, and then had the strong urge to thrust his fingers into his mouth. But, he held off. As he walked away, he had the feeling that the Browns were watching him from their window.

        In reality, the Browns weren't watching him at all. They were too busy fucking their brains out.




        The next day, once again Brian was ringing their doorbell. Once again, he was precisely on time. Mr. Brown's warm greeting smile, and ushering him into their living room was fast becoming a routine. Brian liked Mr. Brown more and more with every visit. His generosity was incredible. He was actually letting him use his wife sexually. His conclusion was, there weren't many men around like Mr. Brown. Brian thought that, one day he would like to sit down with him, and find out exactly how he had gotten to where he was now. This was what was going through his mind, as he entered the room and took what was now his place on the couch.

        Moments later, his instructor in the art of nastiness entered. This time she was dressed in a white lacy pushup bra, white garter belt, pastel-pink stockings, and a G-string of the same color. The outfit was completed by a pair of black Marabou mules.

        As customary, Brian stood up, when she came in. She walked right over to him, and planted another of those wet kisses on his lips. At the same time, her hand reached out and grabbed his dick.

        "Hello Brian", she said, still holding onto his cock.

        "It's nice to see you so ready for today's lesson." He could not help but respond with a boyish grin. She released his dick, and told him to sit and relax. He sat, but he was too horny to relax.

        Mrs. Brown said, "Today's lesson is about ass." She was only inches away from him when she said this. Then she quickly did an about face, and her enormous, black booty meat was all he could see. With expert control, she made her big ass cheeks rise and fall rhythmically. He had never seen anything like it before. It was if her ass had a mind of its own, completely independent from the rest of her body.

        "Peel that G-string off me", she commanded, as those voluminous cheeks kept jumping up and down. He reached for the thin banc of lace-covered elastic, and whipped it down over her jumping ass, in one deft motion.

        "Very good", she said cheerfully to him, back over her shoulder.

        "Let me show you what else this big black ass can do."

        First, she shook her beautiful brown butt from side to side, the she started jumping up and down. This made her ass cheeks rise up in the air, and when they came back together there was a loud clap. Over and over she did this. The claps were so loud, they sounded like a succession of pistol shots. This was one of the most amazing things he had ever seen. He stared in wonderment at the jumping, clapping ass flesh, as he felt his hard dick jumping too. Suddenly, she stopped, bent way over, reached back and slapped her right ass cheek about four or five times, then took both hands and yanked those glorious globes apart. She splayed her ass as wide as it could go, and held it there. Brian could see her greasy black bunghole, as she gave him an eyeful. Then, she contracted her sphincter muscle, and made it wink at him, over and over.

        "You see that booty hole baby? she asked him rhetorically, still clenching and releasing her asshole muscles.

        "Have you ever seen a bunghole do that before?

        "No. Never", was his reply.

        "Umm. I thought not. Well, I'm glad to be the first one to show it to you." He couldn't see her face, but he could tell, the way she said it, she was smiling.

        Mrs. Brown let go of her ass, and the two big cheeks fell back together. She stood back up, but did not turn around.

        "Okay, put your hands on my ass", she told him. He quickly placed a hand on each cheek. That ass felt hot to his touch - hot, and soft. He looked at his hands on her ass, and marveled at the contrast of their skin colors. White hands on naked black ass. Fabulous!

        Without her having to tell him to, he started moving his hands slowly over the entire surface of her ass. He started slowly, but the intensity of the moment, plus the drink made him start to rub faster and harder. At first, he was just letting his hands glide over the big butt, but then he began to squeeze and knead the pliant ass flesh.

        "That's right baby. Dig in, and work that ass over", she said.

        His heart was beating so fast, he could hear it pounding in his head. His touch became rougher and rougher, but she didn't protest. On the contrary, she egged him on to squeeze her big black ass as hard as he could. The contact of his hands with her booty generated so much heat that, it made her ass sweat. Of course, his hands were sweaty too. But, even the slickness didn't hinder him from digging into that black meat.

        After they had gone on like this for indeterminate amount of time, Mrs. Brown said, "Now, go down into the valley."

So, he slid his hand from the ass cheek, and into her deep ass crack. It was even hotter in there, not to mention greasy as hell. He ran his hard white fingers through the slippery black crevice of meat, until he found her rubbery asshole. The same asshole that had winked at him earlier. Brian played with his new found toy intently, which gave them both extreme pleasure.

        "Ooh yeah, that's right sugar. Rub that booty hole", she said to him.

        Back and forth, he moved his fingertips across the black bunghole, as he felt her grind her ass back to meet them.

        "Aaah shit now! That feels so good. Faster, harder!" she implored.

        Brian obeyed her directions, and sawed his fingers across her African anus as hard and fast as he could.

        Mrs. Brown was moaning, and twisting her big black ass in a circle around his probing hand. With his left hand, he pulled the cheek that it held way to the side, so that he could see the job his right hand was doing on her asshole. She pushed her ass back to him, allowing full access to her nether regions.

        Her moans were getting louder and louder, and he was sure that if her husband wasn't standing outside the door listening, he could still hear her, no matter where in the house he was. Suddenly, in a voice that was damn near a shriek, she said, "Stick your finger in my ass!!"

        Without missing a beat, he forced his finger into her shit hole.

        "Oh fuck!, she said, as she felt the finger invade her ass. He pushed it in up to the knuckles of his hand.

        "Now finger-fuck that black ass!" she yelled, as she used her own hands to pull her cheeks wide. He didn't want to buildup momentum. His finger went full throttle up her booty hole. A mile-a-minute was the rate at which he fucked the finger into her. Brian was practically punching her ass, as the finger went in and, and his knuckles wouldn't allow it to go any further. He pulled it out, and slammed it back in again. The contact made a dull slapping noise, as he tore her ass up.

        Mrs. Brown pushed her gargantuan gluteus back to meet every thrust of the hard white finger pistoning back and forth in her shit chute. Then she yelled, "Pull it out!" Brian immediately snatched his finger from her ass, thinking that he had hurt her. But, then she said, " Now stick two fingers in this big ass!" Readying his index, and middle fingers, he plunged them back into her rubbery depths.

        "Woo yeah! That's it baby! Rough that ass up!!" Brian did exactly that. A moment ago, he thought that he had hurt her, now he acted like he was trying to. She grunted every time the two fingers rammed their way up her rectum. They were both sweating, as they continued at their nasty work. He twisted his fingers around, and could see the black asshole wrapped around his white digits. Repeatedly, he corkscrewed her ass, and she was loving every damn second of it. She spread her big legs even wider, to give him more access to her booty hole. In and out, in and out, twist, over and over he worked her black ass.

        Finally, his arm started to tire, and he was a little glad to hear her say "Okay baby. I think you've learned today's lesson well."

He pulled his fingers from her ass, and collapsed back onto the couch.

        Brian felt exhausted from the intensity of the whole scene, but his dick was still rock-hard. He wanted to fuck her so badly, but knew he had to wait.

        Mrs. Brown stood over him, and said, "Brian, you're a terrific student. I wish they all were like you." This brought a broad smile to his face that matched the one that was on hers.

        "I'm looking forward to the next lesson. I'm sure you're going to get an A on that one two." Then she bent over, and planted a kiss on his lips. "Tomorrow's lesson will be longer than usual. So, don't make any plans for afterwards. I doubt if you'll be in any condition to keep them. See you tomorrow sweetie." With that, she turned and strode out of the room. Brian's eyes were locked on her big ass meat as she left.

        He sat alone for a few minutes, until the door opened, and in stepped Mr. Brown. In his hands, he held a small black velvet bag. As he approached Brian, he took an ornately decorated bottle out of the bag. Standing before Brian, he said, "This is more of the elixir we've been giving you. However, this batch is much stronger than usual. Take this with you, and drink the entire bottle one hour before you arrive here tomorrow."

        Mr. Brown put the bottle back into the velvet bag, and handed it to Brian. It was small enough to fit in his jacket pocket, and that's where it went.

        Then, Brian stood up, and followed the husband to the front door. As per their routine parting, Mr. Brown smiled, and gave him a handshake of sincere friendship. He was out the door.

        Walking down the street, away from the house, Brian stuck his hand into his pocket and fingered the bottle. But, he would have preferred to stick his hand in his pants, and finger the hardon that was raging there. Tomorrow would be an extra-special class.   



        At the prescribed time, our man Brian was ringing the Brown's doorbell. Almost instantly, Mr. Brown swung the door open. An hour earlier, as instructed, he had drank the aphrodisiac, and now it was in full effect. His erection proceeded him through the door. After shaking hands with Mr. Brown, Brian expected to be led once again into the living room. But, this time, Mr. Brown started walking up the stairs. Brian hesitated for a moment, not sure if he was supposed to follow, but when Mr. Brown turned around and smiled, he knew it was okay.

        Continuing to climb the stairs, Mr. Brown said, "Today you're going to be in a new classroom." Brian didn't answer, as he followed him up the staircase, and down the short hallway to one of the two doors that was on that floor. Mr. Brown knocked on the door, softly, three times, and then Brian heard Mrs. Brown's voice saying sweetly "Come in." Mr. Brown opened the door, but didn't step through it, instead he stepped to the side, and motioned for Brian to enter. He stepped into the room, and what he saw amazed him. This room was more heavily decorated, with erotic imagery, and statuary than their living room. It had the voluptuousness of a Victorian sitting room; one that belonged to some gentleman who had traveled the world numerous times, collecting erotic bric-a-brac as he went. In the center of all this was a larger than king sized bed, and in the center of that lay Mrs. Brown. She was laying back, propped up by pillows covered in black satin, which was the same material the sheets were made of. That was the only covering he saw. Mrs. Brown had her thighs up, and her feet resting flat on the bed. Those big beautiful thighs of hers were parted, so that her black, kinky haired cunt was in full view. All she wore, besides that familiar smile was, a pink garter belt, and matching stockings.

        Brian was standing there, taking it all in when she said, "Brian, you've been such a good student, that we've decided to accelerate your course. Today we're going to combine sucking, and fucking. Are you ready"

        "Yes, Mrs. Brown, I'm ready."

        "Well then, strip down to your birthday suit."

        Brian lost no time in getting out of his clothes. Then, he was standing at the foot of the bed, totally naked, with his hard dick sticking straight out.

        "Umm, I knew you had a big dick", Mrs. Brown said,  staring at the long, thick, purple-headed cock with a hungry look on her face.

        "The first part of the lesson is pussy eating. Now, come and stick your face in this hot, chocolate pie."

        Brian was so horny he practically leapt up onto the bed, and his face landed right on her pussy. Needing no further instruction, he began to devour her nappy-haired cunt meat, like he was absolutely starving. Her pussy tasted fantastic to him. As he licked and sucked the soft, hot flesh, her pussy funk shot up his nose. He inhaled deeply, and the aroma spurred him on in his feasting.

        Mrs. Brown's big thighs clamped themselves around his head, muffling the sound of her moans, and whimpers. She let out a loud "Ooooh", when he stuck his tongue into the pink, pulpy flesh of her cunt hole. He stuck it in as far as it would go, and twirled it around, much to her delight.

        "Yeah baby, eat that black pussy", she moaned, as she grabbed him by the back of the head, and pulled his face deeper into her hairy black maw. Brian's own hands had found their way up under her tremendous ass, and was pulling her pelvis forward to meet his probing tongue.

        She was twisting, and turning, and grinding her cunt into Brian's face, as he drove her crazy with his expert pussy eating. They went on like that for a good while, until she told him to stop. With his face smeared with pussy juice, he looked at her dumbfounded. Before he could ask what was wrong, Mrs. Brown got up on her knees, and turned around with her magnanimous ass pointing towards him.

        With bated breath, she said, "Now eat this big ass!"

        Brian fell forward, and his face landed squarely in the crack of her ass. He grabbed a cheek in each hand, and pulled them apart, so that he could push his face deeper between them. He stuck his tongue out, and licked the entire length of her crack. Her ass grease tasted wonderful to him. She squealed with pleasure, when she felt his tongue sweep over her asshole. He noticed that, and did it over and over. Then he went to work on her ass cheeks. He sucked and licked that big ass meat, like his life depended on it. First, the right cheek, then the left, then the right again, until both cheeks were glistening with saliva. Occasionally, he would pause, to stick his face back between them. The were both loving every minute of it.

        Mrs. Brown widened her legs, so that he could better get at all of her goodies. Once again, he stuck his now reddened face into her musky crotch, and swiped his tongue from her clit all the way up to her puckered, twitching bunghole. When his face was in her meaty fissure, she pushed that enormous ass of hers back, as if she were trying to suffocate him. Back to the cheeks he went, licking, sucking, and rubbing his face on each in turn.

        All the while he was using his tongue on her, his dick was impatiently waiting its turn. It was hard, and swollen, almost to the point of bursting. He could almost hear it pleading with him, "Please stick me in somewhere - anywhere!" But, he held on. He had been an obedient student so far, and he didn't want to blow it. The way he was working on ass and pussy, he knew it wouldn't be long before she wanted to feel his hared fuck stick slide into her. So, he continued on with her awesome ass meat n his mouth.

        The, he heard Mrs. Brown blurt out the words he had been waiting to hear. "Shit! It's time to fuck now!" In no time, she was flat on her back again, with her legs wide, and cocked.

        "Stick that fuckin' white cock in that black pussy!" she said commanded. He placed the bulbous, purple head of his dick to her sopping wet cunt hole, and rammed it in. The dick sailed full length into her, right up to his pink balls. There he was at last, stuck in her cunt. She was officially fucked. Brian let his dick rest there for a few moments, savoring the exquisitely tight grip of her pussy. She clenched her cunt around his hard white gristle, until she could feel every protruding vein on it. Then, Brian drew his stiff, pussy cream covered cock back, to ready himself for the attack. With brutal force, he slammed the dick back into her slot, and the fuck was on.

        Brian fucked his dick into her pussy at a mile a minute. He was striking her cunt with white lightening. Every time his dick hit home, a loud animalistic grunt would be knocked out of her. She wasn't the only one grunting. Moaning, whimpering, and grunting, Mrs. Brown was getting the shit fucked out of her. Each time their bodies collided, there was a loud clopping sound. This was joined by the sound of his now sweaty balls splocking against her big upturned black ass. Those pinkish white balls of his hit her head a millisecond after their bodies slapped together, creating an almost echo.

        On and on he drove, plowing the hell out of her cunt, like a man who hadn't had any pussy in years. The magic potion they had been giving him was in full effect. His dick felt like a length of titanium rod. Brian beat that pussy with his dick, as Mrs. Brown egged him on.

        "Ooh yeah motherfucker. Fuck that black cunt up. Show me who's boss! Ah shit! Dick me down baby!" she screamed at him.

        "Yeah, I'm gonna show you who's boss, you nasty bitch! Take this white cock up your fuckin' black cunt", he fired back at her, as he continued to hammer her with a vengeance.

        As Brian's hard dick plunged in and out of her fuck hole, there was another dick that was hard as hell. Mr. Brown, through his peephole in the other room, could see and hear everything that was going on. His dick ached him into ecstasy, as he watched his wife getting hard fucked by this young white man. He stared at the two bodies on the bed, one black and the other white, as they slapped into each other repeatedly. His eyes darted from place to place, as he saw his wife's big black thighs shudder and shake, and the blur of the white man moving between them. Her big titties jerked back and forth, and wobbled with the force of each of the cuckolding Caucasian's thrusts into her subjugated body.

        Mr. Brown's right hand was firmly wrapped around his own black fuck stick, as it glided up and down the shaft. His dick was big, but not as big and thick as the white one that was flying in and out of his wife's cunt. The black husband saw his wife's fuck face twisted and contorted in that all too familiar way that told him she was loving this shit. Then he saw her eyes look over to where she knew he was. Their eyes met through the peephole for a few seconds, then she tuned her attention back to the fantastic fucking she was receiving.

        Mr. Brown saw the bed rocking, and heard the mattress squeaking, as the young white fucker laid the pipe to his wife. He was jerking his dick to the rhythm of the white guy's dick punching its way into his spouse's cream covered pussy hole.

        Brian was sweating up a storm, and the droplets were falling off of him onto Mrs. Brown's face, and titties. She was doing her own sweating  as well. The room was filled with the aroma of two sweaty bodies, dick funk, pussy funk,  and ass and ball funk. Mr. Brown was sorry that his hidden position didn't afford him the opportunity to inhale the nasty perfume they had whipped up.

        Time was suspended, so none of them knew just how long it was that Brian had mule-dicked her, and hammered her to the bed, when she told him it was time to change positions.

    Reluctantly, Brian snatched his dick from her steamy, fucked wide, wet cunt. Mrs. Brown quickly turned over, and then stuck her ass in the air. She looked over her shoulder at him and said, "Now it's time for you to ride this big ass home." He looked down at the acreage of black ass meat before him, and then he mounted that horse ass. His dick glided into her up to the hilt. Once again he was ensconced in that heavenly hole. He grabbed an ass cheek in each hand, and drew his dick back to his big purple head. Then, as if he were angry at her, he stabbed the powerful white prick into her full length. It made her yelp with joy. Then it was on again. He resumed the maniacal fucking of the hot assed, big booty, dick loving black wife. He tore her ass up. Her big ass smacked into his pelvis, every time he drove forward. The fat black ass rippled and rocked, as he sent one shock wave after another through her cock-hungry cunt. She took all that he willingly, gladly took all that he gave her, but it sounded like he was killing her. She was no longer just moaning, whimpering, and grunting, she was screaming and shouting like she had the Holy Ghost. The harder Brian pounded her cunt, the louder she screamed.

        Meanwhile, Mr. Brown was almost jerking his dick out of the socket, as he listened to the sweet music of his wife's screams. Through his spy hole, he could see the horny assed white man dicking his wife down. He saw her totally conquered by the white cock.

        Brian's hairy white pelvis smacked into Mrs. Brown's ass incessantly. The guy was totally in the zone. It felt as if his body was moving on its own volition, a fucking machine auto-pilot. Mrs. Brown reveled in the feel of that column of hard white flesh invading, then retreating from her wide stretched pussy, only to slam forward again. Every thrust he made hit home, and knocked the wind out of her with a grunt. She had no control over the sounds that were coming out of her. But, she did manage to collect enough breath to scream to Brian, "Stick that fuckin' dick in my ass you nasty motherfucker!" Brain heard that loud and clear - and so did Mr. Brown in the next room. The ass fuck was the coup de grace.

        On the next out-stroke, Brian let his fuck-cream covered battering ram of a cock totally dislodge itself from her pussy. Quickly, he grabbed the dick, and pressed the wet, angry looking, purple dickhead to her asshole. He started to press into her slowly, but she yelled, "Don't try to be gentle. Give it to me, you good dick son-of-a-bitch!"

        When he heard that, he pushed forward with all of his might, brutally impaling her black ass with his thick pale pole. "Aaaaah eeee!", she yelled out, as she felt that Caucasian cudgel of a cock punch its way into her ass. As soon as he was in, he started fucking her as at the same pace, and same ferocity with which he had fucked her cunt. He banged her big ass mercilessly. Then, he thought he heard her crying. Then, he didn't give a fuck, and kept on punishing her ass with wicked strokes that sent the full length of his dick racing up her shit tube.

    "Oh my God, oh my God!", she chanted, as she felt her ass being pummeled by her best student yet. When Brian drew his dick back from her ass, her rubbery black asshole clung to it. He must have pulled her asshole out a good two inches, along with his dick. Looking down, he marveled at the sight of it, and kept his eyes trained on it, as it happened again and again. His pelvis pounded her voluminous ass cheeks, each time he drove his wide white wood deep into her.

        Mrs. Brown was almost in tears, as the white man savagely fucked her in the ass. Mr. Brown was almost in tears too, as he watched his wife being brutally corn-holed. He pulled on his own black dick with a fury that matched the fucking that his eyes were on. Up and down the length of his dick, his hand flew. In and out the length of his wife's cunt, the white dick flew.

        The bed was rocking like it was about to fall apart, as Brian's cock pistoned in and out of her boodie hole. He would never be the same after this. Henceforth, whenever he looked at a Black woman with a big ass, his dick would become rock-hard. Rock-hard was exactly how it was at the moment, as he slugged it into Mrs. Brown's bunghole.

        "Oh shit! You tearin' my big black ass up with your white dick!!", she screamed. "Do it baby! Fuck that ass!!"

        Not loud enough for them to hear him in the next room, Mr. Brown said, "Yeah, whiteboy, tear that ass up. Fuck my wife in her fuckin' black ass!"

    On and on, Brian worked like a madman. He and Mrs. Brown were both drenched in sweat. The sweat beads from Brian's face and chest rained down back, every time he lunged forward to bury his dick back in her asshole. The sweat from his white balls fell into stains on Mr. Brown's marriage bed.

        In the other room, Mr. Brown had his own sweat going.

        There seemed to be no end to the fucking. Mrs. Brown was delirious from the dicking she was getting. Brian was out of his mind too. Never before had he fucked this hard, and for so long. He knew this was the only way to really fuck - mindless fucking. It was the kind of fucking that brought out the primal beast that humans really are at heart. He was a fuckin' caveman, as he conquered the black ass.

        Then he felt it. That stirring in his nuts that signaled the explosion that was about to come.

        "Do you want me to pull out?", he asked her, through clenched teeth.

        "No motherfucker! Blast that shit into my ass. Drain your balls in me!", she shouted back at him.

        He had been given the green light to spunk her ass. In the next moment, his white balls tightened, as he felt the cum race up from them, up through his still pounding dick, out of his big purple dickhead, and into the deep dark recesses of Mrs. Brown's defeated black asshole.

        "Aaaah Shit!!", was the soundtrack he added to the scene. Mrs. Brown added her own audio, when she screamed, "Yeah, that's it baby! Give me all that good spunk! Drown my ass in cum!"

        It was the longest, most intense orgasm he had ever had in his life. When it seemed like all the juice in his body had been drained out through his dick, he collapsed onto Mrs. Brown's back. She too fell forward onto the bed, with the weight of his body. They were a mass of sweaty, black, and white meat. Both were trying to catch their breaths. Then, Brian rolled off of her, and was laying beside her. He reached out a hand, and kneaded her sweat slicked ass cheeks, as his thick cum oozed out her stretched, twitching bunghole.

        Mr. Brown, still peeping in on the scene, put his still hard dick back in his pants. He didn't allow himself to come, because he was saving his spunk for his wife. As fucked-out as she appeared to be at the moment, this was only the preliminary to the fuck they were going to have later on.

        The show was over for Mr. Brown, and he made his way downstairs, leaving them to rest up for a while. About a half hour later, he heard them coming down the stairs, talking and laughing. They met him in area just beyond the foyer. 

        "Well Brian, it's been wonderful having you as a student. I hope you've picked up a few things here that, you can carry with you for the rest of your life", Mrs. Brown said, as she gave him one of her full body hugs.

        "Yes, I've learned a lot, and I'm glad I had the chance to meet you both", he said, as he broke the embrace, and for the first time, hugged Mr. Brown too.

        Before Mr. Brown opened the door to let him out, he said, "There's just one more thing." Brian was puzzled, as Mr. Brown opened the drawer of the small table sitting there in the hallway. He took out a paper that was rolled up diploma style. He handed it to Brian, with that familiar smile. Brian unrolled it, and read it aloud.  


"This is to certify that Brian James has completed his course of study

at Mrs. Brown's Fuck School. This man can really fuck."


They all burst into laughter. Once again, they hugged, and Brian was out the door.

        Mr. Brown turned to his wife, with a devilish look in his eyes. She knew what that look was. She reached into his pants, and grabbed him by his still hard dick, then led him up the stairs.


The End


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