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 by Biggshot




   35 year old Carlton Yarborough was going on a 4-day weekend hunting trip, his first hunting trip and his first real encounter with some of his white associates from the lodge.  Carlton was the first black man to gain membership at in the Imperial Buckhead Lodge.  Since the exclusive highbrow lodges would not allow plumbers, carpenters and other working men, years ago some prosperous contractors created their own lodge exclusively for the working man. However until Carlton came along there were no colored members. Even though he was just a journeyman welder with less than 6 months on the job, Carlton was able to kiss ass into the lodge.  Kissing ass came naturally to Carlton, to say he had an affable nature would be an understatement.  The man was a doormat and the older white guys at Zucor Steel, were he worked in the fabrication department took every advantage.  He was constantly sent out for coffee, donuts, and given all the crappy jobs and unwanted overtime schedules.    

   His wife, Mozelle was a housewife, Carlton refused to let her work and she being just the opposite of the modern independent woman, basically did everything her husband said.  However being raised in a conservative southern Bible belt area, she would not allow her husband to have full access to her luscious body.  If he tweaked her nipples or tried to finger her, she just clammed up and there was no sex.  Anyway for that matter Carlton was no fireball in the sex department anyway, hell he only had a 4 incher and could barely last 2 or 4 minutes once he got into Mozelle’s super lubricated pussy.  So Carlton relented in his quest of getting her real excited and since he lacked sexual stamina to last very long.

   To say that Mozelle had a luscious body was really and understatement, with 39DDD-26-42 figure, on a 5’ 4” frame she was an advertisement for fucking.  Her face was not beautiful but somewhat attractive if you like negroid features, big bright eyes, large mouth and thick cock sucking lips.  Her nose was small slightly upturned and her hair was long, a lustrous sable brown.  Mozelle’s tits stood tall chest like two footballs, and her nipples surrounded by thick swollen aureoles, pointed straight out.  A narrow waist, wide hips with a fat bubble butt backside supported by shapely dancer’s legs.

   Mozelle was looking forward to Carlton being gone on the hunting trip, it would give her some time to get caught on her reading and stuff around the house. However that Friday Carlton came home early, “Hey babe I got some great news,” he cheerfully said.  “What’s up Hon?” she replied while concentrating on folding the laundry.  “Mr. Roskowski told me that Michaels father-in-law died and he won’t be going on the hunting trip,” Carlton informed her.  “So what’s so good about that?” his wife responded, “Well since the Michael’s fee is pre-paid and none refundable, he suggested that you come along so that we can get a big discount on the meals.  You get a free trip and a chance to get away from it all. We’ll bring our own food and you can cook for us, it’s kinda like a free vacation. We’ll be able to chill out and spend some time.” Mozelle reluctantly agreed to that this was a good idea, “Well I would have to cook here at home anyway so I might as enjoy a little time away.”  

   In spite of that statement the thoughts of her first humiliating experience with her husband’s foreman, came crashing back, causing an instant arousal.  Her nipples and pussy tingled at the thought of how easily she was subjugated by him.


   After Carlton was hired the Human Resources Department held a get acquainted mixer for all new employees, spouses and supervisors. It was held at the corporate banquet facility that was off site from Zucor Steel. The facility was set up like a night club with dim lights, cozy booths, there was a small combo, plenty of liquor and appetizers.  Carlton insisted that Mozelle wear a short black cotton skirt and a deep scoop neck silk blouse, which she had bought 10 years ago when she was in her early  twenties.  The blouse was beige and scooped so low that she had to wear a half cup bra, which displayed prominently displayed her plump nipples. The skirt was tight and so short that the hem was only 4 or 5 inches below her big rump, it seemed to ride up the her waist when she sat down. And to make matters worse she had to wear four inch spike high heels.  She hated to wear these clothes now because of the added weight her breasts seemed too large and the tight skirt put her big booty on display.  Carlton loved the attention and admiring looks she received whenever he and Mozelle went out.  And so he insisted that he really wanted her to impress his boss, Brad Robowski.


   After being at the mixer for an hour or so Brad Robowski came over and introduced himself to Mozelle, sending Carlton to get more drinks.  He was a big, heavy set white man, ruddy skin, sharp hawk like nose and wore his grayish blonde hair in a crew cut similar to the football announcer.  His eyes dark green eyes seemed to bore right through Mozelle as they chatted, “Carlton is very fortunate to have a sexy wife like you, how did a little like guy like him snare such a big healthy specimen like you?”  Caught off guard by the implications of this question Mozelle shyly replied, “I don’t know....there weren’t t many other guys around my little town in the south...and I like his easy going personality.”  Mr. Robowski countered, “With your sexy body there should have been a ton of guys from all over the state after you, come on, let’s dance Carlton tells me you’re a great dancer.”

   With that he took her onto the little dance floor and they danced to a fast song.  Mozelle remembered her husband desire to impress his boss pulled out all the stops and begin do sexy booty shaking dance moves she had learned from watching hip hop videos.  Carlton’s boss soon got into it too, moving behind Mozelle, he began to hump her big rounded butt, holding her close to his groin. Releasing on hand and moving slightly to the side Mr. Robowski began to spanking her heavy butt in time to the music.  Even though she was horribly embarrassed Mozelle played right along, and vigorously shook her ass. Returning to the table Mr. Robowski commented, “Carlton Your wife has got some great dance moves,” and as she turned to sit by Carlton, SMACK! “Here, sit on this side by me.”  Stunned by the slap on her ass Mozelle tried to hide her embarrassment, “I love to dance but Carlton doesn’t,” sliding into the plush booth opposite her husband.  “She too good of a dancer for me boss,” Carlton was glad his wife as not going to make a scene after his boss slapped her butt, it was a strange thrill to see the horror-struck look on his modest wife’s face, besides it was something he himself had always wanted to do. 

   “Very nice,” looking down at the black wife’s legs he could barely see the vee of her panties.  Highly embarrassed and somewhat agitated, Mozelle quickly tried to pull her short skirt down, “No leave it! I love the view, Carlton how bout another round,” gesturing with his hand the white boss send the black chump on his way, just like he did at work. “Very, very nice,”  putting his arm around he timid black wife he snuggled her closer, whispering “There’s a slow dance,” with that he took he back on the dance floor and  pulled her into a bear hug and began to slowly sway back and forth.    He crushed her large breasts against his chest while dropping his hand onto the top of her left ass cheek.  Mozelle was too timid to move his hand or even try and pull away from the big man, and thought that she was not responsible started to fuel her arousal...  Robowski testing the sexy black wife’s limits, rubbed his hand up and down Mozelle’s left ass cheek, marveling at the cushy softness of her ass flesh.  Sensing her submissiveness he firmly grasped as much of both cheeks of her ass that his big right hand could encase. 

   Mozelle was hoping the dim lights would conceal what Carlton’s boss was doing. Being meek and compliant she really didn’t have the temperament to object to his impudent behavior. She hated to admit it but she even began to feel a strange sensation of arousal as he firmly gripped and rubbed her butt.  Even with the dim lighting she was sure everyone could see what he was doing if they cared to look.  The song ended and Mozelle flustered, made a beeline to the ladies room. 

   Carlton sitting at the small table had already had a few drinks before his foreman’s arrival and was beginning to feel the effects.  Never one to be able to hold his liquor he was beginning to fade.  “Yarborough, boy you look mighty sleepy, I better drive you and your wife home tonight, and you can come back and get your car tomorrow.”  When Mozelle returned Mr. Robowski informed her that they would have one more drink and then he would drive them home.  She tried to avoid eye contact with the big white man but he forced he to look at him, “When I’m talking to you look me in the eyes,” even without touching her he was deftly asserting his dominance over her. “Mozelle get us another drink,” and when she came over with the drink, “This one has too much ice, get me another one.”  When she returned Mr. Robowski firmly in control told her he loved to watch her big butt jiggle as she walked, that’s why he made her get more drinks. “Carlton your wife has one sexy ass!”

   As she stood there Mozelle looked at her husband but before she could say anything a couple of his boss’s associates came over, “Brad mind if we cut in for a few dances Brad?”  “Go right ahead!”         They other supervisors took full advantage of Mozelle’s submissiveness and groped and mauled her one after another.  Carlton was drunk, and instead of being angry, the sight of his wife being felt up gave him a perverted thrill.  After a few more humiliating dances with sexy colored wife they returned to a full table of supervisors.

   With the booth full Carlton humbly sat on a small bar stool, while his wife sat on his white boss’s lap.  Mozelle was bolt upright, her upright position made her big chest more of a target .The other foemen made small talk with his boss and he as if were was completely natural for his wife to be sitting on Mr. Robowski’s lap.  Often during the banter Carlton observed his boss’s thumb quickly rubbing back and forth over his wife’s nipples and his large hand slowly rub up and over one of her large football shaped tits.  Below the table Mr. Robowski’s hand had found its way to Mozelle’s pussy and using two fingers he was tracing the outline of her slit over and over.  Uncharacteristic of her submissive self, Mozelle discreetly tried to push his hand away but Mr. Robowski sharply pinched her left nipple, holding and obscenely stretching it. She released his wrist and he slowly wormed his middle finger into her panties, slowly pushing it deep into her pussy.  Mr. Robowski chuckled softly in her ear, “Wet as a dog’s nose,” and began to slowly curl and uncurl his long middle finger in Mozelle’s wet cunt.

   The indignity of her husband’s white boss fingering her and playing with her nipples was deeply humiliating to Mozelle, and yet it seemed to stir up incredibly disgraceful sexual feelings that she could not control.  Imperceptibly, she began to uncontrollably rock her hips on his hand.  After several minutes Mr. Robowski removed his finger and just as Mozelle breathed a sigh of relief he brought his hand up onto the table top. The middle finger was shiny with clumps of thick white creamy vaginal secretions almost completely covering it, “Mrs. Yarborough please clean off my finger.”  As the other men began to laugh and guffaw, Mozelle mortified, quickly began to clean Mr. Robowski’s finger with a bar napkin.  Looking over her shoulder, Mr. Robowski noticed Mozelle’s fat nipples seemed a lot larger than before, “Mozelle, it’s not cold in here but your titties seemed to be growing!”   Saying that he reached up and cupped her large jugs, one in each hand, “I better warm then up a little,” as her began to massage her breasts, rubbing them up and down.  Mozelle silently grabbed his wrists making an attempt to stop the mauling.  “Please.... Mr. Robowski...don’t do that ....”

   Despite her feeble protests the big white man continued to squeeze and rub her breasts, her thick black nipples were clearly seen through her bra and thin blouse. “Carlton, tell your wife I’m just playing around, besides a little feel of her titties won’t hurt her none, hell when we were dancing she let us get a good feel of her big ass!”  Carlton slurring his words, “So okay, Mo, he don’t... haarm,” even in his drunken condition he knew he shouldn’t have said it was ok but it was such an incredible turn on to see his prim and proper wife groped by his white boss.


   “Put you hands down, Mrs. Yarborough so I can warm these puppies up for you,” for the next few minutes the foreman worked the black wife’s breasts over roughly squeezing, rubbing and pinching her sensitive nipples, while she sat on his lap.  Deep feelings of humiliation coursed through her, while her husband’s white boss took advantage of her.  Feeling his erection under her big butt made her quiver, it felt like a small bat, how could he be so big? It seemed to grow larger and pulse, it was all too much for her liquor addled brain to comprehend. Her she was a married woman sitting on her husband’s white boss’s lap, being groped and she was wondering about the big dick pulsing under her.  He held her on his lap and she felt his strong, warm hands outside her blouse fondling her large breasts, gently kneading and squeezing them until they felt like ripe melons, his fingers softly stroking, pinching and rolling her taut nipples between thumbs and forefingers. It felt good -- really, really good! She relaxed sighing and let her head rest on his shoulder. Her arousal was more than obvious, it seemed the more he humiliated her, the more of a thrill she received. 

   Carlton by now was drifting in and out of consciousness, “Yarborough! Wake your drunk ass up! Lets’ go!”  Mr. Robowski sternly and they left the reception with Mr. Robowski one arm around supporting Carlton and cupping the submissive black wife’s ass with his free hand.  Reaching his large luxury sedan he put Carlton in the back seat, where he immediately began to lapse into a drunken stupor. 

   Sitting in the front seat Mozelle looked on in awe as he unzipped his pants and pulled out a large heavy cock. Shame and humiliation consumed her as she

realized that she no matter how hard she tried she could not tear her eyes off of the huge white cock, that wasn’t even hard yet.  The fact that she had never seen anything like it was written all over her dark brown face and even worse how much she instinctively wanted it.   It was now semi-hard but still larger than Carlton penis by four inches. 

   “You like what you see.... I can tell....  you’re almost drooling!!! You want this big cock don’t you, answer me!”  “Nu, nu nnoo... I...I... don’t want it,’ the black wife stammered.  “Well tell the truth...your nipples are hard, aren’t they?”  Cornered by this question, Mozelle nodded her head slightly, but her husband’s boss insisted “No I want to hear you say, Yes Mr. Robowski my nipples are hard.”  The submissive black wife squeaked like a mouse, “Yes sir, Mr. Robowski my nipples are hard.”   The big white man reached over and exposed her titties with one hand while jacking his cock off with the other.  Suddenly he pulled her head down into his lap and said, “Suck my cock, you fat ass slut!”  For the first time Mozelle sucked cock, she didn’t even resist, she just began to slurp and suck like a seasoned slut.  "Big ass bitch, I like a woman with a big ass like yours," he said. The demeaning names that Mr. Robowski rained on her as he started the car only excited her more. 

   With her husband sleeping the in back seat Mozelle sucked off his boss as he gave them a ride home.  The ride took around 40 minutes. Stopping in front of their home, Mr. Robowski gripped her head in both hands and began to roughly face fuck her.  Mozelle gagged and coughed repeatedly while he would hold her down on his thick cock.  She could not believe how rough he was being with her and it excited her to the point of having her first real orgasm.  Mozelle moan and whimpered while the big white boss fucked her face, bottoming out in her throat he climaxed as he pressed her face into his groin.


            Mozelle never told Carlton about what happened that night and was somewhat worried about another encounter with his boss, MR. Robowski.  Her husband voice shook her out of day dreaming, “Honey Mr. Robowski said that you need to get your physical this week so that health insurance will take effect.  He’s set up a special appointment for Wednesday.  It’s at one o’clock, here’s the address.




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