by Ned Moore



     I’ve always wanted to write about my adventures as a Nude Male Model in my youth. The time was 1958 Eisenhower was in the White House there was no internet no cell phones, pagers, or answering machines. Professional people subscribed to answering services to get their messages.

         I had completed my military service and recently graduated from Drama School.  

Working as an actor Off-Broadway didn’t pay much money, so I had to supplement my income posing as a nude male model for art classes, individual artists and sculptors.

I worked out at the local gym keeping myself in shape. At 23 I was 5’9”, 160 lbs with a 44” chest and a 31” waistline, with a washboard stomach or what’s known today as a “six-pack,” curly brown hair, hazel eyes, and nice piece of equipment between my legs

 Allan Gregory, a sculptor who I had posed for a very erotic statue he was commissioned to work on, said I had the perfect model body, not too thin, like a dancer, not too muscular like a body builder, but a finely tuned athletic physique. He said I was the living image of Michelangelo's David, with the same classical ass. Boy what a compliment!

 As usual, I was dog tired after posing for a class in the afternoon, then performing later that evening. When the phone rang, I tried to ignore it but after several rings I thought it could be a modeling job and God knows I needed the money. I rushed over grabbing the receiver before they hung up.

 “Is this Ned Moore?” a very sultry female voice asked.

 “Yes,” I replied, can I help you?” I quickly answered.

 “I was picking up some paint brushes for my husband at the Art Supply store and I saw your photo with phone number posted on the bulletin board. I want to make sure I’m speaking to the Model in that photo”, she said with a nervous giggle. .

 “Yes Ma’am, that’s me in that picture, alright.”

 “It’s a beautiful photograph I must say,” she purred. “I like the way you’re posed in a reclining position, on the floor in front of seamless paper, leaning on your left elbow with your left knee bent just enough to cover the vital parts. It’s very stimulating.”

 At this point I wasn’t sure if this was a serious call. With a photo like mine you’re open to lots of crank calls from both men and women, so I cut to the quick,

 “Are you an artist, or a sculptor?”

 “I’m a professional photographer I’ve shot nude women through the years, but its time I photographed nude man. I’ve been looking for the ideal male, and Allan Gregory the sculptor, who you’ve modeled for, recommended you highly. I misplaced your phone number, then I saw that incredible picture and thought, so that’s Ned Moore.

 You’re exactly what I’m looking for. Who took that marvelous picture?”

 Now I knew she we legit, if Allan Gregory told her to contact me.

 “Actually Al shot that picture, he always photographs his models to gather inspiration for his statues. I’m a little leery about letting people photograph me because I don’t know where those pictures could wind up. He assured me they were for his own private use. I trust Allan. He said if I took that particular picture, had post card sized prints made with my phone number to post in Art Stores I’d get more business. Boy was he right,” I pitched back.           

“Ned, can you be at my studio tonight?”

 “I’m sorry I’m in a play. The only night I’m free is Monday, when the Theatre’s dark.”

 “You’re an actor, too?”

 “I’m primarily an actor, I model for extra income. Off Broadway doesn’t pay much,” I confessed.

 “Where’re you performing?”

 “I’d rather not say. I’m sure you understand.”

 “Oh I’m legitimate alright. But I can understand your hesitation. My name is Louise Fredericks, the photographer and my husband’s Fernando Fredericks, the painter, I’m sure you’ve heard of him?” She answered proudly.

 “Yes Ma’am, Al Gregory mentioned him as someone who could use my talents.”

 “He might, but I want first crack at you, myself” She shot back with nervous laughter.

 She gave me her address and phone number located in the very upscale section of Washington Square. We made an appointment for the following Monday evening.

 My curiosity was piqued. I wondered if she looked anything like that voice. When I hear a sultry, sexy voice over the phone I visualize what the women looks like and I’malways disappointed when the woman don’t match the mental picture I’ve created.

 I phoned Gregory and inquired about Louise Fredericks. He said she was a very gifted photographer, had many showings at the finest art galleries in New York City. Al, along with her husband had recommended she start photographing the male physique which would present more challenges to her than working exclusively with females.  

     I was very nervous as that Monday evening approached. The only women I had ever posed nude for were in Art classes, but they were a collective of women. I had never posed nude for a woman one-on-one. But she was a professional, and so was I. She was a married woman just doing her job, and so was I. But that still didn’t stop me from being on edge? Hopefully she was a dorky looking female with horn rimmed glasses and fat.

 We would just have a photo session. But if she looked like anything like the sexual fantasy I had created, would I start to get a hard-on? How embarrassing would that be?

     Her residence was a very fashionable three story townhouse. They must do extremely well I thought to afford it.. The house was a brick Federalist style building, like something out of a Henry James novel complete with white shutters on each window.

 The solid wood door at the main entrance was pained a bright Chinese Red. I rapped the brass knocker three times. A voice behind the door yelled, “Just a minute, I’m coming.” I recognized it as Louise’s from our phone conversation.

     The door swung open wide and my breath left my mouth as I stared at her.

 She was drop dead gorgeous and the most beautiful black woman I had ever seen. Hell, she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, period! My mental picture wasn’t even close. She was tall, about 5’8” early 30’s with a voluptuous body. Her jet black hair was cut in a page boy style ( She looked like a modern day Cleopatra, now I know why  

both Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony were driven nuts by that woman) dark coffee and cream skin set off by the greenest eyes I’d ever seen, her pouty lips were painted the same color as the door. She wore a beige silk shirt with the top three buttons undone to show off marvelous breasts that were bursting against the thin fabric.            

    I could see the outline of her nipples pushing against the silk. Obviously she wasn’t wearing a bra. The shirt was tucked into a wide black leather belt that showed off her 23” waistline. Her hips flared out under the belt into a tight black skirt that stopped at the middle of her knees, showing off her shapely legs encased in black hose, tapering into 3” black stiletto heels. She was sex personified. There was the faint aroma of an exotic perfume that engulfed my nostrils that I couldn’t identify. As I stared at her and inhaled that perfume I could feel my dick starting to squirm inside my bikini briefs.

“Are you just going to stare, or are you coming in?” She smiled back at me.

“I’m sorry,” I replied, stepping into the hallway. She closed the door behind me, throwing three different latches. “We’ve had some burglaries in the neighborhood, so you can’t be too careful.”

“On, I see.” Not knowing what else to say, and hoping my cock would stop growing.

 “I must say you’re even more handsome than your picture and I imagine the same is true of that wonderful body of yours”

 “Thanks for the compliment,” I embarrassedly answered. “Are you always this direct?”

          I smiled back.

 “Sure, I like to be straight forward it eliminates the bullshit.” She smiled back.

 Since she was throwing compliments around I thought it was my turn.

 “I have to tell you, I had a mental picture of you based on your voice over the phone, but I was completely wrong.”

 “How do I stack up?” She quizzed, her eyes flirting with me.

 “Better, much better,” I smiled back.

“Everyone has that reaction. My husband says I give great phone!”

I couldn’t help myself I broke up. “It’s nice to see you have a great sense of humor, Ned.” Her eyes glistened. The laughter also helped my dick to start shrinking for which I was grateful. Not knowing what else to say I merely said, “Thank you.”

 She licked her lips and said, “As Humphrey Bogart says at the end of Casablanca, this could be the start of a beautiful friendship.” She joked back. She offered her right hand which I grasped. She had a very firm handshake, almost like a man’s.

 “Well it’s nice to finely meet you, Mrs. Fredericks.”

 “Louise, please, or Lou as my friends call me, and I hope we’ll become great friends. I’m very friendly with all my models, only up to now they’ve all been women. It’ll be nice to have a male model as a close friend too.”

 “We never discussed this project you wanted to work on.”

 “Tonight we’ll probably work about three hours, with some short breaks for you to relax and I’ll pay you $25.00 an hour for a $75.00 modeling fee, how does that sound?”

 “That sounds great.” Hell I was only making $45.00 a week working Off-Broadway, and that was doing 8 performances.

 “What play are you in?”

 The Little Hut it has four characters, a leading lady, her husband and her lover who all get shipwrecked on a little island.” 

“I take it you play the lover?”

 “Oh no, I play the fourth character, a young native boy that she takes up with to make both the husband and her lover jealous. It’s a French farce.”                                   

 “What does the native boy wear in this play?”

 “Actually I wear a loincloth that barely covers me.” I answered without any shame.

 “I’m sure with your physique that’s why you go the part.” She stared at my crouch.

 “Well, yes, and the fact that I can act, and I’m not afraid to be on stage practically naked for the entire show.”

 “Did you get the part because you’re an artist’s model and use to being nude?”

 “Yes, after I read for the part I was called back for a final audition. They narrowed it down to three actors. We all had to separate auditions and had to strip and show our bodies. I got the part.”

 “You had to strip naked to get the part?”

 “Originally they were going to have me play the part completely nude, but they were afraid the show would get closed down, and it might be too distracting, so they came up with the tiniest loincloth that was legally allowed.” (Don’t forget readers this was 1958).

 “Let me take you up to our studio which is located on the top floor. Follow me.”

 She turned and started up the carpeted stairs with me in hot pursuit. I was mesmerized by the sway of her ample hips going side-to-side as she went up the stairs the skirt slowly crawling up her legs showing me her bare thighs above the stockings, held by a garter belt. I could feel my rod starting to grow again. At that angle I couldn’t see above her thighs to see what color panties she was wearing. We passed some unique paintings and photographs in the hall of the second floor. “Are these all works, of you and your husband’?” I inquired.  

“Yes everything you see is either mine or Fernando’s.” Both the paintings and photographs were of nude women, some of them with even full frontal nudity, pubic hair included, which wasn’t as common back in the late 50’s as it is now.

 The works of both artists were beautifully, erotic, but not what could be called pornographic unless you were a complete prude. We finally made it to the top landing which was completely open area, no walls or doors. It was a studio that took up the entire third floor. One half was for photography the other had easels for painting both had platforms covered with black velour for the models to pose on. It was quite impressive. 

Louise went behind a large box camera that was standing on a tripod. She picked up two other cameras that were hanging on straps off the wall and put them both around her neck.

 “I like to work loose. I’ll take some with the portrait camera, that’s the big one, which remains stationary and I’ll move around you with these smaller cameras to get completely different angles.” explaining her technique. “That’s fine,” I answered. “Where do I change?” I inquired. “We’re not that formal here, Ned. It’s a private studio take off your clothes and we’ll start with a seating position on that chair.” She pointed to a plain black chair. In the middle of the room, I turned my back to her and started to undress.

“Do you like classical music?” She asked. “Yes, I do” I replied. She turned the radio on,  

Mozart’s music filled the air. “I think that music sets an atmosphere for good creative work, don’t you?” Yes Ma’am” I answered. “Please Ned were going to be working intimately so call me Lou.”     

     By this time I was down to my bikini briefs and slowly rolled them over my hips, down down my legs and stepped out of them throwing them on the floor with the rest of my clothes. My dick was only semi-hard thank God.

“Well let’s have a look at you.” She asked. I turned around and she threw her hands up to her mouth. “Oh my, you’re hairless. I’ve never seen a model without pubic hair much less a male one,” she exclaimed gazing at my groin.  

“The producers of the show wanted me to be this way because they felt if any hair sticking out of my loincloth would be distracting as people would be looking at that and not concentrating on the play. So they wanted the only hair I have, to be on my head and eyebrows, nothing else.” 

“Did Allan Gregory see you like that or was that before the play?” 

“When I started with Allan I had hair down there, but during the course of the plays rehearsal, it came off. Actually Allan really liked it. He said it made me look more like a classical statue.” I answered as I sat and took a pose on the chair.  

“Did Allan touch you when he wanted a certain pose?” 

“Yes, he explained sometimes it was easier to move me then trying to explain what he wanted.” 

“You know Allan’s a homosexual, don’t you?” 

“Yes, but being in theatre it didn’t bother me, I’m use to it.” 

“How so?” she said with a quizzical look on her face.  

 “Because my skin is too fair for the native boy, they have to apply special make-up called 

Texas Dirt, which is mixed with water, so I stand in a basin completely naked while two Wardrobe assistants apply it with sponges all over of my body, while I do my face. One is a woman, who does my back, the other is a man who is obviously gay. He gets to work on me frontally and loves every minute of it.” 

“I’ll bet, you’re really uninhibited aren’t you?”

“It’s not the business for a shy person.” 

”Good we’re going to get along famously.” She took up one of the cameras hanging   around her neck and started shooting. I could hear the whirl of the automatic film advancer. She crouched down in a squat, and it doing so her skirt rode up revealing even more of the fleshy part of her  beautiful thighs. I caught a glimpse of what I thought were black panties, but realized it was her neatly trimmed bush. I could feel my dick growing again, damn it. 

”You know you’re getting an erection, don’t you?” She smirked. 

I could feel the blood rushing to my face I humbly answered. 

“I’m so embarrassed, Lou it’s not very professional of me I don’t know what to say.” 

“When a beautiful man like you, has such a magnificent penis like yours, he has absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about.” She reassured me with a smile. 

Now I felt better knowing it didn’t bother her. But her tongue flicked out moistening her crimson lips. 

“In exotic photography like the kind I deal in, it’s considered artistic if the man’s penis is flaccid, but pornographic if it’s erect. You see my point?”

“But I don’t know if I can make it go away. I confessed. 

She stood up and slowly sashayed over to me. “Ned, we really need to accomplish some good work tonight and we can’t do it with that beauty standing up, like a flag pole, can we? But, I think I have a solution to our problem.” She smiled, reaching out and wrapped her right hand around my dick. “May I have the pleasure of sucking your cock, getting you off, so we can get on with our project?” 

Not knowing what else to say I weakly replied, “Yeah sure.” 

She dropped down on her knees and slipped my dick into those lovely ruby red lips. My ass slowly came off the chair with her left hand she kept spinning my balls, as I felt her right hand slowly circle my hips, and gently insert a finger up my ass. 

Now I had the sensation of her tongue curling around my cock, going up and down, at the same time spinning my balls while ass fucking me with her finger simultaneously. It was the most incredible blow job I’ve ever had in my life. I had to use every bit of self-control not to cum too soon. All of a sudden it hit me and I said, “What about your husband?” 

Her head plopped off my cock, her left hand shifted from my balls to my shaft, which she continued to manipulate ever so expertly. She looked up, smiling. “Don’t you worry your pretty head over Fernando. We have an Open Marriage. He’s crazy in love with me and he lets me do my thing, he better as it’s the only way I’ll stay in this marriage, and he knows it, you dig?"

“Oh, I dig, baby, I dig!” I’d say anything. I just didn’t want her to stop.

 With that said, her left hand resumed its rotation of my balls, as she dropped her mouth over my shaft again, taking me all the way down to the hilt before coming back up again with that witch of a tongue doing its circular motion at the same time. I was in the hands of an expert cock sucker and she was not to be denied. 

I looked down at those devilish green eyes that were staring back at me and she winked with her right eye. I didn’t want this moment to end but I could feel a chill growing up my spine, my ass started to twitch, my balls felt so full, I started breathing heavy and before I knew it I exploded a load of cum that had been building up since I last got laid 10 days ago. She kept pumping and I kept shooting. She took every single drop and drained me completely. “Just like Maxwell Coffee, good to the last drop,” she said with cum dripping out of her mouth. 

    Not knowing what else to say at the moment I weakly responded, “Thanks for that, I guess we can get on with the photography now that we’ve gotten rid of my problem.” 

    Still spinning my balls and stroking my ass, she threw her head back and challenged me. 

“No, not yet, you’ve really got my juices flowing and it’s time for you to reciprocate.”  

She wiped the juices from her lips with her finger and stuck it back in her mouth to lick it off. I wasn’t quite sure what her definition of reciprocate was. She stood up, tore her blouse open,  buttons flying in different directions as her gorgeous 39C breasts popped out and stood proudly on her chest, not drooping at all. They were magnificent, the nipples pointing straight out like eraser heads on a pencil.    

     She unhooked her belt it fell to the floor, then unhooked her skirt, pulled it down over those curvaceous hips, letting it land in a pool of black around her feet then kicked it into the corner. Our modern day Cleo stood there like an erotic statue wearing only a garter belt, stockings and high heels.. My eyes were drawn to her black bush, trimmed and cut in the shape of a heart. “We’re a contrasting couple. I’m hairless and you’ve got a well manicured bush,” I said smiling. 

“My pussy’s pretty, isn’t it baby?” She smiled back provocatively. She pulled me off the chair, and changed places with me as she sat on the chair and opened her legs letting me see her moist lips peeking out under the bush. I dropped to my knees as her hand went behind my head and drew into the vortex between her legs. I smelled that faint perfume again, mixed with the musky odor that was pure Louise. My tongue flicked out and swiped her crack. “That’s it baby, start your business,” she moaned. I blew out air to separate the hairs and clamped down on the biggest clitoris I’d ever seen.  

With my teeth I gently bit the clit, going from side-to-side with my teeth, at the same time flicking the tip with my tongue at a rapid speed. I slipped my thumb into her pussy then, inserted my middle finger in her butt hole. She raised her hips and I pushed the fingers deeper. Now those fingers were moving closer together rubbing the partition that separated those two holes. 

I looked up at her the eyes were rolling to the back of her head which was now moving back and forth at a rapid speed. “That’s it, that’s it white boy you eat this bitch’s pussy like a pro!” Her legs spread wider, her ass went higher. I was giving as good, as I got.

This went on for several minutes with her making strange humming sounds as I ate her out. She started shouting out loud. “Oh my God, Oh my God, I can’t stop myself I’m gonna cum, I don’t wanna cum but I can’t help myself, I’m cumming!” With that my face was flooded with a typhoon of juices squirting out of her. I was the sweetest pussy juice I had ever tasted. It produced another aroma that drove me crazy as I hungrily lapped up this sweet nectar wanting it all. It was the most erotic sensation I can ever remember and my body started to shutter from the odor of our sex, as my cock starting springing back to life toward another tremendous hard on, ready for more. I was becoming addicted to this black Goddess and I couldn’t help myself. 

“You started something goin’ in me and now you’re gonna finish it, Ned.” 

She rose off the chair, grabbed a piece of velour off the modeling stand and threw it on the floor. She then positioned herself leaning on her knees and elbows her gorgeous ass up facing me and shouted, “You gotta fuck me doggie style, take me from behind.” I pushed my now rock hard cock into her smoldering wet pussy and started a nice slow ride of her box.  

As I tried to vary my speed I could feel her inner walls open and close squeezing my cock. It was first experience with a woman who had a snapping pussy and I kept changing my rhythm in that beautiful warm channel. With my hand I reached around and started rubbing her hanging breasts tweaking those nipples. “That’s it baby, fuck me, pinch those nipples, pinch them harder. “I don’t want to hurt you” I said in self-defense. 

“Don’t worry I’ll tell you when it’s too much, you just pinch them as hard as you can!”  

 I wasn’t about to deny her anything. All of a sudden for no explainable reason I had the feeling that someone was watching us, that we weren’t alone in that studio. I slowly turned my head around and saw a very handsome naked black man in his early 60’s over six feet tall, with salt & pepper hair leaning against the wall next to the staircase stroking the biggest limp dick I had ever seen. I got so scared I feel my cock start to shrivel. “Oh, my God,” I screamed. Louise turned her head, shouting. “Don’t you dare go soft on me Ned, don’t you worry that’s Fernando he won’t do you any harm he likes to watch, don’t you baby?” He answered in a booming bass voice, “That’s right sweetie I like to watch, my sexy wife get fucked by a beautiful young white stud.”  Louise worked her special magic with that snapping pussy of hers and my cock started regaining its hardness. “Tell him why you like to watch him fuck me Fernando” She cooed. “Oh cupcakes do I have to,” he said regretfully. “You agreed to tell him why he’s here.” She insisted. “As you can see Ned, this dick of mine, regardless of its size won’t get hard. It hasn’t been for years. I love my wife, I really do. But I can’t satisfy her need for hard cock. We agreed it was alright for to have sex with other men under two conditions, they were white, and she  

didn’t go behind my back, and I could get off with her by watching.. She has an insatiable need for hard cock to suck, feel in her pussy and up her ass.” 

“That’s right baby, take that dick out of my pussy and fuck my booty hole,” she purred. 

Who was I to deny her that, who was I to deny her anything. I pulled my dick out that was now well lubed with her cunt juices and slid it up her ass. Then I switched my hands  

from her tits to her pussy and worked my fingers on her clit and up her snatch.

  Her whole body started to vibrate and within a minute my hands became soaking wet as she released another torrent of juices. I couldn’t hold off any longer and shot another load up her ass. 

I slowly fell off her as I had popped my cookies twice in rapid succession and was now feeling fatigue over take me. 

“Now that’s what I call a royal fucking,” she said breathlessly. 

“Here it is, here it is!” shouted Fernando as he shot a load across the floor as his knees buckled.  

“Maybe now that you’re relaxed Ned we can get on with our photo shoot.” She placed her right index finger in her snatch gathering up her juices then licked her finger clean. 

“Can I wash up first?” I implored.  

“Certainly, the bathroom’s on the second floor, Fernando will show you where.” 

Thus began a three year association with this unique couple. There are many more adventures awaiting you as we explore my misguided youth as a  highly successful nude male model.


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