CAUTION: This story is not politically correct. It includes the humiliation and degradation of willing and maybe not so willing black women. The "n" word is used liberally.


Latessa's New Position

by Neal

Chapter 0 - Prologue

Tom Davis stood nervously outside his boss's office, waiting for him to get off the phone. The tall black man had recently turned forty. Except for his receding hair line, the years hadn't caught up with him yet. Despite having been repairing office equipment for Mr. Andrews for almost ten years, he hadn't had too many occasions to speak with him.

Finally, the older man waved him into the office, looking up at him as he wrapped up his conversation. Jack Andrews was youthful looking for fifty with steel blue eyes and salt and pepper hair.

"So, Tom, what can I do for you?" he asked after hanging up the phone.

"Well, Mr. Andrews," said Tom, "I was hopin' there was some way I could get some extra hours. I could sure use the money."

"There really aren't extra hours to have," answered Jack. "I'm sorry, but we're limited by our clients' needs. If we take any more on, that may change. Sorry I can't help you out."

"It's just that my wife was one of the managers at Genron, that company that had all the layoffs," Tom explained. "She and the twenty some odd folks that reported to her all got it. Even her boss got laid off. She got a job at the 7-11, but that's just minimum wage. We got to do somethin' 'cause our daughter's goin' to college next year."

"I don't know what to say, buddy," sighed his boss. "I can't give you hours I don't have." He pondered a moment, "well, there is another way I might be able to help. I might be able to give your wife better work than she's got now."

"I didn't know we were hiring." Tom replied, having already started checking the company bulletin board for jobs that his wife, Latessa, would be suited for.

"No, it's not here at the company," Jack responded. "It's at my house. See, my wife has her hands full, what with two teenagers and a big house. We actually had a couple of girls to help her out. The morning girl turned up in a family way, if you know what I mean, and had to stop working for us. Cooking breakfast and lunch, making beds, doing laundry, and other light housework."

"A maid?" asked Tom, his eyebrows raised.

Latessa would not be happy about this, he thought.

"I'm just brainstorming here, Tom," replied Jack. "The 7-11 pays minimum wage. The maid job pays six hundred dollars a week. It's got to be better than selling cigarettes and lotto tickets. But, whatever. Bounce it off the little woman and let me know if she's interested. But, either way, I'll keep an ear to the ground for her. A woman who managed a big department like that shouldn't be making slushies at the 7-11. Something's bound to turn up."

"Thanks, sir," replied Tom. "I appreciate it. And I'll let you know."

*       *       *

Latessa Davis was a fine looking black woman who looked much younger than her thirty nine years. Beautiful dark skin, soft brown eyes, and thick full lips. Her long straightened hair reached her shoulders. That night after supper, it was she who broached the subject.

"So, Tommy," she asked, "How did it go with the boss? Are you gonna be able to get some more hours?"

"Uh, no," he replied, getting up his nerve. "But he did have somethin'. But it wasn't for me. It was for you."

"Me?" she asked. "I thought you said there weren't any jobs there."

"It's not at the company," he explained. "It's at Mr. Andrews' place. His wife needs some... uh... domestic help."

"What!" she exclaimed, her voice rising. "That's what you got for me? A fuckin' maid job! The fuck I'm gonna go clean up some white family's messes!"

"It's six hundred dollars a week," he replied. "Look, I just told him I'd tell you about it and now I did. I'm only thinkin' of Darlene. Even with the scholarship we got to have more money. Losin' your manager pay hurt us bad."

"Oh, Tommy," she sighed. "A fuckin' maid. Is that what it's come to?"

"I'm sorry, baby," he reassured her. "It's only temporary. Things'll pick up and somethin' better's bound to come up. Plus, this is better than some convenience store job. I'm always afraid for you there. The place has been held up before! At least we wouldn't have to worry about that with you up at Mr. Andrews' place."

"All right, I guess it can't hurt to at least go talk to them." Latessa seemed resigned to suffering indignities like this since losing her well paying job.

*       *       *

Tom told Jack the next morning that Latessa was willing to come to his house and talk to him and his wife to see if she'd be interested in the job. They made arrangements for eight o'clock that evening.

*       *       *

The Andrews place was in a suburban neighborhood where the houses were far apart and for the most part couldn't be seen from the street. Tom pushed the button on the speaker box at the gate and announced he and Latessa's arrival. They were buzzed in and drove through. He parked the car at the end of the Andrews's long driveway and looked over at his wife.

Latessa was still upset about the situation. But she had calmed down with the time she'd had to think about it, along with another shift at the 7-11. Sweeping the floor there and cleaning burnt nacho cheese out of the microwave oven. The maid job started to look good by comparison.

A big black woman in a full maid uniform answered the door when they rang the bell. She was in her early thirties with a dark complexion and pronounced African features, with an especially broad nose and thick lips. And her uniform wasn't one of the silly French maid outfits seen in girlie magazines. Instead, it was a charcoal colored work dress that reached her knees with a white apron tied around her waist. She even sported a white maid's cap in her short curly hair.

"Dey be expectin' you," she said plainly and stepped back allowing the black couple to enter.

She led them across the flagstone entry way into the thickly carpeted living room. The room was quite large, one entire wall was made of panels of glass that looked out onto a patio with a large grassy yard beyond it. Mr. and Mrs. Andrews sat on the couch and watched them come into the room.

Mrs. Andrews appeared to be much younger than Tom and Latessa, certainly no older that thirty. Blue eyes and blonde hair down to her shoulders, Cindy Andrews was the picture of a suburban woman of leisure. She was the daughter of a prominent state senator for the district and niece of a county court judge. Her connections had helped Jack's business prosper and made both of them very wealthy.

Jack stood and offered Tom and then Latessa his hand.

"Glad you made it," he said as he shook hands with them both, keeping his eyes on the black woman. "Hope you didn't have any trouble finding the place."

"No, no trouble at all," Tom replied, taking in the luxurious surroundings.

He also couldn't help admiring Cindy and the way she looked at him. There was an aloofness as well as something cold and calculating about the look on the white woman's face. And something about that stirred a strange sensation inside the black man.

"You may go, Bertha," said Jack to the black maid.

"Thank you, suh," she replied and left the room.

"This is Tom and...." he stopped, having forgotten Tom's wife's name as he introduced the black couple to his wife.

"Latessa," said Latessa, slightly offended at his not knowing her name.

"Yes, Latessa!" exclaimed Jack. "That's right. Sorry about that."

He turned to the Davises, "And this is my wife Mrs. Andrews."

"Pleased to meet you," she said, smiling and remaining seated.

Latessa was a little taken aback at his introducing them by their first names, while only using his wife's surname. Another indignity, she thought. He hadn't even offered them a seat!

Tom on the other hand barely noticed it. Instead he was oddly intrigued by Cindy's behavior. He'd noticed that kind of feeling before in his dealings with white women on the job. The way a receptionist would look at him when he arrived on a service call. How a secretary would speak to him while he repaired a photocopier. It was never as blatant, or as powerful, as what he felt from Cindy. And a quick glance into her blue eyes gave him the strange notion that she could sense it in him. He quickly looked away.

"Anyways," continued Jack, "Latessa is interested in the morning girl's job."

"I see," said Cindy. "Have you ever done domestic work before?"

"I've kept house for almost twenty years and raised a teenage daughter," she replied, trying to suppress her indignation.

Twenty people had reported to her, thought Latessa. Most of them were white! And here this rich white woman who had probably never worked a day in her life was asking her about her maid experience! It was all Latessa could do to keep from slapping her and walking out. But she thought of cleaning out the dirty toilets at the 7-11 and kept her composure.

"Well," laughed the white woman, "I'm sure that qualifies you. The morning girl starts at five thirty. She prepares breakfast for the family. Our boy and girl are in high school, Bobby and Megan are eighteen, they're twins. They need breakfast at seven so they can get to school. Mr. Andrews and I take our breakfast at eight thirty."

"Then it's time to make the beds and get the laundry together," she continued. "Some vacuuming up where it needs it and then get our lunch together and take care of the dishes afterwards. By one thirty you're all done and that's all there is to it. See, it's not difficult. And a sight better than that disgusting store you work at now."

Latessa wasn't sure how much of this white woman she was going to be able to take. But the store was disgusting. Neither were easy to take and this paid better. If she truly hated it, she always go back to the 7-11 or somewhere like it. Jobs like that were always available.

Tom looked at his wife and admired her restraint in the face this less than respectful treatment, while he, meanwhile, had mixed feelings about it himself. Jack and Cindy looked at her, too, waiting for her reaction.

"I suppose I can give it a try," Latessa finally said.

What the fuck, she thought.

"Excellent!" said Cindy. "I don't think Gladys's outfit will fit you, so you'll need to get a proper uniform. Something like Bertha's will be fine. When can you start? I suppose you want to give your present employer some kind of notice."

The white woman's nose wrinkled as she mentioned the convenience store.

"No," said Latessa. "I can start day after tomorrow."

Those chumps at the 7-11 didn't need any notice. They'd be lucky if she did anything other than simply not show up anymore.

"Wonderful!" said Cindy. "I'll have Bertha show you around the kitchen and give you a key to the back door so you can let yourself in your first day. We won't be up yet at that ungodly hour."

Cindy picked up a small brass colored bell with a black handle and rang it. Bertha walked into the room a few seconds later.

"Yes, ma'am?" she asked the lady of the house.

"Latessa will be taking over for Gladys," Cindy instructed. "Show her what she needs to see to start the day after tomorrow. And give her a key."

"Yes, ma'am," replied the negro servant.

Latessa went with Bertha back out of the living room and across the flagstone entry way. They walked through a large formal dining room and through a swinging door to the kitchen. It was quite large and well outfitted. In the back of the room was a door to the outside.

"Here's yo' key," said Bertha, taking a key off a hook inside a cabinet door. "Don' lose it. An' only use dis door. Miz Cindy don' like us usin' da front door."

"Dem chillun o' ders don't want no fancy breakfast," continued the big black maid. "Dey jus' git cereal, milk, an' juice. Miz Cindy'll put a note up over here to say what she an' Massa Jack be havin'."

Latessa thought she wasn't hearing right. "Excuse me, Bertha. I didn't hear right. What did you just say?"

"I say Miz Cindy be puttin' up a note about what to be makin' fo' breakfast," she replied with an odd look on her face.

"No," explained Latessa, "after that. Did you say Massa Jack?"

"Dat's right," said Bertha patiently. "Massa Jack. Dat his name. Ain't you know dat?"

"Ok. Massa Jack." Latessa was starting to have second thoughts about this job. It was starting to feel strange.

"Dat's right, Latessa," explained the colored maid. "You gots to talk respectful like to dese white folks. Dey like to be hearin' 'yes, suh,' an' 'no, ma'am.' You call him Massa Jack an' da lady Miz Cindy. Massa Bobby an' Miz Megan, too."

"Now, I be comin' in early, nine o'clock, an' show you what you need to be doin' after breakfast," she continued. "Where the bedrooms and laundry room is at so you kin git to it."

"One more thing, Bertha," asked Latessa. "How does that woman have children so old?"

"She ain't dere natural mama," replied the young negress. "An' she ain't da first Mrs. Andrews neither."

Mentally, Latessa had already blown off the 7-11. This, too, she would just have to get used to or she'd be back to sweeping scratch tickets off the sidewalk. She'd suck it up. For Darlene.

Back in car, heading out the drive way, Latessa turned to her husband.

"Tommy, those white folks ain't right," she told him. "That girl told me some shit about talkin' to them like we was on the plantation, not in the suburbs. But I'll try, because I know how important it is."

"That's all I ask, baby," he replied. "Somethin's bound to turn up before long. Just got to tough it out for little while." Still, the image of the way Cindy had looked at him haunted the black man as he steered the car down the road towards home.

*       *       *

The uniform shop proved to be another humiliation for Latessa. She found it was nothing like the trendy shops at the mall where she used to shop for her professional attire. Bright fluorescent lights on the ceiling and a grubby linoleum floor greeted her as she walked in the door. No posed mannequins, no colorful posters. Just racks of clothes for nurses, waitresses, and of course, maids.

The clerk, a young teenaged white girl with green dyed hair, popped her gum while reading a magazine when Latessa was ready to check out. Glaring at the black woman for the interruption, she removed her headphones.

"Yeah?" she asked.

"I need to buy these," Latessa said, placing three identical charcoal colored work dresses on the counter. "Do you take American Express?"

"You've got American Express?" the white girl snickered. "No. Visa or Master Card. That's it, lady. And I'll need a picture ID."

Her face flushed as she fumbled in her purse to get a different card and handed it over. No, she thought, this isn't how they treated her at the mall.

*       *       *

Darlene found Latessa standing in front of the full length mirror on the back of her bedroom door. She was wearing her newly purchased maid's uniform. The teenager could tell her mother had been crying. Her daughter looked like a younger version of herself and even wore her hair in the same long straightened style.

"What are you wearing, Mama?" she asked. "What are you dressed up like a maid for?"

"Well, baby girl," sighed Latessa, "your mama has got to do some unpleasant things sometimes. It's part of being grown up. Just for a little while I'm gonna be workin' up to your daddy's boss's house. As a maid. It pays better than what I got at the 7-11. It's hard to say which is more demeanin'"

She stood and stared into the mirror. The black maid looked back.


Chapter 1 - Her First Day

Tom and Latessa left their house at five on the morning of her first day at the Andrews'. It was still dark. The interior of the car was dimly lit by the dashboard lights. Tom turned to his wife.

"You know the car payment check and the rent check bounced?" he said. "It's a good thing we found this work for you. Your other job just wasn't enough."

Latessa said nothing. Her stomach in a knot, she had a sense of impending doom.

It was just getting light when they pulled up to the Andrews' house. Tom kissed his wife and she got out and watched his tail lights disappear down the long driveway. Dressed in her maid's uniform, she got out the key and let herself in the back door.

She looked around the kitchen and found the cabinet where the cereal was. Latessa put it on the table along with bowls and spoons. She'd leave the rest in the fridge until Megan and Bobby came down for breakfast. Alone with her thoughts, she wondered what she'd gotten herself into.

A month earlier she'd just be getting up now, picking out which of her expensive business suits she was going to wear, and starting to think about the day's schedule of meetings, presentations, and reviews of her subordinates. Today she sat in someone else's kitchen wearing a maid's uniform waiting for their kids to come down so that she could serve them breakfast.

A little before seven, Bobby came down. He looked a lot like his father must have when he was sixteen. Same steel blue eyes, but a full head of dark brown hair.

"Hi," he said. "You must be the new maid. You're kind of pretty. What's your name?"

More indignities, thought Latessa.

"My name is Latessa," she replied. "I've got your cereal out. I'll get the milk and orange juice now."

"Hey," he complained. "Aren't you supposed to say sir to me?"

She felt her cheeks flush. Yes, she remembered, she was supposed to say sir to this snot nosed white boy.

"I'm sorry, sir. I forgot," she said, chagrined.

She brought the items from the fridge and placed them on the table.

"Well, ok," he allowed. "It is your first day."

Megan came in. Green eyes and bleach blonde hair. Too much make-up for an eighteen year old. Latessa was surprised they let her out of the house like that.

"Why isn't my cereal poured, girl?" she scolded the black woman. "It's supposed to be ready at seven."

"Sorry, ma'am," said Latessa, once again fighting to control her temper.

Latessa poured the cereal for the white teenager, her face hot with a mixture of anger and shame. Girl? She was old enough to be this girl's momma. What kind of people raised a child to be so disrespectful, she wondered, even of a maid.

Bobby finished his breakfast and went out of the kitchen. Megan left without eating, leaving the untouched cereal in the bowl on the table. Latessa cleared it all away.

With the children gone, Latessa could concentrate on the breakfast for the man and woman of the house. French toast was on the list stuck on the refrigerator door. She prepared it so it would be ready at eight thirty as she had been instructed.

It was almost nine when Cindy walked into the kitchen.

"Ah..., the smell of breakfast cooking," the diminutive white woman said. "It's such a pleasure to wake up to. Bring me some coffee like a good girl."

"The coffee's ready, ma'am," replied Latessa. "I've already got the cups out on counter for you."

Cindy proceeded to walk right past the coffee maker where two cups were already out on the counter and sat at the kitchen table, waiting to be served.

"Listen, nigger," said Cindy, looking up at her, "it's your place to serve me. I don't serve myself. Bring me a cup of coffee, sweet and light. Two sugars and use the half and half, not the milk. Is that clear?"

Did she just call her a nigger? Latessa was beside herself. She was about to smack the snotty white bitch when she thought of Darlene and her college, the bounced checks, and she realized she was trapped. There was nothing she could do except take it and suffer her humiliation silently.

"Sorry, ma'am," she said with restraint. "I'll fix it for you now."

"That's more like it, girl," replied the white woman.

"What's all the commotion?" asked Jack as he entered the kitchen and sat at the table.

"It seems our new maid still needs to learn what she's here for," his wife answered. "She thinks this kitchen is self service like at the 7-11."

"Take it easy, hon," he said, trying to calm her, "she'll get the hang of things around here soon enough."

Latessa poured the coffee. She carefully prepared Cindy's cup to her specifications. The things she had to do for her family, she thought. She silently cursed the economic conditions that led to the layoffs. Before, it had been she who handed out the rebukes and it was her white underlings who took them.

After breakfast, Jack and Cindy left the kitchen, though the white woman gave Latessa a smug smile on the way out. The new black maid cleared the dishes and waited for Bertha to arrive.

The big colored girl showed up a few minutes later, letting herself in the kitchen door.

"Well, I see you still here," she said.

"Only because I need the money so bad," Latessa replied. "Those children are snots, especially the girl. And that woman! She called me a nigger! Can you believe it?"

"Oh, I believes it," said Bertha. "Dem white folks take some gettin' used to. Dat's fo' sho'. You jus' gots to git used to it, dat's all. Let's go. I's gonna show you what you needs to know."

The young black maid showed Latessa around the Andrews's house. Where the bedrooms were, the linen closet, and the laundry chute. Finally Latessa was left alone to make the beds.

That completed, she figured she'd do the laundry next. Somehow the tour had not included how to get to the laundry room itself. It must be in the basement, thought Latessa, but where was the door? She looked around a bit and finally found the door off the kitchen that led down the stairs.

Sure enough, there was the laundry room. At the end of the hall that went past the washer and dryer she could see light streaming out of a door that had been left ajar. As she approached she heard the sound of grunting and hard breathing.

She peeked in the door expecting to find a home gym or exercise room. Instead she was greeted with the sight of Bertha and Mr. Andrews. The big black girl was on the floor on her hands and knees, completely naked. Mr. Andrews was on his knees behind her, his pants down, but otherwise dressed. His hands were on her ass and he was fucking the fat negro maid for all he was worth.

"Oh, Massa!" she cried. "Oh! You fuckin' yo' nigga fine now! Oh, gimme dat white cock! Yo' nigga got da good coochie fo' you! Dat's right, boss, use yo' nigga! Use yo' nigga good!"


Jack slapped Bertha on the ass, hard enough to make a sound that made Latessa flinch.


"Oh! Oh!" Bertha vocalized. "Oh, Massa, you gon' beat yo' nigga's black ass now? You gon' beat her ass while you fuck her? You too good to yo' nigga. Beatin' her fat black ass dat way."

Latessa stood mesmerized by the sight of the big black maid down on all fours, her floppy breasts swinging hard in response to his thrusts. Her husky voice urging him on. Urging him to slap her, to fuck her, to use her. The sound of flesh on flesh rang in her ears and the smell of sex was in her nostrils.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!", grunted Jack, clearly in the throws of orgasm.

"Dat's right, Massa," Bertha said huskily, "use yo' nigga. Fill yo' nigga wit' yo' cum."

Latessa could see he was just about spent and quickly walked away. She went right up the stairs to the kitchen and sat at the table. She felt her heart racing in her chest. The fear of being discovered combined with the exertion of her hasty retreat had obviously taken a toll on her, she thought.

Maybe a quarter of an hour later, Bertha walked into the kitchen from the dining room as though nothing had happened. There must be more than one way down there, thought Latessa.

"Well, I s'pose I should be showin' you da laundry," said Bertha. "Den where da vacuum is."

Bertha went to the basement door that Latessa had already discovered. She followed her down the stairs.

"What's down the hall?" asked Latessa, as if she didn't know.

"Jus' some mo' rooms. Ain't nothin' special," Bertha answered. "You be seein' dat soon 'nough, girl. Let's be workin' on da laundry fo' now."

Bertha proceeded to show her where the detergent was and how to operate the machines. Latessa wasn't listening, she still had the image and sounds of what she'd just witnessed rolling around in her brain. The big colored girl had been like an animal in heat. And all the shameful things she said! It was never like that with Tommy. He was so restrained and gentlemanly with her. So, she'd find out soon enough? She felt flushed again and noticed a dampness between her legs.

Later Bertha showed her what the rest of her duties were to be. Well, except for the one she was most curious about. Somehow she knew that the day would come when it was to be her on her hands and knees being used by the master of the house for his pleasure. The thought left her with butterflies in her stomach.

*       *       *

Tom came by at one thirty to pick his wife up. His job involved traveling to customer sites to service office equipment so it was easy for him to work in a trip to the Andrews' house as part of his rounds.

"So, how bad was it?" he asked.

"That woman is a bitch," she replied. "And so's her daughter. Those kids are unbelievable brats. Can you believe I have to call them sir an' ma'am? And, Tommy? That white bitch called me a nigger. A nigger! Can you believe it?"

She held back on what she'd witnessed in the basement room.

"I'm sorry, baby," replied Tom. "You know how white folks are." He felt a twinge at the thought of the blonde haired woman.

What a pussy she had for a husband, she thought. She wasn't surprised that he wouldn't defend her honor. Although what she expected him to do, she wasn't sure. But, at least he could have come up with something better than that.

She had nothing more to say to him and they rode the rest of the way without speaking.

*       *       *

That night she turned away from her husband as they lay in bed.

"Not tonight, Tommy," she said. "I just don't feel up to it. Besides, you've got to drop me off early again. We're going to have to get used to that."

Tom had no response to that either. Instead, images of Cindy's cold expression filled his thoughts as he drifted off to sleep.


Chapter 2 - A Maid's Place

Latessa arrived at the crack of dawn the next day, already loathing the thought of another day of indignities and petty humiliations.

It was after she'd finished serving Mr. and Mrs. Andrews their breakfast when Cindy took Latessa aside.

"I noticed that this floor is filthy," she said. "You'll have to do something about it. There's cleaning stuff around here somewhere. Look for it. I expect you to do a proper job of it."

"Yes, ma'am," replied the black woman.

I could wring her neck, thought Latessa. The sassy bitch.

After clearing away the breakfast dishes Latessa searched the cabinets and closets and finally found a mop and bucket. She mopped the floor and then went on to start on the beds and laundry.

Bertha turned up while Latessa was preparing lunch.

"I didn't expect you until later on," said the older woman.

"Massa Jack likes me to be comin' in early," the big black girl replied, checking to be sure her cap was on straight before walking out of the kitchen.

I can imagine why, thought Latessa.

Cindy was the only one who came down for lunch.

"I thought I told you to wash this floor!" she said with disappointment. "It looks like it's barely been touched."

"I mopped it like you said, ma'am," explained Latessa.

"Well, that's not good enough!" Cindy said, exasperated, "I want the floor to sparkle. You have to scrub it."

"All I found was the mop," replied the new black maid.

"Well, then," she said , "you have to look harder then, don't you? Why don't you go look downstairs. Do I have to explain everything to you, nigger?"

Cindy turned and walked away. Latessa could barely contain her anger. That was the second time that snotty bitch called her nigger. One more time and she didn't know what she'd do.

Latessa ventured down into the basement. There was a scrub brush on a shelf in the laundry room. Again she heard the sounds of sex coming from the room at the end of the hall. She couldn't resist taking a peek.

This time Bertha was on her knees, her head resting on the floor turned towards the door with her eyes closed. She still wore her maid's uniform. The bottom was thrown up over her back revealing her big naked black ass. Jack was on his knees behind her, his pants down, though otherwise dressed. He was pumping her as before, with Bertha grunting with each thrust.

"You like yo' nigga's big black ass, boss?" she asked while he fucked her. "You like usin' yo' nigga dis way?"

The muffled slapping sound of his crotch against her fat ass continued steadily along with the white man's heavy breathing. Bertha's eyes opened and she was looking right at Latessa where she stood in the hall, the half open door between them.

"Dat's right, Massa, you use yo' nigga how you like to," encouraged the big colored girl, giving no indication that she saw Latessa.

Latessa hurried back up the stairs and sat in one of the kitchen chairs, her heart gradually slowing down. She wondered if Bertha had actually seen her. She wondered what had possessed her to look in on them.

How could she be aroused by that, she asked herself. What was it about seeing that nasty white man and his fat black bitch that was having such an effect on her? And her debasing herself that way! Calling herself a nigger for him. Asking him for his approval while bent over like an animal. Asking to be used like some kind of thing! It was humiliating and Latessa felt shame for her. Then she thought of her reaction to it and felt shame for herself.

She looked at the scrub brush and got up. Latessa filled the bucket with soapy water and got down on her hands and knees and began to scrub the kitchen floor. The smell of the cleaner filled her nostrils as she scrubbed. The sound of approaching heeled footsteps got her attention. She saw the white woman's leather pump clad feet right in front of her face. The black maid slowly looked up at her.

"This is more like it," said Cindy with satisfaction. "See, girl, this isn't so hard. You just need to apply yourself."

"Yes, ma'am," Latessa mumbled back and returned her attention to her task as Cindy walked away.

Girl. She was at least fifteen years that white bimbo's senior and she had the nerve to call her girl. The black woman was half tempted to tell her that her husband was downstairs banging the other maid. That would wipe the smug look off the bitch's face.

*       *       *

Eventually, one thirty rolled around and Latessa was waiting for Tom to show up to take her home when Bertha walked up to her.

"I saw you, girl," she said. "What was you doin' snoopin' 'round down dere?"

"I'm sorry, Bertha," Latessa replied sheepishly. "I went down for the scrub brush an' heard a noise. I didn't mean to invade your privacy. I had no idea."

That last part was a lie, she knew, but she was embarrassed at having been caught, and shamed at being turned on by it.

"Well, you better mind yo' own bidness," Bertha told her, hands on her hips. "It gon' be you, soon 'nuf."

The big black girl turned and walked out.

What? Oh, no it wouldn't. How could she even think a thing like that! thought Latessa. Letting that white man touch her? That would never happen.

Latessa couldn't bear to even discuss the indignities she'd suffered when Tom finally arrived. They rode home without speaking just like the day before.

*       *       *

That night after rebuffing Tom's advances again she lay awake in bed. The image of the big black girl on her knees, presenting her sex to her white master like an animal in heat, was burned into her brain. What it must be like, she thought, to just allow yourself to be taken and used that way. She drifted off to sleep trying to think of something else, anything else, but couldn't.



Chapter 3 - Massa Jack's Study

Latessa had just finished washing the breakfast dishes when she heard Cindy ringing the bell. She dried her hands off on her apron as she went to find out what the white bitch wanted. The colored woman found her in the bathroom next to Mr. Andrews' study.

"I can't believe how disgusting it is in here!" she complained. "This is simply not acceptable. Look at the tile grout on the floor! Eeeww! It's supposed to be white! Get the brush in here and scrub it off."

The new maid fetched the cleaning bucket and brush, sank to her knees, and commenced to scrub. Her face was hot with shame for letting the diminutive white woman talk to her that way. If only she didn't need the money so desperately, she'd put her lights out.

Latessa finished the area behind the toilet and was startled to took up and see Jack standing in the doorway watching her.

"You gave me a scare, sir," she told him. "I didn't know you were there."

"Oh, I've been standing here a while," he ventured. "I love seeing a fine negress like yourself down on her hands and knees like that. I could watch it all day. Why don't you come by my study when you've washed up."

Finished at last with her latest degrading task, Latessa knocked on the study door. She felt a tightness in her chest in anticipation of what he had in mind for her.

"Come on in," he called to her. "Close the door," he instructed, once she had entered the room.

Jack Andrews sat behind a large wooden desk in a high backed leather chair. The walls were paneled with light colored wood and the floor was covered with a dark red oriental rug. A few large leather upholstered chairs occupied the space between the door and the desk. There was a fireplace, though warm as it was, no fire in it.

On the wall above it there was a large oil painting depicting a landscape of green trees, blue skies, and in the distance a white mansion. Latessa started to notice the other paintings depicting green fields and people standing in them. Black people. A painting behind the desk depicted three nude black women standing in front of the same mansion over the fireplace.

"Latessa," he continued, "that's a nice name. I think I'll call you Tessa for short. I understand you used to work at that the big company downtown. Managed a whole department, Tom tells me."

"Yes, sir," she replied, wistfully remembering her old life, "I did."

"It's a shame about the down sizing. They were a good client of mine. We lost a lot of business," said Jack. "That's a lot of responsibility, managing so many people like that. I know. I run an entire business and I feel the burden of that responsibility. Employees, they just have to do the job. Somebody else worries about making the payroll and keeping business coming in. Me."

"Here, too," he continued. "The only thing the domestic staff in my home are responsible for is serving and pleasing me and my family. That's all. I worry about everything else and take care of them. You've got no deadlines, no concern for others depending upon you, none of it. Just serve and please. It's not so bad, is it?"

"No, sir," Latessa looked down at the floor. "I suppose not."

"And that convenience store!" he exclaimed. "I had to help get you out of there! There's little pressure of responsibility there, but no one there appreciates your services like I do here. And minimum wage to boot. It's just a waste."

"You're a find looking negress, Tessa," Jack shifted gears. "Very attractive. How old is your daughter? Eighteen? It's hard for me to believe that you're old enough to have an eighteen year old child. I wouldn't think you were more than thirty by looking at you."

"I'd like you to take that dress off, Tessa," he continued. "I'd like to see you naked. Now."

"Excuse me, sir?" she couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"I said to take off your clothes," he reiterated. "Get naked for me. Now."

"But, sir!" she protested, "I'm a married woman!"

"That doesn't bother me," he answered. "Your job here is to please me and it would please me to see you naked. Please don't argue with me. It's inappropriate. It's not your place."

"But what about your wife?" Latessa knew already that wouldn't stop him.

"My wife?" he laughed. "Why should she care? You're just a nigger. She knows what I like to do with the nigger girls. Get undressed."

Latessa was shocked to hear the matter of fact way he dismissed her protests. She was trapped. Her choice was to walk out or to submit to him.

The negro woman reached around behind her and untied the apron, tossing it into the nearest leather upholstered chair. The zipper of her dress went down the back and she struggled awkwardly with it before she got it down and let the dress fall to the floor. She stood there in her slip in the middle of the oriental rug.

"Massa Jack," she pleaded, "this ain't right. Please don't make me do this."

But while Latessa begged, she could feel her heart pound and her pussy getting wet.

"Keep going, Tessa," he said calmly. "Take off the slip."

Latessa pulled the slip over her head leaving her bra, panties, and shoes. She stepped out of the shoes. She wasn't wearing stockings or even socks.

"Now the good part," said Jack with a smile. "Let's see those udders. Lose the bra."

Udders? Was this white man actually adding to her humiliation by comparing her to a cow? How could he expect her to continue?

"Massa, please," she begged. "This is shameful what you're makin' me do."

"Shameful?" he asked. "Are you ashamed of your body?"

"No, Massa," replied Latessa, "That's not what I mean. Taking my clothes off here is shameful."

She felt light headed. A bead of sweat rolled off her forehead. Her pussy was even wetter.

"Ah, you feel shame at exposing yourself to me," he said understandingly. "Good. I think that's adorable. Take off the bra."

She reached around and unclasped the bra and let it slip down her arms. The black maid quickly covered herself with one arm and let the garment fall on the floor.

"Protecting your modesty, are you?" he asked. "That's precious. But you should have no modesty with me. You have no responsibility to protect it anyway. Let it go, Tessa. Take it easy. Drop your arms and let me see what you've got there for me."

She could feel her pulse hammering in her ears and her legs a little weak as she dropped her arm revealing her full, but firm black breasts. She dropped her head in shame as well.

"They're a beautiful set, Tessa," he said smoothly. "Perfect size, just the right amount of sag. No way you're a day over thirty with a figure like that. But don't stop there. One more item to go. Time to get naked for me."

It was all so objectifying. His words were complimentary, but he was still talking about her as if she were a thing.

Latessa pushed her panties down past her knees and let them drop the rest of the way to her ankles. She stepped out of them, unable to look at the white man behind the desk. She could smell her own scent and was afraid Jack would be able to tell how aroused she was.

"See, that wasn't so hard," he said, admiring her nude form. "Turn around. Slowly. So I can see the back."

Complying, she slowly turned. He drank in the picture of her backside. Her dark skin, soft shoulders, shapely waist, and ample ass.

"Very good," he said approvingly. "You know, I've never seen a nigger girl who didn't have a fine black ass. You are certainly no exception. Put your hands behind your head. It shows off the breasts nicely and it's deliciously submissive."

Keeping her head bowed, Latessa raised her hands and clasped them behind her head. She could feel her legs trembling slightly.

"Beautiful," he observed. "Look at me, Tessa. Let me see your face."

She looked up at him, though she left her eyes downcast.

"Come around the desk," he instructed her. "Keep your hands where they are and come back around here."

The black woman slowly walked across the rug with her hands still behind her head. He turned his chair to one side and she stepped up to the spot in front of it. He reached his hand out and ran it down one of her arms and back up again. He ran his palm gently over her breasts, her nipples were already erect.

"Nice..." he murmured.

He used the back of his hand to caress her belly and then ran the backs of his fingers over her curly black bush.

"Move your feet and open your legs, girl," said the white man as he continued to enjoy the sensation of the negress's pubic hairs.

Latessa shifted her weight and spread her feet further apart and felt Jacks hand go between her legs.

"Good girl," he praised her. I love the way you look in this position. I have all my girls display themselves to me like this after they've undressed for me. Don't forget it."

He ran a finger along the outside of her slit while looking into her dark brown eyes.

"What's this?" he asked with mock surprise. "Your pussy is wet, Tessa. And here you were complaining so much. You like this, don't you?"

She felt her face flush with embarrassment. He stroked her sex gently and felt her shudder in his hand. The dampness betrayed her arousal and encouraged him to do more. He slipped his finger in her slit and ran it from her opening to her clit. This elicited a gasp from the colored woman.

"Ah, the sweet spot," he said knowingly. "Nigger girls love to have the sweet spot played with, don't you?"

Finally he felt her begin to buck her hips almost imperceptibly and push herself into his hand.

"You do." observed Jack, stroking her a little faster, a little harder.

Her pussy pushed against his hand harder.

"Should I stop?" he asked teasingly.

"No, Massa," she replied.

"Now we're getting somewhere," he said. "I think I will stop unless you ask me to continue."

She felt so ashamed of herself for allowing this white man to put his hands on the most intimate parts of her body. And now, letting him do it wasn't enough for him. He expected her to ask for this treatment!

"Please, don't stop, Massa." Latessa requested.

"I'm sorry," he teased, "I don't know what you mean. What shouldn't I stop?"

He wanted her to spell it out! Her face was hot, embarrassed at the position she was in. But her pussy burned with desire and she didn't want the feeling she was getting from his attentions to end.

"Don't stop playin' with my coochie, Massa," she replied.

Her eyes were closed and she was dropping her hands down from their original position.

"What are you, Tessa?" he asked as he continued to stroke the black woman's pussy.

"A... a..." she struggled to concentrate as the pleasure she was feeling distracted her. "A maid, Massa."

"Not your occupation, girl," he told her, "something more fundamental. Something basic. Tell me what you are?"

She understood what he wanted her to say. She couldn't say it. Not the word that angered her so when it was used by others towards her. This white man wanted her to use it to describe herself.

"A nigger, sir." Her voice was barely audible.

"Excuse me?" he asked. "I didn't hear that."

"A nigger, sir," she said more loudly.

"Mmmm," he responded, "that felt good, didn't it? Say it again, so we both can hear it."

"I'm a nigger, Massa," she said more loudly still.

"Very good, Tessa," he praised her. "That's what I want to hear."

The negress continued to grind her pussy into the white man's hand as he penetrated her with his finger and played with her clit with his thumb. She moaned softly.

"Would you like me to make you cum?" he asked.

"Yes, Massa." she responded in a husky voice.

"Then ask."

"Please, Massa. Please make me cum."

"All right," said Jack. "But you have to ask for permission before you do. Niggers can't cum without asking first."

"Yes, Massa," she gasped.

He continued to work her pussy and she kept grinding it against his hand for a few more minutes. Latessa was obviously getting close and was breathing hard.

"Can I cum, Massa?" she said dreamily.

"Yes, Tessa," he answered. "You may cum for me. Cum, nigger."

"Ohhh! Ahhh!" she vocalized. Jack was rubbing her pussy hard and fast now. Her arms were by her side now. "Ohhh!"

He felt the black woman gush into his hand leaving it sticky with her juices. She opened her eyes and looked down at the white man who had just masturbated her to orgasm.

"Get on your knees, girl," he instructed.

Latessa quickly obeyed.

"What do you say to me?" he asked.

"Thank you, Massa", she answered, looking up at him smiling, her pussy still radiating heat.

He held his sticky hand out to her and wiped it off on each side of her face. Then he put it right in front of her. Without being told she began to lick it off lustily.

"Excellent." he said. "Not only are you learning, but you're figuring it out for yourself. I told you, nigger girl. It comes naturally to you."

She looked at him and smiled, her face now wet with her own cum. What happened, she thought as she gradually came down. Why did she behave so shamefully? How could she face her husband?

"You may get dressed now, Tessa, and resume your other duties." he said reaching for the phone. "I've got some calls to make."

Latessa rose to her feet and walked over to begin putting her clothes back on while he dialed. The white man watched her dress as he waited for an answer and then began his conversation about some business matter.

When she was finished, the negress left the study and almost immediately crossed paths with Cindy.

"Well, look at you!" she exclaimed as she noticed the black maid's disheveled appearance. Stepping closer to her, the white woman wrinkled her nose. "Damn, you even smell like a nigger now! I don't know why you get upset when I call you what you so obviously are. You're an animal in heat, girl. A bitch nigger."

Latessa was mortified to run into Cindy while she was reeking of her own sex. She didn't doubt Jack's word that his wife didn't care about his activities. Yet she still was less than comfortable with it herself.

She hurried to the servant's bathroom off the kitchen. The black woman washed her face and brushed her hair, finally replacing the maid's cap.

She had barely finished freshening up when Tom arrived to take her home.

"So was today any better?" he asked once they were headed down the road.

"It wasn't so bad," she answered.

*       *       *

That night, Latessa didn't turn Tom away. He reached out for her, and caressed her back as she lay there. She rolled towards him and his hands went to her breasts, gently squeezing them, and then down to her belly and between her legs.

In her mind, it was Massa Jack's hands on her, not her husband's. And when he rolled on top of her and entered her, it was Massa Jack fucking her, not her husband.

She knew she was slipping away and didn't even try to hold on.



Chapter 4 - Service Lessons

The next morning Mr. Andrews didn't seem to act as if anything had changed. He took his breakfast with his wife and spoke to the maid in the same tone he'd always used.

After Latessa finished the lunch dishes, Bertha arrived.

"Massa Jack be wantin' me to fill you in on a couple o' things, girl," said the big black woman. "First, you gots to show proper respect when you be talkin' to him. Dat means you don't be sayin' 'me' or 'I' to him. You call yo'self his nigga. It's gotta be 'yo nigga dis and 'yo' nigga dat. Understands? Da other is dat da Massa love to hear his niggas talkin' like old time slaves. I do it so much, I catch myself doin' it to home. You wanna please Massa, dat's what you do."

Latessa had finally been able to begin to understand that Mr. Andrews didn't mean any insult by call her nigger and was getting over her negative reaction to it. She was even starting to ignore the petty humiliations. But this? She would have to call herself nigger? And talk like an ignorant slave? This would take more of her will to get through. She thought of her old office and how far she'd fallen since then.

"I knows Massa Jack be waitin' now," said Bertha. "He don't like to be waitin' too long."

The two black women walked through the house to the study. The big girl knocked on the door.

"Come in." called Mr. Andrews.

As they entered, Jack came around from behind his desk.

"Get on your knees, Tessa," he ordered.

Latessa, still dressed in her maid uniform got on her knees and awaited further instructions. He undid his pants, letting them fall to his ankles. He sat in a leather chair.

"Do you suck Tom's cock?" he asked.

Taken aback at the personal nature of the question, Latessa hesitated for a moment. Still, she found herself wanting to answer.

"Not very often, Massa" she replied. "Only on his birthday."

"On his birthday!" laughed Jack.

Bertha snickered.

"So you don't enjoy sucking cock, eh?" he questioned her.

"No, sir." was her reply.

"You'll suck mine, won't you, girl?" he asked, now serious.

"Yes, Massa," she answered, hanging her head with the shame of it. Remembering Bertha's coaching she said, "Yo' nigga do what you want."

"Did you tell her to talk like that, Bertha?" he asked, smiling at the big black girl.

"Dat's right, Massa," Bertha replied. "I sho' did."

"Well, I love it!" he gushed. "I know it sounds silly, but it really gets my dick hard. Good girl!"

He looked back an the kneeling colored woman on the floor.

"So suck it, nigger" he ordered.

Latessa moved forward on her knees until she could get her head into his lap. She took his white cock between her thick black lips and sucked.

"You gots to lick it first, girl." corrected Bertha. "Lick it all over den suck it."

Latessa let his cock slip out of her mouth and lapped her tongue along the length of it. Again and again, finally followed by her sucking the head back in.

"Now bob yo' head, girl" Bertha instructed, "like yo' face was a coochie fuckin' Massa's dick. Use yo' hands on his balls. Dat's what he like."

This was the part that always left her jaw aching that led to poor Tom only getting head on special occasions. But now, she had no choice but to fuck Jack's cock with her mouth. Faster and faster she went as she gently fondled his balls.

"Oh, Tessa!" he sighed, "you are a fine cocksuckin' nigger. And with so little practice.. But, you'll get plenty of practice now... Ah!"

She could feel his balls twitch and with a grunt he ejaculated in her mouth. Latessa continued to suck until she felt him going flaccid. She had spat Tom's semen out the few times she'd actually let him cum in her mouth, but she knew instinctively that that would be very disrespectful and swallowed all she could. She could feel some leaking out the corner of her mouth and running down to her chin.

"Don't be doin dat, girl," Bertha warned as Latessa went to wipe it off with the back of her hand. "Dat's disrespectin' da Massa. He be tellin' you to wash yo' face when he want you to. You jus' say thank you an' wait fo' what he want you to be doin'."

Latessa looked up at Jack from her knees.

"Thank you, Massa," she said sheepishly.

"You're welcome, Tessa," he replied. "You seem to have some on your blouse, too. Don't touch any of it. I think I like it there."

"Yes, Massa," she said evenly.

However, inside she was panicing a little. What if Tom noticed?

*       *       *

Tom didn't notice the few drops of semen on his wife's face and blouse. Or, at least he didn't ask about them on the drive home. He seemed preoccupied with his own concerns..

*       *       *

That night in bed he reached out to her and she withdrew from his touch.

"What's the matter, baby?" he asked. "Has this whole job thing got you so down?"

"It's not exactly what you think, Tommy," responded Latessa, rolling over to look him in the face. "There's more to that job than we thought. I've had to... well... do some things I'm not proud of..."

"Like what?" he questioned her.

Tom felt a twinge of arousal as he tried to imagine what those things might be. He quickly suppressed the thought, ashamed of his excitement.

"I don't want to talk about it," she replied. "Just understand that I can't... right now. Ok?"

He rolled over, turning his back to her. His mind returned to speculation as to his wife's activities at the Andrews' place. Hers returned to the memories of them. They both lay awake without speaking another word.


Chapter 5 - Taking Latessa

They still hadn't spoken when Tom dropped his wife off at the Andrews' place. He was too mixed up about his feelings and didn't want to say anything that would make things worse. Latessa had nothing more to add to what she'd already said the night before and it was eating him up to know what she was talking about. Instinctively he knew Mr. Andrews was at the heart of it.

Tom got to work early and since this was a day that his boss would actually be in the office in the morning. The black man waited for Mr. Andrews to arrive.

It was well after nine when Jack got in.

"Mr. Andrews, I've got to speak to you," said Tom, rising to his feet as his boss walked by him towards his office.

"Tom!" he exclaimed. "I'm glad you're here. I've got some good news for you. Come on in."

Tom followed him into his office.

"I just signed the contract," Jack continued. "New client. I think I can get fifteen or twenty hours extra for you. I know I should spread it through your department, but I understand the financial pressure you're under and I want to help out."

Tom didn't know what to say. He had been prepared to confront his boss and find out just what he had Latessa doing up to that house of his, but now he paused to consider.

It wouldn't be the first time she'd told him something just to avoid having sex with him. This could be another one of those times. If he got all indignant with Mr. Andrews over this and the boss didn't know what he was talking about he'd look like an idiot. Not to mention the fact that the extra hours he needed so desperately could be lost.

"So, you still want them?" said Jack. "I'd like your answer now, because if you don't, I've got to make sure they're covered."

The white man looked Tom in the eye.

"Uh, yeah, sure," Tom stuttered.

No way was he going to jeopardize this with any wild accusations.

"I'll take 'em. Thanks, sir."

"Good!" Jack said heartily. "Glad to hear it. Now what did you want to talk about?"

"Well, uh," Tom tried to think quickly, "that was it, sir, the hours. I wanted to ask if any had turned up yet. That's all."

"You must by psychic, Tom my boy," continued his boss. "The ink isn't even dry on the contract yet. Actually, I'd like you to get over there and scope out the condition their equipment is in. Suzy has the address and phone number. Get it from her. Make sure we've got spare parts for what they've got. You know the drill."

"Right, Mr. Andrews," he said, still somewhat dazed. "I'll take care of it."

Tom left to go collect the new client's information from Mr. Andrews' secretary. Good thing the boss spoke first, he thought, or things could have been said that might be hard to take back.

*       *       *

Jack got home in time to enjoy the lunch Latessa had prepared for him and his wife. He lingered after Cindy had left the table.

"Tessa, when you're finished with the dishes I want you to come to the study," he instructed her on his way out of the room.

"Yes, suh, Massa," she replied, feeling her heart starting to pound already.

She stood before the sink and hastily washed the plates off in the soapy water. Latessa felt a tingling sensation inside her and could sense the growing dampness between her legs. The anticipation was overwhelming to her as she tried to imagine what her white master had in mind. She hurriedly completed her kitchen tasks and went to Jack's study.

"Come in," he called in response to her knock.

The negro maid walked in and closed the door behind her and saw that her master was on the phone. He covered the mouthpiece with his hand.

"Get undressed," he ordered and resumed his conversation.

Latessa complied quickly. She couldn't believe she was so eager to submit to this white man's will. She needed the money he paid her as a maid, however, she was sure he'd keep her on even if she didn't suffer this humiliation so gladly. She felt a wave of shame wash over her as she realized she was turning into a willing participant in her own debasement.

Jack waved her around behind his desk once she was naked. Latessa stood in the display position he'd told her to assume whenever she undressed for him. With her hands behind her head she stood before him with her legs spread. Without dropping a beat in his discussion of business matters on the telephone he reached up, slid his hand between her legs and slipped his finger into her vagina. She gasped at the suddenness of it.

He looked up at her and smiled. He withdrew his hand and held up a finger, shiny with her juices and showed it to her, and winked. He held it to her lips and she instinctively began to suck on it. After a long few seconds he put his hand back between her legs and slowly stroked her pussy. She felt her legs tremble at his touch.

Finally Jack hung up the phone and turned his full attention to Latessa. He brought his other hand up and caressed her breasts, first one and then the other. Lifting them, squeezing them, running his hand over them. All the while he kept rubbing her pussy with the other hand faster and harder.

She moaned as she pressed her crotch into his hand as she felt her pleasure building inside. Yes, she thought, she was standing here naked in front of a fully clothed man, her legs gaping open and his hand working her pussy. It was a humiliating position, to be played with like some kind of human toy. But she couldn't deny how good it felt.

"Massa," she whimpered, "kin I cum? Kin yo' nigga cum now?"

"You're a good nigger, Tessa," he said softly. "You may cum for me."

This time she just whimpered softly and gushed into his hand while she continued to buck her hips as she stood there, her knees feeling weak.

"Thank you, Massa," she said, "fo' makin' yo' nigga cum."

"You're welcome, Tessa," he told her, "now get on your knees for me."

Latessa opened her eyes and knelt of the floor. He held his hand out to her. It glistened with her cum. She leaned forward and lapped at it, looking right into his steel blue eyes.

"Good girl," he praised her when she'd finished licking her juices off of his hand. "Stand up."

She stood and resumed the display position. He ran his fingertips over her bush with one hand and reached back to pick up the phone with the other. He pressed a single button on the base and spoke into the handset.

"Bertha, come in here," he said.

Thirty seconds later there was a knock on the door.

"Come in," he called and the big black girl walked in.

"Bertha, why didn't you tell Tessa she needed to have her coochie naked for me?" he asked. "I'm a little surprised at you."

"I's sorry, Massa," she said her eyes downcast. "I guess I jus' forgot."

"I'll be dealing with you later about this, girl," he said sternly. "Sometimes I think you like getting switched and you just do this to get what you want."

"I's sorry, Massa," the young black maid said again with a hint of a smile on her face.

"Well, be that as it may," he continued, "I want you take Tessa and take care of that little detail immediately and bring her back here."

"Yes, Massa," Bertha replied, looking back up. "Let's go, girl," she said to Latessa.

The two negro servants left the study. Bertha in her maid uniform, Latessa completely nude. She felt very exposed walking around the house naked.

Cindy was sitting on the couch in the living room and watched the black women walking by. She smirked to herself for a second and then went back to the magazine she was reading.

Bertha led Latessa into the servant's bathroom and got out the shaving cream. The big girl lathered the older negress's pubic region up, took a razor, and slowly shaved her pussy bald. Latessa hadn't ever done this before and now her coochie was naked for the first time since she was twelve. She hadn't ever felt so naked and exposed before.

Back towards the study they went, Bertha delivering the freshly shaved Latessa to her master.

"Hold it, ladies," said Cindy from her spot on the couch. "Come here, Tessa."

Latessa slowly walked over to her while Bertha just stood where she'd stopped.

"Ahem," Cindy looked up the naked black maid. "Aren't you supposed to display for me like a good nigger girl?"

She hadn't been told to do that for anyone but Jack, but she knew she had to do what the white woman said. She felt strange spreading her legs out and clasping her hands behind her head for a woman. Especially one almost fifteen years her junior.

"Hmmm," said Cindy. "I see you're all shaved and ready to go. You look like a proper nigger slut."

Cindy reached out and touched Latessa's pussy. The black woman shuddered at the sensation of the blonde's hand on her.

"I bet he's going to fuck you now," she said. "He does love to fuck the niggers. But keep in mind he's just using your body to get himself off. You're like a live sex doll to him, that's all. Because you are just a nigger. Nothing more. Just something for him to stick his dick into. Not even a whore. A thing to be used. Get it?"

Latessa said nothing, her face burning with shame.

"So you had all those people working for you, huh?" Cindy asked, looking up into Latessa's face from her seat on the couch.

Cindy stood, though the top of her head barely came to the black woman's chin.

"That must have been something to see," the white woman went on. "Miss high and mighty sitting in judgment of all those folks. Doling out the raises and vacation time. Writing employee reviews. What power you had over them! 'Yes, ma'am', 'no, ma'am' from all those white men with families to support."

"But now you're here," she stated. "Standing naked and shaved in my living room about to go and be used by my husband like a nigger whore."

Latessa hung her head, her face burning. Listening to Cindy berate her stung, but she stood there and took it. There was, after all, little she could do about it short of walking out. She couldn't afford to do that.

"Well, you're nothing but a nigger now, bitch," she said. "Don't you ever forget it. Too bad my husband doesn't like me to be there the first time he uses a new bitch. I'd love to be there. I will be there next time though. And I'll be there the first time he uses your black ass. That's right girl, he'll shove his cock right up your nigger ass. How about that?"

Latessa didn't know what to say and so said nothing.

"All right," Cindy finished, "that's enough for now. Take your black butt in there and get used. I'm sure you're good for that."

The colored woman dropped her arms and joined the big black girl and continued on to the study. She had been aroused in anticipation of more of Mr. Andrews attentions. The incident with his blonde wife had been a stark reminder of the reality of the situation. The realization left her shamed. The fact that she was already wet for him humiliated her.

Latessa realized she wasn't on her way to meet an exciting new lover. She was on her way to submit to her white master. He didn't see her as sweet young thing. When he looked at her he saw a sexual animal. A nigger bitch for use. Just like Miz Cindy said.

"Don't be takin' Miz Cindy personal," said Bertha quietly. "She loves puttin' niggas in dere place. Dat's fo' sho'! She get all 'cited when she be doin' dat. I loves servin' her an' makin' her feel good, so I's glad to be takin' it from her."

Bertha continued, "another thing I think is dat she don't 'preciate how Massa Jack loves to use us niggas so much. She don't say so, but I think it be da truth. But, it don't matter. Niggas ain't gotta worry 'bout dat shit, no how. All we gotta do is serve dem white folks an' do like dey say an' make 'em happy. Dat's all."

Latessa considered Bertha's words and tried to see things from the big black girl's perspective. Maybe she'd been to quick to judge Cindy. The idea that the white woman was actually getting sexual pleasure out of acting the way she did put things in a different light and the notion that she was a little envious of her husband's attentions gave the negro a small sense of satisfaction. Still, the white woman pissed her off. She'd just have to get used to her.

The two negro maids returned to Jack's study where he was waiting.

"Let's have a look at you," he said, motioning for Latessa to join him behind the big wooden desk.

She quickly came as he instructed and assumed the proper posture for him. He leaned forward and stroked her now bare pussy.

"Very nice," he said approvingly. "Very nice indeed. I was going to give you five strokes for forgetting to tell Tessa she needed to be shaved. But since you did such a fine job on her I'll give you ten."

"Thank you, Massa," she said, trying to hide her smile, the blush almost audible in her voice.

"Get naked, Bertha," he ordered her, "and assume the position. You know what to do."

The big black girl quickly undressed. Jack stood and walked to a cabinet in the corner of the room. By the time he'd selected a wooden switch to use on his forgetful negro servant she was already bent over, resting her hands on his desk, offering up her fat black ass for punishment.

"I'd like you to count them out, girl," he said conversationally.

He stepped closely to her and rubbed both butt cheeks in turn with the palm of his hand. He took a step back, raised the hand holding the switch and...


Bertha flinched from the blow and her large hanging breasts shuddered.

"One, Massa," she said. "Thank you, suh."


No flinch this time, but her breasts still swayed.

"Two, Massa," she counted. "Thank you, suh."


He struck her harder and the big black girl whimpered. Latessa was astounded with herself that she was getting very aroused watching Bertha getting whupped.

"Three, Massa," she gasped. "Thank you, suh."


"Ow!" she cried. "Three, Massa. Thank you, suh."

And on it went until the last one.

"Brace yourself, girl," said Jack. "This last one will be a good one."


"Agh!" she cried out in pain. "Ten, Massa," her voice wavered. "Thank you, suh."

"That's all, Bertha," he said softly.

He stepped closer to her and ran his hand over the welts that were coming up on her dark flesh. The room was so quiet that Latessa could hear the sound of Bertha's soft whimpering and heavy breathing. Even the almost inaudible sound of her tears dropping onto some papers on Mr. Andrews' desk could be heard. Her own heart pounding in her ears, she wondered what it was like to be whupped like that. She knew that witnessing it left her pussy soaking.

"Good girl," he said at last to the bent over black maid.

Mr. Andrews turned towards Latessa, rapping the switch on the desk top next to Bertha.

"Bend over here, Tessa," he said. "I'm ready for some of that nigger poontang you've got for me."

Latessa stood next to Bertha and bent over, half afraid he would use the switch on her. She heard him unzip his pants and immediately felt him behind her, entering her. Whupping the fat black girl had obviously gotten him hard and watching him to it had the older negress wet and ready.

"I love taking a new nigger for the first time," he said with satisfaction. "I love using them every time, but the first time is always special."

Jack slowly entered the new maid's pussy as she was bent over his desk.

"Damn, girl, but you are so wet!" he said as he fucked her. "You loved watching me whup Bertha's big fat nigger ass, didn't you?"

"Yes, Massa," she said dreamily, her attention focused on his white cock moving in and out of her black pussy, not on the question.

Bertha remained, bent over, standing next to her. Latessa felt so dominated by the white man as she submissively took each thrust into her black body. Jack started to go faster and she could feel the stirrings of an orgasm building inside her. She was starting to get close when she felt him drive deeply into her and ejaculate in her vagina.

"Ungh... ah..." he grunted as he filled her with his seed.

Latessa was disappointed, realizing she wasn't going to get to cum. Jack was clearly only concerned with his own satisfaction, not that of his negro maid. He withdrew himself from her and slapped her on the ass.

"You've got a nice pussy, girl," he said. "I could fuck you all day. But, I've got to get some work done. Clean my dick off."

Her pussy was still throbbing, waiting for release. But that wouldn't be coming this time. Latessa kneeled before her master and licked the mixture of semen and vaginal juices off of it.

"Ok, you niggers can run along now," he said. "Take your clothes with you and get dressed somewhere else. I'll never get anything done with you two here like that!"

Latessa remained on her knees for a moment as the idea sank in that he expected her to dress out in the living room in front of his wife with his semen leaking out of her just fucked black pussy. As she stood, Bertha elbowed her gently.

"What do you say to da man?" whispered the big black girl. "You done got a coochie full o' his cum in you."

Latessa hung her head a little.

"Thank you, Massa," she said quietly. "Thank you for usin' yo' nigga dat way."

"Any time, girl," he replied heartily, "any time."

Bertha and Latessa picked up their clothes and went back out into the living room to dress. Cindy looked up from her magazine to watch.

"Come here, both of you," she ordered. She then indicated the clothing they carried. "You won't need those things. Leave them."

The two black maids dropped their uniforms on the floor and went to the blonde haired woman.

"Hmmm," she mused and looked at the welts on Bertha's ass and the cum running down Latessa's leg. "Looks like nigger number one got whupped and nigger number two got fucked. Is that about the size of it?"

"Yes, ma'am," replied the fat negro girl. "Massa Jack done whupped me and used Tessa after."

"Go dress in the kitchen," she said dismissively. "I think I've seen enough of your nasty black asses already." She looked right at Latessa. "And don't leak on the carpet."

They picked up their clothes again and went to dress in the kitchen.

"Didn't that hurt, Bertha?" Latessa asked the big girl when they were alone.

"'Course it be hurtin', girl!" she answered. "Massa Jack done tore my ass up!"

"But why did he give you more strokes," Latessa blushed, "when he was pleased how you shaved me?"

"'Cause he know how I like it!" laughed Bertha. "Massa know I like him to warm up my fat black ass dat way."

"I... I...," the older black maid stammered, "I don't understand."

"You will, girl," said the big girl with a smile.

*       *       *

Latessa once again had to deny her husband that night.

"I'm serious, Tommy!" Latessa said sternly. "Don't make this so hard for me. Just believe me when I say I can't do what you want right now."

"Is Andrews... is he fuckin' you?" he asked point blank.

"What do you think, Tommy!" she shot back. "Weren't you the one to deliver me to him? You brought your own wife to that white man! Of course he fucked me! And I sucked his dick. And I swallowed his cum. He calls me nigger and uses my body the way he wants."

"No," replied Tom calmly. "No, baby. You lyin' to me. I know you is. You just mad 'bout all this. That's all."

"Believe what you want to believe," she replied, rolled over, and turned her back on him.

They lay awake in the dark well into the night. Each alone with their own thoughts. Thoughts of Mr. Andrews having his way with Latessa. Thoughts that made Latessa wet. Thoughts that made Tom hard.


Chapter 6 - Ladies' Day

The ride to the Andrews' place was strained the next morning. Tom didn't know what to believe. Part of him wanted her to be lying. It couldn't be true. That his wife was now his boss's to use. The thought of it angered him.

But there was another feeling he was experiencing that disturbed him greatly. Picturing his beautiful black wife sexually engaged with the white man left him strangely aroused. And that feeling left him ashamed.

*       *       *

Bertha surprised her when she arrived as Latessa was finishing the breakfast dishes.

"I didn't expect to see you until later," she told the big black girl as she closed the kitchen door.

"Miz Cindy be havin' a guest over," explained Bertha. "Dey sho' do like to be havin' dere fun wit' me. So she tell me to come early."

"What kind of fun?" asked Latessa, with some apprehension in her voice.

"You'll see," laughed Bertha. "Dat woman think she better den us niggas. She jus' love to be rubbin' our faces in it. So do her friends."

"What's funny about that?" Latessa questioned her. "Why do you laugh?"

"Ain't you figger'd it out yet, girl?" The fat negro maid looked right at her. "You seen me wit' Massa Jack. You think I's playin' wit' him?"

"I don't understand," the older black woman insisted.

"Da hell you don't!" Bertha laughed again. "I seen you wit' him, too, girl. You jus' tellin' yo'self he be makin' you do all dat. You love it, jus' like me. You jus' ain't ready to be admittin' it. Dat's all."

Suddenly Miz Cindy's bell could be heard. Bertha left Latessa alone in the kitchen as the big negro girl went to her mistress.

It wasn't true, thought Latessa. Why would anyone want to be treated in that way? She thought back to the days not so long ago when she made presentations to the board of directors. The young white man... what's his name... sitting there next to her putting the charts and graphs up on the overhead projector. Fetching her coffee. 'Yes, ma'am', 'no, ma'am', he'd say. That's how she should be treated. She'd earned it.

How could it be possible that she enjoyed being forced to strip for the entertainment of this white man? To call him Massa and herself nigga. To present herself before him so he could use her body for his pleasure. Why did she feel her pussy getting moist at the very thought of it?

The bell rang again. Latessa hurried to see what the white woman wanted. She was unprepared for the sight that greeted her eyes.

Cindy sat on the couch wearing a light sun dress. She leaned back leisurely, her legs open and resting on something. Bertha. The fat negro maid was on her hands and knees with her head up Cindy's dress. The white woman's legs rested on the big black girl's ass. Latessa could see where Bertha's head was moving under the fabric and Cindy squirmed with delight.

"Go get the coffee ready, girl," she said to Latessa breathlessly, her blue eyes half closed, her face flushed. "My guest will be here soon."

The blonde's body twitched a little and she giggled as Latessa turned back towards the kitchen.

Latessa ground the beans and put them in the coffee maker's filter basket. Cindy was a lesbian? Would the white woman expect her to service her the way Bertha did? It was one thing to be made to be used sexually by the master. But by a woman?

And Cindy, of all women! The stuck up bitch. The white woman took every opportunity to humiliate her. Maybe she wasn't a lesbian, the black maid thought. Maybe it was just more humiliation for her. But either way, she didn't think she could do it and couldn't believe that Bertha could in spite of what the big black girl had told her the previous day.

She heard the doorbell ring, but Latessa continued on with her assigned task. Female laughter could be heard in the other room. Bertha came through the door into the kitchen. Other than her maid's cap she was completely naked.

"What's going on out there?" she asked the big black girl, taking in her nude form.

"Miz Cindy's aunt, Miz Catherine be here," replied Bertha. "She old school. Likes us niggas naked. Don't worry, girl. You kin keep dat dress on 'til dey say to take it off. Bring da coffee when it be ready."

Latessa gathered two coffee cups out of the cupboard and put them on a tray along with a cup of sugar cubes and a little pitcher of cream from the refrigerator. Bertha went back out of the kitchen. The older woman watched the big girl's ass shake as she walked across the dining room until the door swung shut.

In a few minutes the coffee finished brewing and Latessa took the pot to living room. Cindy had been joined on the couch by an older white lady.

Catherine Jefferson had mostly silver hair. She appeared to be quite trim and youthful for a woman who may have been as old as sixty. A petite black girl with very dark skin knelt on the floor next to Catherine's feet. She was no older than twenty and was completely nude except for a plum colored leather collar studded with rhinestones. Her head was bowed and her hair cropped short.

Bertha was in the display position with her back to the two white women who appeared to be examining the welts on the big girl's black ass left by the whupping she'd received the other day at Mr. Andrews' hand.

"I have to admit it, Cindy, that man of yours has a steady hand when it comes to whupping a nigger's ass," said Catherine. "The lines are almost parallel! And so even! Well, except for this one." The white lady chuckled. "I bet this was the good one, wasn't it girl?"

The older white lady ran a finger along one of Bertha's welts.

"Yes'm, Miz Catherine," agreed Bertha, flinching. "Dat be da good one, all right, ma'am."

Cindy, Catherine, and even Bertha looked up as Latessa entered the living room. The kneeling negro girl remained still.

"So this is the new nigger wench Jack is on about," said Catherine. "Why is she wearing clothes?"

"I'm sorry, Aunt Cathy," Cindy apologized. She looked up at Bertha. "Why didn't you tell the new nigger to get undressed?"

The blonde haired woman turned back to her aunt, "I swear, between the two of them I don't know which is dumber. But Jack just can't get enough of either one. What can I do? The fat one means well, but the new one's still uppity. Doesn't know her place yet. She doesn't say anything, but I can see it in her eyes."

"Put the tray down and get out of those clothes this instant, girl," Cindy ordered Latessa. "Whatever do you mean parading around in here wearing clothes like you were something more than just a nigger?"

"I's sorry, Miz Cindy," said Latessa, her face burning with shame.

She quickly put the tray down on the coffee table in front of the couch and removed her clothing. After she was naked she immediately assumed the display position with her legs spread and her hands clasped on her head.

"See what I mean?" Cindy asked Catherine. "You can see it in her eyes. She talks respectful enough, but the eyes show it. She thinks she's somebody. She still needs to learn she's not."

"Hmmm. Turn around and bend over," Catherine ordered Latessa. "Let's have a look at that black ass."

Latessa faced away from the white women and leaned over, her legs still spread. She felt very exposed in this obscene position.

"A little long in the tooth but my, what a nice tight looking bud for such an old nigger," the silver haired woman observed. "Hasn't her asshole been used yet?"

"Not yet," answered the blue eyed woman. "But soon."

"Is she a good pussy licker?" Catherine asked. "The uppity ones hate that. Maybe that's why I like to make them do it so much!"

Cindy laughed. "I don't know. Haven't tried her out yet."

Latessa felt her face flush. Listening to these two white woman discussing her this way right in front her shamed her. The notion that she'd put her mouth on another woman's vagina was not attractive to her. So she was confused by some of the feelings the idea was stirring inside her.

"Do you think Jack would mind if I marked her up a bit?" asked the older white woman, eagerly eyeing Latessa's backside.

"Sorry, Aunt Cathy," said Cindy. "He hasn't whupped her yet, and if he isn't the first to put a few stripes on her black ass I'll never hear the end of it. After that, though, no problem. We can make a day of it once he's had his fun with her."

"Pity," sighed Catherine wistfully.

"Go fetch the hair brush, Bertha," Cindy ordered the big black girl.

"Yes'm, Miz Cindy," replied Bertha. "Right away, ma'am."

Bertha immediately left, heading for the master bedroom.

"Well, he can't object to you warming her ass up a little and you are my guest," Cindy told her aunt and smiled.

"Why thank you, sweety!" said the white lady happily. "See, it's things like that that make you my favorite niece!"

Catherine looked up at Latessa and patted her lap. "All right, girl. Up on the couch and lay yourself across my lap like a good nigger."

Latessa swallowed hard before she stepped to the couch, avoiding the kneeling negro girl. Not entirely sure why she was complying with this humiliation, she lay face down so that her pelvis was across the older white woman's lap. Catherine was sitting so close to her niece that the black woman's head was on the blonde girl's thigh.

Bertha returned with a wooden handled hair brush and handed it to Catherine.

"How can you say she's uppity, Cindy?" asked the silver haired woman. "Look how obedient she's being now. Offering that sweet black ass to me so I can warm it up."

Cindy ran her hand through Latessa's hair. "Oh she's an uppity nigger all right, Aunt Cathy. Aren't you, girl?"

The black maid didn't know what to say to that. Latessa knew she was going to feel that brush on her ass no matter what she said.


"Ow!" she cried.



For an older woman, Catherine had plenty of arm strength.



Tears formed in Latessa's dark brown eyes and rolled down her face.

Whap! Whap!

The blows were really starting to hurt Latessa as Catherine kept striking her in the same place over and over. The black maid's cries ran together into loud moaning and she sobbed into Cindy's thigh.

Whap! Whap! Whap!

The sound of the hair brush on Latessa's flesh rang off the walls.

The blonde girl kept gently stroking the black woman's hair.

"Shhh," she said softly to her, "shhh, girl. Be brave." With her other hand Cindy caressed Latessa's bare back. "It'll all be over soon. This is for your own good. You must learn your place. We can't have an uppity nigger serving us. You have to understand that."

Whap! Whap!

Finally Catherine felt that Latessa had had enough or perhaps her arm was too tired to continue. The older white lady put down the brush and gently caressed the black woman's butt. Latessa could smell Cindy's excitement and could feel her own.

"Mmmm," signed Catherine, "she's heated up nicely. And she took it very well. No struggling or anything." She slipped her hand between Latessa's legs. "Oh, my! She's sopping wet! You're wrong, sweety. No uppity nigger loves to be spanked this much. This girl knows her place. Don't you, girl?" She addressed this last question to the black maid.

"Yes'm" she sniveled, her eyes red from crying. "Dis nigga know her place fo' sho'."

"See, Cindy," said Catherine softly, "she's so sweet. Couldn't you just eat her up?"

"Well, maybe I misread her," allowed the blonde woman. "She does seem sweet now. But I think the hair brush might have more to do with that than you think, Aunt Cathy."

"Okay, girl," Catherine said, "I don't care what my niece says, I think you're a good girl and a good nigger."

Latessa felt the older woman's hand begin to rub her wet black pussy. She felt her other hand caressing her sore ass. Cindy continued rubbing her head with one hand and her back with the other. After the beating she took, she welcomed the pleasure she was now receiving in spite of the humiliating position she was in. A minute or two of this treatment and she began to buck her hips against Catherine's hand and softly whimpering.

"Oh, how sweet!" the older white woman said quietly to her niece. "Your nigger girl is humping against my hand!"

Catherine increased the pressure and speed of her attention to the black woman's cunt. Latessa responded by pushing back against each stroke as she felt her pleasure mounting. Her whimpering replaced by moans of pleasure.

"Ma'am," she murmured. "Kin dis nigga cum now?"

"Yes, girl," cooed Catherine. "You may cum for us like a good nigger should."

"Ah!" cried Latessa quietly as her body stiffened slightly. "Oh! Ah. Ahhh..."

Catherine withdrew her hand which was coated with Latessa's cum.

"Here you are, girl," the silver haired woman said.

She offered her hand to the kneeling negro girl in the plum colored collar, who eagerly lapped it clean and then kissed it. The girl looked up into her mistress's face seeking a sign of approval. She cast her eyes down and smiled bashfully when Catherine nodded to her.

"Okay, time to get up," the white lady said to Latessa. "Fun's over for now."

"Thank you, ma'am," said Latessa, remembering her place. "Thank you for makin' dis nigga cum so good. I's so grateful."

"You're very welcome," the silver haired woman smiled at her. "You're a fine negress."

The black woman got back onto her feet, her legs a little shaky. She reassumed the display position. She wanted to demonstrate her obedience and willingness to please the older woman in return for the pleasure she'd received at her hand. She could see Bertha standing next to the couch wearing a slight smile on her face. Cindy's face was unreadable as she looked straight at Latessa. Catherine was beaming.

"See, Cindy," Catherine said to her niece. "No uppity nigger acts like this. She's like a big black kitty cat. How can you not love her? Just look at her!"

The white woman noticed the negro girl kneeling at her feet was now eyeing Latessa's glistening sex and inner thighs. "All right, Lucy," Catherine told her, "you can have a taste."

The kneeling negro girl smiled bashfully and fell to all fours. Lucy crawled to where Latessa was standing and, like an eager puppy, lapped her vagina as well as where her thighs were wet with her juices. Latessa could barely stay on her feet, the girl's soft tongue felt so good to her.

Finally sated, Lucy returned to her mistress and knelt at her feet. Catherine reached out and stroked the girl's short nappy hair.

"Well, I think we should be running along now, Cindy," her aunt said at last. "I love your new nigger. Uppity! The very idea! She's almost as well behaved as Lucy is! I hope Jack hurries up with all of his silly 'firsts' with her so we can have some fun."

Catherine turned to Lucy. "Go fetch your coat and put in on, girl. We're going outside. It's a shame to cover that fine nigger body of yours, but we have to abide by social conventions. Pity, really, if you ask me."

Lucy went on her hands and knees across the carpet and over the flagstones. She only stood when she reached the coat closet. She took out a long purple cloth coat that matched her collar and put it on. She opened the front door as Catherine approached and then followed her out of the house, closing the door behind them.

"Bertha, leave us," ordered Cindy. "I want a private word with Tessa."

"Yes, ma'am," replied the big black girl, who turned and went off in the direction of the kitchen.

"Well, you've got Aunt Cathy convinced," Cindy said, looking up at Latessa. "I think I've been too harsh with you. I just had such a hard time believing that an intelligent, educated woman like you could go from such an important, responsible job to being a simple house maid who only concerns herself with cooking, cleaning, and pleasuring her master and mistress."

"I imagined myself in your position," the white woman went on, "and I knew I'd resent my situation and despise those who I found myself serving. But I think we're both learning the truth about you. You love serving Jack. I think you may even grow to like serving me, in spite of yourself."

"I was wrong to try to put you in your place by insulting you," Cindy admitted. "You truly are a natural nigger. Just like Jack says. Aunt Cathy agrees. And so do I. Now, it's just a question for you. So, let's see. Tell me what you are."

The black maid looked at the floor. She was conflicted. Was it possible that the white woman was sorry for being mean to her? Latessa considered what Cindy had said and saw the truth in it. She had been resentful of the situation, and perhaps she still was. But she did love serving Jack even though she knew it was degrading. The humiliation she felt even served to arouse her. What other explanation could there be for it?

Cindy looked at Latessa, waiting for her reply.

"I'm a nigger, ma'am," she said quietly.

"Excuse me?" said Cindy. "I didn't hear you."

Latessa looked up into the white woman's face. She could feel her pussy tingling as much as she'd willed it not to.

"I'm a nigger, ma'am," she said in a clear voice. "Just a nigger."

The blue eyed woman smiled at her and hiked up her dress revealing a small patch of blonde hair at the top of her pink pussy. She spread her legs without breaking eye contact with the black maid.

"Eat me, nigger." she ordered. "Get down on your knees and eat my white pussy. Show me how good you want to be."

This was the moment of truth, thought Latessa. Up until now the thought of sex with another woman disgusted her. But another woman had just given her an orgasm that she was still glowing from. Lucy's tongue had left her weak kneed. Why shouldn't she go all the way and give the pleasure she had received?

She still didn't want to like Cindy. But somehow, after she'd revealed a little about herself, Latessa saw the white woman in a different light. Not to mention the fact that seeing her spread out like that in front of her made the black maid want to taste her, to see how sweet that pink pussy was.

Latessa got down on her knees and moved her head between the white woman's legs. She could smell the blonde's excitement, her scent was strong and tangy. The black maid inhaled deeply to fill herself with it. She tentatively poked her tongue out and touched Cindy's pink pussy. It was soft and warm. She ran her tongue up her slit and tasted her. She was vaguely salty and very musky.

She lapped at Cindy's sex again, deep into the white girl's slit. Latessa could feel how wet she was and how her thighs squeezed tighter as the black woman's tongue went over her clit. Gradually the negro maid began to discard her inhibitions and licked and sucked on her mistress's pussy the way she herself liked to be licked and sucked.

Cindy moaned with pleasure.

"Mmmm, girl," the white girl murmured, "and I thought you didn't like women. You're doin' just fine."

Latessa could feel the blonde woman's hips bucking as she rubbed her cunt on her black maid's face. Faster and faster, the negro woman could tell her mistress was close and began alternating between thrusting her tongue in her vagina and sucking on her pussy lips.

"Ohhh... Ahhh..." moaned Cindy.

Cindy wasn't a screamer. The white girl gushed into the black woman's face as she climaxed. She didn't release Latessa's head from the grip of her thighs until several minutes after her spasms subsided.

"Stand up, girl," sighed the blonde woman. "Let me see your shinin' face."

Latessa stood, her hands at her sides, her eyes downcast. What had she just done? She knew she'd given pleasure to the white woman. But what choice did she have? The tingle between her own legs was a perfectly natural reaction to sexual stimulation. Nothing to be ashamed of...

"You are quite the pussy licker," Cindy laughed. "A natural. Run along and fix my lunch now that you've had yours. And one more thing... Let's keep our little discussion between ourselves. Is that clear?"

"Yes, ma'am," replied Latessa. "I ain't gonna tell nobody, ma'am."

"Good girl, Tessa," smiled Cindy. "I'm glad we understand each other."

*       *       *

That night Latessa lay awake long after her husband had fallen asleep. She could still taste Cindy's pussy and smell her scent. She could also feel her own wetness. It was almost as if she was more than a servant to the white couple. She was becoming a slave to her own desires. Desires she had suppressed so deeply for so long that she'd forgotten they even existed. But now, they were all coming back to the surface.


Chapter 7 - Family Service

Tom no longer felt like he was driving Latessa to work anymore. As the black couple went down the suburban street to the Andrews' place he realized he was delivering his wife to her master and mistress. He glanced over at her staring out the side window.

Latessa had crossed that same boundary days earlier. She'd come to think of herself as her master's servant much more than her husband's wife. But why shouldn't she feel that way, she thought? She felt she was the property of her white master. Mr. Andrews was free to use her as he saw fit. Mrs. Andrews, too.

She let herself in through the kitchen door just as the sun was rising. She was surprised to see Bobby, Jack's son, sitting at the kitchen table wearing a bathrobe.

"Massa Bobby!" she said, "Why you up so early?"

"Hello, Tessa," he said, grinning at the black maid. "I've been waiting for you."

Latessa was used to having the first hour or so after she arrived at the house to herself. The change in the routine was unsettling.

"You want breakfast now, sir?" she asked.

"That's not why I'm down here," he responded. He paused. "I know what my father does with you."

Latessa felt a tightness inside herself. Her face was suddenly hot. This boy knew of the shameful things she'd done with Jack? The shameful things that had given her such pleasure?

"I don't know what you mean, sir," she lied.

"Yes you do," he replied, his grin broadening. "He fucks you. I know he does. He fucks all the niggers who work here. He fucks Bertha. He fucked Gladys. He's fucking you. Don't deny it."

Latessa's cheeks were burning. She couldn't believe this white boy was talking to her like this. She couldn't say anything or even look at him.

"And now, I'm going to fuck you," he stated. "Just like I fuck Bertha. Just like I fucked Gladys."

"No, sir," she objected. "That isn't right. A young man like you. How can you say that to me? I'm old enough to be your mama!"

"You're a nigger," he replied. "And niggers are for fuckin'. So I only wanna use you for your intended purpose. Nothin' wrong with that."

"Massa Bobby!" she exclaimed, her shock starting to be replaced with mounting anger.

She was no whore to be used by this white boy. Yes, Latessa realized, maybe she had allowed things to go that far with his father. And his step mother. Her anger started turning to shame as she reflected on her transformation from management professional to house servant to... to what she was now.

"Don't act all shocked," he said. "You know it's true. You know what you are."

"I'm sorry, Massa Bobby," she said. "What would your daddy think if he heard you talkin' like this?"

"My daddy!" he laughed. "Who do you think taught me all that? 'Don't you go messin' with those white girls, boy,' he'd say, 'that's what the niggers are for.' I know some of the girls at school are sluts, but I have to respect the white girls. My father's right that messin' around with them is trouble waitin' to happen. But I want some pussy. And you're a nigger. So give it up!"

"This is shameful, Massa Bobby," she replied. "I'm going to pretend you didn't say any of that and that this never happened. I think you should leave me get to my work and not come back until breakfast time."

"Are you tellin' me what to do, nigger?" Bobby stopped smiling. "Don't you ever do that again! How about I tell that husband of yours what you've been up to here? Suckin' my father's dick like a cheap whore. You want that? I think I'd get a laugh out of it. I'd rather just stick my dick in you, but the look on his face would be classic."

Latessa didn't want this boy telling Tom anything. She knew that she'd already told her husband a little of what was going on, but she felt pretty sure that he was still in denial about it and didn't really believe it. That would change if Bobby rubbed his face in it. Her back was to the wall, or maybe more precisely, on the floor.

"I'm sorry, sir," she said, hanging her head. She could feel a lump in her throat and tears in her eyes. "What do you want me to do."

"Well, that's more like it." he said with a satisfied tone in his voice. "I think the way to start is for you to get out of those clothes. I've been imaginin' what you must look like naked for too long. Now I want to see for myself."

"Right here?" Latessa was shocked.

Megan would be down shortly. She didn't want the eighteen year old to walk in on her brother using the family maid.

"Right here, sir, nigger," he said with a sneer. "You keep forgettin' your place. Maybe I oughtta fuck you in the ass just to remind you of what you are. But, yeah. Strip. Right here. Do it."

Latessa could feel her hands shaking as she untied her apron and started for the zipper on the back of her work dress. She was a grown woman after all, she thought. The mother of an eighteen year old. And here this boy who could be one of her daughter's classmates was ordering her out of her clothes so he could use her body. This was the greatest humiliation yet for the new black maid. Tears of utter shame rolled down her cheeks as she let the dress fall to the floor.

Bobby, meanwhile, was loving every second of it. Latessa could see that his robe was open. The white boy's cock was standing at attention. His eyes glazed as he watched the humiliated negro strip off her clothes and her dignity for his amusement.

She pulled her slip over her head and dropped it on the floor on top of her work dress and apron. Latessa was down to her bra and panties now.

"Massa, Bobby," she pleaded, "there's still time for you stop this. Please don't make me do this. I'd do anything else you wanted. Your sister could walk in on us. Please, Massa Bobby."

"Megan?" he laughed. "It wouldn't be the first time! She came down here once when I had Gladys down on all fours like a dog right where you're standin' now. Had my cock right up her fuckin' nigger ass, if I recall correctly. That snotty bitch Megan just rolled her eyes at me an' walked out. It was fuckin' classic!"

"Now get that fuckin' bra off, bitch," he ordered her. "I wanna see those nigger boobs up close and personal."

The boy may look like a young version of his father, thought the negro maid as she unclasped her bra, but he was mean like his step mother. Latessa continued to weep, shame faced, as she let her bra slip down her arms. The black woman could feel her tears splash on her now exposed breasts.

"Damn!" exclaimed the white boy, "what a rack! Now those are some nice fuckin' hooters! I ask you, why the hell would I want those flat chested white girls at school when I've got a nigger at home with udders like that?"

Finally Latessa took down her panties and stepped out of them.

"Ah, bald nigger coochie!" he said, admiring her smooth shaved pussy. "That's what I like to see! Good old dad. All his niggers got shaved coochies. Now, I know you're supposed to pose for me like a good nigger bitch. So, do it."

Latessa put her hands behind her head and stood with her legs spread in front of the leering white boy. Silent tears continued to roll down her face. Bobby reached out and roughly handled her breasts.

"Yeah, nice udders," he said to himself then looked up into Latessa's wet face. "You're not enjoying this, are you? Don't you know that doesn't matter? Niggers just have to take it."

He grabbed one nipple between the thumb and forefinger of one hand. He used his other hand the same way on her other nipple and squeezed them both, hard. Latessa gasped in pain.

"See, it could be worse," he told her. "All I wanted was some pussy. You thought you didn't have to give it up to me. Now you know better. Don't you, nigger?"

Latessa nodded her head. He squeezed her nipples harder and twisted them. She cried out.

"I asked if you knew better," he repeated. "Answer me, bitch!"

"Yes, Massa Bobby," she replied, trying not to have her pain and humiliation show in her voice. "I know better. You're hurting me."

"Damn straight!" he said, his eyes shining. "It's supposed to hurt, bitch!" He looked more closely into the black maid's face. "Are you crying now?", he asked. "I think you are." He paused and then the grin crept back onto his face. "Now I want you to suck my dick. I want to fuck your crying nigger face. Get on your fuckin' knees, nigger. Suck my dick."

Bobby released Latessa's nipples and she immediately fell to her knees. Slowly, she took the white boy's cock into her mouth. He was rock hard. Latessa bobbed her head quickly hoping to get him off fast. Her tears flowed, unabated.

"Damn, you're a hot cocksucker!" exclaimed Bobby. "Yeah... Ah! Ahhh..."

The negress felt the white boy ejaculate in her mouth. Valiantly, she swallowed most of his semen. She leaned back on her knees and looked down on the floor between Bobby's feet. Now that it was over, she began to regain her composure.


The stinging slap across her face caught her totally by surprise. Bobby stood over her, grabbed her chin and jerked her head up so that she was looking right at him.

"Where are you manners?" he asked sarcastically. "I just gave you a mouthful of cum. What do you say to me, nigger?"

"Thank you, sir," she sniveled. The slap had unleashed more tears. "Thank you for cumming in this nigger's mouth."

He spat in her face before releasing her chin.


He slapped her again, her head jerking in response to the blow. A long string of semen hung from her chin to her chest.

"All right, then," he said, placated. "That's better. Don't you ever forget your place with me again. I hope this clears up any confusion about what you are and what you'll do."

"Yes, Massa Bobby," Latessa said, looking back down at the floor. "I know my place with you."

Again she felt the telltale wetness between her legs. She despised the uncouth teenage white boy. But being put in her place at his hand had left her aroused. And shamed by the way her body betrayed her.

Latessa looked up and was shocked again to see Megan standing in the kitchen doorway watching her brother and the family maid.

"Jesus, Bobby," she said, rolling her eyes at him. "Do you have to do that shit where I have to see it? Can't you just use the nigger somewhere else?"

"Fuck you, Megan," he replied, irritated. "If you don't like it, it's just tough shit. You're not the boss of me."

Bobby turned and walked out of the kitchen.

"Get my breakfast, you whore," Megan told Latessa, her voice laden with disgust. "And wipe your face off and put your damn clothes back on. Jesus, you think I want to see a naked monkey first thing in the morning?"

"Yes, ma'am," said the exposed black maid. "Right away."

Latessa stood and found a napkin to dry Bobby's saliva and semen off her face. She quickly picked her clothes up off the floor and dressed. She poured Megan's cereal and juice for her. Once again the white girl left without touching it.

The black maid washed her face at the sink and sat at the kitchen table for most of an hour trying to settle herself down. She couldn't believe what had happened. She'd known that Bobby, and Megan, too, where spoiled brats. She had no idea how cruel her master's son could be. They weren't like their father. Even though they weren't Cindy's natural children the did seem to take after her that way.

Latessa's nipples were still sore from where Bobby had squeezed them so painfully. Her face still stung from the open handed slaps he'd given her. She felt totally shamed at being forced to service him. But, like with her master, her shame was accompanied by a feeling of arousal she couldn't deny.

As breakfast hour for the master and mistress of the house approached, Latessa rose from the table and began to busy herself making their morning meal. Jack and Cindy came in and both appeared to be completely ignorant of the events earlier that morning.

After finishing his breakfast, Jack rose and left without saying anything. Cindy lingered behind.

"So, girl," she asked, "have you had your breakfast yet this morning?"

"No, ma'am, Miz Cindy," Latessa replied. "I ain't hungry."

"Ah, well, I've got something for you to eat anyways," said Cindy with an evil grin. "Lie down on the floor. Right now."

The black maid lay on her back on the kitchen floor. The blue eyed woman stood over her, looking down on her. The negress's head was between her feet. Latessa could see Cindy wasn't wearing panties under her skirt from her spot down on the linoleum.

Cindy got down on her knees, her crotch over Latessa's face. The black woman watched as the blonde woman's sex gradually filled her vision. She could smell her strong scent. The maid could tell her mistress was aroused. And in spite of everything, so was she.

Latessa stuck her tongue out in anticipation of the taste of Cindy's pink pussy. She lapped at it at first like a kitten drinking milk. Then as both women's excitement grew, her licking became more like a big black dog greeting her mistress after a long absence.

Cindy rocked back and forth on her servant's face as Latessa continued to alternate between licking her slit and sucking her lips, occasionally reaching her tongue up to flick at her pink clit.

The white woman increased the pressure on her black maid's face, literally humping it. The negress continued servicing her, breathing when she got a chance. Cindy gasped and whimpered, Latessa felt the gush of the blonde girl's cum, leaving her face slick with it.

"Oh, yes..." sighed Cindy. "You are quite the pussy licker. But that's not all I think of you as."

Latessa was surprised by another sudden gush of hot liquid on her face. There was too much of it for it to be cum. The negro maid realized her mistress was peeing on her. She coughed and sputtered as the white woman's urine filled her mouth and ran down her cheeks onto the floor. Cindy just sat there for another minute on the black woman's face. Finally she rose slightly.

"Lick me off, nigger," she order her. "Lick your better clean like a good nigger girl should."

Latessa couldn't believe that Cindy would use her as a toilet in the middle of the kitchen floor. The colored maid had just given her mistress an orgasm and had been rewarded with a face full of piss. The blonde stood and stared down at the degraded negress, her blue eyes shining.

"Lick it up" the white woman ordered her flatly. "Lick my piss up off the floor."

Latessa was in shock as she got up on her hands and knees and lowered her face to the the floor. She started to cry again as she put her tongue in the warm puddle of urine.

"Here, use this," Cindy said, throwing a dish towel over Latessa's head once she saw the black maid was meekly following her orders.

"So, Miz Department Head... Miz Executive. Here you are licking my piss off of my kitchen floor. That's your place now. Never forget it. You are just a nigger here. That's all. Nothing more. Now go clean yourself up. You're filthy."

The white woman straightened her clothing out while looking down at her debased black maid.

"We'll be having lunch on the veranda, I think," she said. "One o'clock sharp."

Cindy walked across the floor. Latessa watched her pump clad feet and listened to the click of her heels on the linoleum. She finished mopping up her mistress's pee with the dish towel. The smell of it filled her nostrils, the taste of urine was on her lips. Tears continued to roll down her cheeks.

The top of her dress was soaked with piss. Latessa made her way down to the laundry and stripped off her clothes. She put them in the washer along with the dish towel and started the machine up. The servant's bathroom had a shower stall so she went back upstairs to wash herself off. Her hands shook as she turned the shower faucet on.

How could she do that to her, she thought, as the warm water ran over her abused body. It was inconceivable, even for that white bitch, to do something so vile. And worse, she had to just take it. It wasn't the job anymore. She just knew she had to take it from Cindy. Just as she'd taken it from Bobby. She knew she was a nigger and niggers have to take it. And the worst part of all was that in addition to the humiliation and shame and even anger she felt, there was something else.

Latessa put her hand between her legs. Her pussy was sopping wet with her own juices. She started rubbing herself faster and faster. I'm a nigger, she thought. I'm just a nigger. She cried out softly as she came, and leaned against the tiled wall as the warm water continued to splash over her.

Finished washing, and cumming, Latessa turned off the water, stepped out of the shower and dried herself off. Nude, she walked across the kitchen to the basement stairs and went down to the laundry room. The washer was already finished. She must have taken longer in the shower than she thought. She put her wet clothes in the dryer and sat and waited for them to finish.

She heard the upstairs phone ringing with the inside ring. It must be Massa Jack, she thought. Cindy always rang her infuriating little bell when she wanted something. Latessa ran up the stairs to answer it.

"What took you so long to answer, Tessa?" asked Jack on the phone.

"I's down doing laundry, Massa Jack," replied the naked negro maid.

"Come to my study," he said and hung up.

Latessa was stuck. She had no clothes to wear so she just went to Jack's study nude. Cindy wasn't in her usual place in the living room. The black woman knocked on the study door.

"Come in," called Jack.

Latessa entered the room to find Jack, still wearing his robe, sitting in one of the tall backed leather upholstered chairs in front of the desk. She was surprised to see Cindy in the other one.

"Where are your clothes, Tessa?" he asked with a puzzled look on his face. "I like the look, but I don't recall ordering you to be naked today."

"My clothes got dirty, Massa," she answered, too humiliated still to admit to what had happened. "So I put them in the wash. They be dry soon."

Cindy leered at the maid as she spoke.

"It's just as well," replied Jack. "I wanted you naked anyways."

"Display yourself properly to your master, cunt!" said Cindy sternly. "Can't you remember anything? When a nigger presents her naked body to her master, she will display it to him for his pleasure. Now do it!"

Latessa quickly spread her legs and clasped her hands in back of her head.

"Forgive me, Massa," she apologized, her eyes downcast.

Jack ignored her transgression while Cindy beamed, having exercised her power over the negro woman in the presence of her husband.

"Have you ever been taken anally?" he asked.

The question caught Latessa off guard.

"Massa?" she couldn't quite believe she heard that.

"You know, fucked up the ass," he said matter of factly.

Latessa felt her face flush and she looked down so as not to meet his eyes.

"No, Massa," she said in a small voice. "Never."

He opened his robe.

"Suck my cock, girl," he instructed. "Get it hard. And the wetter you get it, the easier this will be for you."

The black maid dropped to her knees and took the white man's cock into her mouth. Latessa felt a mixture of apprehension and fear as she sucked Jack's dick. Tom had wanted anal sex, she remembered, and she had told him under no uncertain terms that it was out of the question. She'd heard how it hurt from other women. And the idea of it! To be used in such a degrading way was just more than she could take.

But she knew she would submit to Jack without resistance. She knew what she was and what her place was. There was nothing she could do about it other than get his cock as slippery as she could.

"That's it, nigger," said Cindy.

The blonde was leaning so close to Latessa that the black woman could feel her breath on her face.

"Get your masters dick ready for you black ass," ordered Cindy. "Suck it good. Slobber on it like the nigger dog you are."

Latessa felt her pussy tingling and growing damp. Why did this degrading treatment excite her this way? She felt so ashamed of herself.

"That's enough, girl," said Jack. "Turn around, put your head on the floor."

The black maid did as she had been instructed. A moment later she felt Jack's cock, wet with her own saliva, press at her virgin asshole. She also became aware of Cindy's pump clad foot inches from her head. Obviously, the white woman was positioned to get a good view of the proceedings.

Jack pushed into Latessa's rectum and the colored woman felt as though she were being split in two. She cried out in pain, but the white man kept shoving his cock further up her ass. She cried again, and not for the first time that day, she could feel tears on her face.

Cindy knelt and spoke to her in a low voice. "How do you like this, nigger? My husband has his hard white cock up you fat black ass. Does it hurt bad?"

"Yes, ma'am," Latessa replied in a halting voice. "It hurt bad."

Jack began stroking slowly in and out of the hapless negress's anus.

"Awww, poor girl," Cindy cooed. "But you're just a nigger so you have to take it, don't you?"

"Yes'm, Miz Cindy," Latessa sniveled, "dis nigga gots to take it."

"And if the master wants to use your ass, then you take it up the ass," Cindy continued. "Isn't that right, nigger?"

"Yes'm," replied the black maid, her ass filled with her master's dick.

"I've got half a mind to make you eat me, girl," the blue eyed woman mused, "but I'm enjoying the look on your face too much."

"Ah! Oh.... Uh...." Jack grunted and ejaculated deep in his servant's bowels.

He remained inside her until his cock began to soften. When he withdrew, he admired the small trickle of semen leaking from her asshole.

"You took that well, Tessa," he praised her. "Good girl."

"Thank you, Massa, sir," said Latessa, her voice cracking. "Thank you for usin' yo' nigga's ass and fillin' her up wit' yo cum."

"Glad to do it, girl," he said as he stood.

Cindy stood also and rested one foot on Latessa's head on the floor as Jack looked on.

"What are you, girl," asked the white woman.

"A nigger, ma'am," was her reply. "Just a nigger."

"And you know your place now, don't you?" Cindy questioned her.

"Yes,m," Latessa answered. "Dis nigga know her place. Dat's fo' sho'."

"Good," the blonde said with satisfaction.

Using her foot, Cindy rolled Latessa's head slightly back and forth. She then stepped over the the prone negress and turned and left the study.

"Get up, Tessa," said Jack quietly.

The black woman stood and hung her head in shame, but otherwise assumed the display position. She felt Jack's hand between her legs.

"Mmmm, nice and smooth," he said. "You shaved for me this morning?"

"Yes, Massa," she replied, her eyes half closed. "Dis nigga wants to please you."

"Tessa," he answered approvingly, "you are learning to please me at a remarkable rate."

He slipped his hand lower, and bending some himself, began stroking her pussy between her legs.

"You're wet, Tessa," he observed and began stroking her pussy.

Latessa fought to steady herself at the unexpected pleasure of Jack's touch. He continued caressing her and she felt her excitement building. She couldn't believe she was so aroused following this latest humiliation she'd just suffered on the floor of Jack's study.

"Kin yo' nigga cum, Massa?" she asked softly.

"You may, girl," he answered.

"Ah!" she gave a short cry and Jack felt her gush into his hand. "Ah..."

"Thank you, Massa," she said. "Thank you, fo' lettin' yo' nigga cum. You so kind."

He held his hand up to her face. It glistened with her juices. She eagerly licked it off.

"Good girl, Tessa," he said with a hint of pride in his voice. "Now run along. I've got work to do."

The black maid left study and walked through the living room. Cindy sat on the couch, her eyes closed, her legs splayed wide. Latessa could see Bertha's backside. The big negro maid's head was up under the white woman's skirt. The blonde moaned with pleasure. Apparently, she needed some relief after the goings on in the study, too.

The dryer had stopped already by the time Latessa reached the laundry room. Her clothing was still warm as she dressed. She returned to the kitchen and prepared the lunch to be served on the veranda.

*       *       *

"I can't tonight," said Latessa to her husband as they lay in bed together. "I'm worn out."

"C'mon, baby," Tom coaxed her, "you say that every night."

"Well, Tommy," she replied, "every night it's true."

Tom drifted off to sleep, ashamed of his arousal at the thoughts of what it might have been that wore his wife out at his boss's house. Latessa felt the same way, though she knew exactly what had done it.


Chapter 8 - Tom's Lesson

"So just what is goin' on up there that has you so tired, baby?" asked Tom as he drove Latessa to the Andrews' place the next morning.

"I already told you, Tommy," replied his wife. "I don't want to talk about it anymore."

"Well, I don't believe it," he told her.

Tom tried a different tack trying to get her to go into detail. He wanted to appear to be a proper husband, angered by his wife's abuse. Secretly, he knew his interests were purely prurient. His wife's humiliations aroused him.

"He uses me, Tommy," she looked at him. "He makes me do things. Shameful things. Things I can't talk to you about. So does his wife."

She couldn't bear to even mention her humiliation at the hands of his son, Bobby.

"I think you just tryin' to make me feel guilty for makin' you take this job," he suggested.

"This isn't about you, Tommy," she replied with growing exasperation. "Aren't you listening?"

They arrived at the Andrews' place. Latessa got out of the car and headed into the house.

*       *       *

The day progressed uneventfully for Latessa. She had just finished the lunch dishes when the house phone rang in the kitchen. Bertha picked it up, having just arrived.

"Yes, Massa," she said into the phone. "Right away, suh."

The big black girl turned to Latessa.

"Massa Jack be wantin' you in his study," she said.

Latessa immediately proceeded to the study, encountering Cindy in her favorite place, lounging on the couch in the luxurious living room, basking in the daylight streaming in through the big windows.

"Well, if it isn't the new maid!" she said, leering at Latessa. "I didn't recognize you with your clothes on! Time to get that coochie of yours used? Or maybe your black ass? Knowing, my husband, he'll probably use your face and just stick his dick in your mouth. He usually doesn't like to use a nigger the same way twice in a row."

Latessa felt a hot flash of shame go through her body at Cindy's mocking tone. She couldn't look at the white woman and just kept going to the study and knocked on the door.

"Take off you clothes, Tessa," the white man told her after he'd called her in and she'd closed the door.

She quickly complied and displayed herself for him in front of his desk. She hoped he'd call her around to stand beside him and stroke her pussy, which was already wet with anticipation.

Instead he got up and came around to the front to stand beside her. He gently ran his hand up and down her back and across her ass, pausing to give each black cheek a squeeze. She continued to look straight ahead, her hands clasped behind her head. He watched her chest heave as she breathed deeply in response to his touch.

Jack brought his other hand up and began to softly touch her breasts, cupping each in turn, watching her chest rise and fall, her breathing quickening. Moving down across her belly he started to run his fingertips over her smooth pussy.

"Ah..." he sighed, "nice and wet. Just the way a nigger girl should be. I wish I had time to use that coochie of yours properly."

He then stopped his attentions and his enjoyment of her reactions to them.

Jack sat in one of the leather bound chairs and patted his lap.

"On your knees for me, girl," he said. "Time for you to suck your master's cock."

She turned and kneeled between his legs and took his hard white dick between her thick negro lips.

*       *       *

Tom arrived early to pick Latessa up. Bertha answered the kitchen door in response to his knock.

"Where's my wife?" he asked the big black girl.

"She busy now," was her reply. "You best come on back when it be time fo' her to go."

"What's all this?" asked Cindy, having just entered the kitchen and was walking towards him.

"I'm here for Latessa," said Tom. He felt a rush of excitement at the white woman's sudden appearance but fought to suppress it. "I need her to come home with me now."

"Well I'm afraid that's quite impossible," the diminutive blonde told him, smiling. "It seems she's quite occupied right now."

"Look, Mrs. Andrews," he explained, "we've got a little personal thing goin' on. I've got to see her now."

"All right," she acquiesced with a smile, "come in then."

The young white woman led him through the house to the study door.

"Now you listen to me, boy," she warned him in a loud whisper. "If you value your wife's income here, you best be still. You understand?"

"What?" said Tom, confused.

Boy? he thought. What was going on here? Again the pang of excitement. Again the resulting hot flash of shame.

Cindy leaned forward and pushed the door open a quarter of the way.

"See for yourself," she whispered. "Shhh."

She barely suppressed a smirk and watched his face intently as he moved to one side to see in the door. He was not prepared for the scene that greeted his eyes.

His boss, Mr. Andrews, was seated in a leather upholstered chair. His eyes were closed and his head was resting against the chair back. His pants were down around his ankles. But what struck him like a punch in the stomach was the sight of his own wife, completely naked, kneeling between the his legs, bobbing her head up and down on his cock.

In the silence he could hear the slurping noises she made as she sucked the white man's dick. He could see her full black breasts sway with the rhythm of her head.

He stood open mouthed, taking it all in. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest, his face was hot, and his palms sweaty. Cindy leaned in front of him and quietly pulled the door shut.

"Come with me, boy," she said. "Now."

As if in a trance, he followed the diminutive blonde away from the study where his wife kneeled with his boss's cock in her mouth. Once they'd reached the flagstone covered entry way near the kitchen she suddenly turned on him.

"So, what do think of that?" she said in a low voice. "It seems your wife likes to suck white dick. What do you know about that? Bet she doesn't suck your cock like that. Does she, nigger?"

Tom was still in shock and couldn't think of what to say.

"Well, well, well," Cindy said with mock uprise. She looked at Tom's crotch and could see his dick was hard. "I do believe you're making a little tent in your pants."

"Now this is interesting," she mused. "I thought you'd be all crazy seeing your woman with a white man's cock stuck in her face. But no! You like it! Damn, boy, you are a fucking nigger! I was just saying that to get a rise out of you. But it seems your cocksucker wife beat me to it."

Cindy laughed at her joke.

"What kind of man stands for that?" she asked rhetorically. "Well, no man would. But a nigger? Maybe so."

Tom was totally humiliated at this development. This white woman, who barely came up to his chest had totally cut him down to size. He could feel his erection mocking his impotence.

"You like seeing your wife suck dick, boy?" she asked, taunting him. "Her monkey head going up and down and up and down on his big white cock? Obviously you do."

She suddenly reached a hand out and grabbed his crotch and squeezed his balls. He gasped from the pain, but did nothing to defend himself.

"Oh, yes," she said in the same low voice, "you're just going to take it because you have to. What are you going to do about it? My husband has you by the balls, figuratively speaking." She squeezed harder still, eliciting a groan from the tall black man, whose knees buckled a little. "And I've got you by the balls literally. How does it feel?"

"Ah!," he croaked in pain.

"What's wrong, boy?" she asked in her little girl voice. "Is the mean white lady hurting you?"

His head was swimming, his face was burning, and his balls ached under the pressure of her grip.

"I knew it," she spoke clearly now. "I knew it on the first day. You just took it then and I knew you'd take it now. We had you by the balls then as certainly as I have you by the balls right this moment. Get on your knees boy." She tugged him down, loosing her grip only once his knees were resting on the flagstones. "Look at me."

He looked up into the blonde's face. Her blue eyes were shining, and small of stature though she was, she gave off an aura of pure power. Tom was completely helpless before her.

"Put your head on the floor, boy," she commanded. "Right now."

Defeated, he leaned forward and rested his face on the cold flagstones. She put a stocking covered foot on his head and rested enough of her weight on it to let him know who was boss.

"Now, I'm going to let you up and you're going to drag your black ass out of my house and go wait in your car like a good little nigger boy. And when my husband is through using your slut whore of a wife I'll send her out and you can take her away. But in the morning you'll bring her back knowing exactly what she'll be doing here as my husband's nigger fuck toy. Isn't that how it's going to be, boy?"

"Yes, ma'am," he said, having completely succumbed to her.

Tom felt completely helpless. He had no choice but to comply. He needed his job. He needed his wife's job. He was aware of the pain in his testicles, but he was also aware of the powerful erection he felt. He needed to have this woman treat him like this. He was at her mercy.

She removed her foot from his head.

"Get up. Get out. Do it," she commanded.

He stood, his head down, his hard cock uncomfortable in his pants. Cindy reached out again only this time she grabbed his cock shaft through his pants. The sudden pleasure of her touch shocked him as much as the pain had moments earlier.

"Ahh...," she said. "It's not all about pain, boy. Think about that. And that's a good thing for you because you'll never fuck your slut wife again. She belongs to us. Like you belong to us. Now get out and wait until he's through with her."

Still overwhelmed at all that had happened, Tom slowly walked back into the kitchen towards the door. He had his hand on the doorknob when he became aware of Bertha's presence. He looked over at the big black maid and she looked back at him. The indifference he'd seen in her eyes before had been replaced with contempt. She said nothing as he let himself out and walked to his car.

Why did he just stand there? he thought, angry with himself. To see his own wife of so many years debased that way, not to mention himself. And why did it leave his dick so hard? And that white woman. It was as if she cast a spell over him. He was completely powerless to oppose her. Physically she was half his body weight. But that didn't matter. She spoke the honest truth when she said she had him by the balls. And he knew it.

He leaned up against his car in the driveway and waited. Waited for the white folks' maid to finish her duties so he could drive her back to where she'd wait until the next day when he'd deliver her again.

*       *       *

Latessa could feel the beginnings of Jack's orgasm building inside him. She was completely oblivious to the fact that Tom had seen her naked on her knees, busily sucking his white boss's cock.

She sucked harder and bobbed her head faster until she felt him ejaculate in her mouth. She sucked Jack's cock and milked the semen from it, swallowing it respectfully.

"Ahhh...," he sighed. "Good girl, Tessa. You are a fine cocksucker."

"Thank you, Massa," she replied. "I's glad yo' nigga pleases you."

"That you do, girl," he told her, "that you do. Now get dressed and go. I've got a million things to attend to."

He rose, pulled up his pants, and went to sit as his desk. As he had done in the past, Jack simply returned to his work after he was through with Latessa. She dressed and left the study as he picked up the phone and dialed.

She walked across the living room where she saw Cindy was just settling down. The white woman looked up at her and smiled.

"I think you'll find that husband of yours is waiting for you," she said, her smile taking on a hint of malice before returning her attention to her magazine.

Latessa hurried through the house to the kitchen and saw Tom was outside waiting, leaning against the car. Bertha looked up at her from where she sat polishing the silverware, but said nothing. The big girl's expression was difficult for her to read.

Once she got out the door, Tom got into the car. Latessa climbed in and he pointed the car down the long driveway.

Neither spoke for a long time until Tom broke the silence.

"I saw you with him," was all he said.

"What do you mean?" she asked, feeling a sense of panic. "What did you see?"

"I saw you on your knees suckin' that white man's dick," he replied evenly, keeping his eyes on the road.

"I... I'm sorry you had to see that, Tommy," she said, looking straight ahead. "I told you I had to do things. Things I'm not proud of. It's just that when that man tells me what to do I feel like I have no choice but to obey him. No matter what it is he wants I can't say no. I can't explain it to you. But it's true."

"I understand, baby," he replied softly. "Believe me. I understand."

*       *       *

Tom and Latessa lay awake in the dark late that night.

"It was that woman," he said, breaking the silence. "That woman took me and showed me. I saw you and that white man."

"I know, Tommy," she said softly. "I wish I could've made you believe me when I told you before. But there was nothing I could do about it. I had to do it."

"I believe it now, baby," he replied, rolling on his side to face his wife. "That woman, she... she made me know there wasn't anything I could do."

He wanted to tell Latessa what had happened with Cindy. How she had essentially emasculated him.

"What did she say to you?" she asked, turning her head to look him in the face.

"It's not just what she said," her husband said. "After she took me where I could see what you were doing, she noticed me." He rolled back so he wouldn't have to look at Latessa. "She could tell that seeing you like that turned me on."

"What?" she asked, surprised. "Seeing that white man humiliating your own wife that way got you off?"

"I'm sorry, baby," he turned back towards her. "I couldn't help it. And she could tell. And she... she used it against me. She told me that she owned me. The both of them owned us. You and me. And I couldn't say anything. I couldn't do anything except take it. And she could tell I was still turned on even after that. I was so ashamed."

"I know, Tommy," she softened, "I'm mixed up, too."

He opened his arms to his wife and she snuggled up to him. She lay there in his arms until, his arousal growing, he began to caress her.

"What do you mean, mixed up?" he asked.

"It's the reason I couldn't tell you," she said. "I... I... I still don't know how to tell you how it made me feel."

"Was it that bad, baby?" replied her husband.

"The first day I was there, I accidentally saw Mr. Andrews with the maid who answered the door for us," explained Latessa. "She was naked. On the floor. On her hands and knees. Like a dog. He was... well, he was... having sex with her like that. And she was talking to him while he did it. Calling herself nigger. I couldn't believe it, Tommy. I never heard of anything so disgraceful."

"But I couldn't stop watching them," she continued. "It was only when I could tell he was about to cum that I left so they wouldn't see me there. I felt all hot. I thought it was from the fear of being discovered, but it was more than that. It actually excited me. I even had visions of what it would be like if it were me instead of her. And I felt so ashamed of myself for feeling that way."

Latessa reached down to her husband's crotch.

"You're hard, Tommy," she told him. "You liked hearing that, didn't you?"

She could feel herself growing wet at the memory as well as her husband's reaction to it.

"I don't know what it is," he said, "but hearing that excites me. I don't know why you tellin' me about that white man usin' that girl turns me on, but it does."

"I saw them again the next day," she continued. "And the girl, Bertha, she saw me watching them. She didn't' say anything at the time. But later she did. She said it would be me soon enough. I didn't believe her. I knew I could never do that. But the thought of it, it made me feel hot. And I was embarrassed by that."

"I worked hard to get where I had been before," said Latessa. "Do you know how hard it was for me? They all thought I got that management position because I was a black woman. I didn't. It was in spite of it. I turned that department around and they all knew it. All those white men had to say 'yes, ma'am' and 'no ma'am' to me. And I earned that respect."

"And there I was, all excited about the idea of this white man using me like some cheap nigger street whore. It was humiliating even though nobody else knew how I felt. Well, except Bertha. Somehow I could tell that she knew. I don't know how, but she did. And that humiliated me even more.

"You wanted him to do that to you?" asked Tom, his excitement growing.

"Yes, Tommy, I did," admitted Latessa. "I knew it was shameful. But I did."

"The next day he made me take off my clothes for him," she couldn't look her husband as she confessed. "I tried to resist. But he made it sound so... so... I don't know, Tommy. He made it sound like the most natural thing in the world. Like I should do whatever he wanted because he was a white man and I was... uh... a nigger."

"I'm sorry, Tommy," she said, tears forming in her eyes, "but I gave in at that moment. I tried to be true to you. But I had to do what he said. I took off my clothes for that white man and then he touched me. He started touching my coochie. And it felt so good and so right for him to be doing that. I'm so sorry, Tommy."

"It's ok, baby," Tom reassured his wife, "I understand. I'm not angry with you. There wasn't nothin' you could do."

"He made me cum," she said, looking back into his eyes. "He made me cum just playing with me." She turned her head away again. "He made me beg him to do it. I had no choice. I had to do what he wanted. It felt wonderful. I was so ashamed of myself. I couldn't believe it when I heard myself begging him."

"Then he made me thank him!" she turned back towards him. "He actually made me say 'thank you' for what he'd done. Then he put his hand in front of my face. This so shameful, Tommy. I don't know if I can say this."

"Tell me, baby," he said trying to restrain the excitement he felt hearing of his wife's degradation at the hands of his boss. "Please tell me."

"You're really getting excited by this, aren't you?" she asked him. "Hearing how I was humiliated by that white man turns you on doesn't it?"

"Yes, Tess, it does," he admitted.

"He didn't even tell me to do it," she continued the story. "He put his hand in front of my face. It was all wet from my coochie. And I licked it off. I don't know what came over me. It seemed like the most natural thing to do right then. I licked my cum off that white man's hand. And he was loving it. And so was I. I actually felt grateful to him for making me cum. And I licked his hand off to show him. Later when I thought of it, all I could feel was shame at having behaved that way."

"The next day Bertha told me how I was supposed to talk to him. Like some ignorant nigger. It was embarrassing to have to call him Massa and refer to myself as 'dis nigga'. But that's what I had to do to please him. I don't know why, but that's all I cared about. Pleasing him.

"And I kept hearing what I was saying and seeing what I was doing and I couldn't believe it was me. I have a college degree! The first in my family. I didn't just have a job, I had a profession. And now I was on my knees, sucking this white man's cock. I was just a cheap ass nigger whore. He came in my mouth and I had to swallow it. I hated it. But I loved it. Do you understand?"

"I do, baby," offered her husband. "I don't like sharin' my wife with that white man, giving you to him. But hearin' what he does with you... I can't help myself."

Tom felt his wife grab his cock and slowly begin to stroke it. He shuddered with the pleasure of her touch. The black woman understood the mixture of feelings he was experiencing. She felt as if she'd betrayed him and wanted to make it up to him somehow. Since he liked to hear about the sexual acts she was made to perform for the white man, she decided she'd tell him the rest.

"The day after that, he fucked me," said Latessa, still slowly stroking her husband's cock. "Bertha was right there. He took a switch and beat her ass with it. She cried. I was scared he was going to use it on me."

"He whupped that fat girl?" Tom exclaimed. "He didn't... uh... whup you did he?" A picture of his wife bent over getting switched on her bare ass by Mr. Andrews gave him another surge of excitement.

"Would you want him to, Tommy?" she asked softly. "Would you want to watch that white man beat my ass?"

"Yeah, baby," he said, ashamed of himself. "I would."

"Well, he hasn't done that yet," she said. "He just fucked me. Bent me over the desk right next to Bertha. Then he fucked me. Actually, it was more like he used me. I didn't feel like a woman when he did it. I felt like a thing. He was just getting himself off inside me."

"Oh!" exclaimed Tom.

The picture his wife was painting send a shudder of stepped up arousal through his body.

"You like that?" she cooed, warming to the way her husband was enjoying the story. "You like hearing how that white man used your woman? Used me like a slut?"

"Yeah, I do," he said breathlessly.

"His wife used me, too, you know," said Latessa.

"His wife?" Tom asked. His run in with Cindy was still fresh in his mind. The idea of the white woman giving his wife similar treatment only served to excite him further.

"That white bitch," she clarified. "I never did anything with a woman before. My roommate in college wanted me to, but I wouldn't. But that white woman. She just made me lick her pussy. She rubbed herself on my face. It was so shameful. She's so hateful, I despise her. But I got excited doing it anyway."

"She'd had her gray haired aunt over for coffee," continued Latessa. "She even let that old lady beat my ass with a hair brush! But after she did that, the aunt played with my coochie and it felt so good. She made me cum. That whole family is twisted, Tommy. The old lady even had her own girl! She was naked and sat at her feet like a dog. Girl wanted to lick my pussy and the old lady let her."

The image of his beautiful wife over the knee of the gray haired white woman getting her booty beaten with a brush gave Tom a warm feeling in his crotch, much to his chagrin.

Latessa could sense his excitement at hearing about the spanking.

"So, I bet you wish you'd been there to see that, don't you, Tommy?" she told him as she continued to stroke him. "You'd like to watch that old white lady beat your wife's ass that way?"

"Yeah, baby," Tom murmured

"Do you want to fuck me, Tommy?" she asked suddenly. "Do you want to fuck the pussy that white man used?"

Without answering, he rolled on top of her and entered her sopping black pussy.

"Fuck me hard, Tommy," she said evenly. "Use me."

Her husband obliged her and thrust into his wife with an energy he hadn't had for years. He was so excited already, he didn't last a minute.

"Oh! Ahhh..." he moaned as he came.

Latessa lay beneath him, her arms around him, gently stroking his back. And in her mind, it was not her black husband on top of her. It was her white master who had just used her.


Chapter 9 - Object Demonstration

"So, is that white man going to fuck you again today?" Tom asked as they drove towards the Andrews place the next morning.

"I don't know, Tommy," answered Latessa. "I never know what to expect from him. Or Miz Cindy."

Or any of the rest of that family, she said to herself, thinking of the incident with Bobby.

"You'll tell me if he does, won't you?" he asked.

"Would you like that?" she responded. "You want to hear how he uses me?"

"Yeah, baby," he said. "Thinkin' 'bout my woman gettin' used by him... I don't know. It just does something for me. I can't explain it."

"I'll tell you, Tommy," she said. "I understand how you feel. It's just that it's so... I don't know... degrading. The way he treats me. Like I was just something to play with. Not like I was a woman he was having an affair with or anything. Barely a whore. Barely a person. But I lose myself in it. There's nothing I can do. I feel powerless. And I do just what he wants. And... well... while it's happening, I love it. And later... I feel so ashamed."

Tom reached over to her and squeezed his wife's thigh. He turned the car up the Andrews' driveway.

"I'll see you this afternoon, baby," he told her.

She got out of the car and closed the door. The black maid stood and watched as her husband drove away, leaving her. There at the home of the man she had come to think of as her white master.

Latessa was relieved to find the kitchen dark and empty when she let herself in. She thought she had no desire for a repeat of Bobby's performance. But something inside her was a little disappointed that no one was waiting there for her.

Her mind wandered, though. She looked forward to seeing Jack again and hoped he'd avail himself of her black body and the pleasures she had to offer him.

*       *       *

Tom was about to go to lunch when his cell phone rang. Damn, he thought, why do calls come in right before lunch or at the end of the day?

"This is Tom Davis," he said into the phone.

"Tom, old boy!" said the voice on the phone.

It was Mr. Andrews. He never calls me himself, the black man thought with apprehension.

"I'm not coming into the office today, but there's something I want to discuss with you," he told Tom. "Drop by my house before you go to lunch."

"Yes, sir," said Tom. "I'll come over right away."

"Excellent," replied Jack.

There was a click and Tom realized his boss had just hung up.

It took him twenty minutes to reach the Andrews place. He knocked at the kitchen door when he arrived. Bertha came to the door. She seemed to have reverted to her previous state of indifference towards him. The big black girl let him in.

"Massa Jack be waitin' fo' you in da study," she said. "Come on along."

The fat negro maid led him through the house and knocked on the door of the study, entering when Jack asked them in. Mr. Andrews was seated behind his desk. Cindy sat in one of the two leather upholstered chairs positioned in front of the desk. She looked up at the tall black man with the hint of a smirk on her face.

"Tom, glad you got her so fast," said the white man. "He turned to Bertha. "Go fetch Tessa down here, girl."

"Yes, suh," replied the big girl.

Berth walked out of the room, closing the door behind her.

"I'm told you had a talk with Mrs. Andrews yesterday," Jack resumed his discussion with Tom. "I thought it best to make the situation clear to you. That way there won't be any misunderstandings."

A talk, thought Tom. That's one way to put it. He could feel a stirring inside himself as he recalled the white woman clutching his manhood in her hand and his powerlessness to do anything about it.

"That's ok, sir," sighed Tom, "I think I get the picture."

There was a knock at the door.

"Come in!", called Jack. He turned to Tom. "No, Tom. I don't think you have the whole picture."

Latessa came into the room. She was startled to see her husband standing there. The butterflies of excitement she'd felt in her stomach since she'd heard her master wanted to see her were suddenly replaced with a knot of dread.

"Tessa, good to see you," said Jack. "I've invited Tom here so that he can better understand the situation. Remove your clothing. Now."

Latessa stood frozen for a moment. Did Mr. Andrews expect her to strip for him in front of her own husband? It was one thing to have Tom peek in on her debasement at the hands of the white man. After all, she hadn't been aware that he was even there watching her the other day. But to do this knowing that Tom was right there? Watching his wife submit to another man? She wasn't sure she could do it.

But of course she would. Her master instructed her to undress. So Latessa undressed, dropping each garment on the floor as she removed it. She could feel herself getting wet in anticipation of the white man's touch in spite of the circumstances.

Jack beamed with pride as the black maid carried out his humiliating instructions, demonstrating that her submission to him was complete.

Tom was struck again with a confusing combination of hurt and anger at his wife's seemingly easy submission to the white man. Feelings of excitement seeing her give herself to him. And shame at himself for being aroused by her humiliation. He could feel his erection growing uncomfortably in his slacks.

Cindy kept looking from Jack to Tom to Latessa, drinking in the scene. Thrilled by the power exercised by her husband over the black couple. Aroused by their subjugation and resulting humiliation. She loved seeing how aroused the black woman was and the bulge in the maid's husband's pants. Her eyes shone and her face was flush with excitement.

At last Latessa was completely nude. She assumed the display position, hands clasped behind her head, legs spread wide, facing her master, her back to her husband, awaiting further instructions.

"Good girl, Tessa," Jack praised her. "Now come around here to me."

Without lowering her hands, the black maid walked around the desk and faced her master, standing directly in front of him. Mr. Andrews reached up and began stroking the side of Latessa's face. Tom watched with rapt attention as his boss gradually lowered his hand and began fondling the negress's large black breasts.

"Yes, good girl," he said softly. He reached between her spread legs. "Mmmm. Nice and wet."

He began to stroke her pussy. Unconsciously she began to buck her hips slightly and pushed herself into her white master's hand to increase the pressure on her sex. Her eyes were closed and she'd completely forgotten about her audience and gave in totally to the pleasure she was feeling.

"See, Tom, your wife was born to please a man like me," explained Jack. "She takes to it so well. It's as if she's known her place all along. She just needed help seeing the truth. And now I've done that for her. She's happy, content, and aroused by it. She's a natural nigger. She always has been. And now she knows it. And furthermore, you know it."

Tom was barely aware of Jack's words. He sat hypnotized by the vision of his bride of so many years wantonly masturbating against the white man's hand. He heard the soft noises she made as she enjoyed the pleasure she felt. Sounds that until now, he had only heard her make in response to him. His cock was fully erect at the sight and sounds of the display before him.

Jack rubbed Latessa's pussy harder and faster. The black maid ground herself into his hand and whimpered.

"Kin dis nigga cum fo' you, Massa?" she asked softly, oblivious to her own husband's presence.

Tom couldn't believe what he was hearing from his wife's mouth. It was her voice, certainly. But asking... No... Begging, to be allowed the privilege of orgasming on this white man's hand? It didn't seem possible that this was the woman he'd married and shared a life with for twenty years.

"Yes," Jack said, "you have my permission to cum for me."

"Ah! Ah! Ah!" Latessa cried out as she came on her white master's hand. "Ahhh..." She opened her eyes and looked down happily into his face. "Dis nigga thanks you, Massa, fo' makin' me cum dat way."

"You're welcome," replied the white man, smiling back up at her. "Now get on you knees, nigger girl."

Latessa quickly got on her knees before her seated master and looked up expectantly into his eyes. Jack held his hand, glistening with her juices, in front of the negro maid's face. She immediately began to lick it clean.

Tom was astounded at this display. His wife had been completely transformed from the ambitious, self assured, dignified woman he'd been married to for so long to something not much more than a sexual animal, a naked black house pet for his white boss's use.

"So, boy, how do you like seeing your wife used like the nigger she is?" Cindy asked Tom. "You know, I think you like it, don't you?"

The black man had no answer for her. He remained transfixed, focused totally on the sight of his wife gazing up at the that white man with a look of adoration and gratitude on her face as she licked his hand like a dog.

"All right, Tessa," Jack spoke at last, "stand up and bend over like a good little nigger girl."

Latessa instantly stood and placed her hands on the top of Jack's desk, bent at the waist, presenting herself to her master. She looked straight ahead, avoiding meeting her husband's eyes.

Tom could see that his wife couldn't look at him. But he also saw the expression of lust on her face, shiny with sweat from her earlier orgasm.

Jack stood behind Latessa and undid his pants, letting them drop. And suddenly he slammed himself into the black maid's sopping wet pussy. Her breasts shook from the impact. Her face registered a look of surprise at the forcefulness of his entry into her, though that was quickly replaced by a kind of happy dumb look that Tom had only seen on his wife when she had completely abandoned herself to sexual pleasure. She was being used by the white man and she was loving it. Aware of his own arousal at the sight, he realized that he loved it, too.

The sound of flesh slapping on flesh filled the room as Jack continued to pump his cock in the negro maid's cunt. She grunted with each thrust. The smell of her sex hung thickly in the air.

"Tell your husband what you are, Tessa," ordered Jack, somewhat breathless from his exertion. "Look at him and tell him."

Latessa turned her head slightly and looked up at Tom, right in the eyes. Her face was hot with shame at being used this way in front of him, her breasts swaying, her pussy on fire, with another man inside her. And maybe worst of all, being forced to admit the truth to him.

"I's a nigga, Tommy," she said quietly, breathing hard. But she spoke loud enough for all in the room to hear it. "Jus' a nigga fo' Massa Jack."

"And how do you feel about that, girl?" asked Jack, increasing the tempo of his thrusts.

"I loves it, Massa," she replied, still looking into her husband's eyes. "Dis nigga loves bein' used by her Massa." She could feel that Jack was close to climax. "Das right, Massa. Use yo' nigga. Fill her coochie wit' yo' cum. Please, Massa. Please cum in yo' nigga's coochie."

Tom watched the proceedings slack jawed. His life partner had been reduced to some kind of ignorant plantation slave by this white man. He couldn't break eye contact with her. He was appalled by her behavior, the way she was an eager participant in her own degradation. But he was so excited by it he had to struggle with himself to keep from taking his own cock out and stroking himself.

If Cindy was struggling similarly, she'd already given up. Her hand was between her legs which were tightly squeezed together as she rocked herself in the big leather chair. She watched the faces of her husband and his maid as they closed in on Jack's building orgasm.

"Ah!" exclaimed Latessa. "Oh, Massa! Kin yo' nigga cum? Please, Massa!"

"Yeah," croaked Jack. "Cum for me."

All at once the white man grunted and ejaculated in the negro woman's vagina. He continued to grunt with each spasm as he filled the black maid's cunt with semen while she gasped with delight. Her face bore an expression of pure ecstasy.

"Oh, Massa!" she cried. "Oh! You cummin' in you nigga's coochie! Oh! Use yo' nigga, Massa. Use me! Oh!!"

Tom's hand had drifted to the bulge in his pants and he unconsciously rubbed his hard cock through the fabric. He no longer felt anything but pure lust at the sight of his wife's use by the white man. Cindy noticed what he was doing even before he noticed it himself and smirked with satisfaction.

"Massa... You treat yo' nigga so good!" exclaimed Latessa. "Thank you fo' makin' yo' nigga cum dat way, suh. Dis nigga's so grateful fo' yo' cum in her coochie."

"You're very welcome, girl," he said quietly, his cock still inside his servant's vagina. He stroked her back as she just smiled with her eyes closed.

"Massa, you so good to yo' nigga," she murmured, dreamily.

Tom had never seen his wife orgasm so hard. But he also didn't remember ever being so aroused. What was wrong with him? How could be getting off on this? He should be angry or hurt. But instead all he could think of was how bad he wanted to stick his cock up Latessa's freshly used pussy and fuck her hard while she was still hot.

Jack stepped back, withdrawing himself from Latessa. He sat back in his chair.

"All right, girl," he said to her, "time to clean me up."

Latessa immediately went to her knees and began licking the mix of semen and vaginal juices off his cock. When she was finished she kissed the tip and looked up into his eyes for a sign of his approval.

"Good girl." he said, smiling.

He reached out and stroked her hair as if he was petting a puppy. He stood and pulled his pants back up.

"Ok, Tessa," said Jack, "that's all for now."

Latessa stood and slowly walked to the front of the desk and stood near where Tom was seated. His hand was still in his lap, though now it was in a futile effort to hide his arousal from his wife as well as Cindy.

"Seems the boy enjoyed the show," laughed Cindy. "I thought his dick was gonna poke a hole in his pants!" She turned to Tom, "You like seeing your monkey wife gettin' used, don't you, boy? Listenin] to her talkin' like a nigger bitch in heat gets your dick all hard, doesn't it?"

Tom flushed with shame at his erection having been discovered. He looked up to see all eyes upon him. Latessa appeared embarrassed for him. Jack was mildly amused. Cindy was enjoying herself thoroughly.

"What's the matter, boy?" the white woman taunted him. "Don't tell me you're shy! You didn't seem all that shy yesterday when I had you by the balls!"

The tall black man looked back down at the floor. Images of his humiliation at the hand of the diminutive blonde flashed before his eyes.

"That reminds me, Tom, old boy," Jack spoke up. "Now that I'm using Tessa regularly, I'm going to have to ask you to refrain from having sex with her without my permission. I'm sure you understand. Don't worry, though, all she need do is ask first and usually it won't be problem."

Tom looked back up at his boss. He was to be denied relations with his own wife without this white man's permission? It was outrageous! But his cock continued to betray him, pointing straight out under his slacks for all to see.

"Awww!" said Cindy in a mocking tone. "Look at that boner! I think he likes it better this way. Isn't that right, boy?"

Again, Tom was speechless. His wife had just been taken and used by another man while he just stood by and watched. No, he didn't just watch. He enjoyed it. He was aroused by his wife's debasement.

He was startled by a sudden pain in his testicles. Cindy had reached out and grabbed his balls through his pants.

"I asked you a question, boy," she said, all playfulness gone from her voice. "Now answer it. You like seeing you wife used like the nigger she is don't you?"

She squeezed harder. Tom's knees buckled slightly and he groaned.

"Y.. y.. yes, ma'am," he said, his voice strained.

"You want to fuck her now, don't you boy?" Cindy's interrogation continued. "Isn't that right? You want sloppy seconds from your slut wife, hmmm?"

"Yes, ma'am," was all Tom could think to say.

Cindy yanked downward, forcing the black man to his knees. She released Tom's balls, but they were in agony already. Worse than that pain, though was the humiliation he felt at allowing the diminutive blonde to man handle him this way. The white woman had essentially castrated him in front of his wife.

"Now, I want to hear it from you, boy," Cindy said, taunting him. "We heard it from her already. What are you boy? I want to be sure everybody here knows it."

"I... I'm a nigger, ma'am," Tom said, his voice weak, his erection still strong.

"Excuse me, boy," Cindy grinned, "I didn't hear you. You'll have to speak up."

"I'm a nigger, ma'am," he finally said clearly. "Just like her."

"See, that wasn't so hard, was it?" asked the white woman in a patronizing tone. She turned to her husband. "Let's throw the boy a bone for his boner, Jack. Let him use her. Right here. Now."

"All right," said Jack after a pause. He looked at Tom, still kneeling on the floor. "I suppose I can allow that. But not in the pussy, I prefer to keep it for myself. You can use her ass, Tom old boy. Go ahead and do that." His gaze went to Latessa. "Present your ass to him, Tessa. I've decided to let him use it this time."

"Yes, Massa," said Latessa, hanging her head.

She'd never let Tom take her anally before, but now she knew she had to do it. The black woman got down on her hands and knees on the floor, presenting her fat black ass to her husband like an animal.

"Go head and use your monkey wife's ass," Cindy said to Tom. "You might want to lube her asshole from her sloppy nigger cunt."

Obeying Cindy would be tantamount to accepting this situation. It felt to Tom that if crossed that line, there would be no going back. He and Latessa would belong to the Andrews. Just as Cindy had told him the previous day. But he had gone so far already. And he wanted to fuck his wife so bad.

Tom tentatively unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his pants. He was embarrassed to be putting on a show like this for Jack and Cindy. Well, Jack, anyway. Something about Cindy, though, made him want to perform for her.

Tom dropped his slacks and his erection sprung forward. He moved to her, still on his knees. He reached out to Latessa's pussy and gathered a handful of the mixture of semen and vaginal juices and slathered it in the crack of his wife's butt. She squirmed a little at the feel of it. He slowly pushed his dick in her asshole.

"Ah!" Latessa cried out as she felt her husband enter her and slide his length up her ass.

He tried to go slowly and preserve the moment, but his excitement had been at a fervor pitch for so long that it only took a few strokes before he came deep in his wife's bowels.

"Uh!" he grunted as he released the copious amount of semen that had been building up inside him so long into her ass. "Ahhh...."

Latessa could feel her husband spurting cum into her and was glad she was able to give him relief. But in her mind she had just been used by her master. And in fact she had been. And by his wife, too. Allowing the white couple to control her and her husband that way. To allow them to force her into this position. To stand and watch the whole shameful act as if they were supervising them.

Cindy put her hands on her hips and looked at Tom.

"Well?" she said, a hint of expectation in her voice.

"Er, sorry, ma'am," said the black man. "Thank you, ma'am. I 'preciate it."

As his lust slackened, though, he began to rationally see what had just happened and he felt thoroughly humiliated by it. He looked down at Latessa's back, covered with a sheen of sweat.

"That's better, boy," said Cindy. "See I told you it wasn't always about pain."

"Now be a sport and pick up Tessa's clothes there," instructed Jack. "I need to make some calls right now, so you'll have to help her dress somewhere else."

Cindy rose and looked at Tom, still smiling. She snapped her fingers and pointed at Latessa's clothing piled on the floor. The black man withdrew from his wife's ass and gathered up his wife's uniform and undergarments and stood. Together with the just fucked black maid, the three of them left Jack's study, closing the door behind them.

The blonde woman glanced Latessa up and down.

"You stupid monkey!" she exclaimed. "You're leaking all over my carpet! Quick! Go lay down on the stones. On your back. Right now."

Snapped out of her reverie, Latessa immediately followed her mistress's orders and lay on the flagstone entry way. She could feel the soreness in her ass, but also the wetness between her legs, and the shame was beginning to replace the pleasure she felt.

Had she really lost herself so completely to Jack in front of her own husband? She knew Tom had been aroused by the stories she'd told him of her earlier exploits with her white master, but seeing her this way should have been painful for him.

How could he just have sat there and enjoyed her humiliation like it was some kind of live sex show? And then to actively participate by performing an act that he knew she hated. But she was also turned on by it. She was so confused by it all. And the stones were cold and unyielding to her back as she lay on the floor.

"Today is your lucky day, boy," Cindy said to Tom, her smile growing larger and more wicked. "I want to keep my carpet clean. Go clean that nigger wife of yours up. Eat her out good. Do it. Now."

Tom thought for a moment while looking hungrily at his beautiful wife, laying shamelessly on the flagstones, her legs splayed obscenely with another man's semen leaking out of her vagina. His own cum dribbling out of her asshole.

The black man set the clothing down on the floor and kneeled between his wife's legs. He lowered his head to her crotch and began to lick her cum covered pussy. Latessa had always limited the times she permitted him this pleasure to rare occasions, so in that sense it was a treat. But this time her cunt was full of another man's sperm. And this other man's wife stood over the two of them, hands on hips, and a triumphant smirk on her face. Supervising them. Overseeing them. Making sure they stayed within the bounds of their new relationship.

Tentatively at first, but then more vigorously, he lapped at the black maid's sex. He could taste his white boss's bitter semen mixed with his own wife's tangy pussy juice. He was so aroused. He just forgot himself and continued to lick up the remnants of his humiliation along with the mess of sexual fluids.

He lapped and sucked. Latessa bucked her hips at him, encouraging him to continue on. Urging him to finish her and bring her to another climax. There was little else he'd rather do than to be the most recent instrument of his wife's pleasure. What more was there for him now?

Latessa began to moan with pleasure and could feel a third orgasm building inside her. Tom had completed his task of cleaning his wife's vagina of his boss's semen. All that was left was to finish getting her off.

"Oh!" she cried out. "Kin dis nigga cum? Please, ma'am, let dis nigga cum."

Tom felt the flush of humiliation again though he didn't slacken the pace of his actions. She was begging that hateful white bitch for permission to feel pleasure? Even at this moment she remembered her new place in life. A sexual animal who did the bidding of her masters.

"All right, nigger," said Cindy. "You can cum this time."

"Ah! Ah!" Latessa grabbed Tom's head and pulled against her cunt, grinding it on his face. "Oh! Oh! Ahhh.... Ahhh..."

The black maid's husband continued servicing her until her spasms died down.

"Stand up, boy," Cindy ordered. "Pick up those clothes."

Tom did as he had been instructed. Again he gathered his wife's clothes and stood looking down at her, naked on the floor.

"Get on your hands and knees, nigger," said the blonde woman to Latessa. "Get your black ass over here."

She began to walk towards the couch. Latessa rolled onto all fours and went after her mistress. Tom watched his wife crawl like a dog after the white woman. His cock was rock hard instantly in spite of having just cum in her ass..

Cindy sat on the couch and opened her legs.

"You've had your fun, bitch," she said, "now it's time for mine. Eat me until I tell you to stop."

"Yes, ma'am," the black maid said submissively.

Latessa put her head under the white woman's skirt. As usual, Cindy wore no panties. The black maid went to work licking and sucking the blonde's pink pussy, which was sopping wet. She immediately starting lapping her cunt from the entrance to her clit. The scent was strong, as the white woman was very aroused. It didn't take long before the negress felt her mistress's thighs clamped around her head. Cindy ground her cunt against Latessa's face.

"Ah... Ah... Ah..." Cindy's head rolled back, her eyes closed, and let her orgasm flow over her like waves rolling in from the ocean. She released Latessa's head once her climax subsided.

"Thank you for using yo' nigga's mouth, ma'am," said the black maid.

Cindy leaned further back on the couch and planted one foot on Latessa's chest and pushed the black woman over backwards.

"You're welcome, monkey girl," laughed Cindy. "Now get dressed and get out."

Latessa got up from where she lay sprawled on the floor. That fucking white bitch, she thought. She'd given Cindy pleasure and been rewarded with a shove to the floor. She was hot with anger. But also she felt a surge of excitement. She knew she'd put her face in the blonde's crotch again gladly if so instructed.

Seeing his wife used and discarded that way by the white woman kept Tom's arousal strong and his cock hard. He and Latessa started for the kitchen, leaving Cindy behind, watching them through half closed eyes.

Dismissed, the black couple turned and walked to the kitchen.

Bertha was putting dishes away when Latessa and Tom entered. She turned from her work just long enough to see that it was the naked black maid and her husband who had joined her. She shook her head and went back to the dishes.

Tom handed his wife her garments as she needed them to dress. They left when she was finished.

"You loved that, didn't you, Tommy?" Latessa asked her husband once they got in the car. "Seeing those white folks use me like that. Hearing me say shameful things to them. And then doing that to me. You loved that even more."

"You loved it, too, Tess," countered Tom. "I don't remember ever seeing you like that. You were like, I don't know..."

"Say it," she dared him. "Say what I was like."

"Like some nigger slut," he finally replied. "It was like what you said to that white man, what you said to me was true."

"I know it's true, Tommy," said Latessa. "I am a nigger. And you standing by while that white man used your own wife and loving it. Fucking me like that at their direction. Sucking his seed out of me. You know what that makes you. You even admitted it yourself."

Tom started the engine without saying anything and eased the car down the driveway. Down the suburban street they went on their way back home. But he knew they'd both crossed that line. There was no going back from it now.


Chapter 10 - New Reality

The events of the previous day seemed almost surreal to Latessa. She reflected on them as she rose to get ready for work the next morning. Could she really have allowed herself to give in so completely to her animal desires? She'd been so thoroughly debased but was only left hungering for more.

And then, she thought, there was Tommy. Where was her husband's sense of propriety? Was it possible that his own lust had entirely overruled his shame? He'd witnessed her total degradation and instead of defending her he became aroused by it all.

Latessa sat naked on the edge of the bath tub with a razor, carefully shaving her pussy bare. The way Mr. Andrews liked it. She could see Tom watching from the hallway and blushed. She stood and closed the door before turning the shower on.

The view of his wife preparing herself to please another man left Tom feeling conflicted. He knew he should be jealous, hurt, or angry. However, when he recalled the scene, Latessa bent over Mr. Andrews' desk, looking her husband in the eye, his white boss's cock buried deep in her pussy, all he felt was sexual excitement. He was ashamed of himself for feeling that way, but he could already feel his dick stirring.

Tom returned to the bedroom and waited for her to come out and dress. He didn't have long to wait. In a few minutes the water went off and Latessa emerged from the bathroom wrapped in a towel. She took a bra out of the dresser drawer, and with her back to her husband, put it on. She pulled her slip on before turning around and walking to the closet.

Latessa took one of her identical maid's uniforms out and put it on.

"Aren't you gonna wear any panties?" asked Tom, amused by his wife's forgetting to dress properly.

"No, Tommy," she replied plainly. "Massa Jack likes me available and accessible. No panties."

Tom felt a tightness in his chest. His wife was available and accessible to another man. It was humiliating to him. Not so much that she was doing it, but that he would make no move to stop her.

*       *       *

The ride to the Andrews' was quiet like so many others. Tom wanted to break the silence by saying something, but all he could think of were questions about what she thought Mr. Andrews would have her do that day. Somehow, he sensed that wasn't the best topic of discussion at the moment.

"I'll come get you this afternoon, baby," said Tom once they arrived.

"Okay, Tommy," replied Latessa. "Bye."

Tom watched her in the rear view mirror as he slowly rolled down the driveway. He saw the kitchen door open and his wife disappeared inside.

He drove around a while before stopping for coffee. He was just about to head to his first service call of the day when his cell phone rang.

"This is Tom Davis," he answered it.

"Where are you, boy?" a female voice replied.

The voice was obviously Miz Cindy. What was she calling him for? All at once his hands grew sweaty and his heart pounded. He could feel his balls twitching.

"I... uh... on the west side...," he stammered. "I'm about to go on a call..."

"I have some things at the dry-cleaners," Miz Cindy told him. "Go pick them up and bring them here before you go on any calls. Do you understand, boy?"

"Yes, ma'am," Tom assured her. "I understand. I'll take care of it right away..."

Miz Cindy told him where to go and hung up without saying good bye. Tom clicked the end call button on the cell phone and slipped it back into his jacket. He knew he should resent the presumption, but all he could think of was pleasing her and earning her praise. Not to mention the opportunity to see if his wife was being used.

*       *       *

It was late morning by the time Tom returned to the Andrews' place with Miz Cindy's dry-cleaning. He went up to the kitchen door carrying a pale green dress and jacket on hangers and knocked. Bertha answered the door and raised an eyebrow when she saw him.

"Miz Cindy asked me to drop this off for her," Tom told her. "Can you tell her I'm here?"

"You kin tell her yo'se'f," replied Bertha, leaving the door and standing out of the way. "If Miz Cindy say fo' you to bring it, den she be wantin' you to bring it. Not me."

Tom entered and closed the door. Before he could speak, the doorbell rang.

"I gots to go an' git dat door," Bertha told him. "Massa be 'spectin' his sista, Miz Judy."

The big colored girl turned and headed out of the kitchen, leaving the black man standing there alone with Miz Cindy's dress in his hand. He felt uncomfortable with the notion of venturing into the house uninvited, so he remained where he stood and waited. He could hear voices in the front room.

"Why, Miz Judy, ma'am!" Bertha's voice exclaimed. "As I live an' breath! Ain't you a sight fo' sore eyes, ma'am! I's glad to be seein' you!"

"You're looking as fine as ever, Bertha," replied Judy in a somewhat lower pitched voice.

"Thank you, ma'am," said Bertha. "I go git Massa Jack fo' you right away, ma'am."

"No need for that, girl!" came Jack's voice from the front room. "Good to see you, Judy. I'm glad you could come a day early."

"Well, the way you've been going on about your new nigger maid, I just had to get a look," Judy told him.

Tom shuddered at their words. He was certain she was talking about Latessa.

"We can do that now," Jack said. "She's up making the beds. Bertha, go fetch Tessa."

"Yes, suh," replied Bertha. "I go gits her now fo' you, suh."

"So, this new girl just dropped into your lap, did she?" asked Judy.

"Yes, it was quite a stroke of luck, actually," said Jack. "She's the wife of a colored boy that works for me. She actually used to be a manager out at Genron, but got caught up in the layoffs. Poor girl was working at the 7-11. What a waste of a fine nigger."

"So, naturally, you offered to help!" laughed Judy.

Tom's face burned with shame at hearing his boss's version of the events that had led Latessa and he to this point. It was all true, but the way it sounded was so demeaning.

"Naturally!" Jack replied. "I thought she'd be a handful after having what was an executive job, but she's taken to her new position much more easily than I expected. She's a natural nigger, Judy. And that's not something that's so easy to come by."

"I'm sure Cindy was disappointed," Judy laughed again. "I bet she was looking forward to breaking your new girl. She just loves to put niggers in their place."

"She does, that's true," said Jack. "But, you know I prefer it this way. Sweet nigger girl. Eager to please. And so responsive!"

"Well, I'm anxious to have a look at this new nigger, Jack," Judy told him. "You know how I like to share your interests."

Jack laughed out loud at that. Tom tried to feel anger, but hearing his boss and his sister talk about Latessa that way only served to stimulate him. The image of his wife, naked and used by the white man flashed into his mind.

"And, here she is," Jack announced. "Tessa."

A moment later, Bertha pushed through the kitchen door. Tom was startled by her sudden entrance after his quiet eavesdropping.

"Miz Cindy be up in her room," Bertha told him. "You kin take dat on up fo' her. Don't keep dat white lady waitin'."

"No...," replied Tom. "I won't keep her waiting... You sure it's okay for me to just go on up?"

"Dat's right," said Bertha. "Her room be at da top o' da stairs."

Tom went through the kitchen door into the dining area. Beyond that was the living room. He was anxious about running into Latessa here with Mr. Andrews, but they seemed to have gone elsewhere for the moment. He continued across the living room and stopped at the bottom of the stairs. He could hear voices from the corridor that led to the study.

The black man couldn't resist the temptation and crept quietly across the carpeted hallway until he was just outside the study. The door wasn't all the way closed and he could see inside. A white woman with shoulder length brunette hair had her back to the door. She must be the sister, thought Tom. Jack stood next to her and both of them were facing Latessa, still in her maid's uniform.

Latessa felt nervous with the stranger in the room with her and Jack. Even though this was a familiar room and the woman was her master's sister, she couldn't help but feel uncomfortable.

Judy Andrews didn't seem to be an unkind woman in the way that Jack's wife was. She was a few years younger than Jack, barely older than Latessa herself. Long brown hair and hazel eyes, she didn't have Cindy's beauty queen looks, but she did have full breasts and sensuous lips. She was a handsome woman, and something about her made the black maid like her. Perhaps it was the family resemblance to her master.

"Undress, Tessa," Jack told Latessa. "I was Miz Judy to see what a fine negress you are."

"Yes, sir," replied Latessa shyly.

"Let me help you, girl," said Judy, stepping around behind the black woman.

Tom watched with growing excitement as Judy unzipped Latessa's uniform dress and helped her lift it over her head. Next came the slip, which the black woman managed to remove on her own. The white lady took care of unclasping Latessa's bra and the colored maid pulled it off.

Now naked, Latessa put her hands behind her head and laced her fingers together. She stood with her legs far apart and pushed her chest out. Jack beamed as he looked back and forth between his sister and his maid. Clearly, Judy was impressed. Tom, peeking unseen from the hallway, was impressed, too, and reached into his trousers to straighten out his uncomfortable erection.

"Oh my!" exclaimed Judy, "She is such a sweetheart, Jack! I can tell why you brag on her! I see you've got her keeping her pussy bare... What is that, some kind of family tradition?"

Jack laughed. "I suppose it is. You can't deny it's pleasing to the eye."

Tom could clearly see the slit of his wife's vagina as she stood naked in his boss's study. Latessa seemed to have no trouble showing her body off to these white folks even though she'd seemed self conscious with her own husband that morning. The black man could feel the dampness of his pre cum when the tip of his hard dick touched his shorts. The fear of discovery plus the excitement of seeing his wife inspected this way had his heart pounding.

"Do you mind if I indulge myself?" Judy asked her brother, reaching for Latessa's crotch.

"Of course not!" replied Jack heartily. "My nigger is your nigger, Judy. Be my guest."

Judy reached her hand between Latessa's legs. The black maid visibly shuddered and gasped. Tom suppressed a moan, desperate not to reveal his presence. The whole scene was driving him into a mental frenzy.

"Oh, Jack, she's soaked...," said Judy, impressed. "You weren't kidding about her responsiveness. And you've had her for only a month? Amazing. She's a natural nigger, all right."

"Yes," agreed Jack. "And to think she was rotting away behind a desk in some cubicle maze! We won't even talk about that damn convenience store. This is where she belongs. It's what she was made for."

Jack reached out and lifted Latessa's chin and looked her in the eye.

"Isn't that right, girl?" he asked softly. "You were made to serve me. Weren't you?"

"Yes, massa," replied Latessa, naked and in the display position. "This nigga be yo' servant, suh."

The negro maid started bucking her hips into Judy's hand as the white woman continued to stroke her pussy and observe her reactions.

Of course Latessa had no idea that her encounter with Jack and his sister was being observed by her husband. She was completely focused on her master. Her only thought was to please him and make him proud of her in front of Judy, who seemed to share his interests.

"Jack, your new nigger is so precious!" Judy told her brother. "It's just amazing that you could find one like her this way. Bertha and Gladys are wonderful girls, but they were bred and raised to serve. A natural nigger like your Tessa here is a rare commodity. Congratulations!"

"Thank you," smiled Jack. "She's a treasure all right. There's latent niggers like her out there, I know it. Finding them isn't always easy. Sometimes, it just takes a little luck."

Latessa remained standing naked before the white siblings, basking in their kind words. Part of her found the entire scene rather degrading since they spoke about her, not to her. She'd been reduced in status to that of prized possession. Nevertheless, she couldn't deny the tingling sensation between her legs she felt while they admired her body and praised her subservience.

Judy reached out and placed a hand under Latessa's breast and lifted it. The white lady gave the nipple a mild pinch and squeezed her teat. The negro maid inhaled sharply and shuddered.

"Mmmm," murmured Judy. "So responsive..."

Taking Latessa's other breast in hand, Judy repeated the action. She lifted the black woman's mammary as if judging the weight. She gave it a squeeze before stepping back and drinking her nude body in some more. The negro blushed at the attention. Her pussy was on fire.

Tom's eyes were glued to the scene. Seeing his wife handled as if she were livestock was powerfully arousing for him. He wanted to look away, but it was impossible.

"You're right, Jack," Judy was saying. "Her udders are very firm, but still soft. Just the right amount of sag... Are you sure she's old enough to have an eighteen year old daughter?"

"Amazing as it seems, she is," Jack beamed. "I haven't actually seen the daughter yet."

"No doubt that'll change!" Judy told him.

Tom felt a lump in his throat at Mr. Andrews mentioning Darlene. Involuntarily the black man replaced his wife with his daughter in the scene before his eyes. His arousal at the notion shamed him further.

Latessa also had a momentary flash of Darlene in the same position she now occupied. Her teenaged body naked and displayed for the white man. Like her husband, she knew she should feel concern about her daughter being put in such a position. However, all she could think of was how much she'd want her master to like what he saw and the pride she'd feel if he did.

"I'd like a closer look at her genitalia, if you don't mind, Jack," said Judy thoughtfully. "Her labia feel so soft. Very much like Gladys's."

"I picked up on that right away, too," agreed Jack. "Her vagina is really quite wonderful. I think it explains shy she's so sensitive and responsive to touch. She's pretty much always wet. Her clit will just pop out after a single stroke."

"And I'm sure you take every opportunity for that!" laughed Judy.

"Naturally," he replied. "That's what she's for."

This whole inspection was just so incredibly embarrassing, thought Latessa. Nevertheless, she couldn't deny that she loved the attention. She basked in her master's admiration of her naked body and sexual responsiveness, longing for his touch or that of his sister.

Jack looked Latessa in the eye and spoke.

"Up on the desk, girl," instructed Jack. "We want to take a closer look at that sweet pussy of yours."

"Yes, suh," Latessa said in a shy voice.

It wasn't easy for the colored woman to sit up on the desk, lay back, and submit to this humiliating examination. Jack had subjected her to it in the past, but never with company. Still, the white lady seemed to like what she saw and that encouraged Latessa to swallow hard and comply.

Latessa got up on the top of the desk, resting her bare ass on the edge and then sliding herself to the middle of it. She leaned back, resting on her elbows. Her knees were bent and her legs were splayed open. Her shaved pussy was obscenely exposed. Her face burned with embarrassment, but the look of pride on her master's face helped her brave it out.

Tom wasn't prepared for the scene he was watching through the cracked door from the hallway. His eyes grew wide at the sight of his wife sitting naked on Mr. Andrews' desk, wantonly displaying her most intimate parts for the pleasure of the white man and his sister. He barely suppressed a gasp which certainly would have given his presence away.

Jack stood back looking pleased with himself while his sister stood next to the desk, between Latessa's legs. Judy gently ran the backs of her fingers over the colored maid's soft pussy lips. The negress squirmed slightly and moaned with her eyes half closed in response to the brunette's touch.

"Open your mouth, girl," Jack instructed her. "Display all your holes like a good nigger."

Latessa complied immediately and opened her mouth wide, letting her broad tongue loll out and rest on her lower lip. Her orgasm was building. She could feel herself starting to drool, but there was no help for it since her master ordered her mouth open.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!" cried Latessa in yelps as she came, sweat beading up on her brown face.

The colored maid gushed into the white lady's hand. Judy smiled and continued stroking the negro's pussy until her soft cries quieted. The brunette held her hand in front of Latessa's face and the black woman gratefully licked it clean like an eager puppy dog.

"Good girl," Judy praised her.

*       *       *

Tom couldn't take any more without risking making a sound. Plus, he started to be concerned that Miz Cindy could easily catch him in the act. He quietly returned to the bottom of the staircase and went up. Each step he took reminded him of his aroused state as his erection chafed against his undershorts.

The door at the top of the stairs was open. Tom approached cautiously and knocked.

"Who's out there?" came Cindy's voice.

"It's me, Tom Davis," he told her. "I've... a... got your dry-cleanin', ma'am."

"Well, get in here with it then, boy," Cindy said impatiently. "It's about time you got here. I've been waiting for hours!"

"Sorry, ma'am," Tom replied, stepping into the room.

Cindy was seated at a vanity table, brushing her long blonde hair. She was dressed in a thin bathrobe. She looked at Tom in the mirror over the table. The white woman turned around in her seat and looked him up and down. When she noticed the bulge in his pants, she smirked and looked up at him.

"I see you're glad to see me, monkey boy," said Cindy, her eyes sparkling. "Or maybe you've seen something else... You haven't been in here long enough to get a boner looking at me."

Tom blushed and held the dress in its dry-cleaning bag in front of himself in a vain effort to cover his hard on.

"Hang it in the closet, boy," she ordered him. "Now."

Tom looked around the room and saw where the closet was. He went to it and hung the dress near the front with his hands shaking.

"Make yourself useful and get the floral print dress out while you're in there," instructed Cindy.

The black man saw the dress she was talking about and grabbed it. When he turned around, his heart leapt into his throat. Cindy was standing in front of him. She undid the sash of her bathrobe and it fell away, revealing her naked body underneath.

Tom's mouth fell open. The sight of Cindy's perky breasts and hard pink nipples took his breath away. He tried to avert his eyes, but caught a glimpse of the little bush of blonde pussy hair just above her exposed pink slit.

"What's wrong with you, boy?" she asked, irritated. "Give me that."

Turning his head away, Tom blindly handed the dress to Cindy who snatched it away from him. By the time he turned back towards her, she had it on.

"I'm sorry, ma'am," he apologized. "I didn't mean to look."

"So what if you did?" Cindy replied, rolling her eyes. "You think I'm gonna be bashful in front of a nigger? Honestly! Listen, boy, I was raised in a house with servants. How am I supposed to get dressed properly if they can't see me to do it? You think I'd get embarrassed if the dog saw me naked? I don't think so."

The white lady's rebuke was humiliating. Comparing him to an animal. A dog. Not worthy of her modesty. Still, the image of Cindy's naked body was burned in his mind. It completely replaced the one of his wife being molested downstairs.

"No, ma'am," stammered Tom, "I don't mean no disrespect."

"Zip me up," Cindy commanded, turning her back to him.

Tom pulled the zipper up, fastening Cindy's dress. When she turned back towards him, her expression had softened.

"All right," she said. "I know you didn't mean anything. You just want to be a good boy, isn't that right?"

"Yes, ma'am," Tom told her.

"You should be happy," Cindy went on. "You're a lucky nigger to see a white woman's body. You should consider yourself honored."

The colored man's face went hot again.

"I... do..., ma'am," he struggled to say.

Cindy looked back down at Tom's crotch. His dick was straining against the fabric of his slacks.

"I see that little tent is still there in your pants, boy," grinned Cindy wickedly. "Is it for me this time?"

Tom could feel the sweat rolling down his forehead and his heart pounded in his ears. He wasn't sure what the right answer was and didn't want to give the wrong one for fear of losing this moment that had his dick throbbing.

"So, boy, your wife is my husband's bitch now," she started. "He's down there showing her off like a new toy. And you're such a nigger that you like it. You love seeing your monkey wife used like a thing. Admit it."

Tom's mouth was dry and he said nothing. It was humiliating for him to hear it again from Cindy. He was ashamed because he knew it was true.

Without warning Cindy grabbed Tom's crotch and squeezed the black man's testicles. He yelped like a struck dog from the pain and shock of it.

"I asked you a question, boy," growled Cindy. "Answer me. Forget your place with me and you'll regret it."

The blonde woman squeezed harder and twisted her wrist slightly. Tom's knees buckled.

"I'm sorry, ma'am!" he cried. "I do. I admit it!"

"Admit what?" asked Cindy, making no move to release him from her painful grip.

"I... love... seein'... my... wife... used... that... way...," groaned Tom.

"Why?" Cindy queried, an evil grin on her face. "What kind of man would want that?"

"A nigger, ma'am," gasped Tom, his balls in agony.

"Is that the same kind of man who'd let a woman half his size grab him by the balls?" Cindy's voice was suddenly mocking him.

"Yes, ma'am," Tom answered, his voice straining.

"But that's no kind of man at all," Cindy explained. "Is it, boy?"

"No, ma'am," replied Tom. "I guess not."

Cindy released Tom's testicles and put her hands on her hips, her chest heaving. The white woman was obviously aroused at having exercised such cruel power over the negro.

"I guess not," Cindy repeated.

Tom struggled to compose himself, his balls screamed in pain. His cock was so hard he could feel his dick flesh stretching. The diminutive white lady had thoroughly emasculated him and he'd been powerless to object. But, being controlled in that manner had been incredibly exciting for him. He was ashamed to realize he longed for her to do it again.

"Strip, monkey boy," she ordered flatly.

"What?" Tom replied, stunned by the command. "But..."


Cindy slapped him hard across the face.

"I said strip, monkey boy," she repeated herself sternly. "Either strip or get the fuck out of here."

Tom's mind reeled. What was Cindy doing? Did she really expect him to undress here in her bedroom? What if her husband caught him? What about Latessa?

"You've got until the count of three," Cindy warned him. "One..."

The black man quickly took his necktie off and began unbuttoning his shirt. The blonde's expression went from angry to smugly satisfied. His shirt off, Tom let his slacks drop and stepped out of them. His hard on poked through the fly of his boxer shorts. It humiliated him to be seen this way, but it felt good to him somehow.

"I thought you'd come around," smiled Cindy. "You fuckin' nigger. Now finish up. Get those clothes off. Monkeys don't wear clothes."

Blushing, Tom pulled his tee shirt over his head. Cindy watched with rapt attention as slipped his shoes off, dropped his boxers, and took them off along with his socks. The black man stood humbled in front of the blonde woman, his head bowed.

He looked up when he heard a drawer slide shut. Cindy had retrieved a pair of white cloth gloves from her vanity and was putting them on her hands. She turned the chair to face the room and sat in it.

"Here, boy," she commanded.

Without looking up, Tom shuffled over to stand in front of her. He groaned again when he felt her gloved fingers wrap themselves around his still aching balls.

"Does that hurt, monkey boy?" she asked in a little girl voice.

"Yes, ma'am," Tom replied.

Cindy squeezed harder. Tom groaned again, but his dick strained under the power of his erection.

"Still hurts?" Cindy asked sweetly, looking up at him.

"Yeah," croaked Tom. "Worse."

"I like hurting nigger boys," again with the little girl voice. "I like hurting their cocks. You want me to stop?"

"No, ma'am," Tom admitted.

"You sure?" smiled Cindy wickedly and squeezing harder.

"Oh, shit...," Tom uttered. "Fuck..."

"Your cock is so hard right now, boy," the blonde told him, her blue eyes sparkling. "I can see the monkey goo leakin' out of it."

Tom opened his eyes and could see the long strand of pre cum hanging off the tip of his dick. Cindy continued to grip his testicles tightly with one gloved hand, but wrapped the other around the shaft of the black man's cock.

He'd never felt anything so intense in his life. The pain was severe, but the arousal was incredible. He felt as if he were about to cum even though Cindy hadn't even given him a single stroke. She released the hold on his balls, while at the same time, her nails dug into his dick through her gloves. She thoughtfully hefted his nut sack.

"You haven't released since yesterday, have you, monkey?" Cindy asked conversationally. "I can tell by the way they feel."

"No, ma'am," replied Tom, again ashamed at allowing this humiliation to continue.

"It's a good thing you're not sticking this dick in your monkey woman's holes without permission, boy," she told him. "She's ours now, you know."

"Yes, ma'am," said Tom. "I know."

"Do you want to be my little nigger boy?" asked Cindy in the little girl voice. "My monkey boy?"

"Yes, ma'am," Tom agreed.

Cindy's nails dug in further. Tom felt as if he were about to ejaculate.

"Monkeys don't cum unless their owner tells them to," Cindy informed him. "Are you sure you want to be my nigger monkey boy?"

"Yes, ma'am," Tom assured her.

"All right, then," Cindy said with satisfaction. "Jack has his nigger bitch, and I have my nigger buck. It's as it should be, isn't it, boy?"

"Yes, ma'am," said Tom, willing himself not to cum from the intense stimulation.

"This is my property," she told him, digging her nails into his tortured dick flesh hard for emphasis. "Understand?"

"Yes, ma'am!" Tom replied, about to burst.

Just as suddenly has she'd grabbed his cock and balls, she released it. His engorged organ bounced and swayed as she withdrew her gloved hand. The string of pre cum reached the floor.

"Put your head on the floor, nigger," she commanded him. "Right at my feet."

Tom immediately went to his knees and bent over, resting his face on the carpet. Cindy placed her foot on the back of his head.

"I own you, boy," she told him with conviction. "You'll do as I say. I say you're forbidden to cum. I will check when it pleases me to do so. Believe me, I can tell. If I find you've been a bad monkey and disobeyed me, that's it. So you be a good boy or the nice white lady won't play with you. Got it?"

"Yes, ma'am," replied Tom, his voice muffled by the carpet.

"Good," she said finally, lifting her foot off Tom's head. "Get out."

"What?" he said, dumbfounded.

"You heard me," Cindy said patronizingly. "I said get out. Go back to doing whatever you were doing when I called. I'm through with you for now."

Tom's looked up, bewildered. Hadn't he done everything she wanted? His dick was ready to explode.

"Please, ma'am!" he begged. "I've gotta get off after that!"

"Get up on your knees," ordered Cindy.

Relieved, Tom rose up. He was ashamed to realize that he didn't mind if she started squeezing his balls again. The humiliation was worth it since he knew that one more touch and he'd shoot off and get some relief.

"Look at me, nigger," she commanded him.

Tom looked up into her shining blue eyes. She spat in his face.

"Get out," she said. "Take your monkey suit with you. You'll get off when I say you can and not a second sooner."

Realizing the encounter was over, Tom gathered his clothing and left Cindy's bedroom. He dressed in the hall at the top of stairs. Gingerly, he crept down the stairs. His testicles aching and his dick pulsing, forming a huge bulge in his trousers.

He hurried through the house and out through the kitchen. Bertha watched from the kitchen window as he got in his car. He could plainly make out the smile on her black face. Tom started the engine and left.

*       *       *

Back in the study, Latessa was still in the reclining display position on Jack's desk. Leaning back, resting on her elbows, legs open, knees bent. Available and accessible. She was completely unaware of the goings on with her husband. The entire time Cindy had spent putting him deep into his place, the colored maid had been enjoying the afterglow of the orgasm her master's sister had given her by stroking her black pussy.

""I'll have to catch up with you later, Judy," Jack was saying. "I've got a lot on my desk that I've just got to take care of now."

"I can see that, Jack," smiled Judy knowingly. "I'll do the polite thing now and excuse myself. I'm sure you want some alone time with your property."

"Thanks," Jack told her, smiling. "As a matter of fact, I would. See you at lunch."

Judy left the study, closing the door behind her.

"How do you want me, massa?" Latessa asked him.

"Just like you were, girl," replied Jack, unbuckling his belt.

Latessa blushed and opened her mouth back up and lolled her tongue out for her master. All her holes were on display, just the way he liked it.

Jack climbed up on the desk and plunged his dick into Latessa's pussy and pounded into her hard. The sloppy wet sound of her well lubricated cunt filled the room along with the smell of her sex.

Latessa once again was reduced nothing more than an instrument of her master's pleasure. An object for his sexual gratification. She'd had a hard time admitting it to herself, but she loved it. To just lay back and take it and let the pleasurable sensations wash over her. Her only concern was to please her master. He'd take care of everything else.

"Uh... uh... uh...," Latessa made guttural noises and let her head roll backwards.

This orgasm wasn't as powerful as her first, but just as satisfying. It had barely begun to take hold of the negress when she felt the white man release inside her. She looked back into his eyes, a happy dumb look on her open mouthed face, while her pussy squeezed and milked the seed from her master's cock.

Jack grunted and pushed himself up and off the desk to his feet. Latessa remained in position on his desk, semen oozing out of her vagina and pooling on the desk top between her legs. She knew it pleased him to see her in this well used state so she wasn't going to move until he told her to.

After a minute he told her, "all right, girl. Get down from there and clean up."

"Yes, suh," smiled Latessa, sliding down from the desk and kneeling on the floor. "Kin this nigga clean your cock off, suh?"

"Of course," replied Jack.

Latessa took his wet dick in her mouth and noisily slurped her slime off it. She looked up at him waiting for a sign of approval. A warm feeling washed over her when he put his hand on her head.

"Good girl," he praised her.

The colored maid rose and turned back towards the desk. Leaning across it, she put her face near the puddle of semen that had leaked out of her. Sticking her tongue out, she licked and sucked it up. She turned around to meet his eyes and once again searched his expression hopefully.

"Good nigger," Jack told her. "Run along now and help Bertha with lunch. I'll see you then."

"Yes, massa," said Latessa.

The naked negress padded out of her master's study, her ample black ass swaying with each step. Jack watched contentedly while Latessa let herself out and closed the door.

She dressed in the hallway at the bottom of the stairs and walked through the living room. Judy was leaning back on the couch, her head resting on the top cushion, her legs splayed open. Under her skirt, Latessa could see Bertha's fat black ass. The big negro girl was on her hands and knees, her face up in the white woman's crotch.

Judy looked up at Latessa through half open eyes for a moment before resting her head back again and moaning quietly. The black maid blushed and became self conscious about intruding on the white lady's privacy. Quickly she hurried into the kitchen and started lunch.

*       *       *

It was late afternoon by the time Tom pulled up the driveway of the Andrews' place and turned off the motor. Latessa had been watching for him from the kitchen window and slowly made her way out the door and down to the car.

"You look tired, Tommy," she told her husband. "Rough day?"

"You don't know the half of it, baby," he replied. "I'm beat."

He turned the key and drove out the way he'd come in.

After a few minutes Tom turned to his wife.

"How'd it go, Tess?" he wanted to know.

Latessa reflected on the activities of the day. She was still feeling the afterglow of the two orgasms she'd had. One at the hand of Judy and the other under her master. She felt a little guilty that she was able to completely let herself go and be a wanton slut for Jack and his sister, but felt strangely reserved around her own husband.

"How it always goes," she smiled. "If you want, I'll tell you about it when we get home. I think you'll like hearing about it."

"Yeah...," he said absently. "I would."

*       *       *

That night after the lights were out, Tom lay on his back on his bed. Latessa was on her side facing him, gently running her hand through his chest hairs.

"Mr. Andrews' sister came to visit," she told him. "She's alot like him. Not like Cindy. I know you how you feel about that bitch."

Tom blushed and was relieved his wife couldn't see his reaction. Latessa didn't know how he felt about Cindy and he was ashamed to tell her. She continued to move her hand lower on his body.

"He had me strip for her," Latessa went on. "They made me stand there naked while she ... well ... inspected me. I bet you'd like to watch while a pretty white lady inspected your wife that way, wouldn't you, Tommy?"

"Yeah," he agreed, his cock standing tall.

"I guess you would!" smiled Latessa, her hand reaching her husband's dick and slowly stroking it. "She made me cum. Then Jack fucked me on his desk. I felt like a slut."

Tommy knew he couldn't last long at this rate. He remembered Cindy's orders. If she could tell he'd gotten off since she checked, the painful ecstasy he'd enjoyed from her was over. His arousal was intense. Pre cum dribbled from the head of his cock. He reached down and gently grabbed Latessa's hand, stopping her.

"What's wrong, Tommy?" she asked. "I thought you liked hearin' about what the white folks do to me."

"I do, baby, I do," he replied. "It's just that I... I'm so beat. That's all."

"Okay, Tommy," Latessa told him before kissing him on the lips. "I'll tell you another time when you're not so tired."

"Thanks, Tess," he said. "I'd like that."

Latessa turned over and went to sleep while her husband lay awake, his balls still aching, imagining the feel the cruel white lady's hand digging her nails into his cock. Even the memory was a continuation of the sweet agony he'd experienced and desperately wanted again.



Chapter 11 - Big Daddy's House

Dawn was breaking as Tom pulled into the Andrews' driveway, delivering Latessa to work. She hadn't mentioned anything about how her husband had declined the pleasures his wife offered him the night before.

Latessa had been puzzled about Tom's seeming lack of interest in hearing her retell the events of the day she'd spent as the sexual servant of their employer. However, she took his claims of fatigue at face value and hadn't pressed it at the time.

Tom was just as happy she didn't bring it up. He wasn't sure how he could explain to Latessa that Cindy had forbidden him sexual release without her orders. It was a humiliation to the extreme for him to have allowed the white woman to essentially taken control of him that way. However, even the thought of it now in the cold light of morning was enough to get him uncomfortably erect.

"I'll see you this afternoon, Tommy," said Latessa, closing the car door.

"Yeah," replied Tommy absently, "see ya then."

The tall black man looked at the darkened house and thought of the cruel white lady inside. Tom's balls still ached a little from the way Cindy had abused them. The kitchen light came on as Latessa entered the house, startling him from his thoughts. He turned the car around and left.

*       *       *

After he'd stopped for breakfast, Tom headed into the office. He was surprised to see Jack Andrews already at his desk.

"Tom, my boy!" called Mr. Andrews jovially. "Come here a minute, will you?"

"Yes, sir?" asked Tom, stopping in the office door way.

He had a weird feeling talking to Mr. Andrews. This was the first time he'd actually spoken to his boss outside of his home since things had changed so radically. Jack's tone was friendly, just as it had always been since Tom had come to work for him. The normalcy seemed odd, considering the white man was now his wife's master.

"Look, Tom, I'm gonna be hung up here all day," Jack was saying. "I'd like you to swing by my place and run Tessa out to my father's house. I want him to meet her and I think the respectful thing to do is for you to bring her by. That won't be a problem, will it?"

Tom felt his face flush at his boss's request. Now he expected him to deliver his wife to someone who was essentially a total stranger. A total stranger who had more rights to Latessa's body than her own husband. The excitement he felt at the idea shamed him. Really, this was no request at all, he rationalized. Despite the tone, this was an order.

"No, not at all, sir," Tom told him. "I've got some time right now."

"Excellent!" smiled Jack. "I'll call home and make sure Tessa has directions. You might as well head on over there now."

"Yes, sir," said Tom. "I'm on my way."

The tall black man left the building and got in his car. His hands were sweaty on the steering wheel. He tried to focus on his driving the whole way over to the Andrews' place, but the thought of delivering his wife to the home of a stranger to be used made his cock stiffen up.

Soon he was easing up the driveway of his destination. Tom was just about to turn off the motor when Latessa appeared at the kitchen door. Still in her maid's uniform, she walked up and let herself in.

"Hi, Tommy," she greeted him sheepishly. "I hope you're okay with this... It's not like we got much choice."

"It's okay, baby," he replied, his mouth dry.

Latessa glanced into her husband's lap and saw the bulge in his trousers. She looked back up into his face.

"I guess it is okay," sighed Latessa. "I'm pretty nervous. I don't know anything about Massa Jack's father except that I'm supposed to call him Big Daddy."

"Big Daddy!" exclaimed Tom.

"Yes. Big Daddy," repeated Latessa.

Tom's felt the shameful excitement building hearing this information. The idea of driving his wife off to be used by some stranger had his dick twitching.

"Alright," said Tom, putting the car in gear. "Better not make him wait."

Tom looked straight ahead and drove off. Latessa told him where to turn as they made their way through the suburban streets. Gradually, the well kept lawns and shrubberies gave way to woods. Finally they came to a mailbox marked "Andrews" next to a gravel driveway that went off into the trees.

Latessa was amazed at how different this part of town was only a few miles away from Jack's house as she watched the woods go by out the car window. The sun shone brightly through the trees in spots, while much of the road was in shadow. They went around a bend in the driveway and there was a clear area.

A two story house with white clapboard siding stood directly ahead. They drove by what looked like a barn next to a fenced grassy field before they arrived at the house. They parked next to what appeared to be a screen porch on the side of the building. Latessa climbed out while Tom waited from inside the car.

Latessa could feel the butterflies in her stomach as she approached the porch door and knocked. She was surprised when the inner door opened and she saw a familiar face coming towards her. Bertha. She was even more surprised to see that other than her maid's cap, the big black girl was naked when she opened the porch door.

"Bertha!" exclaimed Latessa. "I ... what are you doin' here?"

"Dis be where I lives, Tessa," she replied, without a hint of self consciousness. "I lives here wit' my mama an' Big Daddy. Ain't you know dat?"

"No...," said Latessa, struggling trying to decide if she should ask about Bertha's nudity.

"Well, now you does!" smiled Bertha. "I takes care o' Big Daddy in da mornin' 'fore I come over to Massa Jack's. You kin come on in."

Bertha held the screen door open to let Latessa in.

"I be sendin' her back out when Big Daddy through wit' her," Bertha told Tom. "I ain't know how long he gonna be wit' her. He ain't come down fo' breakfast yet. You kin wait here."

Latessa reached the inner door and waited for Bertha to open it. She could barely see Tom through the screens. Bertha went past her and grabbed the door knob.

"You gotta git dem clothes off out here," Bertha told her. "Big Daddy ain't want no niggas wearin' clothes in dis house. He say it ain't natural. Jus' put 'em on dat chair."

The black woman swallowed hard. She was about to strip naked on the porch of a house she'd never been to while her husband watched from the car. Then she was going to go into an unfamiliar house to be used by a stranger she'd never met. But, that is what her master wanted, so that was what she was going to do. She wanted to do Massa Jack proud and please his father.

Latessa unzipped her maid's uniform dress and pulled it off. Next came the slip and then her bra. She hadn't been wearing panties, so she was naked except for her maid's cap. Since she saw Bertha was wearing hers, she felt she should leave it on. She slipped off her shoes and was ready to enter.

Tom watched intently as his wife undressed on the porch of some white man neither of them had ever seen. The woman he married, but could no longer have without permission, was about to give herself to a stranger. A stranger who would be able to do any and everything to her at his whim. A stranger with far more rights to Latessa's naked body than her own husband had. It was a humiliation for the black man. His erection throbbed.

Bertha opened the door into the house and led Latessa through the kitchen. The smell of breakfast filled the air. Past the kitchen was the entrance way from the front door. Opposite the front door was a wide staircase that went upstairs and a hallway that led further into the house.

The big black girl continued down the hallway which opened onto a large living room. Daylight streamed in through the large paned window that lined one wall. The ceiling was high with thick wooden beams that ran the length of it. The floor was hardwood with a big braided oval rug covering most of it. A comfortable looking couch and a few overstuffed chairs were around the edge of the rug. Near the window was a large heavy looking wooden table.

Outside the window, Latessa could see Tom's car. She couldn't make her husband out through the glare on the windshield. She knew he was there, though. She wondered if he could see in.

A large naked black woman was polishing the table. She turned and looked up when she heard Bertha and Latessa's foot steps approaching. Latessa blinked at the sight of her. She looked almost exactly like Bertha. Her hair was graying and her breasts were a little saggier, but other than the differences of age, she looked the same.

"Mama?" said Bertha. "Dis be Tessa, Massa Jack's new nigga maid."

"Tessa?" smiled Bertha's mother. "I's pleased to be meetin' you girl! Bertha be goin' on all 'bout da new nigga maid! She say you so pretty an' she ain't lyin'! Massa Jack, he sho' got da eye fo' a pretty nigga gal! Dat man be a chip off da ol' block, dat's fo' sho'! Jus' like Big Daddy hisself!"

"Pleased to meet you, too..., ma'am," stammered Latessa, slightly embarrassed at the gregarious welcome she'd received.

"Eloise, girl," laughed the old colored woman. "I ain't no ma'am! Jus' Eloise. Oh, lawdy! Big Daddy's gonna love you, girl!"

Eloise reached out and gave Latessa's breast a squeeze. Latessa blushed at being handled in such a familiar way by the old negro woman she'd just met.

"My, oh, my..." sighed Eloise happily. "He sho' is gonna love you..."

"Thank you, Eloise," replied Latessa. "Uh... where is... Big Daddy?"

"He be upstairs," Eloise told her. "But, he be comin' down soon. We best be gittin' you ready fo' him. He likes his niggas jus' so." She turned to her daughter, "Bertha, girl, he'p Tessa up on da table an' show her how she gotta be fo' Big Daddy. He gonna be wantin' to see all her stuff."

"Yes, mama," said Bertha.

Up on the table! Latessa wasn't sure she'd heard right. Was Big Daddy going to examine her? After a second's consideration, she knew the answer. Of course he was. Massa Jack always took great delight in examining her naked brown body as if she were a prize farm animal. His sister Judy obviously enjoyed the same thing. No surprise their father did as well.

Bertha helped her climb up on the heavy wooden table in front of the big window. Again, Latessa could feel the butterflies in her stomach. Knowing that she'd be presented to a stranger she'd never even laid eyes on had the colored woman feeling very anxious.

"Jus' lay on yo' back, girl," Bertha told her. "You ain't gots to stay in position while you waitin' fo' him. But, when you hears him comin', you gots to be showin' yo' stuff off proper like. Same as Massa Jack like you bein'."

"Prop yo'se'f up on yo' elbows an' open dem legs up wide," the big black girl continued the lesson. "Bend yo' knees so da white man kin see yo' nigga coochie openin' up to him. Keep yo' mouf open wit' yo' tongue out. Don't be talkin' 'less he ask you somethin'. Make sho' you keep yo' eyes down while he be usin' you, too."

"Yes, I remember," blushed Latessa. "Massa Jack makes me display for him like that all the time. I always feel so exposed an' vulnerable."

Bertha grinned broadly.

"Dat's how you offer yo' holes up to a white man, girl," added Eloise. "Shows him you knows yo' stuff be fo' pleasin' him. Stayin' quiet an' keepin' yo' eyes down is showin' him da respect he got da right to. Ain't yo' place to be intrudin' on a white man's enjoyment of his nigga girl."

Latessa knew that a few weeks ago, this kind of lesson would have made her indignant, even from Jack. But now, she only felt herself getting more excited at the idea of being used by this stranger she had yet to meet. She could feel the wetness between her legs in the cool room air.

"She creamin', mama! I tol' you dis nigga be hot in da tail!" Bertha told her mother. Then to Latessa, "I can't hardly believes you da same nigga come to Massa Jack's house all uppity an' shit. I's thinkin' you likes gittin' used dat way."

"It's good dat you be likin' it, girl," Eloise said. "Jus' don't forgit what you for. You fo' pleasin' da white man what be usin' you. If it please him to make you cum, don't go losin' yo' head. You jus' make sho' he kin enjoy you cummin' an' be ready to git back to bidness an' take care o' his needs."

"Big Daddy comin', mama," said Bertha, glancing towards the hallway. "I kin hear him on da stairs."

Eloise and Bertha both got on their knees facing the hallway. Hands behind their heads, chests out, and legs wide apart. The two negro women displayed their naked bodies the way their master preferred. Latessa remained on the table, propped herself up on her elbows and spread her legs wide with her knees bent. Like Bertha and her mother, she waited with her mouth open and her tongue laying flat over her lower lip.

Latessa resisted the temptation to turn her head to see Big Daddy. She knew it wouldn't be appropriate and she'd see him soon enough anyways. The black woman could feel her face hot with embarrassment at how she must appear. She tried not to think about how well she could be seen through the window there next to the table. She remained in place and waited for instructions to do otherwise.

Her mind boggled at the situation she'd allowed to herself to get into. Here she was, naked in a stranger's home, her intimate parts completely available and obscenely displayed, all for the benefit of some man she had never laid eyes on, let alone spoken to. Finding her this way would be his introduction to her. If first impressions were the most lasting ones, in his eyes she'd always be a slut. A mere collection of soft warm places to put his dick. Fuck meat.

Suddenly, Big Daddy stepped into view. Latessa could see him standing there right between her splayed open legs. The white man was tall and broad shouldered. He appeared to be in his mid sixties or there abouts. He was bald on top with a fringe of graying brown hair around the edges. He was dressed in a blue and gray plaid bathrobe which hung open to reveal a thick carpet of chest hairs and a round belly.

Big Daddy slowly walked around the table, never taking his eyes off the naked negress on display. Latessa shuddered involuntarily when she felt his hands on her. With one hand he stroked her hair and face while the other groped her bare breasts, gently squeezing them. He traced a finger around her lips before forcing her mouth open wider and examining it thoughtfully.

No sound could be heard other than Latessa's heavy breathing. Big Daddy's hand left her breast and moved down across her belly eventually finding her sex. The old white man ran a finger across the negress's pussy lips eliciting a gasp which put a smile on his face. She could feel that her clit was popped out and exposed.

Walking back around the table, Big Daddy stopped where he'd started. He stood between Latessa's open legs and bent down, putting his nose inches from her crotch, and inhaled deeply. The colored woman blushed knowing that her state of arousal was blatantly obvious. Somewhere in her mind, she was still trying to tell herself she had no choice but to submit this way. However, she knew there was no denying how excited she was at being examined like animal breeding stock.

Without warning, Big Daddy lapped his tongue along the entire length of Latessa's vagina. He licked her again, this time more firmly, working his tongue between her pussy lips. The black woman's head rocked back and she closed her eyes. She certainly hadn't expected this.

Latessa had never felt comfortable about receiving oral sex in the past. She hardly ever let Tom do it to her. It felt good, but she was self conscious about having a man see her and smell her so close up. Now she was freed from such concerns. Big Daddy was doing what he wanted for himself, not for her. All she had to do was lay back and take it.

"Ahhh...," she moaned with pleasure. "Ohhh..."

The colored maid felt the white man push his tongue right up inside her and slowly fuck her with it. He kept it up for a minute before running it back up to her clit. He flicked at the little nub for a few seconds before taking it between his lips and sucking gently on it. It was all Latessa could do to restrain herself from clamping her thighs around Big Daddy's head and grinding her pussy on him.

Big Daddy put his hands under Latessa's thighs and pushed her legs up and open in one motion. She slipped off her elbows and her back was now flat on the table top. The white man had the negro maid's vagina completely exposed and accessible to him. He put his mouth back over her pussy and sucked her lips, still working his tongue between them. Then he touched her clit with it.

"Ah!" cried Latessa, her eyes opening wide. "Ahhh! Oh! Ohhh..."

The black woman's pussy gushed as she came. She couldn't help but hump at Big Daddy's face. He responded by pushing his tongue up her hole.

"Ohhh...," moaned the negress, "ohhh..."

Big Daddy stood up and looked down at Latessa, still in the throws of her orgasm. She looked up at him through half closed eyes and noticed that his dick was standing straight out. It wasn't long, but she could see it was thick.

All at once he was on top of her. The table creaked. He jammed his thick hard cock right inside her in a single stroke. She gasped at the suddenness of it. She was still cumming when he started pounding into her. She was soaking wet, but his dick was so wide that she could feel it stretching her out. For a big man, he had alot of energy.

His weight had her completely pinned and helpless. She couldn't even hump back into his thrusts. Again, laying back and taking it was her only choice. She kept her eyes downcast the way Bertha told her, and kept her mouth open. She could smell her pussy on Big Daddy's breath. Latessa felt another orgasm building.

"Ah... Ah... Ah...," she whimpered as she was swept up in another climax. "Ah! Ah! Ah!"

The second one was as powerful as the first. Right at its peak, Big Daddy drove his cock as deep inside Latessa's pussy as he could, grunted, and came. Hot semen flooded the negro's vagina. She could feel her muscles gripping him, milking the seed from him.

As soon as his dick was drained, Big Daddy stood. Latessa's pussy was still contracting. The white man was shiny with sweat. He smiled down at the freshly fucked black maid while he straightened out his robe.

Latessa could see Eloise kneeling next to Big Daddy. He stood in front of the old colored woman. Immediately, she leaned forward and slurped his slick cock into her mouth and sucked Latessa's juices off of it. When she finished, he stroked her hair and smiled down at her. He turned and went back down the hallway he'd come from.

Bertha and Eloise rose from their knees and came up to the table where Latessa lay recovering from her use.

"You did good, girl," Eloise told her. "I kin tell. Big Daddy likes you."

Latessa was still catching her breath and said nothing.

"Come on, Tessa," Bertha said, offering her hand. "Git on up. Mama gonna go he'p Big Daddy wit' his shower an' I gots to go finish up his breakfast. Let's go, girl."

Eloise went on down the hall while Bertha helped Latessa off the table. On shaky legs, she followed the big black girl to the kitchen. Once the bacon and eggs were frying in the big cast iron skillet on the stove, the scene began to seem normal again. It was as if nothing out of the ordinary had just happened. The colored maid's pussy still throbbed and she could feel Big Daddy's seed running down the inside of her leg. Perhaps that was nothing out of the ordinary in this house.

"Big Daddy jus' loves da taste o' nigga coochie," said Bertha as she made the coffee. "'specially when it be a new nigga he ain't had a taste of before. He sho' ate you up, girl!"

"He did," Latessa blushed as she pictured what she must have looked like to others. "I just couldn't help myself. I hope he didn't mind I didn't ask first..."

"He fucked you good, din't he?" laughed Bertha. "If he sticks that fat dick o' his in you, den you can be sho' he ain't mind."

Just as Bertha finished cooking Big Daddy's breakfast, Eloise returned to the kitchen.

"Big Daddy be waitin' out at da table fo' his breakfast, girl," she told Latessa. "An' he want you to be fetchin' it out to him an' wait dere 'til he done."

"Okay," replied Latessa.

The black maid made her way down the hallway with a plate of bacon and eggs and a cup of coffee. She found Big Daddy sitting at the table he'd just fucked her on. He wore denim bib overalls over a tee shirt. He smiled at her as she approached which only heightened her bashfulness.

Latessa felt a little silly reacting this way after the recent episode, but how else could she react? She hadn't exchanged a single word with the man and he'd already brought her to orgasm twice and filled her with his seed. And now, she was naked and serving him breakfast.

"So, you're Tessa...," he said as she put the tray down and put the plate in front of the big man. "Jack sure can pick a good nigga. He better be treatin' you right, girl. You're a bona-fide hottie. That's for sure."

"Thank you, sir," said Latessa shyly. "I'm sorry I didn't... uh... I's sorry I ain't ask permission to cum. I promise I won't forget again. Massa Jack taught me right... I just forgot."

"Well, ain't you precious!" smiled Big Daddy. "Jack tol' me how you all college educated an' here you is talkin' like a country nigga for me. What a good girl!"

"Yes, suh," Latessa blushed even harder. "Bertha tol' me how to be talkin' to white mens. I's glad you pleased, suh."

"I couldn't be more pleased, Tessa," Big Daddy said. "Come stand closer to me. I ain't had nearly enough of you, girl."

Latessa stood next to Big Daddy's chair. He ran one hand over her ass while he sipped his coffee. The colored woman surprised herself with how badly she wanted to feel his touch between her legs again. She wanted to push her pussy towards him as encouragement, but knew it wasn't her place. If it pleased him to do it, he would. She'd just have to wait.

*       *       *

Tom had been keeping a watchful eye on the porch door from behind the wheel of his parked car. It had been a couple of hours by the time he saw the inner door open and someone walking across the screen porch. When the outside door opened, Bertha stepped out into the sunlight. The big black girl opened the passenger door and got in.

"Big Daddy say Tessa be stayin' here 'til mornin'," announced Bertha. "You kin take me to Massa Jack's house now."

"Morning?" Tom couldn't believe he was hearing this. "You mean she's spendin' the night here?"

"Dat's da fact," replied Bertha. "Big Daddy be takin' a real likin' to Tessa. Ain't nothin' to worry 'bout. He know she ain't his. She be Massa Jack's nigga. He be sendin' her back in da mornin'."

Tom started the car and turned around to leave. He was actually driving away, leaving Latessa behind to be used by this Big Daddy character. He imagined his wife, stripped naked and kneeling before this anonymous white man, his dick in her mouth. He felt his cock stiffening up.

"What did he do with her?" Tom asked finally as he turned onto the main road.

"You really wanna know?" Bertha responded. "Big Daddy loves usin' niggas. So he used her, but good."

"Yeah," Tom told her. "I wanna know."

"Awright," shrugged Bertha. "Big Daddy likes havin' a new nigga presented to him jus' right. Up on da big table all spread out. Legs open an' mouf open, all ready fo' Big Daddy's big white dick. So, we got Tessa all done up dat way. You sho' you wanna be hearin' dis?"

"Yeah," replied Tom, his dick getting harder.

"Damn, boy!" exclaimed Bertha, eyeing his erection through his pants. "You ain't lyin'! I ain't knowed you gots it in you! I ain't knowed you such a good nigga, Tommy. Givin' yo' woman up to white mens. Now, dat's some respect!"

Tom knew it was less about respect and more about lust in his case. He couldn't explain why he found the idea of Latessa used by white men so arousing any more than he understood the hold Miz Cindy had over him. Still, Bertha seemed to warm to him a little, and he liked that better than the aloofness she'd treated him with up to now.

"You'd a been proud o' her, Tommy," Bertha told him. "She be all naked an' waitin' on Big Daddy wit' all her stuff out fo' him to see. An' when he come down an' see it... Lawdy! Big Daddy like what he see! He had his se'f a taste o' her nigga coochie an' den some! Had dat girl cummin' and holla'in'. Got Big Daddy so worked up he jus' up an' stuck dat big fat dick o' his right up in her hole. Well, she be likin' dat jus' fine, thank you. Ain't long 'fo' she holla'in' agin! Den Big Daddy dump his load up in her an' she cummin' agin. Damn, dat nigga be hot in da tail!"

All that in only two hours, thought Tom, shifting uncomfortably in his seat. Bertha kept glancing down at the bulge in the black man's pants.

"You do loves hearin' 'bout yo' woman gittin' used," Bertha shook her head. "An' I knows you like Miz Cindy puttin' you in yo' place. You a good nigga, Tommy. You gonna be gittin' on jus' fine wit' da Andrews."

"I try to be," mumbled Tom. "Look, here we are."

Tom turned the car up the driveway to the Andrews' place and stopped to let Bertha out. The big girl waved after him as he drove off.

He was so aroused that he thought about going home and masturbating. But, then, Miz Cindy might check him and she'd know. Humiliating as allowing the white woman to control him that way, he couldn't deny it was powerfully erotic. He didn't want to blow it. When she finally allowed him to release, it would be incredible.

The best course of action was to return to work, he figured. He pulled out his cell phone and listened to his voice mail. Calls had been stacking up. Two fax machines in a medical clinic and a copier in an insurance office. If he could stay busy, tomorrow would come all the sooner.

*       *       *

Late that afternoon found Tom on his knees pulling a paper jam out of an insurance office's copier. The office's receptionist was a petite brunette, barely older than his own daughter. She stood over him, watching intently as he worked. He imagined he was serving her, kneeling before her the way he did for Miz Cindy.

His cell phone rang and his fantasy dissolved. Tom stood up and flipped the phone open. The pretty white receptionist watched as he answered it.

"Tom Davis here," he said.

"Tommy...," Latessa's voice said. "Tommy..."

"Tess?" said Tom. "Is that you?"

"Oh, Tommy...," moaned Latessa. "He's inside me, Tommy. Big Daddy's got his big white dick inside me. He's fuckin' me, Tommy."

Tom's face grew so hot that beads of sweat formed on his forehead. He could feel his dick quickly getting hard. He couldn't believe she'd call him when she was... in use. Big Daddy must have put her up to it. He couldn't imagine she'd do it on her own.

Suddenly, he remembered where he was. The receptionist was still looking at him. He hoped she couldn't hear what Latessa was telling him. He hoped she couldn't see his hard on. He was mortified.

"Oh..., oh...," Latessa whimpered. "I can't help it, Tommy... I'm a nigger, Tommy. After he fucks me... cums inside me... I'm gonna suck him. I'm gonna suck him like a nigga slut."

"Uh...," said Tommy. "Okay... I'll... uh... stop off an' pick some up on the way home..."

He looked into the receptionist's face trying to decide if she knew what was going on. He wanted to hang up, but he couldn't. He wanted to hear it all.

"I'll take it up the ass for him, Tommy," Latessa told him. "Oh! Oh, Tommy! I'm a nigger... I wanna be used..."

Tom heard the phone on the other end drop on the floor. But, he could still hear.

"Fuck me, massa...," his wife was saying. "Fuck yo' nigga bitch good, massa. Use me... I's yo' nigga, suh."

The black man's mouth went dry as he strained to hear.

"Kin I cum, massa?!" cried Latessa. "Kin I? Oh, please, suh!"

"Yes, nigger," an unfamiliar voice spoke. "Cum for me, bitch."

"Ahhh! Ahhh!" Latessa yelped, clearly lost in orgasm. "Oh..."

Tom couldn't hear any more and finally realized that was all there was.

"Uh...," he said into the phone. "Right... Goodbye."

The receptionist looked at him wide eyed. She glanced down at his crotch and blushed, though the hint of a smile was on her face when she looked back up at him. He decided to bold it out.

"Gotta pick a few things up on the way home," he explained lamely.

"I guess," replied the white girl.

"I'll, uh, be done in a minute...," he tried to steer her attention back to the malfunctioning copier. "I think that's the last of it..."

The copier fixed, Tom quickly packed his tools and hurried out of there. He swore he heard giggling from the white office women standing around the water cooler as he was leaving. He was completely humiliated, but thoroughly aroused. Please, no more calls like that today, he told himself. Still, he waited anxiously, hoping there would be.

*       *       *

Darlene was already home by the time Tom got there. His daughter looked puzzled when he came in the house alone.

"Where's mom?" the teenager wanted to know.

"She had to work late," replied her father. "She figured she might as well spend the night there. Save her the trouble of coming in late and just turning around and going back."

"Spend the night!" exclaimed Darlene. "What's goin' on with those white people that's so important that my mother can't even spend the night at home? When she was at Genron she worked late all the time and always came home at night. What does a maid have to do that takes all night?"

Tom was all too aware of what Latessa had to do that took all night. Having his daughter unknowingly rub his face in it shamed him. Remembering what his wife was doing had his cock twitching.

"It's somethin' we're just gonna have to put up with, Darlene," he explained. "There's nothin' we can do about it. We need your mother workin' if you want to go to college. Mr. Andrews was kind enough to give her a job when he heard she needed one. She wants to do her best for him and for us. The least we can do is support her."

"It's not fair," Darlene complained.

"No, it isn't," agreed her father. "But, it's the way it is."

"I want things like they used to be," said Darlene. "This sucks."

"I'm sorry, baby girl," said Tom. "I don't know what else to say..."

His daughter shrugged and went off to her room to study. Tom poured himself a drink and sat in his chair in the living room. He pulled out his cell phone and willed it to ring as he tried to picture what Latessa was up to now and how that white man was using her.

*       *       *

Later that night, Tom was just drifting off to sleep when the phone finally rang.

"Hello?" he answered.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" cried Latessa. "Ohhh... Ahhh..."

Tom strained to hear, but all there was heavy breathing that gradually calmed.

"Big Daddy just used me again, Tommy," said Latessa. "My pussy is sore from all the fuckin'. It's full of white man's cum."

He didn't know what to say, but his dick was hard as a rock.

"I gotta go, Tommy," she told him. "I gotta suck off Big Daddy's dick. Good night, Tommy..."

"Good night, Tess," said Tom, listening the phone click on the other end.

There was a knock on the bedroom door.

"Dad?" called Darlene.

"Yes," rasped her father, his face flushed and his throat dry.

Darlene opened the door and came in. She was dressed in her favorite nightgown, one she'd had for a few years. It was getting threadbare and was too small for the teenager in all the places she'd filled out as she'd developed into a young woman. Tom couldn't help but notice the shapely figure that was barely concealed beneath her garment.

Tom had certainly noticed how his daughter had been maturing over the years, but he'd never been struck with just how much she resembled her mother. He'd first met Latessa when she was a freshman in college, barely older than Darlene was now. The teenager was almost identical to the young woman he'd first laid eyes on over twenty years in the past. He couldn't help remembering Latessa's young body from back then and he imagined Darlene's must be every bit as desirable.

This flight of imagination only served to exacerbate the condition that the phone call had left him in. Tom hadn't cum for days and his cock was so stiff he could feel the taughtness of his erection. Glancing down he saw the tent it pitched in the bed sheet and hastily sat up in an effort to hide it from his daughter. The thoughts he'd just had aroused him but left him ashamed.

"Was that mom?" asked Darlene, oblivious to how she appeared to her father and the effect she was having on him.

"Yes, baby girl," replied Tom. "She just called to say good night."

"Are you okay, dad?" Darlene asked, concerned. "You're all flushed."

"I'm fine, sweetheart," said Tom, flustered. "Just a little worn out. It's been a long day."

"How's mom doing?" his daughter wanted to know. "I hope she wasn't still working. She'll be home tomorrow, right?"

"Yeah," Tom told her. "She'll be back then."

"I guess this all must be hard on you, too," Darlene said.

"Yes, but we've all got to do our part," Tom replied. "I'll be fine and so will your mom."

"'kay," replied Darlene, turning to leave. "G'night, Dad."

"Night, girl," Tom called back, watching his daughter's backside as she left the room.

Gradually, Tom fell asleep, images of Latessa on her back with her legs spread for an unseen white man filled his head. Occasionally Latessa became Darlene in his mind, causing a nagging guilty feeling, but undeniable arousal. His dick ached for relief. But, none was forthcoming.


Chapter 12 - Tom's Day Off

Saturday wasn't ordinarily a working day for Latessa, but this was no ordinary Saturday. For the first time since her wedding, she'd spent the night in a man's bed who wasn't her husband. It felt strange to wake up next to the pudgy white man who had so thoroughly used her the day before.

Big Daddy was hard. Latessa could feel his erection against her ass as he spooned her. His heavy arm was draped over her, his hand groping her naked breast. She felt her pussy lubricating in anticipation of her first use of the morning.

"Up on your knees, girl," Big Daddy ordered after removing his arm from her. "Get the phone. Call that husband of yours."

"Yes, sir," replied Latessa softly.

Obviously, Tom knew what was going on, she thought. But, Big Daddy seemed to take no small amount of pleasure in making sure her husband knew that his wife was being used by another man. Latessa knew it must be as humiliating for him to listen to her debasement as it was for her to experience it. On the other hand, she also knew that he was strangely aroused by his woman's being taken this way.

Latessa rolled up onto her hands and knees on the bed. She picked up the cordless phone on the bedside table and dialed her number. The mattress sagged behind her from Big Daddy's weight just as Tom answered the phone.

"Hello?" answered Tom sleepily on the other end of the line.

"Tommy...," replied Latessa.

Big Daddy spread the negro's ass cheeks and spat on her asshole. Latessa could feel the head of the white man's dick at her barely lubricated anus. He started to slowly, but forcefully, push his cock up her ass.

"Oh, Tommy!" exclaimed Latessa into the phone. "He's gonna fuck me in the ass! He's so big! Fuck!"

Tom's cock had sprung up at her words. He was ashamed at how much hearing them turned him on. Latessa could only hear her husband's heavy breathing in reply. Big Daddy wasn't so long, but he was thick. Her asshole was painfully stretched as the white man penetrated her and slowly filled her.

"It hurts, Tommy," she whispered into the handset. "It hurts... But, I don't want him to stop. I want it all. I'm such a nigger, Tommy. It hurts an' I like it. This white man's usin' your woman, Tommy. He's fuckin' my black ass..."

The black man risked wrapping his hand around his dick and squeezing it. It felt good. He dared not stroke it for fear of ejaculating counter to the orders of Miz Cindy. He was certain the white woman would be able to tell of his disobedience and deny him the sweet agony of submitting to her and serving her.

Big Daddy had his entire length in the negress's ass. Her asshole stretched painfully, causing her to gasp and whimper.

"He's all the way inside my ass now," Latessa informed her husband. "I don't know how I'm takin' it. It hurts bad, but I feel so used... I love it, Tommy. So help me, I love it."

The white man began slowly humping the colored maid's ass. Each thrust was met with a grunt from the negro woman. Forgetting the phone call, Latessa focused her attention on Big Daddy.

"Oh, Big Daddy!" she cried. "You fuckin' yo' nigga's ass now! Don't stop, suh... It be hurtin' me, but I like it... I need it. Use me, Big Daddy... Use yo' nigga's ass. It's yours, massa. My nigga ass belongs to you. I be takin' it fo' you, suh."

Tom quickly let go of his cock. One stroke and he'd explode. However, hearing his wife being taken anally by some white man he'd never even laid eyes on was intensely exciting for him. He couldn't bear to listen, but he couldn't bear to stop. He was ashamed that his reaction to his woman's whimpers was arousal, but he couldn't help himself.

Big Daddy couldn't take anymore, either, but didn't have the restrictions that Tom did. He could stick his dick in any of Latessa's holes and fuck her at will, cumming as often as his body allowed. The negro maid felt the white man's cock twitch and his balls tighten as he ejaculated in her ass.

"Thank you, suh!" Latessa exclaimed breathlessly. "Fill my nigga ass wit' yo' cum, Big Daddy... I's yo' cum dump, massa. You too good to yo' nigga, boss..."

Latessa felt Big Daddy's semen blasting into her ass. Considering how many times the white man had cum the previous day, the forcefulness of his ejaculation impressed her. She squeezed her muscles to milk his seed from his dick until he was drained.

All Tom could hear after that was heavy breathing that gradually subsided. The phone rattled a little and then the line clicked dead. The call was over. Big Daddy had finished defiling Latessa's ass. This was an act that she'd never consented to before until Jack had ordered it, at which point she complied unhesitatingly without complaint. He hung up the phone and lay there, his hard on standing straight up.

After a few minutes, Tom decided the best thing to do was take a shower. Today wouldn't be easy for him since it was Saturday. No work to distract him, only waiting to see what humiliations remained for him. He rolled out of bed, put on a robe, and headed into the shower. He ran the water as cold as he could stand it and got in.

The cold shower left him half erect, so it did have some effect, he thought. Still, the phone call was fresh in his mind. That, combined with the fact that he hadn't gotten off in several days, prevented any further reduction in his state of arousal.

The phone rang again. Darlene picked it up since she could hear the water running in the shower and knew her father wasn't going to answer it.

"Hello?" Darlene answered the phone.

"Hello," came an unfamiliar female voice. "I's callin' fo' Tom Davis. He dere?"

Darlene was taken aback by the manner of speech and was instantly curious who this could be.

"Who may I say is calling," responded Darlene politely.

"Dis is Bertha," said the voice. "I work wit' Tessa. He knows who I is."

"Dad can't come to the phone right now...," Darlene replied. "Can I take a message?"

"You mus' be Darlene, den," Bertha said in a friendly tone. "Yo' mama tol' me all 'bout you, girl! I's glad to be talkin' to you... Well, you tell yo' daddy dat he oughta be comin' on up here an' git yo' mama."

"Okay," Darlene spoke warily. "I'll tell him."

"Dat's a girl," replied Bertha. "Well, I gots to be goin' now. Bye, Darlene."

"Goodbye..., Bertha," said Darlene, hanging up the phone.

Darlene waited until she heard the water in the shower go off and went to the bathroom door.

"Dad?" she called through the closed door. "Some woman just called."

Tom dried off and put his robe back on. He opened the bathroom door, startling Darlene, who was standing right there.

He was a head higher than Darlene and looked down at her. The top couple buttons of her nightgown were undone, revealing a good bit of her eighteen year old cleavage. Tom could see his daughter's nipples poking against the threadbare material.

In spite of his best efforts, Tom felt his dick stirring anew. It shamed him to react that way. However, the sexual tension brought on by the phone calls and his unrelieved state left him helpless in the face of sight of an attractive young woman. Even if the young woman was his own daughter.

"Who?" asked Tom, forcing his eyes to meet hers instead of her barely covered breasts.

"Bertha...," replied Darlene. "She said you should come and pick Mom up. I thought you said she had to work today an' that's why she stayed overnight."

"I guess somethin's changed, girl," said Tom. "I'll just get dressed an' go get her."

"I'll come, too," announced Darlene. "It'll just take me a minute to get ready."

Tom got an empty feeling in his stomach. No way was he going to risk exposing his little girl to what was going on up at Big Daddy's house. No way was he going to risk letting Darlene know what was really going on and to what depths her parents had fallen.

Again, he had to shake off the image of his daughter serving Jack and Cindy. Or undressing on the porch of that house... Tom could feel that his dick was fully erect and pulled the robe tighter to make sure it didn't poke out into view.

"No, that's okay," Tom told her. "You wait here. Maybe get some breakfast started."

"But, I want to see where it is she's working," protested Darlene.

"Look, girl," Tom said sternly. "Your mother is a little sensitive about all this and I don't want to spring any surprises on her."

"All right," she replied, dejected.

"Another time," his voice softened. "Just not this time."

Darlene turned and walked away towards the kitchen. Tom's eyes were focused on his daughter's ass, swaying with each step. He couldn't see a panty line and felt his dick twitch again. The shame burned inside him. The sexual frustration he'd been experiencing lately was making him obsessed. At least the girl hadn't noticed her father's attention, he thought with relief.

Tom pulled on a tee shirt and some blue jeans and headed out to his car. The image of Darlene's breasts and her shapely ass kept invading his mind. Tom turned his attention to Latessa. He vividly remembered the phone calls, especially the one earlier that morning. Hearing his wife's whimpers as another man fucked her in the ass had his cock as hard as a rock. Just thinking about it now had it returning to attention.

The scene at Big Daddy's place was unremarkable. A modest two story house with a big screen porch. A detached garage and a barn in need of paint. But Tom knew what was going on inside. He'd seen his wife undress just to gain entrance, and he'd listened in on some of the activities that took place after that.

After parking, Tom walked up to the porch door Latessa had entered through. He knocked and waited. He was about to knock again when the inside door opened. Bertha stepped out onto the porch and made her way to the outer door. The big negro maid was completely naked. The black man's cock twitched at the sight of her.

"Tessa ain't ready yet, Tommy," said Bertha. "Big Daddy still usin' her. Miz Judy says fo' you to come to her room. I guess she wants to have a look at Tessa's man. She ain't say nothin' 'bout how you gotta be dressed, so you kin come on in like you is. I ain't gonna shock no white lady wit' no naked buck nigga."

Tom followed Bertha across the porch and into the house. His eyes were glued to the her big black ass that jiggled with each step. His dick strained at the sight, almost crying out for the chance to slide between the maid's thighs. She turned to face him and saw his gaze wander down to stare at her massive breasts.

"'scuse me, boy," she said sternly, "but dese titties ain't fo' you to be lookin at. Dey only fo' Big Daddy an' Massa Jack an' who dey say kin see 'em. Big Daddy likes his girls naked fo' his own se'f, not fo no nigga like you."

"Sorry, Bertha," Tom apologized, shamefaced. "I didn't mean nothin' by it."

"'kay," replied Bertha. "I be takin' you to Miz Judy's room now. Follow me. But, you better jus' keep yo' eyes where dey belong."

Bertha led the way to the stairway and went up. Tom was right behind her, his eyes on a level with the negress's magnificent backside. The way her ass jiggled had the black man almost hypnotized. At the top of the stairs, was a closed door. The colored maid walked past it.

"Oh, Big Daddy!" came Latessa's voice from behind the door. "Dat feels so good! You so kind to yo' nigga! Dat's yo' pussy you be usin', boss. Dis nigga's hole be jus' fo' you, suh. Fill it wit' yo' seed, Massa. Dis nigga needs it bad."

Tom paused and listened to his wife's cries and the sound of a creaking bed and headboard banging against the wall. His balls tightened and he shuddered involuntarily before continuing on down the hallway. Up ahead was another closed door where Bertha was watching him from. When he joined her, she knocked on it.

"Miz Judy?" called Bertha. "I gots Tommy here like you say."

"It's open, Bertha," Judy called back.

Bertha pushed the door open to reveal a sunny room with a low ceiling. Miz Judy sat up in bed wearing a sheer white robe. Tom could see the white woman's large breasts and dark areolas through the material. His level of sexual excitement reached a new level and was almost more than he could take. His dick was so hard it hurt.

"Good girl, Bertha," said Judy. "Let him in and you may leave."

"Thank you, ma'am," replied Bertha.

The big black girl stood out of the way and let Tom through. She gave him a brief stern look before closing the door behind him. Judy studied him from where she sat.

"Get undressed, boy," said Judy. "Let's see what we have here."

"Ma'am?" Tom said, unsure he'd heard correctly.

"I said get undressed," Judy repeated. "Boy."

"Yes, ma'am," he replied.

The idea of stripping in front of this barely dressed white woman in her bedroom didn't seem appropriate. But, if Tom had learned anything about this family, they expected obedience from those in their employ. Not to mention the fact that just like Cindy, Judy probably didn't exactly see him as a man, and was unconcerned about any notions of impropriety.

The black man took off his tee shirt and then unfastened his jeans. Judy was eyeing the bulge in them and had an expectant look on her face. He pulled his pants down and stepped out of them. The motion caused his erection to slip out through the fly in his boxer shorts. Judy smiled at this and giggled. Tom blushed with humiliation. To his shame, it only served to heighten his arousal. Was this how Latessa felt stripping for Jack?

"Everything comes off, boy," ordered Judy. "Hurry it up."

His face burning, Tom pulled off the shorts and stood naked at the foot of the white woman's bed. Judy moved over and sat on the edge of the bed, her robe falling open and giving the black man a clear glimpse of her bare breast. She made no move to cover it.

Somehow, her lack of modesty in front of him served to humiliate him as much as it aroused him. Tom realized that in Judy's eyes, there was no embarrassment having him see her body this way. He remembered Cindy comparing undressing in front of him to doing the same in front of a dog.

"Come here so I can have a better look at you," Judy instructed him.

Tom walked over to where she sat, his hard on bouncing as he moved, embarrassing him even further. Judy looked him up and down, paying close attention to his cock.

"So, you're Cindy's buck?" she asked. "Her nigger monkey boy?"

He couldn't believe this white lady was treating this situation so matter of factly. Tom was also surprised that Cindy had told Judy about their ... special relationship. Another humiliation. His mouth went dry and he couldn't think of how to respond.

"I asked you a question, boy," Judy spoke, looking up at him sternly.

"Yes, ma'am," stammered Tom. "I'm sorry, ma'am. I... Yes... I... uh... I am."

"You are... what?" Judy asked, a hint of a smile on her lips.

"Ma'am?" Tom replied, puzzled. "I don't understand."

"Just what are you to her?" queried Judy. "That's what I want to know. I want to hear the words, boy. Now, speak."

Tom was afraid that's what she wanted. Hadn't he just admitted it? Did she have to make him say it? But, of course she did. Judy was in control and was making it quite clear to him. He didn't want Cindy to get a bad report back from her friend, so difficult as it might be, he'd have to tell her.

"I'm Miz Cindy's buck, ma'am," he managed to say. "I'm her nigger monkey boy."

"Good boy," smiled Judy. "See? That wasn't so hard, now was it?"

Her praise only served to humiliate him further. And for some reason that had his dick throbbing. He knew he'd do anything this white lady said. Not out of fear of her telling Cindy of any disobedience. Simply because he found himself completely under her power, and he was loving it.

Judy reached out between Tom's legs and took his nut sack in her bare hand. The black man's cock jerked at her touch. She squeezed his balls firmly, but not painfully.

"Hmmm," she mused. "Nice and full... When was the last time you were granted release, boy?"

Tom thought back to the afternoon in Jack's study when he'd been given the privilege of having anal sex with his wife under her master's and mistress's watchful eyes. It seemed like a lifetime, but in reality was only four days.

"Tuesday, ma'am," he replied.

"You must be ready to burst," said Judy, looking up at him and smiling.

"Yes, ma'am," admitted Tom.

"I don't imagine it's easy having to go without relief while your wife gets fucked silly by my brother and my father," Judy said. "I've heard her cum at least three times since I got here, and I've only been in the house since dinner time yesterday. Big Daddy's in his room with her right now. She's incredibly responsive. I'm sure she'll cum again before you take her home. But you'll get nothing. Poor nigger monkey boy."

Tom couldn't remember ever feeling so utterly humiliated as he did at that moment. Judy was in charge and was delighting in rubbing his face in the situation. She was also delighting in teasing him with the casual way she let him see her naked breasts and the way she touched him so intimately without coming close to giving him the release he craved.

"Frankly, Tommy," Judy told him, "I find the whole situation quite amusing. Can you imagine it? You allow my brother and father to have unfettered use of your wife's body while at the same time you yourself are denied it. A big strong buck like yourself completely under the power of a dainty white lady. You can't even pleasure yourself without her permission. God, it makes me so hot!"

Tom was shocked by the last part. He watched slack jawed as Judy stood up and let her robe fall away. She stood in front of him, her large white breasts and dark red areolas there for him to see. He saw her thick curly brown pussy hairs. He dared not make a move, though, for fear of ending this scene that had him as excited as he could ever remember.

Judy layed back on the bed and opened her legs. Tom could see her thick pink pussy lips. She smiled at him seductively.

"Look at you," she said huskily. "I bet you want to fuck me, boy. I bet you want it bad. And you're such a good nigger that you just stand their waiting for orders. I haven't had a good nigger buck in a long time and I could use one right now."

The white woman rolled over and pulled the drawer in the night stand open. She reached into the drawer and produced a box of condoms. Tossing it at Tom's feet, Judy rolled back to her former position.

"Put a rubber on, boy," Judy instructed him. "Today's your lucky day."

Tom couldn't believe his good fortune. He bent over and picked up the box of condoms. Opening it up he fished one out and ripped open the wrapper. In an instant, he'd taken it out and slipped it over his cock. That sensation alone had almost sent him over the edge.

"Good nigger," said Judy. "Now put on another one."

Hesitating for a moment, Tom got another condom out of the box. She wanted to be careful in case one broke, he thought. Maybe it was just as well. This way he'd be less sensitive and would likely last longer. He slipped the second condom on. Judy smiled at him.

"Another one, boy," ordered Judy. "Do it."

Another condom? Tom wasn't sure he'd still be able to feel much of anything through three of them. But, it didn't matter. If that's what the white lady wanted, then that's what she'd get. He took out a third condom and put it over the first two.

"Don't stop now, Tommy," Judy told him. "Two more. Then you can fuck me. Hurry it up before I lose the mood."

Two more! Of course he'd obey, but as he put the fourth one on he couldn't feel much of anything through it in spite of the fact that his cock was still rock hard. The fifth didn't seem any different. Judy smiled at him and patted her thigh.

"Come and service me, nigger," she commanded him.

Tom got up on the bed between Judy's spread legs. He guided his rubber clad dick to her pussy and pushed it in. He felt nothing. No soft wet warm woman flesh. No friction. Barely any pressure at all. He couldn't really tell he was inside her.

"Get humpin'," Judy ordered. "Get me off quick like a good boy."

He began thrusting in and out of the white woman's pussy. He could feel his balls slap against her, but other than that there was no sensation at all. He truly was servicing her. The black man did all the work and the brunette got all the pleasure. He felt like a living dildo.

"Harder, nigger," rasped the white lady.

Tom started pounding his unfeeling member into Judy's vagina harder as she'd instructed him. She barely moved as he started to sweat.

"Ohhh...." moaned Judy. "That's better... Keep it up, boy. I'm almost there..."

The black man continued bucking his hips as the hazel eyed woman writhed beneath him, moaning in pleasure, her pussy filled with his unfeeling rubber wrapped cock. All at once she closed her eyes and a smile spread across her face.

"Ohhh... Yes!" she cried out. "That's it, boy. Keep humpin', nigger. Oh, fuck! Fuck!"

Tom watched Judy's face as the white woman's orgasm took hold of her. Her face flushed and her eyes rolled back. He could just about feel her vagina contracting on his stiff cock through the layers of latex. Gradually, her breathing slowed and she opened her eyes.

"That's all, boy," smiled Judy. "That was most pleasant. I love starting the day off with a good cum. You may dress and leave now."

His balls aching and unsatisfied, Tom got up off Judy and stood next to her bed. He took the condoms off his still erect cock and tossed them in a little wastebasket near the door. He pulled on his jeans on and put on his tee shirt. Once he had his socks and shoes on he headed for the door.

"Don't you have anything to say to me?" asked Judy as Tom reached for the doorknob. "It's not every day I allow a nigger buck the privilege of servicing me so intimately."

"Forgive me, ma'am," blushed Tom. "This is all kind of new to me... Thank you for allowing me to serve you, Miz Judy, ma'am. I'm truly grateful."

"That's better," Judy replied warmly. "You're learning. If you're a good boy, I may allow you to service me again. You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

"Yes, ma'am!" agreed Tom enthusiastically. "I sure would!"

"Excellent," said Judy. "You may leave."

"Yes, ma'am," Tom told her. "Thank you, ma'am."

Groping for the doorknob, Tom turned it and opened the door. He backed out into the hallway, facing Judy the entire time. The image of the white woman's naked body was not something he wanted to turn his back on.

Tom had only got a couple of steps further when the door at the top of the stairs opened, revealing Latessa's naked backside. The black man stopped in his tracks and watched his wife backing out of another man's bedroom.

"Thank you, suh," Latessa was saying, unaware of her husband's presence. "Thank you fo' usin' dis nigga. I's honored you be usin' dis nigga so much, boss. I's grateful fo' yo' seed, Massa."

"You're a good nigger, Tessa," came a male voice from inside the bedroom. "You're a pleasure to fuck. Jack's got one hell of a nigger for himself."

"Thank you kindly, suh," said Latessa warmly, her back still towards Tom. "Good bye, Big Daddy."

Tom watched as Latessa closed the door and turned around. When his wife saw him she blushed and quickly raised her arm to cover her naked breasts. She put her other hand over her bare pussy.

"Tommy!" she exclaimed, shocked. "What are you doing here?"

His wife's modesty in his presence only served to underscore the change in their relationship. Her body belonged to Big Daddy and Jack. He no longer had the right to even see it. Another humiliation. The shame of it, though, was the excitement he felt at her covering herself before him.

"I had Bertha bring him to me," Judy's voice came from behind him. "I hope you don't mind."

"Oh, no, ma'am, Miz Judy!" replied Latessa quickly, still valiantly covering her nakedness. "Please forgive dis nigga, ma'am. I ain't mean no disrespect. I ain't know you wanted him."

"No offense taken, Tessa," Judy smiled. "Now I want you. Come here."

"Yes, ma'am," said Latessa.

"You may wait outside, boy," Judy told Tom. "In the car. I'll send the girl down when I'm done with her."

Latessa looked into Tommy's eyes as she walked towards him, still covering her bare breasts and pussy from his gaze. She didn't drop her hands until she'd made her way past her husband and the white lady was the only one who could see her naked body. He turned to see Judy standing in her doorway, her sheer robe draped over her.

Judy let Latessa pass into her bedroom and, smiling at Tom all the while, closed the door, leaving the black man alone in the hallway.

Humiliated anew, Tom went down the stairs and through the kitchen. Bertha was at the sink and looked over her shoulder at him as he walked out the door to the car to wait for Latessa to be through. Or, more precisely, to wait for the white folks to be through with her.

Back upstairs in Judy's bedroom, Latessa stood inside the door. Out of the window, she could see Tom return to the car and get in. She wondered what the white woman had been doing with her husband. After seeing him man handled by Cindy, though, she'd gotten used to the idea that he was as much a plaything for the Andrews family as she was.

Judy lay on her back in her bed and smiled up at Latessa. The brunette's robe had fallen open and the negro maid drank in the view of the white lady's heavy breasts, her dark red nipples, and her pink pussy lips.

Latessa couldn't help noticing how hard Judy's nipples were and how swollen and moist her labia appeared. Was it possible she'd allowed Tom to fuck her? Still, the overwhelming thing she felt was arousal and a desire to serve the white lady. Perhaps Cindy's steady use of her as a pussy licker had conditioned the black woman to react this way.

"Tell me, nigger," said Judy. "Are you full of my daddy's cum?"

"Yes, ma'am," blushed Latessa. "I is."

"Which holes?" asked the brunette, a smile creeping across her face.

Latessa blushed even harder.

"All three, ma'am," the negro replied, averting the white lady's eyes. "Big Daddy used dis nigga's pussy, mouth, an' ass."

"I like a used nigger," said Judy, her voice low. "Come here, girl. Serve me like you serve Cindy. She tells me you know how to please a woman. Show me how you do it."

The colored maid could feel the tingling in her well used pussy. Latessa wanted nothing more at that moment than to crawl between Judy's legs and lap long and slow at the white lady's pink pussy.

Getting up on the bed on hands and knees, Latessa did exactly that. Judy's scent was powerful and her sex was sopping wet. The brunette's pussy lips were swollen as if she'd just been fucked, but there was no evidence of semen that the black woman could detect. Only the tangy taste of feminine arousal.

Latessa eagerly lapped up Judy's pussy juice. She was saltier than Cindy, but the negress loved the taste just the same. It wasn't long before the white woman was humping the colored maid's face.

"Come up here, Tessa," purred Judy. "Suck on my titties like a sweet little nigger girl."

Not needing to be told twice, Latessa immediately moved up to position her face at Judy's nipple. The white lady's breasts were large and soft. So large that they sagged on her chest. The colored maid gathered one of her mistress's breasts in one hand and brought the nipple to her mouth.

Softly tracing her tongue around the dark red nipple, Latessa gently sucked it between her lips. Judy humped against the negress's body. The black woman sucked harder, taking as much of the white lady's breast into her mouth as she could.

Judy moaned and Latessa switched to the brunette's other breast. She skipped past the gentle teasing and sucked her nipple hard. The white lady gasped and humped harder against her servant's soft brown body.

"Oh, Tessa...," moaned Judy. "Oh, that tongue of yours... Back to my pussy, nigger. Lick me good, girl."

Latessa kissed the white lady's nipple and moved back down and put her face between Judy's legs. Her pink pussy lips were puffy and glistened with her arousal and her maid's saliva. She touched her tongue to the brunette's clit, who immediately locked her thighs around the black woman's head, holding her tightly.

Judy frantically humped Latessa's face. The negro did her best to keep her tongue moving up and down the white lady's vagina while still gasping for breath. She stuck her tongue up into her pussy and then ran it down her slit. When she sucked on the pink nub of the brunette's clit, she got a face full of warm wetness.

"Fuck!" cried Judy. "Oh, yes! Eat me, you nigger bitch, eat me! Oh, fuck!"

The white woman ground her pussy against the negro's face as she came. Latessa tried to keep licking, but it was no use since she was right up in Judy's crotch so tightly that she couldn't move. At last, she felt her grip relax.

"Oh, Tessa," Judy gasped. "Oh, fuck... I'm drained. You're incredible."

"Thank you, ma'am," replied Latessa, still catching her breath. "I's honored to serve you, Miz Judy, ma'am."

"Awww..." Judy smiled down at her. "Wonderful pussy licker and humble nigger, too. I can see why Jack and Cindy love you so much. You're just perfect. I'd snap you up in a second if I could, Tessa."

"You too kind, Miz Judy, ma'am," blushed Latessa. "I love servin' a fine white lady like you."

"Good girl," Judy praised her. "Oh, my... I'm gonna let you run along now an' go on home. You've served us all so well. I hope to use you again."

"Me, too." said Latessa sincerely. "Thank you so much, ma'am."

Glowing from the praise and the satisfaction of having given another great pleasure, Latessa slipped out of Judy's bedroom. She looked back at the white lady, sprawled out on her bed, one last time before closing the door. The colored woman, still naked, made her way down the stairs to the kitchen. Bertha looked at her and smiled when she entered the room.

"Well, well, well," grinned Bertha. "You sho' got some use here, girl! Big Daddy an' Miz Judy jus' can't git enough o' you!"

"I'm glad they like me," replied Latessa. "I want Massa Jack to be proud of me."

"I's sho' he be proud o' you, girl," Bertha assured her. "It ain't easy fo' me to be thinkin' you da same nigga."

"I'm not," said Latessa. "I gotta go, Bertha. Tommy's waitin' for me outside an' my daughter's waitin' for both of us. Bye."

"See ya, boo," Bertha waved after her.

Latessa went out on the porch and found her uniform was still there. She quickly dressed and walked out the door to the car where her husband was waiting for her. She climbed in and Tom started the motor. He eased the car down the driveway. They were out on the road before either spoke.

"I didn't expect to see you inside, Tommy," Latessa said at last. "You gave me quite a start."

"Sorry, baby," he replied. "I thought you were gonna be ready to go. But, when I got there, Bertha told me you were... busy... and that Miz Judy wanted to see me. I went up to her. On the way I... could hear you. It fired me up, Tess. I couldn't help it."

"I know, Tommy," Latessa told him, placing her hand on his thigh. "It embarrassed me to have to phone you while Big Daddy was using me. But, it was easier knowing that you'd get some pleasure out of it. He wanted to be sure that you knew who I belonged to in no uncertain terms."

"Jesus, Tess," sighed Tom, "those calls... I thought I was gonna nut when I heard you..."

"You liked hearing him hurt me, didn't you?" she asked, knowing the answer already. "You liked hearing me cry with his dick in my ass. I could tell you did."

"I did," admitted Tom. "So help me, I did."

Latessa saw the bulge in her husband's jeans and smiled. She worked her hand further up his thigh. Tom kept his eyes on the road.

"It's okay, Tommy," she said softly. "I'm glad you liked it. I don't know if it makes sense to you, but I wanted to take it for him. Massa Jack sent me to Big Daddy an' I wanted to do him proud. So I took everything he did to me."

Tom felt his mouth going dry and licked his lips. The traffic light up ahead turned red and he brought the car to a stop. He turned to Latessa.

"Miz Judy used me," Tom confessed. "I thought I knew what it was like for you before then. But I didn't really. Now I do. She called me into her room. She was almost naked an' didn't do nothin' to cover herself. It was like havin' me see her body didn't mean nothin' to her."

"She made me get undressed," he continued. "It wasn't exactly an order, but I had to do like she said. She could see how hard I was... She laughed! God, it was so humiliating. She spread herself all out. Legs open wide. I could see everything she had... She asked me if I wanted to fuck her. I'm sorry, Tess... I guess I'm weak... I said I did."

The light turned green and they continued down the road towards home.

"I understand," Latessa told him. "I've felt it, too. They make me do such degrading things. But I have to do them. I get so turned on by it... Afterwards I feel so dirty and ashamed, but that doesn't stop me from doing it again the next time. It doesn't stop me from wanting to do it... Wanting them to make me do it."

"Well... It wasn't exactly like you think," said Tom. "She made me wear a condom. That didn't surprise me... But, then she made me put on another one. Then another one until I had five of the damn things on me! I fucked her like she said, but I couldn't feel shit. It's like my dick was just a big rubber dildo to her. She came quick... Then she made me get dressed and go. That's when I saw you in the hall."

"You didn't cum?" asked Latessa.

"No," answered Tom. "Like I said, I couldn't feel shit. My dick was about to explode, but there wasn't nothin' to push me over the edge. I... I ain't cum in days, girl."

Tom pulled into the driveway of their modest home and turned off the engine.

"I'm sorry, Tommy," Latessa apologized. "I know I've been neglecting you in that way, but... well... you know how it is now."

"Yeah, I know it," said Tom. "I can even tell how you are around me now. Coverin' yourself... It makes me want you bad..."

"I can ask Massa Jack if you can ... have sex with me," offered Latessa. "Actually, he only said we need his permission to use my pussy or mouth... or ass... I can stroke you off, Tommy. I can wrap my hand around your cock and tell you all the nasty things Big Daddy made me do. Would you like that?"

Latessa smiled and ran her hand all the way up to her husband's crotch and rubbed his dick through his jeans. Tom sighed heavily.

"I... can't," Tom told her. "Miz Cindy... I don't know how to tell you this, Tess. Miz Cindy, she tol' me to wait 'til she said I could cum. I want you so bad, baby. I feel like I'm gonna explode. But, that white lady's got a kind of hold on me... If I don't to like she says..."

"Oh, Tommy...," Latessa replied softly. "What's happened to us? How did we come to lettin' these white folks tell us what to do an' what not to do? Hell, it's way more than that... We let them control us. Like we was slaves on some damn plantation. And even worse, we love it."

"I don't know...," said Tom. "It didn't happen all at once. But once it started we couldn't stop it. Didn't want to stop it."

"We were happy before," Latessa said. "I had a job that gave me plenty of responsibility and a hefty paycheck. I thought it was worth the long hours and stress. You still have a job you like. You're not stuck in the same office. You're good at fixing things, it's a perfect job for you."

"But now...," she continued. "I'm a damn maid an' we're both at the beck an' call of those white folks. Yet, we're in a constant state of sexual excitement. I feel like I'm in heat. As soon as that white man tells me what to do I feel my pussy lubing up."

"And you, Tommy...," Latessa went on. "That bitchy white woman has you by the balls an' has you walkin' around with a permanent hard on. She even gets me wet and I can barely stand her! It's so degrading. But, we love it. I feel so ashamed for feeling this way, but I can't help it and neither can you."

"What choice did we have?" Tom asked rhetorically. "How else were we gonna pay for Darlene's college? Hell, how else were we gonna pay the mortgage on this damn house? Ever since Genron collapsed, there's no good payin' jobs around here. We can't leave... We'd never get our money back out of the house. We're stuck."

"Admit it, Tommy," said Latessa. "You wouldn't wanna go back to how it was. You're as addicted to how it is now as I am."

Tom looked out the window and could see his daughter in the house looking back at them.

"We better go in," Tom said after a pause. "Darlene's lookin' at us out the window. We gotta put a good face on all this for her."

Latessa looked her husband in the face for a few seconds before they both got out of the car and went in the house.

"What's goin' on?" Darlene demanded to know. "You were out in the driveway forever! When mom lost her job I figured at least you'd be home more! It's Saturday! You shouldn't be workin' on Saturday. Not any more."

"Girl, we gotta do what we gotta do," Tom told her. "Stop your whining an' get used to it. You think your mother and I like it any better than you do?"

"You don't understand at all!" protested the teen. "My mom's a maid! For some damn white people! How do you think that makes me feel? What if my friends knew?"

"That is just about enough, young lady," Latessa stopped her. "Being a maid in order to support your family is nothing to be ashamed of. I'm doing my part. All you have to do is do well in school and take care of your chores. You have it easy so stop complaining."

"Okay, okay," Darlene replied, walking away. Just before leaving the room she turned back to her parents. "Oh, some lady called. About fifteen minutes ago. Mrs. Andrews? Isn't she your boss?"

"What did she want?" sighed Latessa.

"She wants you to call her," replied the teenager. "Something about some party tomorrow and she needs you to help get things ready."

"Shit," Tom swore, but his dick twitched at the thought of the blonde woman.

*       *       *

That night Tom was sitting up in bed, waiting for Latessa to come out of the bathroom and join him. She wanted to give him whatever measure of pleasure she could given the restrictions placed upon her by her master.

When she finally walked into the bedroom, she was completely naked. She stood at the foot of the bed with her feet wide apart and clasped her hands behind her head.

"This is how I have to display myself for those white men," Latessa smiled. "I hope you like it like they do."

Tom's cock stood up straight. His sperm laden balls ached at the sight of his wife's nude body. Somehow, knowing he could no longer have her completely made her even more alluring to him.

"Oh, yeah...," murmured Tom.

Latessa continued to display for her husband for another minute before she got into bed with him. Laying on her side facing him, she ran her hand up and down his thigh. His erection twitched as her hands got closer to his balls.

"I was all laid out naked on the table," Latessa told him. "I could see our car outside the window. Then Big Daddy was there lookin' down at me. Then he just lifted me up and started lickin' my pussy. He didn't say a word to me. I just laid eyes on him for the first time less than a minute earlier. But it wasn't like he was trying to pleasure me. He just wanted to taste me. Not like I was a woman... More like I was a dessert."

"Then he got up on top of me an' stuck his dick in me an' fucked me," she went on. "I couldn't move at all. He just used me like some fuck doll. I felt like a thing. I came again an' he busted a nut inside me. Still, not a word from him."

"Fuck...," sighed Tom, pre cum forming on the tip of his cock.

Tom's increased arousal wasn't lost on Latessa. She continued rubbing his thigh, back and forth, but kept coming closer and closer to his balls.

"Then I had to serve him his breakfast," continued Latessa. "Right there on the same table he just used me on. He touched me an' groped on me while he ate. It was so humiliating, Tommy. I thought I was gonna cum again."

The black woman's hand brushed against her husband's balls. Tom felt his cock jerk in response. A couple of good strokes and he knew he'd shoot off so hard it'd hit the ceiling. He stretched his arm to the bedside table and picked up the phone.

"Who are you calling?!" asked Latessa, surprised.

"Miz Cindy's gotta let me get off, Tess," replied Tom. "Me askin' her shows her she's in charge an' that I know it... Maybe that'll be enough for her."

Tom wondered if she was upset about the degree of control Miz Cindy wielded over him. But, he had to get some relief. He dialed the number.

"Hello?" answered a female voice.

"Miz Cindy, ma'am?" asked Tom, a hint of desperation in his voice.

"Yes?" Cindy replied, her voice sultry.

"This is Tom, ma'am," he identified himself. "Please, ma'am... I gotta get off. Can I please, ma'am?"

"Tom?" asked Cindy with mock puzzlement. "Hmmm... Which Tom is that?"

He knew immediately that she was teasing him. In his current condition, he couldn't take much more. He didn't care what he had to do or say.

"Tom Davis, ma'am!" he answered.

"And just what are you to me, Tom Davis?" she asked him.

Tom's face flushed. The idea of telling Miz Cindy what she wanted to hear in front of his wife was unbelievably degrading. But, he was at his wit's end.

"Your monkey boy, ma'am," he said quietly into the phone.

Latessa wasn't sure she'd heard correctly. Tom was looking away from her as he spoke on the phone.

"Excuse me?" Cindy replied. "I couldn't hear you."

"I'm your nigger monkey boy, ma'am," said Tom more loudly.

"Oh!" exclaimed Cindy. "Aren't you a clever monkey using the telephone! What do you want, monkey?"

"You gotta let me cum, ma'am," he begged. "I don't know if I can hold it much longer."

"I don't have to let you do anything, boy," said Cindy sternly. "And if you want to keep being my nigger monkey boy, you'll hold it as long as it pleases me to have you hold it. Understand?"

"Yes, ma'am," replied Tom. "I understand. So, please can I cum, Miz Cindy, ma'am?"

"No," said Cindy. "You may not."

"Yes, ma'am," Tom was disappointed even if not surprised.

"Is your monkey wife there with you?" asked Cindy.

"Yes, ma'am," said Tom. "She's right here."

"Give her the phone," ordered Cindy. "Now."

Tom handed the telephone to Latessa.

"Miz Cindy wants to talk to you," he told his wife.

"Hello, ma'am," said Latessa.

"What are you wearing, nigger," Cindy wanted to know.

"Nothing, ma'am," blushed Latessa.

"I see," Cindy said with a hint of condescension. "Slutty nigger. Listen good. You're going to get up on your knees and bend over. Present your black ass and cunt to my monkey. Tell him to put his face up in your crotch and start licking. I want his tongue up in your nasty hole and up and down your monkey gash. Tell him not to stop until you tell him to. Do it now, nigger."

"Yes, ma'am," replied Latessa, shocked at the white lady's orders.

Tom looked at his wife expectantly. Latessa struggled to say the words, but couldn't while he was looking at her that way. So, she got up on her knees and turned away from her husband. Bending over, she spread her legs obscenely. The black man gasped at the sight. He'd seen her this way before, but it never had as powerful an effect on him as it did right now.

"She wants you to lick me, Tommy," Latessa told him, blushing. "You gotta lick it all, even up inside."

"Then I can... have you?" asked Tom.

"I heard that," said Cindy. "Tell him no. I'm giving him some pussy, he should be grateful just to rub his face in it."

"She says no, Tommy," Latessa relayed Cindy's denial. "Just licking."

Well, it was still pretty nice to get a taste, thought Tom. He put his face between his wife's thighs and inhaled her scent. He could tell Latessa was very aroused now. He started lapping at her exposed vagina. She shuddered and moaned in response.

"So, he's started, has he?" laughed Cindy. "You must look like an animal in heat, nigger. A slutty monkey. Listen to me, monkey. You better ask permission to cum before you do. If you don't, I'll whip your ass the next time I see you. Understand?"

"Yes, ma'am," whimpered Latessa, the pleasant sensations making it difficult to focus on speaking on the phone. "I understand."

Latessa could feel Tom's tongue up in her pussy. He fucked her with it causing her to hump back at him. She did feel like an animal in this position and was sure that's why Miz Cindy chose it. The white lady was actually controlling the both of them in their own bed. It was so degrading. The colored woman felt her orgasm starting to take shape.

"I'm gettin' close, ma'am," gasped Latessa into the handset. "Real close..."

Tom ran his tongue the length of Latessa's slit. When he touched her clit she yelped in surprise.

"Oh!" cried the black woman frantically. "Ma'am? Can I cum? Kin dis nigga cum, Miz Cindy, ma'am?"

"Go ahead and cum, my slutty monkey," replied Cindy.

"Ah! Oh!" Latessa screamed. "Ohhh..."

Embarrassing as it was to cum while Miz Cindy listened on the phone, Latessa just let herself be taken over by her orgasm. Her pussy gushed into Tom's face as the black man eagerly lapped at his wife's sex.

"Oh..., oh...," sighed Latessa, the flood of sensations subsiding at last.

"All done, monkey?" asked Cindy.

"Yes, ma'am," murmured the negro woman. "I's done."

"Good," stated the white woman matter of factly. "Tell that boy to stop licking your cunt.

"Yes, ma'am," said Latessa. "I'll tell him." She looked over her shoulder at her husband. "You can stop now, Tommy."

The black man withdrew, his jaw aching almost as bad as his balls.

"I expect you here tomorrow morning to help with the preparations for the party." stated Cindy.

"Yes, ma'am," Latessa replied, her pussy still pulsating. "I be dere."

"Excellent," said Cindy. "Don't be late."

The line clicked and she was gone. Latessa rested her head on the mattress. Tom layed back down, his dick like a steel rod. After a minute, his wife lay next to him.

"You were wonderful, Tommy," she said dreamily. "Sorry she wouldn't let you cum."

"It's okay, baby," Tom told her. "It'll be that much better when I do." He paused. "Are you going to the Andrews' tomorrow?" he wanted to know. "What was that all about?"

"Yes, I'm going there," she replied. "After you drop me off, you can spend some time with Darlene. Some daddy daughter time together will make her feel better. I've got to get to sleep..."

"All right," Tom agreed. "You're probably right."

Latessa didn't answer. She'd fallen asleep already. Tom turned out the light. He tried to sleep himself, but his erection made it difficult to get comfortable. This had been the busiest day off he could remember and he knew it was going to be along night, too.


Chapter 13 - Eloise's Story

Ordinarily Latessa would be off on a Sunday, but the Andrews were having a party that afternoon and needed Latessa to help with the preparations. Still, she managed to sleep in a little later than she would have on a week day.

She climbed out of bed, unintentionally waking Tom. Latessa put on her bra and slip under her husband's watchful eye. She looked up to see her husband watching her dress and smiled at him.

"Good morning, Tommy," said his wife. "I hope I'm not getting you all riled up."

Tom didn't say anything right away. Latessa put on her maid's uniform.

"Well, yeah, you are," he said finally. "But, it's worth it."

The colored woman smiled at her husband again before turning towards the mirror and straightening her maid's cap.

"We better get goin' now," she said as she left the room.

Tom got up and dressed quickly. When he got out to the car, Latessa was already waiting for him.

Not too many words were exchanged at the start of the ride to the Andrews' place. Tom wasn't feeling all the way awake yet and Latessa was feeling a little guilty for how she'd had the pleasure of an orgasm the night before while her poor husband got nothing but more unsatisfied arousal. Still, he seemed to get off on it. He didn't have to follow the commands of the bitchy white woman unless he wanted to. And he certainly seemed to want to.

"How late do you think you'll be, Tess?" asked Tom as they drew closer to their destination.

"I don't know," replied Latessa. "I'll be helpin' get things ready for this party of theirs tonight. I don't know if they'll be wantin' me to stay an' help serve guests or anything."

"Okay," said Tom. "Just give a call when you're ready to have me come pick you up."

"I will," she told him. "Spend some time with Darlene, Tommy. She's been home alone most of the weekend."

"Maybe I'll take her to the mall or something," suggested her husband. "That should cheer her up."

They came to a stop in the Andrews' driveway and said their goodbyes. Tom watched while Latessa let herself into the kitchen. Once she was safely inside, he returned to their house.

Latessa was surprised to find Eloise, Bertha's mother, putting groceries away when she walked in.

"Eloise? You're helping out, too?" asked Latessa.

"Dat's right, girl," replied the old colored woman. "Massa Jack jus' loves his ol' mammy's cookin'. I always be makin' da food fo' special occasions."

"Mammy?" Latessa wasn't sure she'd heard right.

"Well, I been takin' care o' him since he be five year old," Eloise told her. "Maybe I ain't so old to be a real mammy, but I been 'round long 'nough to feels like one."

"I had no idea...," said Latessa. "You've been with the Andrews a long time."

"Hell, yes," laughed Eloise. "Seems like a lifetime..."

*       *       *

It was 'bout forty year ago, give or take. I's eighteen an' da oldest of nine chilluns. My daddy be workin' fo' Big Daddy Andrews back den. Well, he hear dat Mrs. Andrews passed away leavin' dat white man wit' two li'l chilluns all to his lonesome. So, daddy tell him he oughtta git hisself a good nigga girl to take care o' dem young uns 'til he find hisself a nice white lady to marry. An', it jus' so happen dat he had a nigga in mind fo' da job. Me.

At first it be pretty strange livin' in dat big ol' house wit' jus' Big Daddy an' young Massa Jack an' young Miz Judy. Massa Jack, he be 'bout five year ol' an' Miz Judy, she 'bout three at da time. I's used to a big family in a li'l house so it be real new to me. Still, it be steady work in a time when colored girls like me ain't got no easy time findin' any kind o' work.

Well, it weren't long 'fore I's sharin' Big Daddy's bed wit' him. He be a young man still, an a young man got his needs. He ain't got hisself no new wife yet, so it be up to me to take care o' dem needs. I trys to do my best by him, an' he ain't never complained none.

An', let me tell you, dat white man sho' knew how to do a nigga girl right! He kinda nasty what wit' what he be likin' to do wit' me. But it sho' felt good. An, when I be talkin' to him like some dumb ass country nigga he be nuttin' in me hard an' fast. He made me feel like I's made fo' fuckin' an' suckin'! Yep, he sho' kep' dis nigga smilin'!

After I been wit' him and his chilluns for 'bout four year, he tell me how he want me to have a chil' o' my own. He say I's such a good nigga dat he be wantin' to make sho' his own son, Massa Jack, have his own nigga when he growed. So da time to start makin' one be right now. He say he be findin' a buck nigga wit' a nice lookin' mama to breed me wit' so long's I say I's willin'. Course I says yes. I ain't never say no to Big Daddy an' I ain't 'bout to start den.

One night he tell me he found a boy to breed me wit' an' took me out to da barn. Young Massa Jack an' young Miz Judy be in da house an' Big Daddy don't think it right to be doin' dis where dem young uns might hear. We be waitin' dere 'til somebody come knockin' on da barn door.

Big Daddy have me bendin' over da work bench an' stickin' my black ass out an' spreadin' my legs wide. I jus' wait like dat while I listen to 'em talkin'. Big Daddy tell da buck to make it quick 'cause he ain't like havin' his nigga all naked in da barn dis way seein' as how it be cold. Buck tells him not to be worryin'.

I hear da jangle o' a belt buckle an' den I kin feel dat buck nigga's pecker pokin' at my hole. I ain't too wet or nothin' seein' as how it ain't Big Daddy gettin' ready to use me. Don't matter none to dat buck, an he jus' stick it right in me so fast I ain't hardly got time to holla.

Da buck's hands is all rough an' he ain't to gentle wit' his fuckin', neither. It hurt, but I ain't cry out or nothin'. I knowed dat white man care fo' me an' I ain't be wantin' to make him feel bad or nothin'. True to his word, da buck ain't inside me but a minute or two when I feel him bust a nut up in me. Next thing I knows, I hear his pants goin' back up.

Big Daddy tell him he be callin' back if'n his seed don't take to breed me agin, but he be findin' another boy after dat if I still ain't wit' chil'. Buck be laughin' an sayin' how he got three babies by three diff'rent mamas already so he ain't jus' shootin' blanks. After da buck leave, Big Daddy tell me to stand up an' put my robe back on. I never did see da boy dat put his seed in me.

Well, I missed my time o' da month an' was sick as a dog. Weren't long 'fore I's showin'. Nine months to da day after dat night in da barn, out pop da biggest black baby I ever did see. A gurl. I tol' Big Daddy I be wantin' to call her Bertha an' he allowed as dat was fine by him.

*       *       *

Latessa listened silently amazed at the old woman's narrative. It almost sounded like a story that could have been over a hundred years old, not something that had taken place in her lifetime. It seemed incredible that Eloise would go along with being "bred" with a total stranger. A man who'd she'd never even laid eyes on.

"So you don't know who Bertha's daddy is?" asked Latessa. "You never found out?"

"Nope," replied Eloise. "Aint no need fo' it. I had me a fam'ly already. Big Daddy an' his chilluns be my fam'ly. An' now, Bertha be my fam'ly, too."

"I never asked Bertha how long she'd been with the Andrews," said Latessa. "It's still hard to believe she's been with them her entire life. And you knew Massa Jack when he was still a child."

"Oh, yes," Eloise continued. "Bertha growed up wit' dem Andrews chilluns. Jack an' Judy. Dey da only fam'ly she knows. I remembers when she be jus' a li'l baby..."

*       *       *

Naturally, Bertha be suckin' at her mama's teat like any chil' would. At night, it be Big Daddy suckin' it an' drinkin' my milk. I ain't mind, 'cause dere be plenty for him an' Bertha. 'sides, he got da right to it seein' as how I's his nigga.

'bout dat time, Massa Jack, he start takin' a int'rest in my udders. Dey plump wit' milk an' da young man can't keep his eyes off dem. He 'bout twelve or so den so it be 'bout time he be takin' notice o' my woman stuff. He be wantin' to suck on my teat to, jus' like a li'l baby.

Well, he be da massa's son, so he got da right to his daddy's nigga's milk. Every day young Massa Jack have me sittin' on da couch in da livin' room wit' him layin in my lap. I be holdin' his head to my teat an' he be suckin' it down like dere ain't no tomorrow.

Still, dere's still plenty left fo' baby Bertha an' Big Daddy, too. Seems like da more dey suckled out, da more got made. My udders be heavy wit' milk all da time, jus' like a big ol' cow. So really, I's grateful fo' dem to be drinkin' it. An' I's glad dey all like it so much.

Big Daddy knowed all 'bout Massa Jack an' me 'cause naturally I be tellin' him. He don't say nothin' to him 'bout it fo' over a year. Den he tell him how he knowed what he been up to an' dat it be time fo' him to be a man and learn 'bout da female.

One day when Miz Judy ain't home, Big Daddy call me up to Massa Jack's room. He tell me to strip off my clothes an' git naked fo' him. You shoulda seen da look on dat young man's face! He be seein' my udders every day, but he ain't never seen my coochie before. Big Daddy has me stand dere wit' my legs open an' tells Jack to touch it.

Let me tell you it felt good to have dat young man touchin' my coochie. I's soaked knowin' how I's da first woman he ever touch. Big Daddy tell him how most womens got hairy coochies, but dat he likes his niggas coochies bare so mines shaved off. He be strokin' my slit an' touchin' my clit. I's surprised he so gentle, like he ain't gotta be tol' how to be makin' a nigga feel good. Course I ain't mind if he be rough wit' it instead. It's his right to use me like he pleases.

Well, I ain't help but notice how young Massa Jack be in some kinda discomfort. I kin see his manhood pokin' up against his britches. I tells Big Daddy dat maybe it be best if he leave me alone wit' Jack an' let nature take its course. Big Daddy allows how dat's a good idea an' he leaves us to ourselves.

I ask Jack if he knows how to use a nigga woman. He say he do, but I kin tell he don't. I tells him how it ain't no shame fo' him not knowin' an' how I's honored to be showin' him. I ask him to take his pants down an' let me at his manhood. I ask him if it feels good when he touches it an' he gits all shy like he ain't know what I's talkin' 'bout. I tells him how it ain't no shame if'n he touches hisself 'cause all mens do it an' mos' womens, too. But, I tells him, it gonna feel a whole better when somebody else be touchin' it.

Massa Jack took his britches down an' lawdy! Did dat young white man have hard one! I's kinda proud o' myse'f for gittin' so worked up. I took it in my hand and gave it a li'l squeeze an' he be moanin' it feel so good. I couldn't he'p but smile. I ask him if wants to feel somethin' better an' he say he do. I tell him dat I be layin' down an' spreadin' my legs fo' him an' all he got to do is git on up 'tween him an' put his thing up in my hole an' do what come natural.

I gotta feelin' he ain't quite so mystified by all dis. Soon as I lays down on his bed, dat young white man be all up 'tween my legs a pokin' his dick at me lookin' fo my coochie. I reached down an' helped him git on inside me. He be humpin' like crazy soon as he feels he be all da way in. Course he don't last but half a minute, but at da end, young Massa Jack be a man. An' I's his first. I's so honored an' proud!

After dat day, Massa Jack be usin' me every which way. Fuckin' my coochie an' fuckin' my ass. He love it when I be suckin' on his dick, too. Course he kept on sucklin' at my teat 'til da day he leave home. Kept on' fuckin' me all dat time, too. Big Daddy ain't mind at all, long as it's his bed I's in at night. 'tween da two o' dem white men, I's jus' bout worn out! But, I's lovin' every minute!

*       *       *

"So you were Massa Jack's first," said Latessa. "You did something right, since he turned out the way he did."

"I ain't know how much o' dat was me, girl," replied Eloise. "He was always a good man, even den. He sho' did love his poontang, an' he sho' loved usin' his niggas like niggas. But, he ain't never mean to me or Bertha even if he saw us like we was made fo' usin'. He still a kind massa any nigga be happy to be servin'. I knows I was an' I still is."

"You mean cookin' for him like you are now, right?" asked Latessa.

"What?" smiled Eloise. "Ain't you think he still gotta eye fo' his ol' mammy? You ain't think he still be likin' da poontang he got his start wit'? Dere ain't nobody kin suck his dick like me, girl. An' Massa Jack knows it. An' he ain't da only one be likin' my mouf. How you think Miz Judy be keepin' out o' trouble when she be growin' up?

*       *       *

I remembers Miz Judy jus' be startin' in high school at da time. It was in da afternoon right after school let out. I's up makin' da beds when I hears a noise from Miz Judy's room. I opens da door an' she's in dere wit' some nasty lookin' white boy wit' long hair.

Now, ordinarily I ain't gonna be steppin' in an' tellin' white folks what to be doin', but to me, Miz Judy almost like my li'l girl. I been wit' her since she be three year old. I ain't sittin by while dat precious white girl gets taken advantage of!

So, I orders him out. Miz Judy be angry at me so I tells her she can't be lettin' jus' any scraggly lookin' boy have his way wit' her. She gotta be savin' herself fo' marriage.

After she calms down, she tells me dat she knowed dat boy ain't no good, but she's horny an' he's s'posed to be a good pussy licker. Well, I tells her if dat's all she wants, den I be happy to lick her coochie, an' I kin do it better den any damn scraggly ass white boy.

Well, she got all shy but I could tell she was thinkin' 'bout it. Den she ask me if'n I be tellin' her daddy an' I says no. So, she scoot up on da bed an' take her panties down from under her skirt. She say fo' me to do it an' so I does.

Oh, Miz Judy's coochie is so sweet! She got da cutest puffy pink lips! But, I guess you knowed dat already! I licked on her good an' she was humpin' my face. She cum so hard she be hollerin'! Dat was da end of her bringin' boys home. I be takin' care o' her dat way every day 'til she outta school. An' jus' like Massa Jack, I still be tastin' her even now.

*       *       *

Latessa certainly did know about Miz Judy's pussy since she'd been licking it just yesterday. Hearing about the old colored woman taking care of the teenaged version of the white lady had her savoring the memory of the recent encounter.

"Course she do love my li'l girl, too," said Eloise proudly. "Jus' like her brother an' her daddy do. Seein' as how I's his son's first pussy, seems right dat my baby girl give her cherry to Big Daddy."

*       *       *

By da time Bertha was turnin' into a woman, Massa Jack an' Miz Judy was already moved out an' on dere own. Big Daddy be keepin' a close eye on my li'l girl, 'specially now dat she ain't so little no more.

I be keepin' a eye on her, too, an' makin' sho' she know how to be a good nigga fo' her massa. I learned her dat servin' her massa is a honor an' dat she should be grateful to be doin' dat. She know she gotta be respectful an' she gotta do like she tol', even if she ain't like it. Bertha always done me proud an' likewise take good care o' Big Daddy.

He always been happy wit' her an' she kinda like his own li'l girl. Course, she a li'l nigga girl an' he be her massa, so it ain't 'xactly like dat. I learned her how to serve a white man, too. Bertha knows her place an' what she's fo'.

By da time she ol' enough, she knowed how to display herse'f so's her massa kin see her stuff proper like. She knowed to keep her eyes down, all respectful like, an' not to be yappin'. When massa be usin' a nigga, he ain't want his pleasure messed up by no nigga dat ain't know her place.

Even da time Big Daddy took dat girl's cherry, she knowed to jus' be quiet an' open her legs up fo' him. Bertha keep her head turned to da side an' give da man his privacy while he doin' his bidness in her. Now, I knowed her coochie be hurtin' at first, but she took it like a good girl an' ain't cry out or nothin'. She even say thank you to him after he done. I's so proud o' her!

*       *       *

Latessa knew that Bertha had taken quite a bit more than that. The big black girl enjoyed taking a whupping from Jack and probably from Big Daddy, too.

"I guess Big Daddy couldn't completely let go of Bertha," said Latessa. "She does take care of Massa Jack, but she still stays with Big Daddy an' you."

"Dat's right, girl," laughed Eloise. "Big Daddy, he know a good thang when he gits his hands on it! Most o' da time back at Big Daddy's house, Bertha an' me still be sharin' his bed. Once we started wit' dat when she jus' growed, he ain't never be wantin' to stop. But, dat ain't da only reason my li'l girl ain't never left home."

*       *       *

After a time away from home, Massa Jack found a pretty white lady to marry. Once dey had da twins, Massa Bobby an' Miz Megan, Bertha started comin' round to be helpin' out.

Now, Miz Andrews ain't have a problem wit' dat, but she ain't too happy 'bout how Massa Jack be likin' to use Bertha like he do. She learned dem chillun to be kinda rough on Bertha. She be a good nigga an' take it from dem. But, she like how Massa Jack is wit' her better.

So, Bertha never did move in wit' dem. But, still, it weren't long 'fore it was plain dat Massa Jack an his wife ain't gonna git along. So, I ain't su'prised when she up an' left her babies behind an' leave. Well, dey ain't 'xactly babies at da time, but you knows what I means.

It weren't 'til 'bout five year ago dat he met Miz Cindy. She can be kinda rough on a nigga, but it ain't outta spite. She do it 'cause she love doin' it. It be easier to take it from her knowin' dat she gittin' off on it. A good nigga wants to be pleasin' to white folks an' when Miz Cindy be usin' me or Bertha, we knows we pleasin' her.

*       *       *

"I know about Miz Cindy," Latessa told Eloise. "She's rough on me... An' on my husband, Tom."

"Oh, Miz Cindy do love to be usin' buck niggas, dat's fo' sho'!" laughed Eloise. "An', girl, dem buck niggas all love bein' used by her. She make 'em crazy, but dey keep comin' back."

"Tommy loves it, too," replied Latessa. "I guess it's only fair seein' as how much I love bein' used by Massa Jack! Big Daddy, too."

"You a couple o' lucky niggas," said Eloise. "Bertha tell me you gotta girl to home. Eighteen. When you bringin' her round to meet Massa Jack? I knows he'd love her, an' I ain't even knowed what she look like!"

"I'm not ready for that," said Latessa. "I don't think I want Darlene mixed up in this."

"She might jus' like it, girl," Eloise suggested.

Maybe I'm afraid that might be true, thought Latessa. The idea of Darlene involved with all this disturbed her. But at the same time, she couldn't deny that it did spark a twinge of arousal.

"Well, come on, girl," Eloise said at last. "We gots got git finished up here. I wants everything ready fo' Massa Jack's party tonight. I knows you gots to be 'cited, too!"

"I don't know how exciting carrying a tray around is," said Latessa.

"That aint' da part I's talkin' 'bout!" exclaimed the old colored lady.

"Huh?" Latessa asked, puzzled.

"Massa Jack ain't say nothin'?" replied Eloise. "Den I ain't say nothin', girl. Nothin' at all."

The sound of Miz Cindy's bell could be heard coming from upstairs. Eloise looked expectantly at Latessa.

"Go on an' see what Miz Cindy wants, girl," said the old negro maid. "Bertha's gittin' her black ass used by Massa Jack right now an' I gots to finish up cookin' fo' da party. Dat white lady prob'ly be wantin' you anyhow."

Latessa knew that Miz Cindy wanted her. The blonde woman wanted Tom, too. It was just a question of what she wanted them for. Her pussy started to tingle.

Leaving the kitchen, Latessa made her way to the stairway. As she walked past Massa Jack's study, she could hear Bertha's voice and the sound of leather on flesh through the closed door.


"Thank you, suh," Bertha's voice could be heard. "Please give dis nigga another one, suh."


"Thank you, suh," said Bertha, her voice cracking. "Please whup dis nigga's ass agin, suh."


Latessa lingered near the closed door to the study for another few seconds. She was transfixed by the sounds of Bertha's whupping. She tried to imagine what it must feel like to take it like that. The colored woman's pussy tingled at the thought of it.

From upstairs, Miz Cindy rang the bell again. Latessa hurried up to her. The door to her bedroom was open, and the white lady was sitting up in bed.

"Yes, ma'am?" asked Latessa.

"Ah, here you are at last," said Cindy. "Don't keep me waiting like that again, girl, or I'll take a crop to your fat nigger ass. I don't know that you'd like it as much as Bertha does."

"I's sorry, ma'am," Latessa apologized.

"Well, never mind that now," Cindy answered impatiently. "As you probably know, we're having a few close friends over tonight. Naturally, you'll be serving us. Bertha will be part of the evening's entertainment and won't be helping you out so much. Do you think your monkey husband is clever enough to serve my guests without embarrassing me?"

Tom serving guests? A month ago, Latessa would have known that there was no way he'd do it. But now, she was certain he would. Her husband's transformation had been as complete as her own.

"Yes, ma'am," replied Latessa. "He can do that, ma'am."

"Good," said Cindy. "Have him here by six o'clock. He is to wear a white shirt, black slacks, and a bow tie. I don't suppose he has a red jacket, does he?"

"Uh...," Latessa stammered, picturing Tom dressed as Cindy was describing. "No, ma'am, he doesn't."

"No matter," Cindy went on. "We have a few here. I'm sure one will fit him. I prefer the male servants dressed a certain way when I entertain."

"Yes, ma'am," Latessa replied, unsure of what else to say.

"You may go now," Cindy dismissed her.

Latessa went back down the stairs. She paused to listen at the still closed study door.

"Dat's it, boss," Bertha's voice was saying from inside. "Use dis nigga's sore coochie. Please fuck it hard. You too good to yo' nigga, suh... beatin' her coochie so good fo' you be fuckin' it. Oh, massa! It hurts so good!"

Blushing, Latessa hurried on to the kitchen. She felt ashamed of herself for eavesdropping on her master while he used his maid. But, she couldn't help herself. Her heart pounded in her chest. Eloise looked up from her work when Latessa entered the room.

"You all flustered, girl," observed Eloise. "What you been doin'?"

"I... uh... got to call my Tommy," replied Latessa. "Miz Cindy wants him servin' her guests an' I got to tell him when to be here."

Latessa picked up the phone hanging on the wall and dialed her number.

"Hello?" Darlene answered.

"Hey, Darlene," said Latessa, trying to sound casual. "Is your dad there?"

"Yes, mom," said Darlene. "You want him to come an' pick you up?"

"No...," replied Latessa. "I'm not leaving now. Please put him on the phone."

"Okay," Darlene said. "Hang on."

Latessa watched Eloise working at the counter while she waited for Tom to come on. She could hear Darlene knocking on a door and calling out for her father in the background. The line clicked as her husband picked up the extension.

"Tess?" came Tom's voice. "What is it?"

"Miz Cindy wants you here by six," Latessa told him. "She wants you to serve guests."

"Me?" replied Tom.

"Yes," she confirmed. "You've gotta wear your black pants an' a white shirt. She's got jacket for you here. Do you have a bow tie?"

"A bow tie?!" he exclaimed. "I don't have one of those!"

"Well, she wants you to wear one," said Latessa. "So you'll have to go an' get one."

"Jesus, Tess!" Tom protested. "That sounds like a damn monkey suit! What does she think I am?"

Latessa said nothing and the line went silent for a long several seconds.

"Alright," said Tom finally. "I'll be there. Bye."

"Bye," replied Latessa, hanging up.

There was no doubt in either of their minds what Miz Cindy thought he was, or just how apropos his description of the outfit she wanted him to wear was.

"Miz Cindy got yo' man comin' tonight?" asked Eloise.

"Yes," said Latessa. "She wants him to help serve the guests. This must be a pretty big thing to need so many servers."

"It ain't so big," replied Eloise. "But, Massa Jack an' Miz Cindy like dere guests gittin' served proper. An' dat takes more 'n a couple niggas. Dat's fo' damn sho'."

Latessa returned to work, trying to focus on her kitchen tasks. However, the apprehension she felt about the party was almost too much for her to bear.


Chapter 14 - Daddy Daughter Time

Earlier, when Tom got back to the house after dropping Latessa off, he was still pretty sleepy. He went to the bedroom and stripped down to his sleeveless tee shirt and boxers. He wanted to use the bathroom and go back to sleep, so he headed out into the hallway.

He saw the door to the bathroom was closed and was just about to turn back to his room when the door opened up. Darlene had been in the shower and was completely naked. Tom's eyes involuntarily roamed over his daughter's nude body before she quickly closed the door.

"Dad!" exclaimed the teenager. "I didn't know you were home already!"

"I'm sorry, baby," replied Tom. "I was gonna go back to bed. I... didn't see nothin'..."

The door opened again, this time Darlene was wrapped in a towel. Tom's cock had hardened in an instant after the eyeful he'd received earlier and it still was poking against the thin cotton of his boxers. The girl glanced down briefly and then looked back up.

"It's okay, dad," said Darlene, still blushing. "It was an accident... And it was my fault, too. I'm sorry if I embarrassed you."

"Don't worry about it...," Tom told her, his heart beating fast. "Just... uh... take a robe in there with you or somethin'..."

"Yes, daddy," replied Darlene softly before making her way to her bedroom.

The image of her father's erection tenting in his boxers was etched in her mind. Had she really had such an effect on him? She couldn't recall ever thinking about him only as a man, and not as her father.

Tom also had an image burned into his memory. Darlene's young naked body. Miz Cindy's denying him release had left him with heightened sensitivity to sexual situations like the accidental encounter he'd just experienced.

Nevertheless, there was no adequate rationalization for his extreme arousal at the sight of his teenaged daughter fresh out of the shower. He was ashamed to be feeling what he felt, but the harder he tried to block it out, the more he became consumed by it.

He climbed back into bed and tried to think of something else. Anything else. But as he drifted off to sleep, the vision of Darlene's bare breasts wouldn't go away.

*       *       *

Tom was walking down the hallway and went into his bedroom. Darlene sat on the edge of his bed in her nightgown. For some reason he wasn't surprised to find her there. She looked up at him as he approached her.

"Sorry about earlier, girl," Tom apologized.

"It's okay, daddy," said Darlene softly. "It's not like you could see between my legs or anything..."

"No," Tom agreed. "I didn't see that."

"Would you like to?" asked the teenager, looking up into her father's eyes.

"Huh?" Tom couldn't believe he'd heard right.

"Do you want to see between my legs, daddy?" asked his daughter sweetly. "I'll show you if you want. You just saw everything else, so you might as well see that."

"Well... uh...," stammered Tom.

Darlene lifted the hem of her gown and opened her legs, never taking her eyes off her father's face. Tom couldn't help but look at what she was showing him. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead, his dick was at attention.

"Can you see okay, daddy?" Darlene asked in a little girl voice. "Can you see my pussy?"

"Yeah...," he replied, his voice cracking.

"Do you want to lick it?" smiled the black teenager.

"Uh...," Tom's mind was racing and his hard on was raging.

Darlene leaned back and opened her legs wide. Her smile faded slightly, transforming into a seductive grin.

"Lick it, daddy," she ordered him. "Lick my young pussy."

"Darlene!" exclaimed Tom, his legs feeling weak.

"I'm not asking, daddy," Darlene said evenly. "I'm telling you. Eat my cunt. You have to."

Tom couldn't help himself. He sank to his knees and leaned forward. His daughter's legs were spread wide, her pussy exposed and available. He could smell Darlene's arousal. Well, he told himself, it's not as if I'm actually fucking her. And she wants it.

He put his face between his daughter's legs and ran his tongue up her slit. Darlene's clit was popped out and Tom gently played with it. She gasped and moaned. Encouraged he started lapping her in earnest.

"Oh!" whimpered Darlene. "Oh, daddy!"

Darlene's pussy gushed as Tom stuck his tongue up into her hole. His face was slick with his little girl's juices.

"Ah!" Darlene exclaimed, deep in the grip of her orgasm. "Oh, daddy! You're makin' me cum, daddy!"

The black girl wrapped her legs around her father's head and humped her pussy against his face.

Immediately he was on top of her, looking down into her face. Then he was kissing her. The head of his dick was pushing into her pussy.

"Fuck me, daddy," she begged. "Please fuck your little girl."

Tom could feel Darlene's tight pussy as he shoved his entire length inside his daughter. She smiled at him the whole time he was violating her. It felt so wrong, but it felt so good.

"Daddy!" she cried out. "I'm gonna cum again, daddy! Daddy!"

Suddenly there was a knocking on the door. Tentative at first, then louder. Then a voice.

"Dad?" came Darlene's voice through the door. "Dad? Are you awake? Dad!"

Tom woke abruptly and sat up in bed. He was alone. Darlene was knocking on the door. His cock was standing up like a flag pole. A little wet spot was on the bed sheet where his erection was holding it up.

"Huh?" Tom responded, still dazed at waking so suddenly.

"Dad!" Darlene continued. "Mom's on the phone for you!"

"Okay," he replied. "I got it."

The images from his dream faded fast, but not fast enough for him not to feel shame at having sexual dreams about his own daughter. These five days of orgasm denial were making him crazy. That had to be the explanation. Darlene was his little girl! Well, thought Tom, maybe not so little anymore.

That was another part of the problem for him. Tom couldn't help but see her as a younger version of Latessa. When ever he tried to imagine his wife at this age, he saw Darlene's face. And now, her body.

"Tess?" he answered the phone. "What is it?"

Latessa told her husband about Miz Cindy's demand that he come and serve her guests at the party. He couldn't believe it when she told him about the dress requirements for a jacket and bow tie. He'd look like some kind of bus boy.

"Jesus, Tess!" Tom protested. "That sounds like a damn monkey suit! What does she think I am?"

He waited for an answer, but none was forthcoming. He knew he had no choice but to comply.

"Alright," said Tom finally. "I'll be there. Bye."

"Bye," replied Latessa.

The line clicked and immediately he started thinking ahead to that evening. Serving Miz Cindy's guests in a monkey suit. He could almost see her grinning at his humiliation. His cock twitched a little at the thought of it. He was so addicted to the white woman that he actually was looking forward to it. Maybe she'd actually let him get some relief tonight.

Tom pulled on a pair of pants and headed off towards the kitchen to make himself some breakfast. Darlene was lounging on the couch in the living room watching television. She looked up at him and smiled when he entered the room.

He drank in the sight of his teenaged daughter in her sleeveless pink tee shirt and jeans. Even at eighteen years old, Darlene still looked like a little girl, innocently sitting there on the couch.

The dream was still vivid in Tom's mind. Seeing Darlene on the couch immediately brought to mind the image from his dream of her sitting on the edge of his bed, slowly lifting her nightie and leaning back to show him her pussy.

If Darlene knew what he was thinking! Tom was ashamed to be having these thoughts about his daughter and struggled to push them out of his mind. But, as hard as he tried, his dick just wouldn't cooperate.

"What's wrong, dad?" asked Darlene. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, girl," he assured her. "Still waking up, that's all."

"What did mom want?" she wanted to know. "She told me she wasn't coming home now."

"It seems they're gonna need me to go up there an' help out with their party," Tom replied. "Sorry, Darlene... Looks like we won't be back until late. But, I've got to go to the mall real quick and pick up a tie. Maybe you'd like to come along?"

"That'd be great!" exclaimed Darlene happily. "There's this skirt I've just got to have! I got this blouse but nothing to go with it. Can we get it?"

"We'll see," he hedged. "You know we don't have alot of extra money these days..."

"Wait here," Darlene told him. "I'll be right back."

Darlene got up off the couch and went off to her room. Tom reached into his pants and straightened his erection out in a futile effort to hide his arousal from the girl.

Back in her room, Darlene considered the effect she seemed to be having on her father. She took the blouse out of her closet. It was lavender with a deep neckline and the fabric was so sheer that her bra would be clearly visible underneath it.

Deciding to forgo the bra, Darlene put the blouse on without it. This look would definitely encourage Tom to buy her a bra that would look good under the sheer material as well as soften him up and get the skirt for her, too. She felt naughty and maybe even a little dirty for using her father this way, but it wasn't as if she was hurting anyone. She left an extra button unfastened just for good measure.

When Tom saw how Darlene was dressed, his dick strained even more. The teenager's blouse demanded attention. The tops and sides of her chocolate brown breasts were completely exposed. Her dark areolas were discernible under the thin fabric. Her nipples were hard and made two little bumps in the material.

"See?" she asked. "I saw a beautiful skirt that would go perfectly with this!"

"Damn, girl!" exclaimed her father. "Isn't that a little revealing? And shouldn't you be wearing a bra?"

"Daddy!" complained Darlene. "All my bras show under this blouse! Maybe if you bought me a nice purple bra, it would work."

Darlene noticed Tom's efforts to avoid staring at her breasts. She knew very well he could see them under the blouse. She knew it was wrong to try and take advantage of her father this way, but he didn't seem to mind all that much.

"I guess we better do that...," Tom agreed reluctantly. "I can't have my little girl out running around like that!"

"Thank you, daddy!" Darlene said happily.

The girl stepped up to her father and put her arms around him. Darlene pressed her body close and kissed Tom on the cheek before letting go and running off to her room. If she'd felt his hard on under his jeans, she didn't give any sign of it, he thought.

"I'll be ready to go in a minute," she called from her room.

Tom returned to his bedroom and put on a tee shirt. Breakfast would have to wait. It was pretty late anyways, he thought. It would soon be lunch time.

*       *       *

They hadn't gotten too far down the road towards the mall when Darlene broke the silence.

"Is everything okay with you and mom?" asked the girl. "Things seem kinda weird lately."

"What do you mean?" he wanted to know. "Your mom having to work as a maid hasn't been easy on her. Or me. We're still getting used to it. That's all it is. We'll be fine."

"I don't know...," said Darlene. "It seems more than that... You both just seem different."

"Like I said, girl," Tom repeated evenly. "It's nothing for you to worry about. Everything will work out."

Darlene decided not to pursue the issue any further since it seemed to be a sore point with her father. Nothing more was said until after they arrived at the mall.

The teenager led the way through the mall to her favorite clothing store. When they got there, Darlene knew exactly which rack to go to. She thought about showing her father the skirt she wanted, but decided instead to show him one she knew he'd think was too revealing. Then she could compromise by choosing the one she really wanted. She picked up the short skirt up and held it up in front of her so he could see it.

"What do you think, dad?" Darlene asked, smiling happily.

"Looks a little short to me," replied Tom skeptically. "But, go put it on so I can see how it looks on you."

Darlene disappeared into the fitting room, leaving Tom standing amongst the racks as a couple of teenaged girls browsed them. He waited self consciously for his daughter to return.

Tom was surprised at just how short the skirt was. His dick twitched at the sight of Darlene's long legs. No way he was going to let her go out in public showing off so much flesh.

"Well?" she asked expectantly. "Isn't it great?"

"I can't believe they'd let you wear that to school!" he told her. "There must be something you'd like that's not so revealing. You want to leave something to the imagination, girl!"

"Alright," pouted Darlene.

Smiling to herself, Darlene turned around and bent over the lower rack where the skirt she really wanted hung. Her plan was going to work, she thought. Her father must be feeling a little bad for having to refuse her. He'd see the next skirt as much more conservative by comparison and would certainly want to make his daughter happy.

Tom couldn't take his eyes off Darlene's ass as she went through hangers on the lower rack. The short skirt she was wearing rode up on her backside and her white panties peeked out from underneath. He could feel his erection growing uncomfortably. She surprised him when she turned suddenly, holding another skirt.

Darlene watched Tom's eyes quickly meet hers. There was no doubt in her mind where they'd been while she was browsing through the bottom rack. She felt so naughty taking a passing glance downward and noticing the bulge in her father's jeans. Hopefully, she calculated, his discomfort will make him more receptive to the longer skirt.

"I'll go try this one on," she told him. "Be right back."

Apparently, this exchange caught the attention of the nearest teenaged shoppers. One slender blonde haired girl smirked a little and then covered her mouth as her eyes drifted down to Tom's crotch. Clearly the girl was amused at his condition and could barely contain a giggle.

Darlene returned in the new skirt. It was still well above the knees, but wasn't in danger of showing off what color underwear she had on. Tom was relieved that she hadn't chosen something completely unacceptable. He wanted to buy what she wanted and get out of there.

"So, how's this one?" Darlene asked. "Better?"

"Much," agreed Tom. "Let's get it and leave. We can get some lunch and go home."

"I still have to get a bra to go with the blouse," she said.

"Make it quick, Darlene," instructed her father.

Darlene returned to the fitting room to change back into the slacks she came in. Tom tried to ignore the glances of the blonde girl who was indiscretely eavesdropping. He turned his back to her and tried to adjust his discomfort in a futile effort to avoid drawing attention to himself.

It wasn't long before Darlene returned, skirt in hand. He waited as she selected a purple bra that wouldn't show so much under the blouse she'd modeled for him at home. Together, they made their way to the counter where a twenty something sales girl stood.

The petite brunette behind the counter displayed a bemused expression as she rang up their purchases. Tom was embarrassed by the whole ordeal and couldn't wait to get out of the clothing store. He started to the door as soon as Darlene picked up the package.

"Just a minute, there," called the brunette.

Tom turned to see the sales girl holding his credit card. The blonde teenager who'd been watching him was waiting to check out. Both of them watched as he returned to the counter.

"I don't blame you for being in a rush," said the clerk, smiling knowingly. "But don't forget your card."

The blonde girl giggled. Tom blushed, imagining what they must be thinking about an older man paying for a young woman's apparel.

"She happens to be my daughter," he said defensively.

"Even better," smiled the brunette.

Tom took the credit card from her and hurried to catch up with Darlene. He could hear the young women giggling again as he passed out into the mall. His face burned with humiliation.

"What's wrong, dad?" asked Darlene.

"Forgot my credit card," he mumbled in reply. "Had to go back after it. Let's go home."

"But what about the tie you wanted?" his daughter reminded him.

"Oh, yeah," said Tom. "I forgot."

The men's clothing store represented another trial for Tom. A well dressed brunette woman in her late twenties ended up waiting on him. It seemed like he was being forced to have to deal with one white woman after another and irrational as it seemed to him, he couldn't help thinking they all knew his secrets. He simply selected a clip on tie, bought it, and left.

"Are you sure you're okay, dad?" asked Darlene once they were back in the car.

"I just don't like hangin' out in ladies' clothing stores, that's all," Tom told her.

His mind flashed back to the glimpse of his daughter's panties while she was bending over in the store. Then the image of her from his dream popped into his head. Darlene lifting her nightie, leaning back on the bed.

Tom shook his head and forced his attention on reality, but he could still feel his balls tightening. It had been almost a week since he'd had some relief, he thought. It had to be affecting him. He pulled out of the parking lot and drove home.

*       *       *

Tom showered before he got ready to go to the Andrews' place. Even his own touch washing himself was enough to get him hard. He knew it wouldn't take more than a few seconds to get himself off the way he was now. But, he'd come this far and was determined to hold out until Miz Cindy permitted him relief.

Back in his bedroom, Tom tried to put all the images out of his mind. Thoughts of Darlene and now of Miz Cindy had him aroused. He started to put his boxer shorts on when he heard his daughter's voice from the hallway. He'd neglected to close the door.

"Do you like it, daddy?" she was asking.

Darlene was dressed in the sheer blouse along with the new bra underneath. She also had the new skirt on. She blushed when she saw her father was naked. She immediately turned away so as not to embarrass him any further, but not before she saw that he was partially erect.

"Sorry, dad," she apologized. "I saw the door was open..."

"Forget it," said Tom.

Tom finished dressing after Darlene went back down the hall. He stopped to look at himself in the full length mirror. He looked like a butler or a waiter. He wondered if Latessa felt what he was feeling now when she first put on her maid's uniform.

The embarrassment he just got from having his daughter see him was nothing compared to what he knew he'd be experiencing later at the party. At the Andrews' place he'd just be a monkey in a monkey suit.


Chapter 15 - Party Favors

As Tom drove closer to the Andrews' place, his anxiety level increased. He was already uncomfortable enough dressed in a white shirt, black slacks, and a bow tie. The idea of joining Latessa in serving their employer's party guests had the black man on edge.

After parking the car, Tom knocked on the back door. He'd expected his wife or perhaps Bertha to answer. The big black woman who answered certainly looked much like Bertha, but was easily twenty years older.

"You mus' be Tessa's husband," she greeted him. "I's Eloise. Bertha's mama. Miz Cindy say fo' you to go see her soon as you here. She out in da livin' room."

"Okay," replied Tom, his dick stiffening at the idea of the white lady wanting to see him.

"So, Miz Cindy gots to you, too, boy?" laughed Eloise. "I heared how Miz Judy had some fun wit' you. You jus' can't he'p yo'se'f when it come to dem white ladies! Well, Miz Cindy sho' got her ways wit' buck niggas like you! Treats 'em like dogs an' dey jus' keep comin' back!"

Tom's face grew hot at the realization that the old colored woman noticed his growing erection tenting his trousers. Embarrassed he stepped quickly through the kitchen, Eloise's laughter ringing in his ears.

Miz Cindy was seated on the couch in the living room reading a magazine. The sounds of a vacuum cleaner came from upstairs. Latessa must still be busy doing housework, thought Tom.

"Well, well," smiled Cindy, putting her magazine down. "Look who's here. My nigger monkey. Drop you pants, boy. Now."

Tom quickly complied, his heart pounding. He hated himself for his lack of will in the face of the white woman. However, something about Miz Cindy made it impossible for him to displease her by disobeying her.

The black man stood there, his pants around his ankles and his hard dick standing straight out. The blonde eyed it with a wicked grin on her face. Without taking her eyes off it, Miz Cindy picked up the bell she from the table beside the couch and rang it.

A few seconds later, Bertha appeared.

"Yes, ma'am?" said the big black girl, standing expressionlessly waiting for instructions.

"Go get my gloves, girl," ordered Cindy. "And be quick about it."

"Yes, ma'am, Miz Cindy," replied Bertha.

The colored maid hurried up the stairs. Tom was utterly humiliated to have Bertha see him this way. It was bad enough that he knew the power that Miz Cindy had over him. It was far worse for others to see that he was the white lady's plaything.

Bertha returned with the pair of white gloves that Cindy had worn during their previous encounter. The blonde took them and put them on. The big black girl stood by with a barely disguised look of bemusement.

"You may return to your work, Bertha," Cindy told her.

Bertha turned and walked off, leaving Tom alone with Miz Cindy. The white lady grabbed his nut sack and squeezed it hard. The black man groaned in pain.

"Put your hands behind your head, boy," hissed Cindy. "That's how a nigger presents himself for inspection. I shouldn't have to tell you that. Is that clear?"

"Yes, ma'am," replied Tom, his voice strained. "I'm sorry, ma'am."

Cindy relaxed her grip slightly, much to Tom's relief. In spite of the pain, his cock was still rock hard.

"So, you've been a good boy, haven't you, monkey," observed Cindy. "I'm glad you haven't forgotten whose this is."

"Yes, ma'am," said Tom, "I won't forget."

The white woman wrapped a gloved hand around Tom's dick. The pain in his balls was quickly overwhelmed by the pleasure he felt now. He dared not move, even though the urge to buck his hips was strong. Cindy slowly started to stroke his cock.

"Feels good, doesn't it, boy?" she asked.

"Yes, ma'am," he gasped. "Real good."

"It doesn't always have to hurt, see?" cooed Cindy.

Tom didn't reply. Instead he just stood there enjoying the pleasure he felt radiating out from his cock. He could tell he was close to ejaculating. Pre cum drooled from the tip of his dick.

"I bet you'd like to cum, wouldn't you, monkey?" asked Cindy playfully.

"Yes, ma'am," replied Tom hopefully.

"Well, you can't," grinned Cindy cruelly.

The white lady bent the black man's erection down between his legs. Tom doubled over in an effort to ease the pain. Cindy released her grip and stood.

"Kneel, nigger," she commanded him. "Kneel before your better."

Tom dropped his knees, his erection bouncing.

"Face on the floor, boy," ordered Cindy.

Bending forward, Tom rested his face on the carpet. He felt Cindy's foot on the back of his head.

"What do you say, monkey?" asked Cindy sweetly. "Didn't you enjoy that?"

"Yes, ma'am," replied Tom, his voice muffled. "Thank you, ma'am."

"Good boy," Cindy praised him. "Now get up and put that boner away."

Cindy took her foot off Tom's head. He rose to his feet and pulled up his pants. He kept his eyes on the floor, unable to face the white woman who'd just humiliated him. The debasement and his acceptance of it was demeaning, but the arousal he felt as a result left him even mor ashamed of himself.

"Well, that was amusing," smiled Cindy, looking him up and down. "This is a good look for you, boy. All you need now is a jacket. I know just the one for you. Follow me."

Tom followed the white lady back through the house, past the study door. At the end of the hallway, she stopped and opened a closet. Cindy produced a red blazer from the rack inside.

"Put this on," she ordered. "I think it'll fit you fine."

Tom put the blazer on. It looked like something a bus boy in a restaurant would wear. Not even a monkey suit, but something less.

"Perfect," said Cindy, satisfied with her selection. "Now go to the kitchen. Eloise will tell you what to bring out. My guests will be arriving, so be quick about it."

"Yes, ma'am," replied Tom.

The black man made his way back towards the kitchen. As he passed the stairs, Latessa was coming down them. His wife seemed a little startled to see him. He could see her eyes go to the crotch of his pants where his erection was clearly visible.

"Tommy," was all she said.

"Hey, baby," her husband replied.

Cindy came along and smiled when she saw their embarrassed interactions.

"No time for dawdling," she scolded. "You have work to do."

Latessa and Tom went to the kitchen as Cindy inspected the living room, making sure everything was ready.

Going through the swinging door the black couple were surprised to see an unfamiliar negro woman sitting at the kitchen table. She had very dark skin and close cropped hair. She was dressed in a light loose fitting sun dress. She looked to be at least eight months pregnant.

"An' here she be!" exclaimed Eloise when she saw Latessa. "Gladys, dis here be Tessa an' her husband Tommy. She been workin' here since you been gone."

"Hi, Gladys," said Latessa, glancing at the colored woman's swollen belly. "I'm glad to finally meet you."

Before Gladys could respond, Bertha came into the kitchen.

"Massa's guests be here," she announced. "Y'all best start gittin' ready."

Bertha took off her apron and started unbuttoning her maid's uniform. Gladys stood and pulled her dress up over her head. The pregnant negro was completely nude underneath. Latessa noticed that in spite of her condition, the girl kept her pussy bare. Even Eloise began undressing.

"What you waitin' on?" Bertha asked Latessa as she stepped out of her uniform. "Git dem clothes off, girl! Massa Jack wants us niggas naked fo' his guests. All 'cept fo' da buck, dat is."

Latessa was stunned, but after a moment's reflection wasn't surprised. Still, the idea of a houseful of strangers seeing her naked body embarrassed her. At the same time, though, she could feel her pussy moistening. Tom's dick stood at attention as the negro women disrobed.

"We ain't puttin' on a show for you, boy!" exclaimed Eloise. "Take dem snacks on dat tray on out fo' dem white folks. I hopes you knows how to be makin' drinks fo' dem."

"Uh, yeah," stammered Tom, still feasting his eyes on the naked female flesh all around him.

Tom picked up the tray of appetizers from the counter and headed out.

Bertha adjusted her maid's cap after she finished undressing. Latessa followed suit. Somehow, wearing only the cap was even more embarrassing than simply being naked. Her eyes drifted to Gladys. The pregnant girl's breasts rested on her belly, her swollen nipples so dark that they appeared to be black. Together, the negro women waited for their summons to show themselves to Jack and Cindy's guests.

Latessa could hear the sound of voices though the closed kitchen door as people began arriving at the front door. Tom must be doing double duty answering the door as well as serving guests, she thought. After a long few minutes, Miz Cindy's bell could be heard.

"Time fo' us to git on out dere," said Bertha. "Dey ready fo' us. Dis yo' first time at one o' da massa's parties, so I best be tellin' you not to be sayin' nothin'. Massa Jack jus' be showin' his niggas off. It ain't our place to be heard. Jus' seen. You jus' make sure dem white folks kin see what you got an' make da massa proud o' us. 'kay?"

"'kay, Bertha," replied Latessa.

Bertha led the way through the door, Gladys was right behind her. Latessa felt her stomach in a knot as she followed after the other two naked black women. From the sounds, she knew she'd be exposing herself to a roomful of complete strangers.

Jack was talking with a small group of white men standing near the center of the living room. Cindy sat on the couch along with some other women, including Jack's sister, Judy. Latessa recognized another of them as Cindy's aunt Catherine. Lucy, the young black woman who'd accompanied the older white lady during her last visit, sat naked at her mistress' feet.

Tom, still in his red jacket and bow tie, was moving through the crowd of party goers carrying a tray of drinks. He looked up as his wife entered the room along with Bertha and Gladys. He felt his dick stiffen at the sight of the black women's naked bodies. Latessa's pussy was tingling at the sheer excitement of walking nude among the group of well dressed white folks.

Turning towards the naked colored women, Jack smiled happily. Latessa blushed as she felt all the eyes in the room upon her. Her nipples were hard and she could feel the dampness growing between her legs.

"This way, girls," instructed Jack.

In this part of the room, thick exposed wooden beams held up the roof. A heavy wooden pillar supported the beam. Bertha and Gladys walked over to the pillar where Jack had indicated. Latessa followed, her anxiety increasing when she noticed the heavy metal hooks screwed into the wooden beam. Everyone in the room turned to face them.

Bertha stood with her feet apart and her hands clasped behind her head without needing to be told. Gladys assumed the same position, too. Latessa felt her face grow hot with humiliation as she followed suit, displaying her naked body for a roomful of strangers.

"Not bad, eh?" Jack asked the onlookers as he walked up to Gladys, hefting one of the pregnant girl's breasts. "Just look at this one! Udders heavy with milk already. I'm sure there's enough for everyone who wants a taste to get one. Due to her condition, I won't beat her as part of the entertainment tonight, but I'm sure you'll all agree that this nigger's succulent body is a pleasure to behold all by itself."

Gladys looked at the floor and blushed with a bashful smile on her face as Jack squeezed her breast, causing a little milk to squirt out. Latessa tried to keep her eyes forward, but couldn't help but take a glance at the pregnant girl. Tom was also having a hard time focusing on his duties serving drinks instead of staring at the display intended for the guests.

"Now this here's my new nigger," Jack continued speaking while he stepped up to Latessa. "Hard to believe she's the mother of a teenager. She was hidden away in an office before she came to me. A waste of a good nigger, I know, but now she's where folks who appreciate her fine qualities can enjoy her. Let's have a better look at her."

Jack gently prodded Latessa backwards, silently encouraging her to take a step back. She did so and felt her back against the heavy pillar.

"Tom, my boy," called Jack. "Fetch the box behind the bar and bring it here."

Tom took a moment to realize that Jack was talking to him. He quickly went to the bar on the other side of the living room and placed the tray of glasses on it. Looking behind the bar, he saw a wooden chest. Since it was the only thing that could be called a box, he picked it up and brought it to his employer. He tried not to look Latessa in the face, but couldn't keep his eyes off of his wife's naked body.

"Thank you, my boy," Jack praised him. "This nigger here is Tom's wife. I'm sure he's proud of her and how much she pleases me. Isn't that right, Tom?"

"Yes, sir," replied Tom, embarrassed at the attention.

"I think he's enjoying the show, too," laughed Cindy, standing near her husband.

Tom blushed with the realization that his dick was poking a tent in his trousers that was obvious to all. He hurried back to the bar to pick up the tray. A couple of the white women watched him go by with bemused expressions.

Jack opened the chest and produced a heavy leather strap from it. He placed it under Latessa's breasts and fastened it behind the pillar. The colored woman was essentially secured to the post. The white man brought out a pair of leather wrist cuffs, and placed them on her.

He took out a length of chain with clips on the ends. Clipping one end to the cuff, Jack lifted Latessa's arm over her head and put a link over one of the hooks. He repeated the process on her other wrist. She now stood naked with her arms stretched up over her head. A bead of sweat rolled down from her forehead.

Producing another set of leather cuffs from the chest, Jack squatted and placed them on Latessa's ankles. Taking another length of chain, he clipped one end to the cuff and lifted it as he stood. He lifted the black woman's leg so high that if it weren't for the strap securing her to the post, she'd have lost her balance. He slipped a link in the chain over another of the hooks on the beam, leaving the colored maid standing on one foot.

Latessa was a little scared when Jack fastened another length of chain to her other ankle and lifted it high, securing it to another hook. Only the strap supported her full weight now. Her legs were spread wide, her feet at the level of her head. Tom stared gape mouthed at the display. His wife's pussy and asshole were plainly visible, completely exposed for all to see. His erection was so hard it ached.

The negress felt as if she was nothing more than a female body for these white people to look at and enjoy. A piece of living erotic art. A hunk of meat. It was humiliating to the extreme for Latessa, but the most shameful aspect of it was how aroused she was. Jack stepped back and admired his handiwork.

"Pay close attention to the genitalia on this one," he told them as if he were a guide in an art museum. "The labia are very attractive, and the clitoris is peeking out. A perfect vagina. Very sensitive, too. Notice, too, that her anus is still nice and tight. Most niggers have had this hole used so much by this age that it's lost some of the natural pucker."

Latessa was mortified by her objectification. Listening to Jack talk about her this way as if she was just a thing was incredibly degrading. But, what she was wishing for wasn't release from this humiliation. No, what she wanted was to be touched. To have her sex stroked. She didn't even care about the strangers watching.

"Now, I'll prepare Bertha for the main event," Jack announced.

Jack stepped over to where the big black girl was standing, her hands clasped behind her head. Taking her by the shoulders, he turned her around so that her backside faced his guests. Latessa could see the long thin welts her master had given Bertha in the study earlier that day.

"As you can see," he continued, "I warmed her up a little earlier."

The white man took a pair of leather cuffs like the ones he'd secured Latessa with and placed them on Bertha's wrists. Jack clipped them both to a single length of chain that he attached to a hook in the wooden ceiling beam above her. The big black girl's arms were stretched over her head, her wrists together.

Finally Jack produced what looked like a broom handle with cuffs on each end. He fastened one cuff around one of Bertha's ankles. The big black girl had to spread her legs wide to allow him to get her other ankle in the other cuff. She was actually using the chain on her wrist cuffs to help steady herself and keep her balance.

Jack ran his hand over Bertha's bare back, caressing the fat negro maid. She flinched a little when he touched the welts that criss crossed her ass and the backs of her thighs.

Latessa turned her attention away from Bertha's predicament when she saw two older white men coming her way. The black maid could see them approaching between her spread legs.

The younger of the two had a full head of graying hair and looked somehow familiar. After a few moments, Latessa realized that he was Joe Parkinson, a state senator as well as Miz Cindy's father. She also recalled that she'd voted for his opponent in the most recent election, yet here he was, enjoying the view of her exposed sex.

The older man's hair was white as was his mustache. Most likely he was Cindy's uncle, the county court judge, thought Latessa.

The two white men examined Latessa closely. The colored woman found their interest both degrading and arousing at the same time. Naked, chained, forced into a humiliating position that exposed her most intimate parts while two well dressed gentlemen inspected her nude body, she felt like an animal on exhibit.

"She is very attractive," replied the younger of the two men. "Jack definitely has good taste in negroes and an eye for detail! The asshole looks almost virgin, like Lucy's."

"Only because Cathy won't let us use her, Joe!" chuckled the older man. "Can you believe that nigger still has a cherry? She's almost twenty!"

"Well, Lucy is Cathy's nigger, Sam" said Joe. "She wants to keep her that way. It's a shame, though. Lucy's got to be nice and tight. But this one looks pretty good, too."

Sam and Joe turned their attentions to Gladys, who was standing next to where Latessa was secured. The judge reached out and gave the pregnant girl's breast a gentle squeeze causing a drop of milk to form on her dark nipple.

"I see Gladys is about ready to pop!" exclaimed Joe. "I hadn't seen her since I had to return to the capitol. She wasn't milking yet then."

"Oh, I have her brought by my office every day," winked Sam. "Suckling this nigger's teat is an after lunch treat I can't resist. Of course I have to make use of that sweet mouth of hers after that!"

"I'm sure," agreed Joe. "I could use her right now, but I'm not about to do it here. I'll have a word with Jack later. Maybe he'll favor his father in-law with the pleasure of one of his new nigger's holes."

Latessa watched the two older men laugh and walk towards the bar. It was hard to believe that those two held such high social position given their crude nature, she thought. Naturally, it was unlikely they displayed this side of themselves in public.

No sooner had Sam and Joe drifted off, than Cindy and her aunt Catherine walked up. Lucy was right behind them, crawling on her hands and knees.

"I'm sure you remember Tessa, Aunt Cathy," said Cindy. "Jack still hasn't beaten her, but that will likely change tonight. This party is the perfect occasion for it."

"That would be most wonderful!" exclaimed the older white lady. "I loved spanking her pretty black bottom, but the first real beating is always an exciting experience. Nothing puts a nigger in her place like being made to take it that way. It simply removes any doubt in their minds about who is in control."

Latessa felt a twinge of fear at the thought of being beaten, especially in this position where her sensitive pussy was so helplessly exposed and vulnerable. She glanced down to see Lucy's dark brown eyes sparkling with excitement. The young colored woman was so much like a puppy dog that the black maid almost expected to see her panting.

"Oh, there's no doubt in this one's mind who's in control," smiled Cindy.

"And you thought she was uppity!" laughed Catherine. "Look at her! I do believe the girl's actually creaming at the attention!"

Latessa blushed with the knowledge that her arousal was so apparent. It was humiliating to be displayed this way, but only a slut would be so shameful as to enjoy it.

"You're right, Cathy!" exclaimed Cindy gleefully. "What a nigger!"

The blonde grinned as she reached out and ran a finger up the slit of Latessa's pussy. The negro's legs quivered at her touch. Cindy held her finger up and the two white women examined it. The black maid could see her wetness glistening on it.

Cindy reached her hand up to Latessa's face, running her wet finger over the colored woman's thick lips. The scent of her own musk filled the negress's nostrils.

"That's you, girl!" Cindy informed her. "You slutty nigger! You're loving this!"

The young white woman proceeded to run her fingernail along Latessa's pussy lips, lightly scratching her sensitive labia. Cindy took a moment to play with the negro's clit, flicking at the little nub of flesh, making the black maid squirm in her bonds.

"You want a taste, girl?" Catherine smiled as she asked Lucy. "You want to taste this nigger's pussy?"

Lucy grinned broadly and nodded from her place on the floor. Cathy looked at Cindy, who stepped out of the way. The young black woman rose to her knees and put her face between Latessa's legs. The colored maid moaned with pleasure when she felt the girl's soft tongue on her sensitive pussy. Her chains creaked as she tried to open her legs further.

"Does she taste good?" cooed the older white lady. "Is my little monkey enjoying herself?"

Without slowing the action of her tongue, Lucy nodded. Latessa had already been very aroused and the young black woman's licking was bringing her close to orgasm. Her breathing quickened and her eyes closed. She knew she had to ask permission to cum, but also knew she wasn't supposed to speak.

"That's enough, girl," Catherine stopped her. "If you're good, perhaps you can have some more later."

Lucy sank back onto her hands and knees, her face glistening with Latessa's juices. The negro whimpered and bucked her hips, rattling her chains, but to no avail. The pleasurable sensation of the young black woman's tongue had ceased.

Tom hadn't missed any of this scene. He'd had to adjust his erection after seeing Lucy kneeling between his wife's spread legs. The highly sexually charged atmosphere coupled with his already high degree of stimulation was almost too much for him. He considered begging Miz Cindy for relief because he didn't think he could last much longer.

He was surprised when the blonde woman walked up behind him. Tom had been so focused on Latessa and Lucy that he'd failed to notice Miz Cindy approaching him.

"Enjoying the show, boy?" asked Cindy sweetly. "I bet my monkey has a boner. Don't you, monkey?"

"Yes, ma'am," he replied shamefaced.

"Well, be a good boy and maybe you'll get a chance to cum," she taunted him. "Wouldn't you like that?"

"Yes, ma'am!" exclaimed Tom eagerly. "I can't take much more."

"You'll take as much as I choose, boy," Cindy's voice was suddenly stern. "Don't you forget it."

Tom swallowed hard. The last thing he wanted was to displease the young white woman.

"Oh, no, ma'am!" he stammered. "I know that, ma'am! I didn't mean that I wouldn't!"

"Good," replied Cindy curtly. "Now get me some white wine. Quickly. The show's about to start."

Tom poured his mistress a glass of wine. She took it and turned her back to him in order to better see the proceedings. Jack had stepped in front of where Bertha was positioned. The big black maid still had her wrists chained to the wooden ceiling beam, her arms stretched over her head and her legs spread wide by the wooden pole.

"Bertha's been such a good girl that she's getting a treat tonight," announced Jack. "I hope you all enjoy it, too."

Jack held a leather flogger in his hand. A thick black handle with a dozen leather strands attached to it. He swished it through the air once before bringing it down on Bertha's bare back.


The sound of leather slapping flesh rang through the room. The guests fell silent and looked on intently. Jack raised his hand and brought the flogger down again across the negro's back.


Bertha barely moved as she silently took the blow.


The loud smack was the only sound in the room.

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

Jack used more of a side arm motion and flogged Bertha's fat black ass and thighs. Red stripes shown across her back from the whipping.

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

Bertha gasped at the last stroke, which rang louder than the others. Still, she took it stoicly as the welts became visible on her punished flesh.

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

"Turn around, girl," Jack ordered Bertha. "Time to do the front."

Her chains rattling, the big black maid shuffled her feet around to face her master as well as his guests. The spreader bar restricted her to small movements, so it took almost a minute for Bertha to reposition herself and offer herself up for further abuse.


Jack layed a stroke across her heavy hanging breasts. Bertha winced, but didn't make a sound.

Thwack! Thwack!

Two more strokes left their marks across her nipples. Jack used an upward motion to whip the bottoms of her breasts. The force of the flogger actually lifted the negro's mammaries with each blow.

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

Bertha whimpered and her body glistened with sweat. Jack lowered the flogger and went to work on the big girl's thighs, occasionally the tips of the lashes striking between her legs.

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

Latessa was amazed to notice that Bertha was actually trying to open her legs further as if she wanted to feel the lash on her tender pussy. Her own sex tingled and she wondered what it must feel like. She could see the welts on the big black maid's thighs so she knew that Jack was putting some force into the blows.

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

Using an underhanded swing of the flogger, Jack started whipping Bertha directly between her legs. Blow after blow landed on the negro's vagina. Latessa's amazement grew as she saw the fat black woman bucking her hips into the lashes as if meeting the thrusts of a lover. The big girl moaned almost continuously.

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

"You want it, nigger?" asked Jack breathlessly. "Do you?"

Bertha nodded her head vigorously and squatted as much as the chains on her wrist would allow, opening her legs further. Jack obliged her with three more strokes on her exposed sex.

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

Jack then gripped the flogger so the lashes hung down. He put handle between Bertha's legs and started pushing it inside her pussy. Latessa's eyes grew even wider as she watched him start to fuck her with it as if the flogger's handle was a dildo. The big black girl grinned open mouthed as if she was enjoying the treatment.

Her master pumped the flogger handle into her faster and Bertha moaned louder. Finally she started whimpering frantically. Jack whispered something to her that Latessa couldn't hear.

"Oh! Ah!" cried Bertha. "Ohhh!"

Bertha was in the throws of an orgasm. Latessa looked on in shocked disbelief as the sweaty, welt covered negro woman came with the instrument of her ordeal deep in her pussy. It was as if the line between pleasure and pain had been completely obliterated.

Jack removed the flogger from between Bertha's legs and held it up to her face. Eagerly, the fat black maid licked her juices from it, finally kissing it.

"Good girl," Jack praised her, gently running his open hand over her welted flesh. "Good girl."

Latessa's heart was pounding and she knew her pussy was creaming again. How could it be that Bertha could be brought to orgasm by the lash? It was incomprehensible to her. At the same time, she almost wanted to experience it herself, but was too afraid of the pain.

Tom was just about beside himself. Watching Bertha flogged had him so aroused that he could feel a wet spot of pre cum in his shorts. He also found himself wanting to fuck the big black girl. Actually, he'd be satisfied to fuck anyone or anything at this moment.

He looked away from Bertha to see Miz Cindy standing in front of him with a wicked grin on her face. She was looking at his crotch and the big bulge in his trousers.

"You are absolutely shameless, boy," she told him. "You'd think you'd have some sympathy for another nigger getting whipped, but no. All you have is a boner. I bet all you're thinking about is sticking your pecker in her hole right now. You don't even care how beat it is."

Tom blushed and was ashamed. He knew she was right. But, he was just overwhelmed with lust and pent up sexual energy. He couldn't help it.

"Come with me, boy," she ordered. "Bring my drink with you."

Miz Cindy turned and walked to where the naked black women were still on display. Tom picked her glass up from the bar and followed behind her. She stopped in front of where Latessa was chained. His wife's legs were spread wide, her pussy glistening. The blonde took the glass from his hand.

"Do you want to fuck her, boy?" asked Cindy. "Do you want to stick your dick in her monkey cunt?"

Tom looked around, all eyes were upon them.

"Uh...," he started. "Yes, ma'am."

"Strip, monkey," she ordered. "Get those clothes off and I'll let you have some."

"Right now?" asked Tom, embarrassed at the attention.

"Of course," grinned Cindy. "Get naked or you can forget it."

Latessa couldn't believe this was happening. She'd become accustomed to the humiliations heaped upon her by Jack and Cindy. But she wasn't prepared for having her husband involved in such a degrading public display.

Tom tried to read his wife's expression. He knew how bad he wanted it and was ashamed to realize that if this was the only way he'd get to have her, he'd do it. He just hoped she'd understand.

"Don't look at her, boy," Cindy scolded. "This isn't up to her. It's up to me. We own her and we own you. I'm just offering you a little treat. Do you want it or not?"

"Yes, ma'am," he replied.

"Well, then get undressed," she instructed. "Monkeys don't wear clothes. Especially when rutting. Now, get with it."

Tom took off his clothes as the party guests looked on. His face burned when he got his shorts down and his hard on sprung out. He heard a few feminine giggles from the crowd, but he didn't stop. Finally, he was completely naked, standing in front of his helplessly chained wife.

"Good monkey," smiled Cindy patronizingly. "I knew you'd come around. Horny nigger. How bad do you want it, boy?"

"I want it bad, ma'am," replied Tom, the humiliation burning inside him.

"Let's see...," mused the blonde. "Jack, honey? Let me see the crop."

Jack reached into the wooden chest and pulled out a black leather riding crop. He handed it to his wife. Cindy's eyes shone and her grin grew wider. She slapped her hand with it, as if to gauge the strength of the implement. However, from the way she wielded it, it was clear she was well familiar with the item.

"Tell you what," said Cindy casually. "You can have three strokes in her pussy. How's that? But, first, I give her three strokes with the crop. You want it that bad?"

"You mean you'd whip her?" asked Tom.

"That's right, boy," Cindy assured him. "Either that, or you can just put your ding-a-ling away right now. It's the only way you're getting any pussy tonight."

Latessa was flabbergasted at this development. Would her husband actually agree to this? How could he?!

Tom's dick throbbed with arousal. His erection ached it was so hard and stretched. He knew he'd feel ashamed afterwards, but he had to have it.

"Yeah," he said at last. "Yes, ma'am. I want it."

"I thought so," Cindy grinned evilly.

The diminutive blonde swung the crop between Latessa's spread legs, slapping her right on her exposed sex.


Latessa gasped from the surprise of it. It was nowhere near as hard as Bertha must have taken. Cindy was obviously maintaining close control over the force of the blow. But still, it stung.

Whap. Whap.

The bound black woman whimpered at the last blow. Cindy had made the last one count. She could feel her pussy swelling.

"Go stick it in, boy," Cindy urged him. "Her hole's ready for you."

Tom stood between his wife's spread legs and put the head of his cock at the entrance to her pussy. Latessa winced a little as he pushed it in. He could tell it gave her some discomfort, but he was beyond holding back. Her tightness felt so good to him, he just started thrusting into her, oblivious of the onlookers.


The blow startled him as he felt the crop across his back.

"Take it out, monkey," commanded Cindy. "That was three strokes. That's all you get."

Tom forced himself to withdraw from Latessa's pussy. His cock was jerking on its own, wet with his wife's juices. Being controlled this way was incredibly degrading, but his mind was completely overcome with lust.

"You want some more?" cooed the blonde. "How many strokes do you want? One more? Three?"

"Three," he croaked, not even taking a second to answer.

"Three it is!" laughed Cindy. "Horny monkey!"

Whap! Whap! Whap!

"Owww!" cried Latessa.

"Go get it, monkey," Cindy told him. "But three is all you get!"

"Sorry, baby," he whispered to Latessa as he stood in between her legs.

He could see the welts rising on the insides of her thighs and even one across her pussy. Tom was ashamed to realize that they added to his excitement. Latessa had to take it for him. For Cindy. So did he. He really had no choice, he told himself.

Once again he put the head of his dick between her swollen pussy lips and pushed in. His wife groaned as he forced his length inside her. Tom felt his balls twitch with the first stroke. With the second, he knew he'd gone past the point of no return. He jammed his cock in deep with the third and exploded a weeks worth of stored up cum.

"Uh," he grunted as he ejaculated in his wife's cunt.

Latessa felt the first shot inside her. It was as strong a blast of cum as she'd ever felt from him. In spite of the pain, she was glad he'd finally gotten some relief.

"Did I say you could cum?" Cindy scolded him. "Out, boy. Now!"

Tom stepped back just as another spurt of seed shot out of his cock. It hit Latessa in the belly. The next hit her in the pussy. He stood there with semen drooling from his dick and his face burning with shame.

"Bad monkey!" she admonished him. "Now clean her up! You know the way."

Kneeling in front of Latessa, Tom put his face into her just fucked cunt. He started sucking his own semen out of her vagina while the party guests looked on. The act was humiliating to the extreme. Now that the heat of the moment was subsiding , he wondered if it had been worth it. He'd surprised himself with his willingness to take his pleasure at the price of his wife's pain.

The soft touch of her husband's tongue was almost soothing to Latessa. Her pussy stung, but the feel of Tom's cock filling her followed by getting licked was pleasurable in spite of the pain.

She closed her eyes and allowed the pleasant sensation of having his tongue in her hole and up and down her slit. Tom gently sucked her swollen labia and softly circled her clit with his tongue. Latessa could feel an orgasm building and realized she'd be able to cum through the pain and started to hump back at him.

"That's better," said Cindy, satisfied. "Stop it now, boy. She's already starting to enjoy it. Now get dressed and get back to work. Honestly! I suppose shouldn't expect self control from a couple of monkeys."

Latessa humped empty air when Tom withdrew his face from between her legs. He put his clothes back on, and the party guests resumed their chatter. Chastised and humbled, the black man picked the serving tray from the bar and resumed his duties. Now it was even more difficult to meet the eyes of the people he offered drinks to.

*       *       *

Once the last of the guests had left, Jack released Latessa and Bertha from their bonds. In spite of the fact she was covered with angry looking welts, the big black maid simply began cleaning up the living room without even pausing to dress. Gladys went off to the kitchen to dress.

Latessa stretched some, her joints had stiffened from being in the same position for so long. Her pussy was sore and she could feel it with every step she took. Cindy stood and watched her, her hands on her hips and a smile on her face. She was still holding the riding crop.

"I must say you pleased Jack and me very well tonight, girls," said Cindy, looking right at Latessa. "In fact, you were so good I've got a little treat for you. You, on the floor. Off the carpet. On your back."

The black maid blushed, instantly understanding what the blonde had in mind. She walked over to the flagstone entrance way and lay on the cold hard floor. Cindy went to her and stood over Latessa's head. The negress could see up the white woman's evening dress and wasn't surprised to see she hadn't been wearing panties.

Cindy slowly squatted over Latessa's face. The colored woman breathed in the heavy perfume of her mistress' scent. She started licking the length of the blonde's pink pussy and tasted her tangy musk. The black maid flinched when she felt the blonde lightly, but insistently tapping the riding crop between her legs.

"Hurry up and get me off, nigger," hissed Cindy. "That's what you're for. Serving your betters."

Gradually, Cindy increased the force of the tapping on her tender pussy with the riding crop. Latessa licked the white woman's sex with more energy, paying much attention to the little pink nub of flesh. The blonde ground her crotch on the negro's face, and the tapping of the crop turned to slapping as she drew close to orgasm.

"That's it...," breathed Cindy. "Use your tongue. Work it, nigger..."

Her discomfort turning to pain, Latessa began tongue fucking the white lady, pushing it deep into her in a desperate effort to make her cum. Cindy was using the crop now like a jockey urging a mount to the finish line. Suddenly, the blows stopped and the maid felt her mistress' pussy gushing in her face.

"Oh, yes!" cried Cindy. "That's a girl!"

Cindy rocked back and forth on the hapless negro's face. Latessa could only gasp for breath. At last, her orgasm subsided, and the white woman lifted herself up a little.

"Now for your dessert, nigger," she told her. "Open your mouth."

Again, Latessa knew what was in store. Cindy delighted in degrading her maid to the fullest even after she'd given her mistress such pleasure. The blonde let loose a trickle of piss that splashed on the colored woman's face.

Quickly, the negress positioned herself so that the rest of the white lady's pee went in her mouth. Latessa swallowed as much as she could to avoid spilling any, which would be the cause of a scolding.

"Clean your better, bitch" ordered Cindy.

Debased and degraded, Latessa licked the last drops of urine from Cindy's pussy. The white woman rose and looked down at her, a bemused smile on her face.

"Good girl," she praised her, almost mockingly. "You barely spilled any. You're getting better at this. Now, lick up what got on the floor and then get to work helping Bertha."

Latessa rolled over onto her hands and knees, lowering her face down to the small puddle of piss on the flagstones. Cindy stood, her hands on her hips and watched as the colored maid licked up the foul liquid.

Cindy walked away. Latessa could hear her footsteps on the stairs. Apparently, she was through with her. Tom had returned earlier and had witnessed the whole scene. She could see that her husband had enjoyed the show, his arousal obvious by the protrusion in his trousers.

Latessa then joined Bertha picking up after the party. The taste of Cindy's pee was strong in her mouth. Tom watched the naked maids go about their tasks while he feigned straightening up the bar. When they appeared to be about finished he brought his wife a glass of wine.

"This'll get the taste out of your mouth," he told her.

"Thanks, Tommy," she said, drinking it down. "Damn, she's nasty."

"Yeah," agreed Tom.

"You don't seem to mind, though," replied Latessa, handing the glass back to him.

Bertha chuckled a little overhearing them as she made her way to the kitchen. Tom blushed hearing the truth. Latessa followed the big black girl into the kitchen leaving him alone in the living room to gather the rest of the used glasses.

"Did it hurt bad when Massa Jack whipped you?" asked Latessa, once they'd returned to the kitchen. "It sounded like he beat you hard."

"Course it hurt, girl!" laughed Bertha, putting her uniform back on. "Massa ain't holdin' nothin' back when he take the whip to my ass! You felt it, too, when Miz Cindy was whuppin' on yo' cat even if she be holdin' back some. Dat white lady kin give a good whuppin' wit' dat crop."

"No, I don't think she did it as hard on me as he did on you," said Latessa. "But it did hurt. It looked like you were... enjoying it when Massa Jack was beatin' you between the legs."

"Girl, I's used to dat whip," Bertha told her. "Gittin' my coochie used gits me goin' if it be da whip or da massa's dick. Da pain don't be gittin' in da way o' me gittin' off. You git used to it, too, Tessa. You'll see."

Tom came in the room just as Latessa had finished dressing. The two of them went out to the car. She gingerly took her seat. He spoke to her once they were driving down the street.

"How are you feelin', Tess?" he asked. "She didn't hurt you too bad, did she?"

"Pretty sore," replied Latessa. "But it isn't as bad as I thought it would be."

"Sorry...," he apologized. "I... don't know what came over me..."

"You like seein' your woman beat, don't you Tommy?" she said. "You liked seein' that white woman whip my coochie, didn't you?"

"Well..., yeah...," Tom admitted. "I know it ain't right... But it's the way it is... This whole week had me so fired up... I just couldn't help myself..."

"I don't mind takin' it for you, Tommy," Latessa told him. "I don't think I'll get to like it the way Bertha does, but I'll take it for you."

And for Massa Jack, she thought. Of course she'd take it for him.


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