By Horny Hal


Illustration by Andrew Steers




       I know the correct term is Administrative Assistant today, but I think the term secretary has a much more sexual connotation. It’s only a short jump from secretary to sexetary. Anyway, my wife Janet is a secretary – actually she is a sexetary. She is an ultra-sexy woman, who works in a office as the assistant to Mr. Dongo. Yeah, that's his name. His full, real name was Peter Dongo. I think his parents were having fun when they named him.

        Like I said, my wife is a very sexy woman, who likes to flaunt it. She always dresses slutty. I think that’s the real reason Mr. Dongo hired her in the first place. Don’t get me wrong, she has excellent skills, but I think the fact she likes to show her flesh is what helped her beat out the other candidates for the job. Did I mention that she never wears panties? Well, I think I just did.

        We like to share our sexual fantasies with each other – in between all the fucking that we do. One of her fantasies is fucking Mr. Dongo. Since she revealed that to me , her fucking him has become my chief fantasy too. She told me, so far he had been a perfect gentleman in the office, and didn’t make any kind of move on her. But, she knows she turns him on, because she can see his hardon through his pants. From what she said, the guy has a big dick. I could see him in my mind, feasting his eyes on her big black thighs, wishing he could get between them, and his dick hard and aching at the prospect. The thought of that made my dick hard too.

        The Mr. Dongo fantasy progressed to the point of an obsession with me. All day long, while she was with him in the office, I imagined all sorts of nasty things they were doing. I could see her bending over to pick something up from the floor, and him seeing her naked black ass, and hairy cunt meat. She would stay in that position, and he would take out his big, hard white cock, and step in behind her, slowly slip it into her, and then fuck the shit out of her. Oh, I forgot to mention that, they’re the only people in the office. So, that would give them ample opportunity to fuck and suck ‘til their hearts content. When I first found out about her being the only other person there with him, I was a little leery about it. But, as time went by, I got comfortable with it. Then, I became glad it was like that.

        One day, she told me that “Secretary’s Day” was coming up, and it was traditional for the boss to do something nice for his secretary like take her to lunch. She said, that’s what Mr. Dongo suggested, and she accepted. I had an instant erection when she told me. During our next fucking session, we started sharing fantasies again. My fantasy was to see her and him walking down the street on their way to the restaurant, and me trailing them detective-style. I could see them together, and the reaction of the people who saw this interracial couple strolling down the block. I’m sure that would spark a lot of fantasies in their minds. I would follow them to the restaurant, and take a table myself, so that I could watch everything that went on between them. After I told my wife this, she told me I should do just that. Since I work at home, I could be right there with no problem. It was agreed that that’s what I would do. The idea of the whole thing got her even hotter than she already was – and that’s saying a whole lot.

        Secretary’s Day arrived, and we were both ready. Janet wore the shortest skirt she owned. It was so short, it was hard to call it a skirt at all. I knew what time they would be leaving the office to head to the restaurant. So, I was outside of the building at that time. Mr. Dongo had never met me, so I was completely undercover. After a few minutes wait, I saw them come out. Seeing my wife with this white man she had talked so much about was almost a shock to me. There he was in the flesh, Mr. Dongo.  When they passed me, my wife gave me a quick knowing glance, and it was on.

        They proceeded down the block with me a few yards behind them. My wife’s beautiful, big black thighs shuddered with every step she took. Her big ass was swinging from side to side, even more than usual. I guess that was a little something extra for me. The restaurant was several blocks from the office, so this would give me enough time to get a good show. I could see people that they passed looking back at them. The women seemed appalled, because my wife was dressed like a brazen slut. But, the guys invariably had smiles on their faces – especially the white guys. The black men that saw them didn’t seem to be amused. In fact, I saw a few scowls. Inwardly, I laughed at that, because they had no idea of what was in play here.

        After of a time of walking side by side, my wife reached over and grabbed Mr. Dongo’s arm, so that they were now walking arm-in-arm. My already hard dick stiffened even more. She was going to play it to the hilt. I loved every second of it.

        Finally, we were approaching the restaurant. Them upfront, and me trailing discreetly behind. Then, a crazy thing happened. Instead of going into the restaurant, they kept on walking. At first, I was a little confused, then I thought maybe they had chosen another place to eat. So I kept following them. They passed one restaurant after another, and didn’t go into any of them. “What the fuck was going on?” I thought to myself. Then, I saw my wife look over her shoulder back at me and smile. I was still confused. She turned her head back around, before she could see the questioning look on my face. On we all walked. Me highly perplexed and them chatting away and laughing. Finally, I understood what was happening. I saw a hotel up ahead. Were they really going to go in there, or was the restaurant past this place. A few moments later I got my answer, as I watched them go through the hotel’s doors. It felt like someone had punched me in the stomach. I wanted to fall right out. But, I just kept on walking, and when I past the door, I could see them standing at the desk. Again, my wife glanced at me, and this time she had a devilish smile on her face.

        Now, right then and there I could have put a stop to the whole thing, by storming in there and making a big scene. But, I didn’t. I was too damn turned on. Yes, I was a little angry, but that was because my voyeurism had to end right there. I kept on walking, and made my way back home. I didn’t hang around to see them come out. I had no idea how long they would be there. I would just have to wait until she got home, to hear about what happened.

        The hours I waited for her to get home were spent in agonizing humiliation. All the time my dick was hard as steel, thinking about what they were doing. After all the time spent fantasizing about her boss, she was finally fucking him. I couldn’t wait to hear the nasty details.

        Then, at the time she usually got home, I heard her come through the front door. She walked in wearing that same devilish smile she gave me when they were standing at the hotel’s front desk. Without saying a word, she stood there, lifted up the front of her micro-mini skirt, and revealed her spunk-matted cunt hair to me. At that moment, I was in Heaven, and Hell. This was way more than I had expected to happen, when we started playing with the fantasy. But, my rock hard dick told me I was glad it had happened. Neither of us spoke, as I pulled out my dick, and followed her to our bedroom.




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