By HornyHal    


             When I took the package out of the mailbox, which was clearly a DVD, I thought it was something my wife had ordered, until I saw that it was addressed to me. This was more than puzzling, it was disturbing, considering the fact that there was no return address on it.

          Once I was back in our apartment, I wasted no time in ripping the mailer from the DVD, more than anxious to find out just what the hell this was. There was no accompanying note, or label on the disc. So, until the disc began to play, this was still a mystery.

          I, just a little nervously, placed the disc into the tray, and pushed the play button. I didn’t even bother to sit down. I stood right there in front of the TV screen waiting for the first images to appear. When the video started playing, what I saw still had me confused. It was a hotel room. I’d never been in this particular room, but I’d been in enough hotel rooms to know that this was one. There were no titles, or introduction of any kind. The camera was trained on the bed. The shot was pulled back enough so that you could see the entire bed from the foot of it. Then, moments later, a woman, buck naked, accept for some black windowpane fishnet stockings climbs onto the bed. Oh Shit! It was my fuckin’ wife!

          She positioned her big black ass so that it was pointing straight at the camera, and started slowly rolling it around. From the sheen on her skin, I knew it was oiled up. My first thought was, she had made this tape for me as another little way to spice up our sex life. But, then I thought, why the hell did she go through the trouble of renting a hotel room to do it, when she could’ve done it in our bedroom. Then I thought, that was the element of surprise, not to mention getting the tape anonymously in the first place. She knew if I recognized our bedroom, it wouldn’t have been as shocking. By this time I was sitting down on the couch, still watching that ass I knew so well gyrate. Needless to say, my dick was hard as hell. She never failed to get a rise out of me. After twisting and turning that beautiful, meaty black ass of hers for a few moments more, she laid on her back, and began pulling her big hairy cunt open. At this point, the camera zoomed in on her pussy. I thought, wait a fuckin’ minute. How the hell did she get the camera to zoom in like that? I didn’t see any remote control in her hand. There had to be someone else in the room with her.

          I was on the edge of my seat, waiting to see what would happen next. She kept right on spreading those heavy, nappy haired cunt lips, while rolling her wide hips as if she were fucking. So, I sat there, with my eyes fixed on the pussy I’d fucked for years, wondering who was operating the camera. It wasn’t long before I found out.

          The camera zoomed out enough so that the entire bed could be seen again. Then, my biggest fear at that moment was realized. I saw a man step up to the side of it. Oh Shit!! It was a fuckin’ white man! I said to myself, this shit can’t be really happening. But, I had to believe what my eyes were seeing. There was my wife, pussy-out, and spread wide, with a naked, hairy white man standing over her. Who the fuck was this motherfucker, and what was he doing there with my wife? I was right at the borderline of being furious. The thing that kept me from going over the edge was my achingly hard black dick. It had gotten even harder once I saw that white man come into the picture. I couldn’t understand why it was turning me on. Hell, I couldn’t understand any of this shit. I never thought my wife would go for some outside dick, let alone some Caucasian cock. He was a big hairy fucker. He must have been about six feet three, and two hundred and something pounds. My wife is a big woman herself. She has a big, black, horse ass, the damn thing is 52 inches around; and she has some of the widest hips I’ve ever seen on a woman. That’s what attracted me to her nasty ass in the first place. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one attracted to her.

           Looking directly into the camera, knowing I was the audience, my wife reached up and grabbed a hold of that white guy’s dick, and started jerking it.  She had one hand on her pussy, pulling the meat wide enough to see the pink pulpy inside, and the other hand on that white dick, working it up to a stiff stand. I didn’t take her long to do this. The guy’s dick came to attention quick. I couldn’t believe how big his dick got. I had to admit right there, when it came to dick size, he had me beat. I have seven inches, but this motherfucker had a cock that was no less than nine. His fuck stick was thick as hell. It was easily twice as thick as mine. I knew he was going to stick that monster in my wife’s cunt, but I wondered how she was going to be able to take it.

          My wife’s hand was furiously working back and forth on that white meat. I figured, this guy must have been her co-worker or something, and was about to do some different kind of work with her. Once that dick was at full extension, she propped herself up enough to take it into her mouth and start sucking. All the while, she kept looking into the camera. The whole thing was surreal. There was my wife, a proud African American woman, sucking a white man’s dick. I couldn’t fight the feeling any longer. I whipped out my own dick and started jerking.

          After a few minutes of her eating his cock like she was a starving woman, the guy pulled his white wood from her mouth and roughly pushed her back down onto the bed. He leaned over and grabbed her by the pussy meat. He gripped that hairy meat hard, and then yanked it up, and then sideways, over and over again. I thought, why is he doing the pussy like that? Why is he treating the cunt meat so mean? Then, I heard my wife give out a loud moan. I knew then, he was doing it like that because that’s how she liked it. Fuckin’ whore! I was yanking my dick even faster now. Then he took his thick, white fingers and pulled the black Brillo covered pussy lips wide. When he did this, he looked straight into the camera, or should I say at me, and an evil grin played across his face. He was a scary looking motherfucker – I mean, wife-fucker. He looked to be in his early fifties. By the way, I’m 45, and my wife is 34. His thick, muscular body was covered with so much black hair, he looked like a damn bear. That evil looking face was clean shaven, and he was bald except for hair around the sides. He was the type of man I never thought my wife would go for, especially since he was white. This shit was a real lesson to me.

My wife has long inner pussy lips poking out from between the fat hairy ones. One of my favorite things to do is pulling on them, to see just how long they can get. At full pull, they reached almost three inches. Now, here was this nasty white fucker doing the same thing. Those delicate, rubbery, dark lips were trapped between his hard white fingers, and he pulled them up, and twisted them. From the way my wife was moaning, I knew she was loving that shit. Her hips were still moving. As he pulled on her cunt flaps, she pushed her pelvis up to meet his hand, but he only pulled them further up and away from her body.

  With my eyes squinted in anger I sat there transfixed. This was the wildest shit I’d ever seen in my life. Part of me refused to believe it was happening. But, there it was, in living color; or should I say colors - her black cunt, and his white hand. I wanted to yell at him, “Get your fuckin’ hand off my wife’s pussy!” But, instead, I put my own hand on my dick. I couldn’t help it.

After abusing her cunt, for what seemed like an eternity to me, he yanked her big black thighs wide apart, and put his face down to the pussy. He spread her cunt lips wide as they could go, and looking straight into the camera, he sucked those long pussy flaps into his mouth. Suck in, release, suck in, release, over and over again. All the while, he kept looking directly into the camera. That nasty bastard knew he was looking straight at me. He knew I couldn’t do a damn thing to stop him from sucking that pussy meat. What an evil motherfucker. I guess he figured I’d seen enough of that shit, so he pulled his mouth away from the pussy with a loud, nasty slurp.

He got up from the bed, and went and adjusted the zoom on the camera, so that the entire bed could be seen, with my wife on it. Her legs were still wide apart, when he came back into the picture, and fell right between them. His heavy weight knocked the air out of my wife as he came down on her. His muscular arms reached underneath my wife’s big legs and yanked them up so that her knees were parallel with her tits. Then raising himself a little, he positioned his big white dick at the entrance to her cunt. He really meant for me to see this. Looking back over his shoulder into the camera, he rammed that dick into her. I heard my wife grunt and moan as he did it. I had to moan myself, when I saw that thick white cock stuck in the pussy that I though was all mine.

Then this nasty fucker went to work. He drew that dick back, and slammed it into her mercilessly. He picked up speed, until he was stroking like a damn fuck machine. My wife grunted with every pussy-stretching stroke he gave her. In and out, in and out, with his big hairy white balls slapping against her upturned black ass. The faster he fucked his dick into her, the faster I jerked my own dick. What the fuck else could I do. I could stop the tape, but I was too far gone now to do that. I had to admit to myself that I was enjoying this shit. Why else would my dick be hard watching it?

This guy could fuck. He put a serious fucking on my wife. That dick of his had her cunt stretched wider and longer than mine ever could. I was angry, jealous, hurt, but mostly I was turned the fuck on. I went into a zone, watching this big, hairy white bastard drilling the shit out of my woman. As I watched his dick disappear and reappear, I could hear the nasty slapping sound their bodies made when they came together. Add to that the sound of my wife grunting, moaning, and whimpering underneath this pussy-getting white dick swinger. He was using his dick like a bat, and was beating the shit out of that pussy. The sweat was pouring, the pussy lips were clinging to the dick on the outstroke, and the bed was rocking. No doubt, the room was fuck-funky. I was surprised the camera’s lens didn’t fog up, from all that steam they must have been generating. Well, I was steamed up, and almost pulled my dick out of joint.

Super Dick went on fucking for a long ass time; and  the only time I didn’t see what was going on was when my eyes blinked. As impossible as it seemed, he picked up speed. He was almost a white blur between my wife’s black thighs. I knew he was about to bust a nut. He was slamming hard as hell, making my wife squeal with each cock stab. Her entire body jolted every time he rammed it home. Then, I said to myself, this is it, he can’t possibly go on for much longer. At the very moment it looked like he was going to empty his big nuts in her cunt, the damn screen went black. What the fuck?!

There I was, sitting there with a dick hard enough to poke a hole in the side of a battleship, staring at a blank screen. But, then I saw some words appear. It read: This Has Been An I Fucked Your Wife Production. Okay, add insult to injury, you nasty, pussy-stealing motherfucker.

I was about to rewind the tape, when I heard my wife’s keys in the door. Here was the moment of truth, this was going to be a major conflagration. I didn’t even bother to put my dick back in my pants. She walked in, saw my hard dick pointing at her, and with a sly grin said, ”Oh, I see you got the tape”. I was damned confused, and dumbfounded. I was supposed to be mad-as-hell at her, but I couldn’t find the words to start to say what I was feeling at that moment. She coolly walked over to me, and grabbed me by my dick. I didn’t protest. As she squeezed it hard, and slowly milked it up and down, I asked her, “Why did you put the shit on me like that baby?” She said, “You know you liked seeing that big white dick stuck in me, just look at your own dick. That shit turned you on. Tell the truth.” Her hand felt so good on my dick, and I couldn’t lie, so I said, “Yeah, I liked it, you nasty-assed bitch”. She just smiled. Then, she released her grip on my bone, turned around, hiked her skirt up over that big, black ass of hers, and pulled the cheeks wide. I wasted no time in ramming my dick into her cunt. We fucked for what seemed like hours. I’d been fucking that cunt for years, but I don’t ever remember it being as good as it was then.

As I bounced those big ass cheeks,  as I drove my dick into her, I said, “Next time, I’m going to be the cameraman.” With that, she started slamming her ass back into me with greater force. That told me that she’d heard exactly what she wanted to hear. The slut was loose. Now, she could have more than one dick in her life – black dick, and white dick.




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