Denise Green usually worked late, but this particular evening, she arrived home earlier than her husband Anthony expected her. She caught him fucking a white woman in their marriage bed. All hell broke loose. The other woman beat a hasty retreat, gathering up her clothes as she made her exit. She was lucky she could move fast, because Denise was about to give her a serious beat down. Now, her anger was focused solely on Anthony.

    "You slimy motherfucker!" she yelled at him. "How the fuck could you do this shit to me? Fuckin' a white bitch in the same bed I have to sleep in!!"

    Anthony stood there dick out, cold busted. He searched for the words that would help him talk his way out of this one, but they weren't coming. Denise called him every name in the book, and his silence only made her angrier. She was screaming at the top of her lungs, and her tirade was being broadcast over the entire apartment building.

    Even though he knew he was dead wrong, Anthony tried to stand up for himself. The slew of names she was calling him started to make him angry as well. Soon the yelling became a duet. Then, it wasn't enough for Denise to attack him with words, she got physical. She jumped on him tooth and nail. In an instant, they were tussling, and crashing all around the bedroom. Denise was punching and scratching at Anthony, really trying to do him some damage. He on the other hand, not really wanting to hurt her, because after all, he was in the wrong, grabbed at her trying to hold her so that she couldn't hit him. But, every time he grabbed at her, she would pull away. In the process, pieces of her clothing were being torn. Her blouse was ripped open, and when his fingers went into the waist band of her skirt, the action of her pulling away from him tore it loose, so that it fell to her knees, and then to her feet. She stepped out of it, to renew her attack. . All the while, the yelling and screaming continued. The neighbors heard all of this. One of them called the police.

    The angry Black couple were still going at each other, when they heard the loud knocking on their apartment door. They knew it was the police, from the sound of the night sticks against the door. Denise stormed towards the door, intent on telling the cops that Anthony attacked her, totally forgetting her appearance. She was blind with anger. All she had on was the open blouse, which totally exposed her bra, the big black tits spilling over the top of them, and a black thong. Her big ass cheeks wobbled, as she made her way to the door. When she flung the door open, the two white cops standing there got an eyeful. They were so stunned, they almost forgot why they were there.

    One of them said "Ma'am, we got a report of a disturbance.

    "Disturbance is right!" Denise answered. "Come in."

    "What seems to be the problem?" the same officer asked.

    "The problem is, I caught this no-good motherfucker fuckin' another woman in my bed! That's the problem!" Denise said, still irate.

    The other officer said, "Okay ma'am, please calm down".

    During the brief interaction, both cops had their eyes glued on Denise. They saw her big black titties heaving up and down as she spoke, and then their eyes traveled down the length of her body to her massive black thighs, and to the tiny piece of material that covered the pussy between them. Instantly, both of their dicks got as hard as their batons.

    When Denise had gone to open the door, Anthony slipped on a pair of lounging pants. He came out of the bedroom and joined them. They began to argue again, about who instigated the fight. They went back and forth, until the second officer quieted them.

    He said "Look people, there's obviously been a physical fight here. We have grounds to arrest you both, and let the judge decide whose fault it was."

    As Anthony stood there, it hit him that his wife was standing there ass out, in front of these two white cops, giving them a good show of her black ass. He wanted to get this situation resolved, and get them the hell out of his house.

    The cop continued, "Now, do you think you can calm down enough to talk this thing out?"

    Immediately, Anthony said "Yeah, there's no need to arrest anybody. We can work it out."

    "Okay, that's good. But, if we have to comeback here, we're taking you both in. You understand?"

    Anthony and Denise both nodded their heads yes. Then the cops were gone.

    That night Anthony slept on the couch, because he was too afraid to be near Denise. She was still mad as hell. Denise wished he had left. She went into the bedroom, and stayed there for the rest of the night.

    When she went into the bedroom, and saw her skirt laying on the floor, she realized that she had been practically naked in front of those two white cops. But, at the time, she was too angry to be embarrassed. Now she was. Then that feeling was quickly squashed, when she felt that having her black ass exposed to the two white men was a partial payback to Anthony for what he had done.

    Back in their patrol car Officer Mike Johansen turned his partner Bob Whitehorn, and said, "Did you see the ass and tit's on that black chick?"

    "Yeah, I saw 'em" he answered.

    "I'd like to get me a piece of that black meat", Johansen said.

    "So would I", Whitehorn grinned. Then the patrol car pulled off into the night.


    Denise lay in her bed, thinking about the two cops, and what they must be saying about her, after seeing her undressed like that. She just knew they were making all types of lewd comments about her. She was right. Then, strangely, the thought of her humiliation started to turn her on. She played back the whole scene in her mind, and this time she was conscious of their eyes burning into her flesh. The thought began to turn her on so much that, she imagined that she was completely naked when they arrived. She pictured the stunned look on their faces when they saw her naked black cunt. In her little fantasy, she made no effort to cover herself up, but instead let the two white men feast their eyes on her nude chocolate body. It would serve Anthony right, if she fucked one of those cops - even better if she fucked them both, she thought. Yeah, that would get back at his ass. He wasn't the only one who could have some white meat.

    The fight had tired her out, and it was no time before she was sleeping. She drifted off, with the image of herself standing there naked before the two cops.

    Out in the living room, Anthony was still awake. Little did he know that, he and his wife had been thinking about almost the exact same thing. However, instead of being turned on by his wife's indecent exposure, he was angry. He felt totally humiliated by the whole thing. This thought conveniently allowed him to forgot about the adultery he had committed, and the humiliation his wife had felt when she busted him. But, he couldn't get it out of his mind. Not only had his wife shown her black ass to two white men, it was two white cops. Then, he dismissed the whole thing, for the moment, by telling himself, "Fuck it. They probably see that kind of shit all the time." In a while, he too had drifted off to sleep.

    The next morning, Denise got up and got ready for work. She was glad it was Friday. She did everything she normally did when getting ready for work, except this morning she didn't say one single word to her husband. She made him a non-entity. He didn't say anything to her either, for fear of getting his head handed to him. Anthony know he was deep in the dog house. So, the best thing to do was to keep a real low profile until this thing blew over - if it ever did.

    That night, Denise was later than usual. She was even later than when she had to work overtime. At first, Anthony thought that she had left him. But, then he remembered she hadn't taken any of her things with her when she left the house that morning. Then, he thought that maybe she out there somewhere getting her revenge on him by fucking another man. That thought scared him more than the one about her leaving him. You see, Anthony was like a lot of guys who cheat on their wives. He felt it was okay for him to fuck around, but was terrified of the thought of his wife fucking someone else. This was running through his mind, when he heard the key in the door. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Denise enter the apartment.

    The look on her face told him that she was still angry with him. He didn't expect her to get over this thing that quickly, but at the same time, he wish she would. What he should have been wishing was that, he had never brought that bitch to the house. He had broken a cardinal rule, and now he had to pay.

         Little did Anthony know that, on her way home, Denise had set something up that would exact her revenge on him. The same two cops, doing their routine patrol of the neighborhood spotted her walking down the street towards home. They pulled over and stopped her.

    "Hey, how are you doin'?" Officer Johansen asked her, as she came closer to the patrol car.

    "I'm okay, I guess", she answered.

    "No more fightin', right?"

    "Not yet. I don't know what he's going to do when I get home", she said, with a somber look on her beautiful brown face.

    "Well, we could stop by in a while, to make sure everything's okay" Officer Whitehorn offered.

    When he said that, Denise's pussy started to tingle. "That might be a good idea" she replied.

    "Okay then, we will" Whitehorn said.

    Denise thanked them, and turned to continue her walk home. As she walked away, the two cops watched her big black ass wiggle and roll inside the tight skirt she was wearing. They both remembered what that ass looked liked unclothed, from the night before. They wanted to see it like that again. At the same time, Denise was trying to put an extra wiggle in her walk, because she knew they were watching her ass. After a few moments, and a good little show, they pulled off to continue patrolling.

    Denise's head was spinning. The fantasy from last night was running through it again. In that moment, she decided that yes indeed she was going to pay Anthony back. She was going to put the shit on him real good.

    Anthony had no idea what his wife was setting him up for. They say "payback is a bitch." Well, this was going to be a snarling, biting bitch.


       The two cops waited until they had finished their shift, before they paid Denise the visit she had asked for. Even though they were officially off-duty, they still wore their uniforms.

    It was Anthony who answered the loud knocking on their apartment door. Denise was in the bedroom, but she heard the knocking too. She knew exactly who it was. That smile that she had kept hidden inside was now displayed on her face. But, it had a sinister bent to it.

    Anthony's heart started pounding, when he looked out the peephole, and saw the two cops standing there. He instantly recognized them from the previous time. He opened the door cautiously.

    "What seems to be the problem officers?" Anthony asked in a low tone.

    "Well, you seem to be the problem." Officer Whitehorn said, matter-of-factly. "Your wife asked us to come by and check to see if you were behaving yourself."

    Anthony was mad-as-hell, but he didn't let it show. As he stood there, he heard Denise come into the living room.

    "Let them in" she told Anthony. The black husband reluctantly opened the door wide enough for the two white men to enter.


    "What's this all about?" Anthony asked, to no one in particular.

    "I'll tell you what it's about!" Denise answered him sharply. "It's about you fuckin' around with another woman, and me gettin' ready to pay your ass back."

    "What are you talkin' about?" Anthony asked, with his face twisted what looked like agony.

    "What I'm talkin' about is, you fucked, now I'm going to fuck!"

    That look of pain on Anthony's face increased ten-fold.

    The two white cops looked at him and grinned.

    "And there's not a damn thing you can do to stop me. Or these two gentlemen here will haul your ass off to jail."   

    Anthony looked at Denise, then at the two cops, who had stopped grinning, and were now giving him the most menacing looks he had ever seen.    

    "So, sit your ass down on the couch, and get ready for the show" Denise taunted.

    Anthony knew he was a beaten man, and with the two cops there, he didn't want to be literally a beaten man, so he slowly sat down on the couch, without saying one word.

    Denise walked over and stood right in front of her husband. She grabbed the hem of her short dress and pulled it up so that her fat hairy pussy was exposed.


    "You see all this pussy? This used to be your pussy. But it wasn't enough for you. You had to go and fuck somebody else. Well, tonight this pussy is gonna belong to somebody else. I'm not gonna  have just one dick. I'm gonna have two! White dicks, at that. White cop dicks, motherfucker!"

    Anthony looked at his wife's exposed black cunt, then he looked up into her face, and finally he looked over at the two cops.

    "That's right, you fuckin' asshole. I'm about to get fucked, and you can't do shit to stop it!" Denise continued, as she rubbed her cunt meat.

    By this time, the two cops were totally with the program. They had hoped something like this would happen, but they were still surprised, and overjoyed that it actually was. Their uniforms had already started to be peeled off.

    As her helpless husband looked on, Denise pulled the dress up over her head, and off. Now there were three naked people standing before Anthony - his wife, and the two white cops.

    Denise turned around, and stuck her big ass in her husband's face. She rolled the big ass cheeks round and round, like she was in a strip club. But, there would be no lap dance for Anthony. All he could do was sit and watch. Denise was loving the look of anguish on his face. The more she rolled her ass, the tighter his face became. Unbeknownst to the other people in the room, Anthony's nuts had become tighter too.


    His eyes were glued on his wife's undulating ass meat. He truly regretted what he had done to lead up to all of this, but there was no way he change that, or what was about to happen to him in his own home. He was going to be cuckolded by white cop cock.

    Denise walked over and stood between the two white men. What a nasty picture they were. Two white dicks, and a black cunt. For Anthony, it was a picture that would never be erased from his memory. He would never be able to forget the sullen looks on the cops' faces, or the look of evil intent on his wife's.

    When Denise was sure that Anthony had gotten an eyeful, she sauntered over to the couch that was a twin of the one Anthony was sitting on. She threw her fleshy brown legs way up in the air, and exposed her hairy cunt to everyone in the room. The two cops' eyes bored into her cunt, the way their dicks were about to. Anthony wanted to look away, but he couldn't find the strength to. He was captivated by the by his wife's lewd display.


     Anthony's attention turned from his wife, to the two white men approaching the couch were she sat with her black pussy splayed. Their hard white dicks preceded them.

    Mike Johansen quickly fell to his knees, between Denise's thighs, and glued his hungry mouth to her steamy cunt. His partner pointed his pink pole at her mouth, and she took her hand and guided it home. The sounds of sucking, and slurping soon filled the room. The sound was deafening to poor Anthony.

    The subjugated black husband squirmed in his seat. The hardness of his own dick made him that much more uncomfortable. He was forced to witness the soul wrenching site of his wife sucking a white man's dick, while another man slobbered all in her pussy meat.

    Mike was going to town on that cunt. He left not an inch of the cunt unsucked. Anthony could see Denise's hips bucking up to meet the tongue that was spearing into her hot pussy hole.  Mike held her thighs wide apart, giving him full access to his meal. At the same time his partner was stuffing his thick cock into her mouth. It was her hot tongue that was doing a job on the hard white slab of meat. 

    Bob Whitehorn grabbed Denise by the back of her head, and forced more of his cock into her mouth. Her head went back and forth at top speed, each time the big dick would disappear into her throat. Saliva was running down her chin, and coating the monstrous tool, as they kept up their nasty rhythm.

    Then, suddenly, Mike Johansen pulled his face from the pink pulpy pit of Denise's pussy and stood up. He turned towards Anthony, with his big stiff white dick in hand, and silently taunted the hapless husband with it. He shook it up and down a few times, making sure that Anthony could see the weight and girth of it as it bobbed. Then he turned his attentions back to the whorish black wife. He grabbed her thighs once again, and folded them back, causing her cunt to open wide for the dick that was about to fill it. Mike placed the outsized head of his dick at the opening of Denise's twat, and savagely thrust it in. She let out a cry of pain, as best she could with Bob's dick still stuck in her mouth.

    Mike went to work on her. He slammed that white cock to her like a madman. He was punishing the pussy. He was also punishing the feeble black husband by making him watch it all. The large hairy balls slapped Denise's black asshole, every time Mike drove the log of a dick deep into her nappy nooky.


    The two marauding white men, and the black wife had their total attention on one another, so they didn't see when Anthony pulled out his own dick, and started pulling on it. But, in between grunts caused by the big dick hitting her pussy, Denise managed to look over at her husband for a second, and she saw what he was doing. Then, almost if she had signaled him, Bob Whitehorn looked over at Anthony too.

    "Hey Mike, take a look at hubby over there" Whitehorn said to his partner.

    Johansen stopped fucking, long enough to look over his shoulder at Anthony, who was still massaging his cock.

    "I think he likes this shit as much as we do" Bob said. Both of the white men laughed. Denise couldn't laugh, because she still had Bob's big dick still stuck in her mouth.

    "Hey, let's really give this guy a show" Bob grinned, as he pulled his cock from the hot mouth that had been so enthusiastically working on it.

    Anthony was in a daze. All he was conscious of was the three vulgar people in front of him - and his aching - hard dick. His mind couldn't calculate whether or not he deserved this kind of treatment. He was totally lost in lust. Thousands of porn films had passed before his eyes, in his lifetime, but none of that compared with seeing the real thing. At first, he was a reluctant spectator, now, there was no place on earth that he would rather be than right there. He wanted to see, hear, and smell everything.

    He heard a voice inside his head say, "Anthony, what the fuck is wrong with you man?! You mean you're getting turned on by this shit?! These white fuckers are taking your woman from you!"

    Then, he heard another voice answer the first one. "Shut the fuck up!! I can't help it. This shit is turning me on. I can't help it!"

    If the nasty trio performing before him could have heard that little conversation in his head, they would have laughed their asses off.

    Every now and then, Denise would cut her eyes over at Anthony to make sure he was still watching, and not sitting there with his face buried in his hands. She wanted him to see everything. She wanted him to suffer the humiliation to the fullest. Her plan was working, because that's what Anthony felt. But, Denise hadn't planned on it turning him on. When she looked at him, her eyes went first to his face, then quickly down to his exposed hard dick. If her mouth hadn't been stuffed with a big white dick, she would have smiled.

    Anthony saw Mike Johansen's long, thick white dick, covered with copious fuck cream, pull out then ram back into his wife's fucked wide black cunt. The big veiny dick was moving so fast, it was almost a blur. The powerless black husband watched intently, as the white cop bullied his wife's pussy.

    Denise was sucking on Bob Whitehorn's cock just as enthusiastically as the other white man's dick was plunging into her receptive cunt hole. She grunted each and every time the dick hit home.

    Sweat had started to pour off of everybody - including Anthony. The room was becoming steamy, and filled with the strong, heavy smell of fucking. Every time Anthony inhaled, he got a nose full. The heady nasty perfume served to increase the spell of lust he was under. He gripped and jerked his black dick even harder.

    Mike was fucking Denise like a pussy-crazed maniac. At the moment, that's exactly what he was. He was growling like some wild beast. The sounds he made, combined with the slapping of two sweat-slicked bodies together, along with the sucking and slurping noises turned into a cacophony that filled the black husband's ears. It was deafening. He was barely able to hear his own thoughts.

    That voice came back again. This time it was saying, "Oh shit! This motherfucker is fuckin' the shit out my wife, and I can't do a damn thing to stop him. Look at that nasty bitch. She's lovin' this shit!"

    Indeed, Denise was loving it. She loved every single stab of Mike's dick in her cunt. Her pussy muscles were gripping the thick white bone as hard as they could. The wet pink cunt walls were stretched wider than they ever had been before. From where he sat, her husband could see that too. He knew that Mike had him beat in the dick department. The white man's cock was almost twice as thick as his own.

    That same thick white dick kept driving forward into the black wife's cunt, filling it up completely with each forward lunge.

    Mike was totally in the zone. He barely heard it, when his partner said, "Hey Mike, save some of that pussy for me. I want to fuck too."

    Denise pulled Bob's dick from her mouth, and looked directly over at her husband, and said, "I've got two holes. Both of you can fuck me at the same time." Anthony felt as if Denise had walked over to him and kicked him square in the stomach. That was her intention, only she did it with words.

    Mike reared back, and pulled his slimey cock from Denise's sloppy pussy hole. He stood her up, and then he sat down on the couch where she had been. With his ruddy red fuck pole sticking up in the air, Denise positioned her black asshole over the fat head of it. Anthony watched in amazement, as the fat dickhead disappeared into his wife's greasy bunghole.

    Denise grimaced and sighed deeply, as the white cop's dick was imbedded in her ass. Slowly, she sank down on it, until just about the entire shaft was no longer visible. Then she laid back onto the white man's chest. She was whimpering loudly from the pleasure-pain she felt of her asshole being stuffed.

    Bob Whitehorn quickly got in between her wide stretched black thighs. He aimed his equally big dick at the wet cunt hole that his partner had been fucking. With ease, he slipped his mammoth white cock into the black pussy.

    "Oh shit!" Denise screamed. "Y'all got me double-fucked!"

    "That's right bitch. You got two white dicks stuck in your nasty black ass!" Bob hissed in her ear.

    "Shit yeah! Fuck me! Fuck my pussy and ass!" the sex-demented black wife screamed.

    The two white men went to town on her. One dick was pounding her cunt, while the other was tearing her asshole to shreds.  The whore-wife loved every second of it.

    To his dismay, her husband found that he was loving every second of it too.


    Not even in his wildest imagination had Anthony thought that he would one day witness this. This whole incident had changed him - changed him to what, he had yet to figure out.

    The two white cops continued their double-cuckolding fuck of Anthony's willing wife. I guess you could say it was a triple-cuckolding, because it was all her design. The harder they fucked, the harder the crushed black husband jerked his dick. He wished that it was his dick that was thrusting into Denise's pussy, like it had done so many times before. But, because he chose to stick his dick in another woman, it was another man who was now taking his place in the pussy.

    The fucking interracial threesome had become a mass of black and white, sweaty, undulating flesh. Beads of perspiration shot out as their bodies collided, over and over. The dirty dick duo had Denise completely, absolutely fucked. They were dicking her ass and cunt so hard, she started to wail.

    "Oh shit! Fuck my pussy! Fuck my ass! Fuck me up with these big white dicks!!" she cried.

    She was a woman possessed. But, she was still conscious enough to know the effect her words were having on her cozened husband. She wanted him to suffer at the sight of her having so much pleasure - and suffer he did.

    The beaten black husband suffered the humiliation of watching two white men fuck his wife in the pussy and asshole, right in front of his face. He suffered the impotent rage of not being able to stop them; and he suffered the pain of not being able to fuck her himself, and relieve the aching in his own dick. He just looked on, and masturbated.

    All sense of time had been lost to all four of the people in that room. Part of Anthony wanted the fucking to stop, but another part wanted it to continue. He was a divided man, at that point. But, the three people who were doing the fucking wanted it to go on forever. There was no indecision in their minds. But, the nasty trio was hoping for the impossible.

    Mike Johansen, who was steadily pummeling Denise's black pussy, growled to his partner.

    "Let's drench this bitch in cum!"

    "Yeah, let's do it" his partner answered.

    With that agreed, both men pulled their pricks out of their respective fuck holes, and quickly stood up.

    Bob Whitehorn said to Denise, "Get on your kneess whore!"

    Denise jumped down from the couch, and knelt in front of it. She looked up at the two lust-contorted faces of the men who had just fucked the hell out of both of her holes. They aimed their white dicks at her black body, and unleashed a deluge of hot stick cum all over her face and breasts. The nasty muck ran down her beautiful brown skin in thick streams. She grabbed the cum-pumping pricks, and squeezed them hard, trying to get every last drop of their spunk to come out.

    The sight of his wife covered in cop cum triggered Anthony's own orgasm. His dick exploded, and spewed a heavy load of cum out of its pulsing head. The much shot up into the air, arced, and landed on the floor in front of him. When his balls were totally drained, he fell back onto the couch exhausted. The ordeal had taken a lot out of him. He was thoroughly spent.

    Anthony just laid there in a daze. The only thing that moved were his eyes. Everything seemed to be going in slow motion. He watched as the two white men got dressed and left the apartment. He saw his wife, still naked, and covered with their cum walk them to the front door. He saw her give each of them a kiss on the lips, before they exited the apartment. Then she walked over to where he was, and stood before him smiling evilly.

    He looked up at her with saddened eyes. But, there was no remorse in hers.

    "Have you learned your lesson motherfucker?" she asked.

     Anthony just shook his head yes.

    "Good. Because I'm gonna be runnin' this shit from now on. So, you better get used to it. This is only the beginning" Denise said, with total authority.

    She reached her hand out to her husband. He took it, and she pulled him up from the couch.

    "Now let's go take a shower" she said, as she led him towards their bathroom. Anthony followed behind her meekly. She was right. She was going to be running things from now on.




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