by Tony  


    Hal, I recently had a terrific (True) encounter with a hot chocolate married chick   named Christine.
     She's 43, and an account manager for one of our commercial vendors.  She was about 5'6", 140 lbs., with a nice round ass. Her facial features are a lot like the black chick who played the assistant principal in the Joe Clark movie "Lean On Me" she and that actress could have been separated at birth.

    We had a conference in Orlando, Florida in February where we got to preview some of the new electronics and technology being marketed to the military services. This chick Christine was with her CEO who had a small company out of Virginia that supplied replacement parts for electronics to the Army, Air Force and Navy. She had recently retired from active duty Air Force, her boss had been her former commanding officer. He was a short thick white guy about 55- 60 or so who wore a severe crew cut.

     I noticed her during the presentations and she returned each glance with a big  returned each glance with a big beautiful smile wrapped around a full set of sensuous lips. I made small talk with her boss who noticed my attentions towards his account manager. On a break he asked if I "liked black gals" to which I responded in the affirmative. He obviously thought we could do business since I
procure commercial technology for the military. I guess he thought he could butter me up by whispering his mgr Christine’s' love of white guys. This was totally unsolicited on my part but of course I was interested.

    He & I met later at the hotel bar and he notified me that Christine would be along a little later that she was getting dolled up and had found me attractive. I strung him along based on the possibility that we might be interested in doing business with his company if it met the government certifications. This piqued his interest and after a few drinks he proceeded to reveal that he had known Christine from her days in the Air Force, and how she was married to one of his black Senior Enlisted men, but she had been attached to another squadron on the same base in Goldsboro NC. He said it wasn't long before they were having late night rendezvous on her husband's duty nights. She was also fucking another white Air Force officer and enjoyed threesomes with white men. He said she had developed a reputation in the officers quarters as an easy fuck and they enjoyed passing her around.

    Christine finally shows up and was absolutely stunning in this micro mini displaying that great big juicy ass and dynamite legs. We hit the streets of Orlando and had a great time bar hopping we were pretty wasted after a couple of stops. All along she dropped hints that she was ready to fuck and with her bosses encouragement got bolder and sluttier, as the night wore on. While dirty dancing, she revealed to me that she had retired from the military after 20 yrs and had been working for the retired Colonel since 2006. She was very grateful to have a job offer waiting for her when she retired. She loved her job because it involved a lot of travel & related to what she did in the AF. She felt she had gotten married much to early in her career at 23 to a black guy 12 years older. She told me I was "kinda cute"and she had tried very hard to submerge her powerful attraction to white men but by the time she turned 30 she gave in and began having affairs with numerous white guys mostly officers and rugged enlisted types in Special Ops. She said her husband was a big guy with a less than average size cock and though she loved him she loved fucking and serving white men.

    After leaving the last bar we hopped in the rent-a-car. Her boss told me he would chauffer us to our next stop, which was not far from Daytona Beach, and ordered her to the back seat with me. After a little fooling around, she had my pants around my ankles, and was passionately sucking my cock and balls. She licked my thighs and was moaning how she loved big white cocks. The boss was
laughing telling me to "make her lick your ass". Which she did promptly. I came in her mouth, and she swallowed every drop. but she kept sucking until I got hard again. The Boss in the front seat had adjusted his mirror to view everything and was talking dirty to her while I was pounding that hot black pussy, calling her a "white cock craving slut"" black fuck toy" "a servant for white king cocks". Some of this was funny but mainly it made my cock super hard and she became extremely turned on by this verbal abuse. Soon I was pounding her hot tight asshole and the Bossman was driving up I-4 and turned around to go back to the hotel as he was barking orders to her and became much more animated. I had been pounding that ass for about 10 to 15 minutes when he shouted for her to tell "what you really like".

    What happened next was a surprise. She literally begged me to piss in her mouth. She kept moaning and pleading with me. The boss exits at a rest stop and we pull to the far end. This is about 1:00am on a Wednesday night, so it's pretty empty. The boss, John says "lets accommodate this little whore." He then proceeds to jump out and literally drag her off my cock. He states "I piss down this bitches throat just about every week. Sometimes it's me and a couple of buddies, she loves it. don't you slut?" like a kitten she purred "yes big daddy" as she squatted in front of us. Hal, guys, it was absolutely surreal and I was kinda nervous out in public even that late at night. We both had been drinking a ton of beer, and what came next was absolutely amazing. We both whip out our cocks. I couldn't help but notice he had a raging hard on and so did I. He blasted her first then I followed. She responded with several "I love it! give it to me! give me that juice ". It was weird for me but very erotic. We musthave pissed what seemed like a gallon each right into her wide open mouth. Most of which she spit out of course but she swallowed some, all the while rubbing her hot pussy. Fellows she had a quivering, I mean quivering orgasm, and loud. I was paranoid by now & looking around scared as hell. Somebody, maybe a trucker or even a patrolmen might pull into the rest stop.

    She took off the mini and tossed it in the trunk, while the Boss went to the mens room for paper towels so she could dry off. On the ride back to the hotel she was completely naked in the back seat with her boss who I guess felt it was his turn to bang her. We took turns pounding her sweet wet pussy and tight black asshole, while we drove up & down I-4 till 2:30 am .

    We all had to be at the conference by 09:00 am the next morning. So when we got back to the hotel, she put on her pissed stained mini while we ran interference so she could sneak back to her room, which was on the 4th floor. What a night! The next day at the conference we continued to flirt, and  guys she looked gorgeous and professional as ever.  You would have never known. Her boss and she worked the room for potential clients, and she was extremely charming. She whispered to me on a break "here's my spare room key".

    We got together that night and fucked for hours. She fell asleep with my cock in her mouth, before which she had called her husband to wish him goodnight. Hal, there were at least 120 buyers and vendors at this conference, and she said every year their company does great business there. I bet they do. I have her personal cell and home number which I might have to put on speed dial. Guys this is true, and once again, it never ceases to amaze me how many hot black wives are out there, and what an addiction I have for black pussy.

Christine Part 2


    Hal, Tony D checking in with another bit of good fortune - my Florida adventure with this hot black wife Christine.
    She contacted me before Memorial day, wanting a MFM orgy similar to the one we had in Orlando with her boss and me. She told me on the phone she just has to have hot and nasty sex with dominant white men. Apparently her husband is a nice guy and tries to be a good provider, but is average endowed and unimaginative in the sack. Besides she says she loves it rough, hard and quite nasty, which she says scares a lot of potential white guys off. WTF. She said those white boys in the military spoiled her, by turning her into a submissive white cock craving chocolate freak who just can't get enough.

    After a couple of postponements we finally hooked up last weekend. She told her husband she had business in the Washington D C metro area on Friday and was going to spend the weekend with a girlfriend. He was going to the Carolinas with his buddies to some golf event. She insisted I get a room at a top end hotel and would meet me there in the early afternoon on Friday. Fellows she shows up with the shortest, tightest mini skirt in existence. She wanted to have a drink at the bar to kick the evening off all the while encouraging me to feel between her thighs. YEP, no panties. This place has a laid back happy hour, but there were definitely several heads turning to our little game. Hal, guess what? there were at least 3 other fine black chicks cruising this spot. In fact when the only black waitress in the bar came over, she made sure she observed her massaging my cock under the table. She got more outrageous as the night went on. For me, oh well, nothing really is too risqué, so I played along.

    She was kissing and rubbing me to the point of me putting my foot down in a not so nice way and insisting we go up to the room. On the elevator we kissed and grinded all the way up. In the room she immediately dropped to her knees and sucked my cock like it was a matter of life or death. Guys not only is she gorgeous, but thoroughly HOT, NASTY and submissive. We fucked on the couch, the chair, and even the balcony before making it to the bed. She liked it deep and rough even rougher than I remembered. I was totally exhausted by midnight. So we talked and cuddled and she said her husband was getting a little suspicious, so she wanted this weekend to be special and she would love to have a white boy gangbang. After pounding her pussy and asshole deep into the morning we fell asleep.

    She insisted that I make good on my promise to provide her with more white cock than she ever had. So I started dialing. My buddy, Dan the man, was still pissed about Christine standing us up before, but said he would try to get away and bring his friend Gary, who from what I remember, was a slight nut case. They showed in the late afternoon, after driving 2 hours.

    Before Christine came from shopping, we drank a couple of cases of beer, and watched some Golf (how ironic). When Christine showed up, the guys were stunned at how hot she was, and damn near ripped those tiny shorts she was wearing off of her. Soon enough she was air tight and loving it. She said Dan had the second biggest cock she had ever seen. The first being this white Air Force Reserve Officer she fucked, and she taunted him into pounding her as hard as he could. Amazingly, she was grunting and screaming, so Dan yelled to do something to "shut this Bitch up'. Sure enough, Gary who is about average cock sized, leaps up on the bed and sits on her face. She could hardly breath, but Gary made sure her tongue found his asshole. It got very rough and extreme after that. I mean she was choking and gagging, but she loved it. After several hours of us taking turns on her smoldering black pussy, and round bubble ass, she was still begging us for more.

    We put her butt naked in the bath tub, after the guys found out about her golden shower fetish. Hal, we unleashed on her like we were fire hoses putting out a 5 alarm fire.  Believe me, after a couple of cases of beer, she was drenched. She even appeared to swallow some - a lot really. Gosh Hal, this chick was really into it. This went on until the wee hours of the morning, and I was sorta glad this guy Gary left a little early, because he was a little too extreme even for Christine, and I felt very protective. She's really good people. She and Dan went at it again.

    That next morning, after we all showered and had breakfast ordered up. Dan left wearily about mid morning. So she and I stayed until we had to give up the room about 2pm. Oh! Her husband called early morning on Saturday and Sunday. Sunday when he called she talked to him while she had my white cock deep in her mouth saying she was eating breakfast while telling her husband how much she loved and missed him. As soon as she hung up Big Dan was pounding that spectacular black ass while she was choking on my cock. Fellows this was last weekend and I'm still dragging ass, WHEW! (LOL). She took Dan's number and wants us to try this again around Labor Day. I better start working out. Hal, this hot black wife is absolutely insatiable for white cock.


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