Black Sub-Slut Wife



By Biggshot




    Last week our new neighbor Roy came over to introduce himself. I was surprised because I thought he didn't like black people cause he seemed somewhat gruff and unfriendly toward me. But it seems that he was really attracted to my wife Kendra, which is not surprising since she quite shapely with large hips and big breasts capped by extremely sensitive black nipples. She tries to hide her shape by wearing loose fitting clothing and only wears a special bra with extra padding to hide her extra thick nipples. She is good-looking but not beautiful with a short curly hairstyle and a small mouth with large pouty lips. Around the house she wears shorts and t-shirts and other casual clothes that can't hide her jiggling butt and large pointy nipples. It seems that Roy had been over to the house to see if a package from UPS had been delivered while I was at work and seen Kendra in her casual attire, which brings me to my story. I might also mention that Kendra is a sexually conservative with me but as I found out she can be very submissive to a certain type of man; a man like our white neighbor Roy Lee Jones.

    Roy is a big guy about 6' 4" 240lbs, and compared to my 5'9" 160lbs frame he appears to be huge. He is gruff and I mentioned and he is also a macho asshole that won't take no for an answer. It didn't take long for him to begin coming over unannounced, helping himself to beer and food and wearing out my couch and TV. Kendra was always caught off guard, sometimes dressed in short-shorts or spandex workout shorts with tee shirts or halter tops, however she didn't complain and treated Roy very respectfully. He would order her around like a waitress at a bar, "Get me a beer," or "Make me a sandwich." I was surprised how quickly she complied and that she didn't object his domineering manner, I didn't want to say anything because I wanted to she how long she would put up with this. Kendra it seems was intimidated by Roy and never said no or anything to his demands but "Ok." She even laughed at his dirty jokes, however when he bragged about his sex life and the size of his 9" cock and how women can't resist it; she would avert her eyes and not look at either of us.

    After a few months or so Roy started playing grab ass with Kendra. It started one day when we were watching a game, "Jay, I going to see what's for dinner," and he went off to the kitchen. Shortly after that I heard Kendra whine, "Hey!" Roy returned grinning and after he sat down he said, "That Kendra's got one soft ass on her, man you're a lucky guy to have her. "Need less to say I was shocked but tried to  laugh it off as a joke, which was a mistake. When Kendra came in with dinner  she said nothing about it as she served Roy first and then me. After dinner  I went outside to turn off the water and soon Roy came outside saying, "I going to crash, oh by the way I couldn't resist another feel of that big soft ass, see you tomorrow buddy."

    Well now my head was reeling with anger as I imagined him squeezing Kendra's ass, but even though my dick began to get rock hard the more I thought about him fondling my wife. When I went back in the house Kendra was in the kitchen cleaning up, I made some small talk about Roy Lee, hoping she would say something about him grabbing her ass. When she didn't say anything about his behavior I figured she was to embarrassed to say anything and let it go. We went to bed and had a superior sex session, Kendra seemed to be very turned on and super wet.

    One day while relaxing with a beer after work I heard Roy Lee yelling about the water from our sprinklers ruining the wash job on his Vette, "Get that water off my Vette!" We both jumped up and ran outside, Kendra first tits and ass shaking like Jell-O while I was following her. "Sorry about that I'll turn it off right away," she meekly replied and ran over to the faucet to turn off the water. Roy started to say something to me "I'm tired……" but stopped in mid- sentence at the sight of Kendra's luscious butt bouncing. "Maybe we can get it washed down at the station," I offered and Roy said, "Forget it, it only gets hand washed, those machines will scratch the paint." Knowing how hard I had tried to get on friendly terms with our neighbors Kendra volunteered, "I can wash and wax it in the morning, would that be ok?" I added "Yeah and how about a few beers now since Bulls game is on?" "I hate the Bulls but I'll take a beer," was his gruff reply and I led the way in our house followed by Kendra and Roy, which allowed Roy to get a  birds eye view of her bouncing ass.

    Once inside I sat back down in my recliner while Kendra and Roy shared the couch. We drank quite a few beers while watching the game and whenever Roy went empty, he would say "Get me another beer," no please or thank you. Kendra would meekly say "OK," and comply with his order.

    The game was won by the Bulls, which pissed Roy off so much he left. After he left I asked Kendra how she felt about Roy ordering her around and washing his car, she stated that she was just being agreeable like she was with the other neighbors. However, as I would soon find out she was really couldn't help being submissive to an order by a big aggressive domineering white man like Roy. The next day Kendra as promised proceeded to wash Roy Vette, I left for work and tried to call home at lunch to see how went with the  car. Kendra said Roy was very particular about how she washed it but did not elaborate. When I got home she told me that Roy yelled at her when she tried to use an old tee shirt on the car and rode her like a drill sergeant the whole time. Kendra was busy with the laundry as I said, "Let me go over and set him straight." She said, "No, he just wanted the car washed and waxed a certain way, and I've invited him over for dinner this evening to make sure everything's ok."

    The truth was that Roy had slapped her ass a few times and had invited himself over for dinner but I wouldn't find that out until later that evening. It seems that Kendra being a submissive, enjoyed being dominated by Roy, and was ashamed to tell me everything. I was sitting in my recliner when I heard the front door open, it was Roy Lee coming in without knocking, "Kendra get me a beer," he bellowed as he entered the den. Kendra came with his beer and sat it in front of him, again no hello, thank you or anything, except a curt nod to me. Kendra was dressed in a short skirt, that was about mid-thigh with a white v neck blouse, somewhat out of character for a casual evening at home. After she left to finish dinner I said, "Roy, I thing you could be a little more courteous to my wife," I said in a friendly tone. "Why she a subhead, she likes being bossed around," was his reply.
    "A what?"
    "A subhead Jay, a woman that likes to be dominated and
    "Not, Kendra, she won't go for that."
    "When you're not around she's a different woman, like today when she washed my car, I slapped her big ass every time she bent over, she didn't tell you about that did she? Or the times

when I'm grabbing her ass in the kitchen, Why didn't she tell you to

make me stop?"
    "She must be too embarrassed to tell me about it," I was sure
that she was too demure to say anything.
"No she likes it, I even told her to dress up for me tonight, why do you think she's in that outfit, if you don't believe leave me alone with her after dinner and I'll prove it to you."
I was tired of Roy Lee's bullshit, big dumb white guy always bragging about himself and his big dick, so I decided to call his bluff. "Alright I won't leave you alone with her but I'll pretend to fall asleep in the recliner and if what you say is true then  you won't have any problem, because she'll be right there on the
couch with you. You can feel her up all you want, but if she calls out to me to stop you, I get your Vette," I figured that would shut him up but it didn't.
Roy grinned at me saying, "Ok, buddy and if she doesn't I will make her suck my cock."
"Now you're dreaming," I laughed, "cause she doesn't suck cock, she's not a slut."

    Roy Lee just laughed, "If I make her suck my cock like a slut, you have to agree not to interfere and let me have my way with her from now on, if she doesn't then I will give you my Vette."
"I know she won't suck your cock so you might as well give me the keys now." Roy Lee was crazy, and I was going to get a new Vette. I know this was a stupid thing to do but I felt there was no way I could lose. Kendra was not the kind of woman that would suck a cock, I had a hard time getting her to touch my cock let alone suck it, so I was sure in the morning I would be driving that Vette to work.

    We decided to eat at the table at Roy's request and during dinner whenever Kendra had to serve something to Roy she seemed to freeze up while she stood by him at the table. The reflection in the window behind Roy showed me why, he would run his free hand under the back of her skirt, and rub her ass whenever she refilled his drink, which was often or brought more food. What was going on, Kendra was being felt up right under my nose but she was saying nothing, I sure she couldn't bring herself to make a scene and I didn't know what to do, in light of my previous conversation with Roy. After dinner Roy Lee started giving Kendra orders as usual, "Kendra make sure that no one's drink goes empty, and get some munchies out." He seemed to be acting more obnoxious than normal and we soon had consumed a six pack, while I had drank 4 glasses of wine. Soon I was taking deep breaths as if I was asleep.
    "Now that Jay asleep let's get to know each other better,Kendra?" "He always get sleepy after a few glasses of wine, maybe we should call it an evening," came her reply. "No let's cuddle," as Roy proceeded to pull Kendra close to him, she weakly  resisted but he quickly pulled her close with one arm around her shoulder.  With my tinted glasses on I could keep my eyes half closed and see everything. Kendra's skirt, was now riding high up on her thigh, exposing the v of her panties, when she tried to pull it down Roy stopped her saying," I'm enjoying the view." Next he draped his right hand down on her right breast which she quickly removed, however he grabbed her breast roughly and slapped her hands away when she tried to move his hand away. Soon he had worked his hand inside of her blouse and was roughly pulling and pinching her nipples. I was sure she would call out to me but strangely she didn't. She tried to resist but was easily overpowered. I don't know how she could take such rough treatment without crying out. Kendra was gesturing at me and whispering, "No don't do that, Jay is right there" trying to get Roy to stop to no avail. Roy Lee chuckled and unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock and put Kendra's hand on it. She jerked away but Roy put her hand back and began a jerking off movement, while holding her hand in place. Soon his cock was rock hard; it was huge with a large red head. Kendra now was jerking it off by herself, she seemed
mesmerized by Roy's cock. Roy quickly pulled her blouse up, this seemed to bring her back to reality and she removed her hand from his cock. Roy Lee quickly pinned both hands over her head and roughly pulled her blouse over her head and removed her bra. Roy grabbed both of her nipples and twisted and pulled them, Kendra began a quite moaning deep in her throat. I knew it was over as her nipples were her weak spot, she rarely let me suck them saying she could not stand the stimulation. Soon Roy had each nipple pulled out about and inch and a half. Roy leaned in close to her and whispered something, Kendra shook her head. Roy began to twist and pull harder and whispered something again, while pulling her towards his lap.

    Even though Kendra was struggling, twisting and turning, I knew she if she really wanted him to stop all she had to do was call out to me to stop him. Part of me wanted to stop this and another part of me wanted to see it happen, I wanted to see him make her suck his dick. Yesterday it would have been inconceivable that I could even imagine her doing it, but now with my dick getting harder by the second, I had to admit to myself that I wanted to see her suck his cock. Now Roy had gotten the best of her and had her head down close to his cock and he was whispering, "Suck my cock," over and over, he took his cock and began to rub the head all over her face, when she began to struggle away Roy grabbed both of Kendra's nipples and sadistically pulled until her face was inches from his cock. He pulled and twisted on them, loudly whispering, "Suck the cock, take the dick in your mouth."

    I couldn't believe how hard my dick was watching this scene play out, and when Kendra put her mouth on his dick I just about lost it. Roy's cock look like a small bat, it barely fit in her mouth, as she began to suck it he continued to maul her nipples, twisting and pulling them, I don't know how she stood the abuse without crying out. I knew at this point Roy was right she was a subhead a sub-slut, but what I didn't know that she was a white cock slut, a black woman that would only let a white man treat her like a slut.

    Amazingly Roy made her suck his dick for an unbelievable 30 minutes before he came, holding her head down on his cock till she swallowed every drop. She tried to get up and leave but he wouldn't let her, making her get him another beer and sit down beside him while he played with her tits and watched another movie. After it was over he got up to leave and told her to tell me he would be over tomorrow night. Kendra didn't try to wake me she went straight to bed, I waited about 15 minutes and came in the bedroom acting groggy and sleepy headed and went to bed. I reached for her and felt her pussy, it was soaking wet. I tried to have sex with her but she just rolled over and said, " I'm sleepy, Cut it out, " when I rubbed her butt she pulled the covers up under herself so I couldn't touch her. I wasn't sure what to do, I didn't want to act any different than normal so I said "Ok honey goodnight," she said nothing.

    The next morning I made small talk about dinner and Roy being real obnoxious last night, "Why did you dress up last night?" Kendra said, "I just wanted to wear a dress and look nice for dinner." I knew this was a lie and as I headed out to work I said, "Pick up some steaks for a barbecue outside tonight," thinking this would keep Roy from getting to her anymore. When I arrived at work my boss, Dan and the VP of marketing, Rich Comer were waiting for me, it seems that I had somehow missed the due date on an important client's project. Dan my boss said, "What's the problem hotshot, can't you stay on top of the job, the client's flying in on Friday and he's expecting to pick up the specs." I replied, "There is no way I can get it done in two days sorry but I can't do it." Dan exploded, " Well you better stay here all night trying!" The VP said, "Wait a minute let's not rush the project, Jay you and I will are going to have to take him out to dinner and really show him a good time to smooth this over. We can't blow it cause Bill Whitestone is a real asshole and will make real problems for our department, come up to my office after work and let's work out the details."

    I was really relieved that the VP was willing to work with me to fix this up and when his secretary ushered me into his office the luxurious furniture and the spaciousness of his office struck me. "Jay let's get one thing straight we can not afford to displease Bill Whitestone, he a heavy party animal so be prepared to stay out real late. Now let's get your wife dress size so I can get a real knockout evening gown to set the tone for the evening." I'm sure she has something that will be appropriate……"
"Jay I'm calling the shots all the way nothing will be left to chance, you will wear your best black suit, now what's her dress size?"
    "Mr. Comer I not sure what it is……" I always bought her perfume or jewelry so I had no idea of her dress size. What happened next really stressed me out. Impatiently he growled, "What's her name and your number I'll call her and then call in the order, come on man what's the number?"
I quickly gave him her name and our number, after dialing he gave me a funny look as he said, "Hello is this the Mason resident, it is well may I speak to Mrs. Mason please, she busy right now, well this is Mr. Comer……. What……. yes I remember you Roy, how are you doing and what are you doing at Jay's house?" As the conversation went on my imagination was running wild about what was going on in my house.
"So you're Roy neighbor, well good to know he's made friends with someone like you Roy, ok have her call back as soon as she's finished. Jay, what kind of home business does your wife have?" I was at a loss for words so I quickly ventured, "She has a lot of talents in the computer and sewing field."
"That's strange Roy said he have her call when she finished up on him, he must be getting a fitting."
When she called Mr. Comer put on the speakerphone, "Hi this is Mrs.
Mason ca, can I help you?" she stuttered.
    "Honey we're going out to dinner and……"
"Kendra," Mr. Comer broke in, "I'm having you and Jay take an important client out to dinner and it's my treat as well as getting you a new dress for going along and helping with the client, I need your dress size to order a classic from one of the exclusive shops."
As Roy told me later Kendra had just finished sucking his cock and while she was talking to us he was pinching and pulling on hernipples, this explained the funny way she sounded on the phone.
    "Well, I'm kind of hard to fit……" Kendra was breathing deeply and
covering the phone with her hand while saying something to Roy, "I
think I had better try the dress on."
Mr. Comer beginning to get exasperated said, "Look give me your measurement and the dress shop will make sure it fits." Now she was at a loss, "Mr. Comer I don't know my measurements." Mr. Comer said, "Put Roy on the phone, Roy can you get her measurements and call me right back, ok thanks." I was shocked and my face must have shown it as he said, "I told you  I don't want any mess ups, I know Roy and can trust him to get the information right, he's had years of experience with evidence gathering as a cop, this is child's play for him. Shortly the phone rang and Roy not knowing I was in the said, "Rich she's built like a brick shit house, 40-28-46, about 5 feet five or six, and real large nipples." I want to shout but I couldn't say a work as Mr. Comer looked at me, "Ok Roy thanks I'll get back to you. Letting out a low wolf whistle Mr. Comer grinned, "You've got yourself one prime specimen of a woman, I'm sure that everything will go just fine on Friday."





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